Grace VanderWaal - City Song (Behind the Scenes)

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
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Comments • 899

  • AllAboutLyrics
    AllAboutLyrics 9 days ago

    This was heartwarming to see. I laughed so hard when she was freezing in the spring jacket, poor girl, but sometimes you have to suffer for good art. :)

  • Nathaniel wowowin
    Nathaniel wowowin Month ago

    Damn sooo gorgeous🔥😍✌

  • Rizmaaa CH
    Rizmaaa CH 2 months ago

    Ideal dad :))

  • Inez
    Inez 4 months ago

    Grace is a wonderful human being!!

  • Anushree Pitre
    Anushree Pitre 4 months ago +1

    Grace, I am a really big fan of yours.... can you please like this comment 👍🏻😊😋😁😅😅😅🥰

  • Ruth Micaela Ortiz
    Ruth Micaela Ortiz 4 months ago

    Grace porque sos tan linda😍😍

  • Jan Nordlund
    Jan Nordlund 4 months ago +1

    this " Behind the scenes video is" really interesting. The original video was/is outstanding as far as I'm concerned. I think it should get some kind of award. IMO it tops most ny other video that I know of out there...

  • May Grenier
    May Grenier 5 months ago

    I love it grace and I 6have

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe 8 months ago +1

    Best dad ever.

  • Clare Weitzel
    Clare Weitzel 8 months ago +1

    I love her drive. She makes the video in freezing cold winter and her attitude and passion for what she does is astounding.

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe 9 months ago +2

    It's not hard to see why people love Grace and become devoted fans; she just has something special.

  • MegaMonkey Blaster
    MegaMonkey Blaster 10 months ago +3

    The shot of her dad, warming up his little girl...
    warms my heart😊❤️
    Lol at least I'm assuming that was dad🤣

    • Jeff Boyles
      Jeff Boyles 10 months ago +4

      It was indeed her father, Grace is blessed with a beautiful and loving family! It is also her dad that bumps into her at the end of the song. So cute!! ;))

  • damage1_1
    damage1_1 10 months ago

    Keep the uke

  • Noreen Leslie Mina
    Noreen Leslie Mina 10 months ago +2

    Just love Grace's music... The fact that all her music has a message to it, makes it so much better

  • Gacha_ Zodiac
    Gacha_ Zodiac 11 months ago +2

    To all those 129 dislikes out there... (It's currently 129 dislikes ok? I hope it doesn't get bigger) I am going to TRY to talk some sense into YOU!
    Whyyyyyyyy did u dislike?! I mean.. Like... WOW! You really have a heart to do that don't you?! It's a beautiful song! So~..... STOP DISLIKING! I'd wanna see YOU work that hard!

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe 11 months ago +2

    It's not often that we get to see someone in life that is beautiful in every way. Grace, your voice is already such a power, that little raspy voice similar to Stevie Nicks, the power of Florence Welch, the poise of someone far beyond your years, heck most of us adults don't even come close, and the Grace of, well Grace! You have such a unique style, sound and you say you still have it found your voice yet? Wow! Mom/Dad - whatever you are doing, know that you are doing it well, that is one great little girl, that is quickly becoming a young lady! I cannot wait for you to return to Atlanta, so I can see you yet again, this time as a headliner, or heck go solo like the super groups do, you already have that type of audience capture. Watching you since AGT, to today, has brought me so much pleasure and hope cause I know the future is not as bleak as it seems, as long as we have people like you in the world. No matter what path you choose as you continue to grow, you will do it your way and do it well, you just have that spark in you. God Bless - Fan for life!

  • Joyce Marie
    Joyce Marie 11 months ago

    Grace you are awesome

  • Anxious Bean
    Anxious Bean 11 months ago

    1:06 No she didnt....... she did not just do a Liza Koshy move......... she did not......... and she is like, 1 year older than me. And the Eh, Spaghetti! at 1:25 was too funny also. Shes so funny lol

  • Johnlee Borce
    Johnlee Borce Year ago

    My Best Very-Very Favorite Song. #FOREVER.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jj J
    Jj J Year ago

    I like the fact that her own father took part in the video as a stranger. May be her mother should take a part in the next music video too. Oh, and her siblings too. :)

  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson Year ago

    I love the fact that your dad is so dedicated in helping

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson Year ago

    Grace Rocks!!!💜💜💜

  • Awura Ama Adu
    Awura Ama Adu Year ago

    Aww father and daughter . Cute . She's such a good girl . Keep it up Grace keep it up

  • marianela42019
    marianela42019 Year ago

    i love her she so pretty

  • Osvaldo Bardini
    Osvaldo Bardini Year ago

    Grace sei emozionante!!!!!

  • Gloria Bracamonte

    you are so beautiful!!!!!!!!! i love ALL ur songs they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE I WISH I WERE YOU I know i sound weird lol :(

  • Un known
    Un known Year ago

    Get Help.

  • ImAyaHello :D
    ImAyaHello :D Year ago


  • Julieta Lopez
    Julieta Lopez Year ago

    Sos la mejor grace

  • Kookie Lover
    Kookie Lover Year ago

    Just imagine seeing her in public

  • Saanvi Arora
    Saanvi Arora Year ago

    I live her attitude!!!

  • bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    grace vanderwaal ft shawn mendes grace vanderwaal ft declan mckenna and sigrid ft grace vanderwaal

  • Cheryl Kucharova
    Cheryl Kucharova Year ago

    Beautiful girl and....... 👍👍👍

  • Kelsey Barnard
    Kelsey Barnard Year ago

    One of my favorites still!

  • Nevaeh narwhal
    Nevaeh narwhal Year ago

    You suck at this point

    • Nevaeh narwhal
      Nevaeh narwhal Year ago

      My Game no she does because I don't try something I'm not good at

    • My Game
      My Game Year ago

      Girly Gamer gaming you suck at this point ( its bouncing )

  • Milano Walter
    Milano Walter Year ago

    1:29 Best heat from dad-hen (first time I see Grace's father on video - except Agt).

  • Sora
    Sora Year ago

    Is that her dad she's hugging and stuff?

  • Zach Cornett
    Zach Cornett Year ago +1

    Did she just make a Liza Koshy reference at 1:05 ???? LOL

  • Hello
    Hello Year ago

    How long did it take to make this song? 😅

  • Vince1648
    Vince1648 Year ago

    She's actually a very credible actress as well.

  • Katie Katears
    Katie Katears Year ago

    me when every one pushes me

  • Gacha Honey
    Gacha Honey Year ago

    “Oh sorry!” *looks at and walks away nervously*

  • Gacha Honey
    Gacha Honey Year ago

    Grace is adorable (in a good way!)

  • Rose Anne Lee
    Rose Anne Lee Year ago

    I can't believe that grace makes behind scene

  • Hiat Kark
    Hiat Kark Year ago

    That's my new favourite

  • Hendra Goh
    Hendra Goh Year ago

    Iam fall in love with her voice

  • Agno Lyn
    Agno Lyn Year ago

    i love that ...gogogo grace more vedio ......u are number one to me ...

  • Yami GN
    Yami GN Year ago +1

    LOL, not only is she talented but she is funny too.

  • Jessica Suzanne
    Jessica Suzanne Year ago

    She reminds me of my ex best friend by the way she acts and also her face lol

  • Old Fashion Mommy
    Old Fashion Mommy Year ago +2

    How about that. A good, clean, classy video that my 3 girls can enjoy. No curseing, and clothes are on. I have a 16, 11 , and 9 year old. I hope she continues to bring bk good music like this. I hope it stays like this. Bless her heart she could really make a statement to the world. May God bless her

  • alteMunchnerin
    alteMunchnerin Year ago

    Love it 💕👍🏼

  • Sunset Tonight
    Sunset Tonight Year ago

    u r born to do miracle just like ....something very special

  • what ever weirdness

    when is she going to star in a TV show

  • dana taylor
    dana taylor Year ago

    Such a nice girl with amazing personality and so much talents in very now world. Well it's Grace VanderWaal if you wonder 🌹❤

  • barbii ontiveros
    barbii ontiveros Year ago

    I love you :")♡

  • Yasmin alzouhbi
    Yasmin alzouhbi Year ago

    I hate you

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm Year ago +1

      That tells so much about your character. :(

  • Bob the builder
    Bob the builder Year ago

    Taylor Swift?

  • Muhammad Al Fatih

    Go grace!

  • Ryan lima
    Ryan lima Year ago

    I live in Brazil, but I know a little English, in order .. I just wanted to say that I am very much your fan and I accompany you, my dream and to know you but it is difficult, congratulations for the success I love you Grace.

  • Fullof Regret
    Fullof Regret Year ago

    Hey grace, love all your music so far. The ACL show was fantastic. You should try to come and play in minneapolis,mn. You could play at the rotunda in the Mall of America. Would love to see you.