Building a Shipping Container Home | EP05 Connecting to Electricity and Water

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • In this episode of Building a Shipping Container Home I will start by going over to connect a shipping container to water and electricity. I will also show how I added mechanical systems to heat and cool the shipping containers with mini split ductless heat pumps.
    Shop the Container Home:
    Explore the Container Home:
    Link to the drawings for the container house:
    This is going to be a technical episode covering some boring but really important topics:
    How to transform raw land to house with utilities
    I looked at a lot of different properties on Zillow and got frustrated but the lack of information provided about utility hook ups. I found that getting the APN# and reaching out directly to the providers was the quickest way to get solid answers.
    An overview of the electrical systems
    I went all electrical for everything including cooking, heating, cooling, and hot water. Gas systems can be really efficient but that involves installing different infrastructure and I like having all the power one system.
    How I connected the shipping containers to the electrical grid
    We connected the house to electrical pole that was about 70 feet away from the house.
    Why I went grid tied instead of off grid
    I used a battery backup system from Goal Zero. They are not a sponsor, but I love how easy and versatile their products are.
    An overview of plumbing systems
    We used an Electric Tankless Water Heater by Rheem and it has been great!
    Rheem Performance 27 kw Self-Modulating 5.3 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater
    Heating and air conditioning installation
    I used the Home Services team from Home Depot to design and install Mitsubishi mini split ductless heat pumps. Here is a link to their site but I recommend calling 1-800 HOME DEPOT to get a free in home consultation.
    During the free in-home consultation, their experts will provide multiple options based on your comfort and efficiency priorities as well as your budget. Minisplit units can start as low as $3,000-6,000 for a single head, which can often heat and cool a tiny house the size of a shipping container.
    Here are the components of the system we installed:

    1ea. MSZ-GL09NA & 1ea. MSZ-GLO6NA

    Link to the company i bought my shipping containers from:
    Link to my electric motorcycle / motorbike
    This video is sponsored by home depot
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  • The Modern Home Project

    Shop the Container Home:
    Explore the Container Home:
    Link to the drawings for the container house:
    I used the Home Services team from Home Depot to design and install Mitsubishi mini split ductless heat pumps. Here is a link to their site but I recommend calling 1-800 HOME DEPOT to get a free in home consultation.
    I used a battery backup system from Goal Zero. They are not a sponsor, but I love how easy and versatile their products are.
    Link to the company i bought my shipping containers from:
    Link to my electric motorcycle / motorbike

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    chestnu1 Day ago

    My question is what are you doing for internet there?

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    bitsmart 2 days ago

    although i like all those new house ideas like silo mobile house modular house etc but this one feels like living in a colon - how wide it inside after inserting all walls etc? i guess it is not even 180 cm is it?

  • Tedlasman
    Tedlasman 2 days ago

    If you get water, don't you get sewage service too?

  • Shaun Lowekey45
    Shaun Lowekey45 2 days ago

    So what was the cost for each container that you have purchased, and what was your total cost when you were done, how much $$$$ ?

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  • suzuki36
    suzuki36 5 days ago

    Why didn't you connect two containers together, grind out side walls and put them together

  •  5 days ago +1

    This is a million times better than reading robinson crusoe

  • Oreo Puncia
    Oreo Puncia 7 days ago

    cool stuff.. I have learned a lot from all the episodes. I am planning to have a container house as well in maybe in 3months, in the Philippines. I need to learn the technicalities first so if I will find someone who can do this there I have the ideas on how they will do it. Planning to build it in the top of the hills, sea view.

  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic 7 days ago

    12:50 condesner

  • KTM
    KTM 7 days ago +2

    What in the world could be dragging this series along for so long now. The home is already built.....

  • sgreeni
    sgreeni 7 days ago

    Can these structures make it through a 150 mile hurricane and an earthquake?

    ALTION 8 days ago

    Look into ProPress fittings for copper piping connections. No soldering required.

  • jmatx
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    "Boring" you say? Its not boring to an engineer. More utility-technical stuff like that, please.

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    "How to build the most expensive container house series".

    • Christian Mullis
      Christian Mullis 7 days ago

      Dan Blackburn what is the difference if he did it the regular way? I’ve been trying to figure out price difference to create a livable home/renting properties.

  • farginargle
    farginargle 16 days ago

    One of the best series on 'how to'. Clear and concise and easy to listen to, love the step by step, you made it look easy! Also helps me understand the process more than I previously had. So far though I still wonder why people use shipping containers as a basis for a house that is ultimately a glass house, do you know anything about that? Thanks!

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  • Kanal103
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    Hey Ben. Thank you for this series, you're doing an amazing job! My question is: what internet connection do you have in your location and how is the wi-fi signal between the containers? And how about GSM signal as well? I mean... you're in a metal box. :) So please explain your connection to the world in terms of data transfer. And what about that exterior paint? Is it something special, like reflective or heavy duty? Thanks!

  • Alex Kweifio-Okai
    Alex Kweifio-Okai 18 days ago

    Can you compare cost analysis between container and timber structured?
    Also total cost for this build? Thanks and love the videos flow and info!

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    Temps 19 days ago

    Word of warning, I had two of those goal zero generators and they both failed on me. I had to return them and eventually get my money back, the last straw was when one of tjem started sparking when my USB cord touched the outside of the box. Both of them would lose charge really easily. I'd charge my phone and it would go down a whole bar. It was absolutely useless and was 700 bucks. Never again. Now I just use small battery banks with a 10watt solar panel, much cheaper and more efficient.

  • Micah Morgan
    Micah Morgan 19 days ago +2

    I just want a complete cost breakdown at the end of the series... looking to emulate this.

    • Willy Zumwalt
      Willy Zumwalt 17 days ago

      Micah Morgan do not do in California it will be thousands of dollars cheaper

  • Janzer
    Janzer 19 days ago

    if you can sell energy back to the grid, how is that not getting value daily then when you're not using excess?

    FALLEN ANGEL 20 days ago

    Excuisyy , i'm not an english woman nor english my mother tounge,but can i ask? The condenser supposed to be spelled like that or "Condesner" like its written in the Video, but sound condenser?

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    Wasting container potential not stacking on top of each other. Making houses from containers is an old idea, it's not a novelty you are a lazy "designer"

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  • TheKiltedKraut
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    I guess my question is...why would you buy a hot water heater?
    Wouldn't it make more sense to buy a *cold water* heater!?
    Ya'know...something that heats up cold water and makes it hot!
    Buying and owning a hot water heater is redundant and a complete waste of money!

  • Nick's Garage
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    should of used a gas generator for back up.... Gasoline is 10cents/kwh but the generator is tops 20% efficient, so more like 50cents/kwh to generate power. You probably be paying 20cents per kwh from the grid if you factor in service fees, so not terrible ... This way you would just need a very small amount of batteries, and on overcast days, u use the generator....

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