Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

  • Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN (Official Music Video)
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Jetsonmade & Pooh Beatz
    Director of Photography - Brett Arndt
    Steadicam by Renard Cheren
    Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
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    LENNY ~ our hidden character representing happiness & good energy

Comments • 80

  • Jar_Jar Binks
    Jar_Jar Binks Minute ago

    Thisa do bea slapping

  • CDE Youngboy
    CDE Youngboy 5 minutes ago

    She said babe does it hurt when I dtm

  • Daniel O'Keefe
    Daniel O'Keefe 11 minutes ago

    sounds kinda like juice wrld

  • Da drip 1
    Da drip 1 17 minutes ago

    Noah crying

  • Da drip 1
    Da drip 1 18 minutes ago


  • Dopamine Child
    Dopamine Child 25 minutes ago

    Gen Z out here smoking french fries n shit ....bruh

  • BigMood Beats
    BigMood Beats 29 minutes ago

    holy fucking shit, this is dope :D

  • litt_ one_315
    litt_ one_315 31 minute ago

    So we just gon ignore the girl smokin a fry 💀

  • Kay Davis
    Kay Davis Hour ago

    2:04 we smokin french fries lmaoo

  • Cole Verhey
    Cole Verhey Hour ago +2

    "My body got rid of them toxins"

    Carona virus be like: What's Poppin?

  • Sauce_Godd
    Sauce_Godd Hour ago

    Cole: who u want?
    Jack: the most underrated channel. You know who... LoveLiveServe
    Cole: bet. I was hoping u said that.

  • Dean
    Dean Hour ago

    Now hol on

    3 SKATERS Hour ago


  • Andi Abdushi
    Andi Abdushi Hour ago

    My man rhino from LLS is in this

  • Tech-Omega
    Tech-Omega 2 hours ago

    you've done well. maybe we can work together again in the future. god bless Jack harlow is extremely dope. really suggest investing in his career. he has only grown and grown musically. god bless you and your family mr harlow during this tough time

  • Nathian stewart
    Nathian stewart 2 hours ago


  • Pasquale Londino
    Pasquale Londino 2 hours ago

    2:12 Nazi shit maaaan

    RIBENA TIME 2 hours ago +1

    Dad: Turn that off and come downstairs!
    Me: Why?
    Dad: We got bigger speakers here

  • Ludvig Anderberg
    Ludvig Anderberg 2 hours ago

    Only me who doesn't knew Rhino knew jack Harlow?

  • Najwa Njiwa
    Najwa Njiwa 2 hours ago +1

    I was thinkin he was saying "what's probleme " insteed of "what s popping"😅😅🤦‍♀️

  • Samuel Sherrill
    Samuel Sherrill 2 hours ago

    All he’s missing is a face tat

  • tejith p
    tejith p 3 hours ago

    Ayyyyy the beat went crazyyyyy

  • marmar 95
    marmar 95 3 hours ago

    This a banger for real .
    One of those songs that just puts you in a good mood .good luck homie.

  • William Morgan
    William Morgan 3 hours ago

    "i could put a ball in the endzone put a bad b in the friendzone" part hits different

  • vezky pubg
    vezky pubg 3 hours ago

    Yooo this is from tik tok🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

  • jose miguel
    jose miguel 3 hours ago


  • Marius 17
    Marius 17 3 hours ago

    Nobody gonna fucken talk about how this mans could have had anybody on this Song and couldve been any Location but he chose rhino and a mf burger King

  • Itz Havokk
    Itz Havokk 3 hours ago

    1:58 mans is lighting up a french fry "Whats poppin?" lol

  • K Clown
    K Clown 3 hours ago

    Rhino loveliveserve

  • Voxy Blog
    Voxy Blog 3 hours ago

    I’m left speechless

  • Flux
    Flux 4 hours ago

    Bruh it’s rhino

  • Caleb Black
    Caleb Black 4 hours ago

    Damn this look just like drake son

  • LPFJGoldie
    LPFJGoldie 4 hours ago

    Adonis from the future is really spitting

    xFAZExDILERIOUSx 4 hours ago

    Jack look like Macklemore with long hair

  • Malik Baldwin
    Malik Baldwin 4 hours ago

    Scott killed this beat

  • Retaicx
    Retaicx 4 hours ago

    I know u came for this 1:59

  • MusA 66
    MusA 66 4 hours ago +1

    Lol rhino from lls be like

  • Bryant McMunn
    Bryant McMunn 4 hours ago +1

    0:54 found lenny

  • Robotix Institute Student

    what the heck jack you made rhino cry noah bout to come and beat your a$$

  • Urstrulyre
    Urstrulyre 4 hours ago +1


  • Geese
    Geese 4 hours ago

    Good song but this is one of LLs more boring music videos ngl

  • Jimmy Steve Jack
    Jimmy Steve Jack 5 hours ago

    ayyy longliveserve dude is in here, this dude kinda reminds me of mac

  • EX Qinxy
    EX Qinxy 5 hours ago

    I didn't know rhino was in this

  • Arthur Watson
    Arthur Watson 5 hours ago

    She look like Shego!!!!!

  • DMND Downzy
    DMND Downzy 5 hours ago +1

    lls rhino

  • ReeVise
    ReeVise 5 hours ago


  • Kellar Robinson
    Kellar Robinson 5 hours ago

    "Ima spend this holiday locked in" Damn it hits harder

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez 5 hours ago

    Was just put on
    Didn't think I'd enjoy it much.
    Now I'ma start bumping

  • Byrd_
    Byrd_ 5 hours ago

    banger just found out about ya

  • Aswaya
    Aswaya 6 hours ago

    Jack: she say "babe does it hurt when I deepthroat" (it does )
    Cole: alright so for this part were gonna have the girl talk to you and then after your gonna stare at the camera creepily

  • Frank Sun
    Frank Sun 6 hours ago

    0:52 Why is it in the trash-
    Rhino: Ay brotha

  • Debbee Coone
    Debbee Coone 6 hours ago

    That fry..😂😂🍟🍟

  • hnueeeungg
    hnueeeungg 6 hours ago

    harlow is a place in england that's really shit just sayin gettin that info out there

  • Lil sunnyboi
    Lil sunnyboi 6 hours ago

    Damn he got rhino in the this video

  • Dylan King
    Dylan King 6 hours ago


  • Brick Freak
    Brick Freak 6 hours ago

    Jack Harlow got a Drake flow cause he is Adonis from the future.

  • tazz balla brim
    tazz balla brim 6 hours ago

    This is fire

  • Dacian Tjokroredjo
    Dacian Tjokroredjo 6 hours ago

    That beat fire

  • OKC ForLife
    OKC ForLife 6 hours ago

    He wasn’t lyin when he said “ima spend this holiday locked in”

  • Will Schaefer
    Will Schaefer 6 hours ago

    Me trying to go on with my life.
    Coronavirus: Whats poppin?

  • Erlann Karassay
    Erlann Karassay 6 hours ago

    yoo anbody notice rhino from loveliveserve

  • Joey Ju
    Joey Ju 6 hours ago +1

    This song is so fuckin Hard bro

  • Marcus. J
    Marcus. J 6 hours ago

    Bro they got the rhino himself in the video wtf

  • xiFyzz x
    xiFyzz x 7 hours ago


  • George A. Vasquez
    George A. Vasquez 7 hours ago

    Better version of lil pump

  • SeoTrickshots
    SeoTrickshots 7 hours ago


  • destiny cox
    destiny cox 7 hours ago

    bro I can't cap I thougt that was a black dood and I watched the video and said hold on

  • Gage McLaughlin
    Gage McLaughlin 8 hours ago

    123 N

  • SuperDuperTristan
    SuperDuperTristan 8 hours ago

    So we just gon act like we didn’t just see rhino from LLs?

  • SpasmWasm
    SpasmWasm 8 hours ago

    At 0:18 He has a plate of canes
    Edit: Also at 0:51

  • Michael Franklin
    Michael Franklin 8 hours ago

    Where is rhino

  • Dutchman
    Dutchman 8 hours ago

    Vote this dude for freshman 2020

  • Fares Ismail
    Fares Ismail 8 hours ago

    Kids at your high school wit dis hairstyle are most likely hypebeast💯

  • BBD Club
    BBD Club 8 hours ago

    . Jack. Im dating your girl
    Me. You are o wate till i get my hands on u
    .Jack just joshin

  • Cannon Couchman
    Cannon Couchman 9 hours ago

    its a very good song but i did not see coming rhino from loveliveserve go watch them they are funny

  • Ashton Benning
    Ashton Benning 9 hours ago

    Aye its Rhino

  • TheRedBoi
    TheRedBoi 9 hours ago

    Guys remember the ratatouille guy? this is him
    feel old yet?

  • Mr M0key
    Mr M0key 9 hours ago

    I'm gonna have to spend the holiday locked in too bro...

  • Xelb
    Xelb 9 hours ago

    Okay. This goes hard.

  • DropoffJet_ Yt
    DropoffJet_ Yt 10 hours ago