I Joined FaZe Clan!

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
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  • Nasirudin Mustapha
    Nasirudin Mustapha 8 days ago

    jarvis are the good at fortnite

  • Ayaan Ali
    Ayaan Ali 14 days ago +1

    Your my favourite FaZe member no joke

  • Blood Money Mafia
    Blood Money Mafia 15 days ago

    So is he 15 or 15 ?

  • Sam llunga
    Sam llunga 16 days ago +1

    We've seen tfue we seen Jarvis,highsky1,and everyone else can we see faze randumb faze formula

  • Mohammed A
    Mohammed A 17 days ago

    Love you

  • XxAll__ThreeX x
    XxAll__ThreeX x 21 day ago

    I definitely remember them bo2 vids

  • ItsRitz YT
    ItsRitz YT 21 day ago

    so I guess anyone can be in faze clan now

  • Nyvek Martinez
    Nyvek Martinez 21 day ago

    Congratulations to joining Faze clan!!

  • DARK N8
    DARK N8 22 days ago

    Im subbing to everyone who subs to me

  • Sylencxrッ
    Sylencxrッ 23 days ago

    Yeaaa boii

  • Magickee
    Magickee 23 days ago

    Love you and congrats.

  • Michael Salvo
    Michael Salvo 24 days ago

    Faze Jarvis

  • Nasty Nas
    Nasty Nas 24 days ago

    WTF is in the sky

  • Brandon Iglesias
    Brandon Iglesias 24 days ago

    Bruh I remember seeing this kid when he was like 10 in FaZe Kay's BO2 vids. I feel old now

  • Kayb110205
    Kayb110205 24 days ago


  • Blvys Gamer
    Blvys Gamer 25 days ago

    Good job

  • Chronic Gyck
    Chronic Gyck 25 days ago


  • Lewis Morgan
    Lewis Morgan 25 days ago

    Who found him before he joined faze

  • Skit Tles
    Skit Tles 25 days ago

    Here before 1 millions

  • That’s ._. Aubrey
    That’s ._. Aubrey 25 days ago

    Im so proud of Jarvis

  • Sez_ Zer-_-
    Sez_ Zer-_- 25 days ago

    Congrats Jarvis

  • Liam Smoothy
    Liam Smoothy 25 days ago

    Good job jarvis

  • Morto Morto
    Morto Morto 25 days ago

    change your name to FaZe_Jarvis:0

  • Santi
    Santi 25 days ago

    I’m happy for yu been watching faze for the longest and I remember yu as a kid with Kay keep grinding

  • call me mallo ok?
    call me mallo ok? 25 days ago +1

    its not a FaZe mom....

    im sorry i had to make that pun

  • Lxcid
    Lxcid 25 days ago

    FaZe Jarvis and FaZe Sway

  • rjstaylitt allston
    rjstaylitt allston 25 days ago

    faze up

  • rjstaylitt allston
    rjstaylitt allston 25 days ago


  • solo
    solo 25 days ago +1

    Bro listen could you check out my recent montage and see if I'm evade worthy or faze worth

  • Elyjah Poteat
    Elyjah Poteat 25 days ago


  • shh xeno
    shh xeno 25 days ago

    Congrats jarivis

  • Fortnite clips
    Fortnite clips 26 days ago

    Guys pls sub because a doing and £10 xbox giveaway and a £10 ps4 giveaway

  • Madit Deng
    Madit Deng 26 days ago

    Why don’t you change your name to faze Jarvis on your channel

  • Rohan Doal
    Rohan Doal 26 days ago

    Congrats faze Jarvis

  • kxuu i
    kxuu i 26 days ago

    sounds like plug to me xd

  • Emily Spooner
    Emily Spooner 26 days ago

    Congrats bro x

  • Gang4 Lx
    Gang4 Lx 26 days ago +1

    Jarvis your name will look epic in faze faze Jarvis that would be LITTT

  • EnderBoy Gaming
    EnderBoy Gaming 26 days ago +1

    Watch out next year April fools there gonna trick you into thinking you got kicked🤣

  • Sprazzz
    Sprazzz 26 days ago

    4:04 whats that shirt that kays was wearing?????

  • X Jelly
    X Jelly 26 days ago

    Is it just me or faze blaze is soo tall

    LXZZZER 26 days ago

    Hell yes Jarvis you deserve it bro

  • beastmodebill DA GOAT
    beastmodebill DA GOAT 26 days ago +1

    First faze Xbox player respect

    • Ydemer Alkaline
      Ydemer Alkaline 24 days ago

      AtW _BEASTMODEBILL first faze Xbox Fortnite player*

  • SsF_MeRkS -
    SsF_MeRkS - 26 days ago +1

    Jarvis when will you change your yt name to FaZe JaRvIs

  • SausageBurrito
    SausageBurrito 26 days ago +1

    *Apex makes another video on FaZe Gabe Tv*
    Gabe: *Jarvis made it?!*
    Apex: *Jarvis is in FaZe?!*
    *apex makes a video on kicking Jarvis from FaZe*

    KEVIN HERNANDEZ 26 days ago

    Faze up

  • Evan Alvarez
    Evan Alvarez 26 days ago

    Congratulations you deserve it all bro👌🏾🔥

  • Puros Corridos45
    Puros Corridos45 27 days ago


  • AKKE .S
    AKKE .S 27 days ago +1

    Duo w faze rug?????????

  • King Tyree
    King Tyree 27 days ago +1

    How is faze kays in faze and your not- kaylen
    Jarvis: next day joins faze

    • Popped
      Popped 26 days ago

      King Tyree why even try dude

  • Tolan
    Tolan 27 days ago

    Jarvis you. are. The. Best. Fortnite

  • Hyper Target
    Hyper Target 27 days ago


  • Oscar
    Oscar 27 days ago


  • Naima Hassan
    Naima Hassan 27 days ago

    Im so happy for jarvis he deserves this like if u agree

  • Its Max
    Its Max 27 days ago

    I’m wathing for faze jarvis vs faze hygsky

  • Johann Weidemann
    Johann Weidemann 27 days ago

    The hoes he getting now

  • Tipa Palu
    Tipa Palu 27 days ago

    When you changing the name?

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell 27 days ago

    Play black ops 4 mate

  • Guccikid_YT -
    Guccikid_YT - 27 days ago

    Kaylen: your never going to join faze
    Jarvis: hold my gfuel

  • Brite Bomber
    Brite Bomber 27 days ago

    you proved kaylen wrong

  • aodireland beast
    aodireland beast 27 days ago

    Let's go finally made it to faze

  • Chay_May_Vlogs
    Chay_May_Vlogs 27 days ago

    At least I can say I was a sub from the first vid

  • ii Reaction HQ
    ii Reaction HQ 27 days ago +1

    Why isn't Ur name FaZe Jarvis so ??

  • TheJJGamer
    TheJJGamer 27 days ago

    Good Job I'm Sooo Proud Of You Jarvis!!

  • Itz Flossy
    Itz Flossy 27 days ago +1

    Sway vs Jarvis?

  • vulcan btw
    vulcan btw 27 days ago

    But if it wernt for kay jarvis wouldnt be jn faze lets be honest

  • Chemly
    Chemly 27 days ago

    I couldn't stop smiling throughout this video

  • Eren Bir
    Eren Bir 27 days ago

    You suck

  • Thomas Maka
    Thomas Maka 27 days ago

    7 faze fortnite players vs 7 tsm fortnite players in 2019

  • BarterCartYT _
    BarterCartYT _ 27 days ago


  • Jenkins
    Jenkins 27 days ago +1

    But he’s not even that good lmao 💀

    • MiniFN
      MiniFN 25 days ago

      Jenkins he’s better than you

  • Stldylan
    Stldylan 27 days ago

    Bro Jarvis subbed to me!!!

    JACK-DUPPP 27 days ago +1

    The sad thing is high sky was in faze first but Jarvis is better😢

  • Pocket Penguin
    Pocket Penguin 27 days ago


  • The only a live
    The only a live 27 days ago

    It should be faze jar

  • RTV_KolonizerKilla
    RTV_KolonizerKilla 27 days ago


  • TSG_Snipzz 12
    TSG_Snipzz 12 27 days ago

    Bro I wanna one v one u your a god and I am a PS4 player and I think I am decent if u want hit me up

  • Jason Blanco
    Jason Blanco 27 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 27 days ago

    I wish I was in faze clan

  • Gamerboy6561
    Gamerboy6561 27 days ago


  • calzhs
    calzhs 27 days ago

    He still hasn’t said yes

  • FaZe Tfue
    FaZe Tfue 27 days ago

    Kaylin in no clan

  • Niko Fifis
    Niko Fifis 27 days ago


  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez 27 days ago

    faze blaze - u know how little people get to join faze
    Maybe you should realize that ur self

  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez 27 days ago

    He actually cares to be in faze

  • Frecents
    Frecents 27 days ago +1

    who is here before he hits one million subscribers?

  • Mahan Khazehie
    Mahan Khazehie 27 days ago

    Whoever that says he doesn’t deserve this your stupid

  • Savage Mans
    Savage Mans 27 days ago +1

    Like if true is better than ninja

  • Gaming with Kay
    Gaming with Kay 27 days ago +1

    Congrats Jarvis. I mean FaZe Jarvis

  • Pandhha TTV
    Pandhha TTV 27 days ago +10

    Only ogs remember when Jarvis name was lil khay

  • Yashji Neilji
    Yashji Neilji 27 days ago

    4:48 Charlotte without make up 😂😂

  • Storax
    Storax 27 days ago

    Joined faze when fortnite is dying that's tuff

  • Im Trxzii
    Im Trxzii 28 days ago

    You deserve it my g 💯❤️💥

  • Nuradiin S N
    Nuradiin S N 28 days ago +1

    FaZe Jarvis

  • Katelyn Curtin
    Katelyn Curtin 28 days ago

    I literally said it the day before I saw this

  • Specter Undead
    Specter Undead 28 days ago

    Well done🥳🥳🥳

  • NotYeti
    NotYeti 28 days ago +1

    The way Jarvis knew about joining faze about 2 weeks before making this video

  • Djordje Joka
    Djordje Joka 28 days ago

    444k subs

  • Fortnite Beast
    Fortnite Beast 28 days ago

    Let’s see how Kaylen Mindofrez brother* is gonna say next 😂

  • owennn
    owennn 28 days ago

    Well done bro love your vids and how good you are at fortnite keep making the content