6 iPhone Pranks To Piss Off Your Friends

  • Published on Jan 25, 2016
  • Piss Off Any iPhone User With These 6 iPhone Pranks. Crash Any iPhone Glitch, Make Apps Disappear & More Harmless Pranks.
    Glitch Link: goo.gl/78uQHK OR Go To crashsafari.com
    Endless Typing Link: miscellaneousmischief.com/textinprogress.html
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  • Do I Look ok
    Do I Look ok 2 days ago +1

    This is how to lose your friends

  • DarkShadow 67
    DarkShadow 67 9 days ago

    1:06 in I tested dose not work on my phone like if this happens to you

  • Blue_ Drippy
    Blue_ Drippy 23 days ago

    Why do when he showed the siri it was his number linked

  • Peter McIntyre
    Peter McIntyre Month ago

    Does safaricrash.com work on android

  • Gohan Sherry Smith
    Gohan Sherry Smith Month ago

    non of this works on the newest update😫

  • JFMgaming JFMgaming

    3 the crash one doesn’t work anymore is there another link?

  • Isabelle Kunō
    Isabelle Kunō Month ago


  • vee tour
    vee tour Month ago

    I just drop my pants and take a shit on their phone, then I say to them "It's just a prank bro!"

  • Koltin Driver
    Koltin Driver Month ago

    0:37 still works in iOS 13!

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith 3 months ago


  • Peco
    Peco 3 months ago +1

    I went to crashsafari.com on a galaxy s5 and it just froze my phone for 5 seconds lol

  • Maggie Grace
    Maggie Grace 3 months ago

    2:06 thanks for saying ipod. thats what i have and it makes me so angry when people say iphone or ipad. they completely neglect ipods!! i am making such a big deal out of this

  • unbreakable_ darkness
    unbreakable_ darkness 4 months ago

    When I did the crashsafair.com it just said what where you expecting

  • bob the dolphin pro
    bob the dolphin pro 4 months ago

    I did the siren on lol my cousin was mad🤪🤪🤪

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 5 months ago

    domain does not exist

  • Pachier 34
    Pachier 34 5 months ago

    Guys look how many emails he has

  • jouz 126
    jouz 126 6 months ago

    This fried someones phone

  • Dv boi Gamer
    Dv boi Gamer 6 months ago +1

    The link doesn't work

  • Freddie Kenny
    Freddie Kenny 7 months ago

    Maboinshshshs oh shitbhsbsbshsgsgsbzhzhhasshitskksisis

  • Yuuki SFS
    Yuuki SFS 7 months ago

    hey i think im only person that happens idk while watching this vid my screen has glitched and become normal :3

  • Keanu Kreiser
    Keanu Kreiser 8 months ago

    Really am dumb head you want to get your phone broken

  • Chicken nugget Allen
    Chicken nugget Allen 8 months ago

    My sister is going to be mad

  • Mystic TeepMC
    Mystic TeepMC 9 months ago

    Does it work on s9+ crashsafari did nothing

  • j train
    j train 9 months ago


  • Rudy Vlogs
    Rudy Vlogs 9 months ago

    When he said “hey Siri” my Siri activated lmao

  • Bossy cowsce productions

    Lol I tried it but I have the iPhone 📲 xr NO HOME BUTTON!!!!

  • Mint Tea
    Mint Tea 9 months ago +1

    Go to search apps and say talon 10 times

    • zacqonos
      zacqonos 9 months ago

      its hyphen dumb dumb

    • Mint Tea
      Mint Tea 9 months ago

      It’s actually hyped but

  • F Ft
    F Ft 9 months ago

    What do I do if my phone crashes

  • Joelle & Jad Abdoush
    Joelle & Jad Abdoush 9 months ago +2

    Did anyone see the old Instagram logo
    No, just me then. Ok

  • Mary Hanley
    Mary Hanley 9 months ago


  • JR Gutierrez
    JR Gutierrez 9 months ago +1


  • The Boring Life
    The Boring Life 10 months ago

    None of these worked for me

  • Geek Hacker
    Geek Hacker 11 months ago

    when i tried going to crash safari.com my antivirus blocked it ;-;

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 11 months ago

    How come crash safari don’t work?

  • Wii RVL-001
    Wii RVL-001 11 months ago

    The Notification Center glitch can be useful

  • Hippo Pirate
    Hippo Pirate 11 months ago

    I use text replacement

  • Maggie Bunyan
    Maggie Bunyan 11 months ago

    You can bypass the 2nd one by enabling the on screen home button!

  • Stevie Zarcone
    Stevie Zarcone Year ago

    If someone has a old iOS please can you copy and paste that link for the unlimited texting Prank it is not working for me 😭😭😭

  • Logan Buckley
    Logan Buckley Year ago

    @$! Samsamg

  • Roblox Videos
    Roblox Videos Year ago

    mehehehe i troll mhehhee

  • Brooks.w
    Brooks.w Year ago

    Hit or miss

  • Brooks.w
    Brooks.w Year ago

    Anyone wonder why there's a troll face app on the phone?

  • JooJo
    JooJo Year ago

    Nah ill just replace there phone with a samsung

  • Connor Yochum
    Connor Yochum Year ago

    I like that wooden case!

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill Year ago

    Anyone else find this in their recommended in 2019

  • Master Mehdi
    Master Mehdi Year ago

    Wanna win a Mac book pro
    Go check out Master Mehdi channel and check the giveaway
    LINK: ru-clip.net/channel/UChAyoMr5iGfo2yjaG4gJ23A

  • Mateo Mendez
    Mateo Mendez Year ago


  • Toad
    Toad Year ago

    6 pranks to get beaten up in your hood

  • Danish Nguyen
    Danish Nguyen Year ago

    Does it work on 6s?

  • Ryan Bunny
    Ryan Bunny Year ago


  • Jwinston 80
    Jwinston 80 Year ago

    What if u have no home button

    • NZ FOY
      NZ FOY Year ago

      They we're probably all patched anyway.

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming Year ago

    None of them work

  • Monty ___
    Monty ___ Year ago

    that is one sick case!

  • Lathen Horlacher
    Lathen Horlacher Year ago

    He has 19 thousand emails

  • Extreme Gamer17
    Extreme Gamer17 Year ago

    Damn bro ima try that

  • Gibbster
    Gibbster Year ago

    6 iPhone pranks with an iPhone 6

  • Devyn Reeves
    Devyn Reeves Year ago

    How do I do it with out the home button

  • Amelia O’Connell


  • Thats how Mafia works

    I dont know the password

    FBI BOI Year ago

    I am not clicking the link not even touching it