NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    We gave the iPad Pro a bit of a harsh review. Does installing iPadOS make it any better as a laptop replacement?
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Comments • 5 183

  • John Mills
    John Mills 6 hours ago

    Basically the ideal scenario would be like an apple version of the surface. A laptop and tablet in one. Could there be some legal reason why they can't do it?

  • Quang Huy Dương
    Quang Huy Dương 9 hours ago

    I dont think so. Since I cannot do everything on the Safari “destop” browser in iPadOS. For example, right clicks! Damn, no right clicks whatsoever without mouses.

  • Pratiprabha Barma

    I 🔔 today

  • Brad Strawn
    Brad Strawn Day ago

    Nailed it. Apple wants you to "need" an iphone, Ipad pro, and macbook pro. Not a terrible marketing strategy.


    First time I think I comment in a Linus Tech video this was fantastic......;Because those Bastard Apple think they can play games or deceive the whole world with their plays of words......And refuse to progress with Technology with their stinginess

  • TheRob
    TheRob Day ago

    The iPad isn´t a laptop. I don´t need it to be a Laptop. I have a Laptop as a laptop.

  • harelzzz
    harelzzz Day ago +1

    I am by no means an Apple fan, I own a Microsoft surface laptop 2, a Samsung Galaxy S10, Jabra headphones etc...
    I think this was not an objective review, firstly this is the iPad OS beta - the mouse experience will improve drastically as it doesn't even support the Magic mouse gestures but the Surface Arc mouse it does support.
    I think the thing Linus is missing is the fact that many users do not use a computer the was he does.
    Most people I know mainly use a computer for media consumption, some word processing apps, mailing and some even use it for gaming & photos / video editing.
    For most of these things I believe the iPad is much better than a laptop.
    The only time I use my laptop is when I want do program or get some work done.

  • Philipe Cortez
    Philipe Cortez 2 days ago +1

    Surface already do what iPad pro are supposed to do since 2017 I think

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 2 days ago +6

    Instead of wishing for an iPad that is more like a computer why don't you just buy a MacBook? Some MacBooks are even cheaper.

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 2 days ago +1

    Geez. The iPad is a computer, period. It make not be what we think of as a traditional laptop, and certainly it is not a desktop, but it will always be, and always has been, a computer.

  • Bandisa Masilela
    Bandisa Masilela 2 days ago

    what is a computer?

  • Sitch77
    Sitch77 2 days ago

    Linus, your sandals look iconic on the shelf.

  • GT Fix
    GT Fix 2 days ago

    Shut up and take my thumb up!!!

  • DeGolden LLama
    DeGolden LLama 2 days ago

    "it is as easy as it has ever bean" ~linus 2k19

  • Shanu Jha
    Shanu Jha 3 days ago

    That's a device manager, not a file manager???

  • Shanu Jha
    Shanu Jha 3 days ago +1

    Fingers are not the only thing you'd be spreading to buy an iPad these days.

  • Shankaracharya Chakraborty

    What a great entry. :-D

  • Kapp
    Kapp 4 days ago

    Apple: WhATs a cOmUTeR

    • Kapp
      Kapp 4 days ago

      Oh wait thats actually in the video

  • Kapp
    Kapp 4 days ago

    Do the Ssds also work on the 10.5 inch one ?

  • Kenji Games
    Kenji Games 5 days ago +8

    Next year apple product MACPAD1

  • xd terra
    xd terra 5 days ago

    Is this only for the iPad Pro or is it for others as well? Because I’m on iPad mini 2 and I was wondering would it work because my iPads older?

  • TonyDaExpert
    TonyDaExpert 5 days ago

    iPad won’t be a pc/computer replacement till it can run Xcode...

    • TonyDaExpert
      TonyDaExpert 3 days ago

      Spooki lol imagine being able to make apps on an iPad, for now we just have Swift playground to look at...

    • Spooki
      Spooki 3 days ago

      WWDC 2020: so now you can run Xcode on your iPad Pro.
      But that would never happen. We can still dream tho.

    NEEMA BORJI 5 days ago

    They don't want to add that support because they want a macbook and iPad sale instead of just macbook or ipad.

  • secretshadowgov
    secretshadowgov 6 days ago

    Only apples magic mouse functions as a normal mouse on an ipad not your inferior crap mouse

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose 6 days ago

    Riley is the best

  • PB4S
    PB4S 7 days ago

    Are there people with development experience on an iPad, like python, java, based on git? Just wondering how handicapped it would be

  • Ahmed E.A Abdalla
    Ahmed E.A Abdalla 7 days ago

    We want Xcode on iPads

  • placki407
    placki407 8 days ago +3

    yeeeaahhh!! They finally add all the features that all android tablets had for years...

    • Brandon Miller
      Brandon Miller 6 days ago

      I agree but I don’t like Android. Personal preference

  • Taran Punia
    Taran Punia 8 days ago

    I'm buying one now

  • milaboss r
    milaboss r 8 days ago

    You speak a lot bro !!

  • shaesham
    shaesham 9 days ago

    ....I couldn't open two Word documents side by side.....

    • CATaclysmic
      CATaclysmic 4 days ago

      Are you fucking stupid? He literally says word wasn't supported

  • Matias Falckenheiner
    Matias Falckenheiner 10 days ago

    Lmfao love the intro

  • Jost Somuan
    Jost Somuan 10 days ago

    Why are you so fucking slowly. Are you trying to prolongue the video or something to earn more money? Fuck, it’s so annoying.

  • 2001kb
    2001kb 13 days ago

    Great video, and up until about 10:54 you were good. You mention that it is Microsoft's dream to have a single OS across all types of devices, but then go on to say Apple isn't about this. They most definitely were at one point, they dropped it because iphoneOS (at the time) was just not going to be capable of it. It's not that Apple isn't trying to make the ipad into a laptop, it's that they tried it and failed, so they gave up and moved in a different direction.

  • Hetty
    Hetty 14 days ago +1

    I literally use my ipad for school. No need to carry 20 pound bags filled with fat books.
    Taking notes
    Doing hw
    Reading books
    Open teachers presentations
    Everything on it and then go home to a beefy computer to get heavier work done!

  • Ubedullah Dahri
    Ubedullah Dahri 14 days ago

    Hello Linus , Iam Siri and listening to you 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Sigma7
    Sigma7 15 days ago

    As long as i can not install R (Statistics software) or wxMaxima (Symbolic calculus software) on it, an iPad is not gonna replace a laptop for me :(

  • vnq
    vnq 15 days ago

    That intro 😂😂😂

  • America First
    America First 16 days ago

    You have the more Annoying voice ever

  • Nikhil Ram
    Nikhil Ram 17 days ago

    If they add computer features to iPad or add touch screen to Mac will make no difference between these two products and might cut off one of them which will eventually degrade their current business. I guess you get the point

  • 김범석
    김범석 17 days ago

    Linus: Now, Is An iPad Pro A Real Computer?
    Surface Pro 6 And Galaxy Tab S6/Book2: Well Yes But Actually No

    • 김범석
      김범석 16 days ago

      @A random Human being yah
      That's one of the problem of Android Apps

    • A random Human being
      A random Human being 16 days ago

      @김범석 Samsung dex is a gimmic. Android issue is only one: they don’t have tablet optimized apps. That’s something dex can’t fix.

    • 김범석
      김범석 16 days ago

      @A random Human being iPad Pro also Uses iOS (iPadOS)
      Yeah Windows Is the Best Replacement for iPadOS.
      Samsung Improved their Tablet when They Launched Galaxy Tab S6. It Has A Samsung DeX Which Can Turn your Galaxy Device into A Desktop improved interface.
      Yeah Tab S6 Runs Android But Twice Improved Than The iPad Pro

    • A random Human being
      A random Human being 17 days ago

      Galaxy tab s6? With android apps? Lol you must be joking.

  • Marcus Sanders
    Marcus Sanders 17 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video but the comments section is better

  • Alan Hughes
    Alan Hughes 17 days ago

    if everybody who wanted mouse support for ipad could just buy macbooks instead, and everybody who wanted touchscreens for macbooks could just buy ipads instead, the world would be a much better place

  • Nick Lai
    Nick Lai 17 days ago

    heard the old gmm intro?

  • Brebgon
    Brebgon 18 days ago

    God Apple is dumb

  • Gamal Elalfy
    Gamal Elalfy 18 days ago

    Amazing video you gave the right prospective about what ipad for and you illustrated the ipad benefits better than ipad ads

  • Varun Bansal
    Varun Bansal 18 days ago

    I totally like this video, its absolutely helpful.

  • AverageJoe
    AverageJoe 18 days ago

    When did Apple say they wanted to replace the iPad with a laptop?!!!

  • k_shopaholic
    k_shopaholic 18 days ago

    Nooooooo hell no to the touch screen on the MacBook 🤨

  • Ushio Cheng
    Ushio Cheng 19 days ago +1

    Apple: Why do you creeps use that mouse, that is not even a feature WE ENDORSE.
    (BTW: I am pro-apple if you wonder or feel the irony,whatever)

  • GENOCIDE Eclipse
    GENOCIDE Eclipse 19 days ago +1


  • Black cat photography
    Black cat photography 20 days ago +1

    Why does computer brands have a tendency to make simple things complicated. Well I guess I am not going to buy one after all

  • James Luffy
    James Luffy 20 days ago

    just get a surface

  • caatabatic
    caatabatic 20 days ago

    "bulky awkward laptop?!" did we just call mac laptops that?!

  • OchaTime
    OchaTime 20 days ago

    The mouse is neutered because they don't want to un-sell their overpriced underfeatured underperforming Slickbooks.

  • Avi
    Avi 21 day ago


  • Alejandro Heredia
    Alejandro Heredia 21 day ago

    Who uses mouses! Come on, it's freaking 2019!

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 21 day ago

    No thanks!

  • Quantum Quantonium
    Quantum Quantonium 22 days ago +3

    Apple: mice are used on touchscreen for assistance. No one would want a full mouse on an iPad.

    Android: hold my desserts

  • Farnhamification
    Farnhamification 22 days ago

    Is Logitech’s flow technology compatible with iPad os??

  • Teemu Leppä
    Teemu Leppä 22 days ago

    is ipad a computer? ..umm...yes? =)

  • hugo wolf
    hugo wolf 22 days ago

    I wish it had a "PC" mode where the software looked looked like MacOS, kind of how Samsung does it with it's Galaxies.

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon20082010 22 days ago

    Shhhh Linus at work!!!!

  • chanm01
    chanm01 22 days ago +2

    In response to all of Apple's talking points, can I just say:
    Literally all of that sounds like a huge pain in the ass when you can just use a laptop instead. 😐

  • Gheorghita Melinte
    Gheorghita Melinte 22 days ago +1

    i think the future of Windows/Mac lies in specialised profesional software, basically as a work station OS

  • Gheorghita Melinte
    Gheorghita Melinte 22 days ago +3

    never seen someone happier using Windows 10 🤣

  • Michael Niles
    Michael Niles 22 days ago

    Surface Pro still remains king in this space.

  • Treavor Barnhart
    Treavor Barnhart 23 days ago

    *i love ipads but they’re so confusing*

  • Julian GameZ
    Julian GameZ 23 days ago +1

    The iPad Pro is a foldable tablet…

  • akhil
    akhil 24 days ago

    "Things are worse than ever!"

  • Behind TheWall
    Behind TheWall 24 days ago

    so splitscreen is the same crap as on android, depending on apps to support it
    and no, this is definitely just a crappy laptop. you almost said it yourself, the reason apple is treating mice like an accessibility peripheral isn't "vision", it's greed. apple doesn't want you to buy one thing, it wants you to buy 3 things. the way to do that is to artificially maintain differences between its products by withholding functionality from the ipad

  • Swamp croc
    Swamp croc 24 days ago

    Good review, and I think you’re right. Apple is trying to keep the MacBook alive and useful, but I think there will come a time in a decade to come that we will see the lines increasingly blurred. The iPad seems to be its own niche device and honestly it’s only real (close) competitor is the chrome book. They are devices designed for light or office use.
    They are for artists sure, also for inventory, payment processing, and field office work. They are also devices that have become decent machines for writing and education. It will never be designed I think to be a graphical powerhouse or such, and don’t think of the iPad as a device trying to fit in a pc world. Rather it’s a device trying to change how people think about everyday computing.
    Fair disclosure, I use a PC as my home system for gaming, programming, and entertainment. However when I’m in the field an iPad has become attractive for taking notes, pictures, presentations, etc. It’s an augmentation to your already powerful computing setups

  • Dhidz Turtle Trader
    Dhidz Turtle Trader 24 days ago

    Pcp oxpsldkxkdo me trying to pinch my keypad in XR. 😅🤞😁

  • Torben Otten
    Torben Otten 24 days ago

    iOS 13 finally has a real download manager in Safari. You can finally download files from any website without going around it via Dropbox.

  • Damib 1
    Damib 1 25 days ago

    I was looking a long time for a video like this! Thank you so so much!