Wolfychu Face Reveal

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Wolfychu Face Reveal
    Wolfychu Storytime playlist: ru-clip.net/p/PLVciB1OCnYiVH0h77qSKrpVk-BbRJIm2J
    Thank you to SweetoTOONS for editing ;w; ru-clip.net/user/jordansweeto2
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  • Wolfychu
    Wolfychu  24 days ago +20977

    My Story Time playlist:

    • {Flumpy Playz}
      {Flumpy Playz} 8 days ago

      You're Sooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    • Marsapinky
      Marsapinky 19 days ago +1

      Do you know that i have a group of friends that loves your videos! ^_^

    • Summoner4265 2.0
      Summoner4265 2.0 23 days ago

      Wolfychu u look cute :)

  • Jasmine Edits
    Jasmine Edits 7 minutes ago

    Congrats on building up the confidence to make this!
    That artwork was amazing btw keep it up!

  • Карина Перминова

    You are very beautiful!!!😘❤️

  • Saria Chaos
    Saria Chaos 29 minutes ago


  • Vipermon
    Vipermon Hour ago

    It took me nearly a month to build up the courage to watch this video.

    I was nearly dying of the anticipation of the reveal of the reveal at the end (not really)

  • Vadim R
    Vadim R Hour ago


    BØØ KRYS Hour ago

    Aww it was so cute!

  • Вера Тян
    Вера Тян 2 hours ago +1

    Ты очень красивая и потрисающий человек , ты очень красиво рисуешь )))) 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍 да и я из России

  • ItzNanna BannanaYT
    ItzNanna BannanaYT 2 hours ago +1

    If someone doesn’t like you this is what I would do!
    Here let me show ya something hater! It’s the door.

  • The Old Games
    The Old Games 2 hours ago

    даже русские одобряют

  • JustCallMeViolet
    JustCallMeViolet 2 hours ago

    Its okay to be shy or scared Wolfy! Im always shy or scared, heh. I have been watching your videos for about 2 years or from the very start! You have been my idol for such a long time, Im seeing your realistic drawing and getting so mad that you can draw better than me lol! But seeing your face is making me cry because I am so happy that you are facing a fear of yours I am trying to do that, but I can see it is very hard and I am so sorry that you went through all the hatred. I just want you to know that you are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing person and that I love you and keep doing what you do best!💞💕

  • Sakura Maldonado
    Sakura Maldonado 2 hours ago

    No entiendo ni pero me encanta

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald 2 hours ago

    In your name is just like kind of my name on Roblox my name is Wolfie on Roblox I'm a big fan of you

  • hannah and Undertale animation

    I understand, we still love you wolfychu...stay positive!!

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald 2 hours ago

    You're better than me a drawing can you make me feel better :(you want the greatest drawings in the world

  • kjtj397
    kjtj397 3 hours ago

    Hmmm lily is asian and this girl is a white emo girl ? 🤔🤔

  • nicolielaine
    nicolielaine 3 hours ago

    I love wolfly she helps me with a lot of my problems with her videos plus she cute

  • Itz_Molly Gacha
    Itz_Molly Gacha 3 hours ago

    Wolfychu is kinda like me when i first started to talk on camera
    Small youtuber here 🍪

  • SSJ Gamble
    SSJ Gamble 3 hours ago +1

    Your voice is amazing I don’t let people bring you down about it be proud and show the world your beautiful voice. I’ll be cheering you on the entire way.👍

  • Crasher Productions
    Crasher Productions 4 hours ago


  • Amber Animations
    Amber Animations 5 hours ago

    AAAAAAH!!! FRICK, YOUR FACE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! WE FINNALY GET TO SEE YOUR FACE IN PERSON!!! YES!!!! Eeeee!!! Sorry for the caps. I'm just really excited to finally see your face.

  • roneshea Payton
    roneshea Payton 6 hours ago +1

    Your ugly jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkkjkjjjkk your beautiful I luv u and ur cute voice

  • Itzz_ Yuki_Valry
    Itzz_ Yuki_Valry 6 hours ago

    Wolfychu : draw herself
    Me : **still cannot draw stickman**
    Me also : Wolfy u r so awesome! U can draw yourself as real but me..
    Ugh i can't
    Draw myself as real as i can

  • A Brown
    A Brown 6 hours ago

    thats why azurill is crying

  • A Brown
    A Brown 6 hours ago

    exacute mr mime

  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell 6 hours ago

    Didn't watch for about 3 weeks because wasn't ready

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    Get f d right in the a

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    So f you

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago


  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    Hey you sick fuck talk

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago


  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago


  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago


  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    Hey talk

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    You need to be brave like other people

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    Hey speak up

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    But i still know youre name

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    Hey talk to me you sicko

  • MatrixOne Mainframe
    MatrixOne Mainframe 6 hours ago

    This isent really what i expect

  • Ханна
    Ханна 7 hours ago

    Ты очень милая! ❤️❤️😍
    You are cute! ❤️❤️😍

  • Ari-neko-loli YouTubegacha

    Awwwwww wolfychu Is artist! :3 and Cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cyprin Esti
    Cyprin Esti 7 hours ago

    Was that a dragon ball hoodie

  • Kitsune Ōkami
    Kitsune Ōkami 8 hours ago

    I waited 3 Years for this Moment 😍😍😍 aaa lysm 💞💞💞

  • Griss Okami Kun :3
    Griss Okami Kun :3 8 hours ago +1

    Yo la vi en El vídeo de su novio ,>:V y recién me entero de esto v:

  • Mr. Maverick
    Mr. Maverick 8 hours ago

    ur a *weeb*

  • Little moon
    Little moon 9 hours ago

    UR SO PRETTY OMG (Sowwy for caps)

  • Kerby Saintvil
    Kerby Saintvil 9 hours ago

    You are beautiful

  • Ethel Jackson
    Ethel Jackson 9 hours ago

    Your soooo pretty

  • Frisk Fan undertale
    Frisk Fan undertale 9 hours ago +1

    I love ur voice it’s cute :3 also I love ur vids

  • Just Munkee
    Just Munkee 10 hours ago


  • Prattmaster 726
    Prattmaster 726 10 hours ago

    Hi wolfychu

  • Купер204
    Купер204 11 hours ago

    Бля, я посмотрел этот ролик и задумался, ведь я аще нихуя не умею, ток в кс го катать, да и то на звании голд нова, еба я дебик

  • Lady Mikasa
    Lady Mikasa 11 hours ago

    Omg, you are so cute)))) Also your picture is so realistic! Are you a genius? Please never be shy about your appearance or your voice! You are wonderful!!! >.

  • Julie Hansen
    Julie Hansen 11 hours ago

    Omgimgomgomgodpskrvejw she is unbelievably cute 😍😍😍☺️☺️❤️❤️💖

  • banana rama
    banana rama 12 hours ago

    00:00 - 13:03 cute :3

  • Artikatovich
    Artikatovich 12 hours ago


  • GoodGuyGames Bro
    GoodGuyGames Bro 12 hours ago

    Хоть я и из России, но мне кажется, что милее я никого в жизни не видел...Максимально милый контент и сам автор.Смотрю через канал DIAWANTED в Русском дубляже, так как собственных знаний Английского не хватает для перевода.Вульфичу, спасибо тебе за то, что ты существуешь!Иногда мнение окружающих губит самооценку, но надеюсь, что ты преодолеешь этот барьер...

  • diana medina
    diana medina 12 hours ago

    Wow you got such an amazing talent ❤️
    You are so cute

  • Алена Алыпова

    U are so beauty))

  • NZvectris
    NZvectris 12 hours ago

    A huge step, a great big one. I'm proud of you