Dana White Reacts to Conor McGregor's Cryptic Dublin December 14th Tweet,Jorge Masvidal

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    UFC Mexico City Face Off,
    Jeremy Stephens on Yair Rodriguez bout,
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    Dana White on McGregor's cryptic Tweet,
    Courtesy Adam Glyn-ru-clip.net/video/0OuoCXNr3OU/video.html
    Adam Glyn on twitter- adamglyn
    Okamoto on Covington vs Usman,
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    Poirier on McGregor,
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Comments • 1 788

  • ad3el
    ad3el 14 days ago

    1:07 she must have felt embarrassed😂

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 22 days ago

    Bruhh... Khabib smashed Dustin the whole fight till that failed choke just to make him tap out.
    Alhamdulillah brother you don't wanna get smashed again.

  • Aaron Gardner
    Aaron Gardner 25 days ago

    Conor who? Oh you're talking about that rapist dude from Ireland? He hasn't won a fight for years, except for that girl he raped. He should be in prison getting raped himself. Pop goes the weasel.

  • andrew teague
    andrew teague 26 days ago

    Gaethje would be floored, guaranteed! Even poirer knocked him out ffs!

  • brad oleary
    brad oleary 26 days ago

    Being of Irish decent, I have to back up my man, Conner ! How and who he fights next I spose we just have to wait an see. Good luck sorting out that stuff,Dana.

  • Antix
    Antix 27 days ago

    dana "well see what happens" white for president 2020

  • D-One
    D-One 27 days ago

    Evert day theres a new video with Connors name on the title and a bunch of comments saying how he is irrelevant...

  • Virginia Remedi
    Virginia Remedi 27 days ago

    Dustin is right...Khabib is a special individual. I'm definitely not checking for Conor.

  • Lee Randall
    Lee Randall 27 days ago

    Awkward moment at 1:08

  • Mass Effected
    Mass Effected 28 days ago

    Reporter: Gaethje and Conor have been going back and forth.
    Dana: Oh have they.
    Reporter: No not really.

  • i.e.m.
    i.e.m. 28 days ago

    Conor's son will fight sooner in the UFC than Conor himself and Dana will still be waiting in his 70s

  • Ray Flores
    Ray Flores 28 days ago

    Shut your mouth you just keep losing

  • Ole Abdallah
    Ole Abdallah 28 days ago

    Conor Mctap is a loser. Why bother to losers.

  • TooManyChoices1
    TooManyChoices1 28 days ago

    Why can’t they just stop talking about Conor’s bitch ass until he signs a contract!?! It’s so fucking annoying!! He’s not even that good and hasn’t won in over 3 years now!!

  • Leo Leo
    Leo Leo 29 days ago

    My foot was like a 🎈

  • fur king el
    fur king el 29 days ago

    9 mins of shit just to get to the point EVERY VIDEO so annoying

  • J
    J 29 days ago

    December 14 the king is back..... & he's ready to crack anybody that gets in his way or doesn't drink his whisky at the very least.

  • loser 3009
    loser 3009 29 days ago

    Tony Ferguson ia the tyoe of guy who gives his neck to RNC and asks khabib " lets talk " !!!

  • Ruqyah Services
    Ruqyah Services 29 days ago

    Dana "we'll have to see how it plays out" White ...

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 29 days ago

    Jeremy could have done with those glasses during his pantomime. Give him an Oscar and of course a rematch, he deserves it.

  • Diego Madrigal
    Diego Madrigal 29 days ago

    Stephens the chicken

  • J Stihl
    J Stihl 29 days ago

    Why does that sound fun? JG would spark Connor out quick asf. Dude hits like a truck.

  • Charlie Reid
    Charlie Reid 29 days ago +1

    6:01 Khabib dominated Dustin but I think Dsutin Poirier May have a chance

  • Mohamed djema
    Mohamed djema 29 days ago

    When it comes to conner & his swollen fuut .dana is always acomodating! Whenever & however suites conner . That's love right there 😗

  • Stephen V. Tran
    Stephen V. Tran 29 days ago

    Dsutin should fight Cnoor

  • Ant Sara
    Ant Sara 29 days ago

    conor and nobody would be fun too:)

  • Neuhweh
    Neuhweh Month ago

    So the weigh-ins were shot with a 1986 camcorder?

  • Alex G
    Alex G Month ago

    Who da fook is that guy

  • gregorymjr12
    gregorymjr12 Month ago

    Whose Conor crush is harder?
    A. Dana
    B. MMA World

  • D. Khoung
    D. Khoung Month ago

    Aztec spirt? 👍🤣

  • k bone
    k bone Month ago

    Dana is trying to build his boy back up.

  • Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm

    Whoever mcROUSEY accepts a fight with ..i hope they retire his disgraceful ass

  • june snow
    june snow Month ago

    Who wears sunglasses to a stare-down? Avoidance.

  • Car Music
    Car Music Month ago

    That press conference was boring as f lol

  • Donald William
    Donald William Month ago

    I hate to say this: Askar Askarof is asking for it.

  • M L
    M L Month ago +1

    Masvidal reminds me of salt bae

  • Bernard Nathan
    Bernard Nathan Month ago

    lets be real gaetjhe stand no chance, he's a glass jaw and im not a fan of conor

  • Marcus J
    Marcus J Month ago

    If Dana is planning Justin Connor for December. He's probably planing tony khabib for November or January or at least I hope

  • Stefstef Christophe

    gaethe loses to connor

  • Myquietroom gaming
    Myquietroom gaming Month ago

    Jeremy Stephens is soon becoming the pound for pound champion of cringe. Watch out Henry

  • catbalzlol
    catbalzlol Month ago


  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller Month ago

    I’d love to watch Conor getting smashed, again. Jorge friends house is beautiful

  • Zilvinas Zuravliovas

    What's wrong with the guys who getting mauled by Khabib? Why they keep saying they can beat him in a second match?

  • smokeclouds8
    smokeclouds8 Month ago

    Stephens and Ferguson need to team up more often.

  • G Toor
    G Toor Month ago

    I think Connor wins this, if he focuses now

  • Benja Franklin
    Benja Franklin Month ago +3

    Stephens: loses last 2 fights
    Also Stephens: IM THE BEST

  • Robbie Hunt
    Robbie Hunt Month ago

    What was Masvidal's surprise? His suit?! It was a boring as f press conference...

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap Month ago

    Justin would destroy him.

  • michael murillo
    michael murillo Month ago

    Conor vs anyone would be fun. Its just uncle dana is looking out for conor. Trying to make him find someone who wont kick his ass.

  • Jérôme D.
    Jérôme D. Month ago

    Being the best in the world is pretty hard considering you have a 15-15 records...

  • Your the Best
    Your the Best Month ago

    I hope Stephens gets KO’d

  • Yo Soy El Boliviano Exquisito Adonis de Oruro

    Connor vs Rhonda Roussey ! Coming to a Pub near you.

    CEDRIC BLONDEL Month ago

    Gaetjhe would even go after Jon Jones, and scares him ! Lol
    The guy is a maniac 😁

  • Podge Mulhall
    Podge Mulhall Month ago

    Jeremy Stephens: I went to get help with my game from tony Ferguson
    Tony: your footwork sucks

  • R M L
    R M L Month ago

    "We may see Conor back in the Octagon soon" - Dana White, 2030

  • Solo Ride
    Solo Ride Month ago

    Masvidal outfit looks like priest🙄

  • marks man
    marks man Month ago

    Man Tony Ferguson taught Jeremy to be more of a bad ass. Speaks volumes about Tony

  • R1b
    R1b Month ago

    dsutin poirier is my fav fighter

  • Ap0c
    Ap0c Month ago

    Please refund me 20k. I payed 20k to watch a free press conference. Are all your friends that smart George?

  • Marco Zamudio
    Marco Zamudio Month ago

    “Your footwork sucks”
    Tony teaches Jeremy to imanary roll everywhere