Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Red Velvet's new mini album "‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2" is out!
    Listen now on your favorite platform:
    01 음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)
    02 카풀 (Carpool)
    03 Love Is The Way
    04 Jumpin’
    05 Ladies Night
    06 눈 맞추고, 손 맞대고 (Eyes Locked, Hands Locked)
    Red Velvet Official
    #RedVelvet #음파음파 #UmpahUmpah #레드벨벳 #RVF #TheReVeFestival #Day2
    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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  • dr_ _ _ _ove
    dr_ _ _ _ove 2 hours ago +2

    1:50 - 1:52 im still in love with this

  • fact only
    fact only 3 hours ago +3

    Raincoat seulgi will be forever ICONIC

  • zarakikenpachiish
    zarakikenpachiish 3 hours ago +1

    Faker brought me here xD

  • Dᴀɴɴᴀ ́-
    Dᴀɴɴᴀ ́- 5 hours ago +1

    Me encanta 🌈🌹

  • minionazul
    minionazul 5 hours ago +1

    os amo💕💕💕

  • Agc kpop Entertainmet
    Agc kpop Entertainmet 6 hours ago +2

    28 M

    REVELUV RV 6 hours ago

    شوكت نوصل ١٠٠مليون ع ٢٠٧٧ نوصل ل ميه مليون

    REVELUV RV 6 hours ago

    يعني معقوله صارنه أربع أيام تعليقات بعده نفس عدد

    REVELUV RV 6 hours ago

    حملخ نفسي مشاهدات خره بكل معنى الكلمه

  • sabrina exo_L
    sabrina exo_L 7 hours ago +1

    Wow ilove you red velvet ilove you irene

    • sabrina exo_L
      sabrina exo_L 7 hours ago +1

      💙💙💙ilove me joy 💙💙💙

  • hili pili
    hili pili 8 hours ago +2

    2:15 so clear, Joy's high note

  • Kuralay Suleimenova
    Kuralay Suleimenova 8 hours ago

    ымпа ымпа!

  • Nipun Kumar
    Nipun Kumar 10 hours ago +1

    Black pink is better

    • Nipun Kumar
      Nipun Kumar 31 minute ago

      @PMY 04 yeah that's true

    • Shamina Shaikh
      Shamina Shaikh 8 hours ago +5

      @PMY 04 and repeating the same thing for the past 3 years.

    • PMY 04
      PMY 04 10 hours ago +5

      In terms of singing by nose not mouth, shouting than actual singing, and doing same thing over and over and over and over.

  • Ivan Linx
    Ivan Linx 11 hours ago +1

    Go gogogo pahpah

    SONE CARAT REVELUV 12 hours ago +8

    Bad boy🔜250m
    Russian Roulette🔜200m
    Peek a poo🔜200m
    Red flavor🔜140m
    Dump Dump🔜130m
    Ice cream cake🔜110m
    Pwer up🔜100m

  • Rya
    Rya 14 hours ago +5

    Pleas vote for red velvet in mama

  • RP Brigoli
    RP Brigoli 14 hours ago +3

    They said
    Umpah-47 times
    Um-13 times
    Pah-27 times

    REVELUV RV 15 hours ago +1

    ريد فيلفت مستواهم عم ينزل
    بعد سنه ريد فيلفت تصير من الماضي للاسف

      SONE CARAT REVELUV 6 hours ago

      @REVELUV RV لا تتسرعي بالحكم على أحد مره ثانيه😂😂

      REVELUV RV 6 hours ago

      @SONE CARAT REVELUV وإني دافشر عليه😂

      SONE CARAT REVELUV 6 hours ago

      @REVELUV RV تريد تعرف على شنو نحجي لان هي ماتعرف عربي

      REVELUV RV 6 hours ago

      @SONE CARAT REVELUV فهميني هاي شتاكل خره مابيه حيل اترجم

      SONE CARAT REVELUV 8 hours ago

      @Shamina Shaikh Nothing important just talking about red velvet became their level in decline💔

  • Jenoya Dwimauly 1143031

    1:55 urwell

  • alfe calunod
    alfe calunod 17 hours ago

    I kept wondering what made this song made me all giddy up. I dunno this is a certified upper turner song for me just like power up

    • dangojin
      dangojin 13 hours ago

      cool face mask. Are you far-right ?

  • Hava Dt
    Hava Dt 18 hours ago +2

    Joy looks like saemi in drama extraordinary you

  • tyagita 88
    tyagita 88 20 hours ago +8

    Let's Go !!! LA ROUGE 🌹💃 🎊🎉💛👏

  • riffgroove
    riffgroove 21 hour ago +2

    So, Kpop fans find out beyond any shadow of doubt that the producers at Mnet knew *exactly* who the members of Iz*One were going to be *before Produce 48 even aired.*
    And there are STILL people out there who think that fan-voting at the MAMAS will make any difference whatsoever?
    I for one am GLAD that SM is taking a pass on them again.

  • Robin
    Robin Day ago +3

    Starting to think I am the only person in the whole world who hasn't watched High School Musical 😆

  • Kaycee Gonzalez
    Kaycee Gonzalez Day ago +3

    I'm taking a break on taking views, exams, and its just boring i dont want to do it anymore

  • Frank Walker Felix
    Frank Walker Felix Day ago +5

  • irmã do jungkook
    irmã do jungkook Day ago +2

    Parece que elas no começo tavam falando "Um par,um par"

  • Jasslyne Lopez
    Jasslyne Lopez Day ago +4

    I think this song has the best outfits love you red velvet

  • imelda evlin
    imelda evlin Day ago +6

    happy 28M umpah umpah

  • Samantha G
    Samantha G Day ago +3

    Why does this sound like it could be in high school musical

  • TanzilaAfrin
    TanzilaAfrin Day ago +5

    Ice cream cake
    Dumb Dumb
    Red flavour

  • Diah Fitri
    Diah Fitri Day ago +3

    Likey redeupeluevet

  • Diah Fitri
    Diah Fitri Day ago +3


    REVELUV RV Day ago +1

    ستريم زباله😒

  • Yatno Yatno
    Yatno Yatno Day ago +6

    Wow finally 28m is unlocked

  • Siti Farida
    Siti Farida Day ago +1


  • R3d Velvettt
    R3d Velvettt Day ago +4

    28 M

  • reveluv rv
    reveluv rv Day ago +1

    بناتتتتتت رزانننن وينج

  • reveluv rv
    reveluv rv Day ago +1


  • tiannn 09_
    tiannn 09_ Day ago +5


  • Just Faith_HT
    Just Faith_HT Day ago +5

    Yawh yeah 28M, good work luvies

  • Hendri Giovanizen
    Hendri Giovanizen Day ago +1


  • Wan Chae Lee Son
    Wan Chae Lee Son Day ago +4

    finally 28 million

  • Humayra H
    Humayra H Day ago

    ok pls someone tell me is this a remake of another song coz I rlly recognise the chorus tune

  • sunwoo’s baby
    sunwoo’s baby Day ago +7

    3k to 28 mil

  • 갓완
    갓완 Day ago +5

    Go 28M!!

  • Gilbert Tianan
    Gilbert Tianan Day ago +4


  • Belle Galvez
    Belle Galvez Day ago +3

    Idk if it's just me but this song gives me high school musical vibes ♥

  • Kim Yeri
    Kim Yeri Day ago +1

    أصلان لغنيه ممتعه مادري ليش المشاهدات زفت

  • Kim Yeri
    Kim Yeri Day ago +2


    REVELUV RV Day ago +1

    سترمو ل 30 مليونن ؤفففف الكل سبقنه

  • Red velvet Fancam
    Red velvet Fancam Day ago +5

    Waiting for day 3 la rouge .

  • Cute Puppy UwU
    Cute Puppy UwU Day ago +13

    Why do I think that this song is underrated but RV is popular

    JONATAN BARRANG Day ago +2

    This song sound like it come's from 1990's or early 2000's

  • Hyun-jul Kang
    Hyun-jul Kang Day ago +3

    Come to Philippines. There are many luvies here. Waiting for solo concert.

  • Yatno Yatno
    Yatno Yatno Day ago +1

    22 hours with 44k

  • Anita Bussis
    Anita Bussis Day ago +2


  • Lalala Nurfa
    Lalala Nurfa Day ago

    Gk prnh bosaaaannnn

    LEE SAUNRA Day ago +3

    Sneaky they added their songs in the lyrics