Which One Doesn't Belong?

  • Published on Mar 10, 2016
  • We went out onto Hollywood Blvd., found some families and added an extra person to them. Jimmy then tried to identify the stranger in the bunch in our very first edition of #WhichOneDoesntBelong.
    Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel - ru-clip.net/video/0Y8iRvQdSGA/video.html
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Comments • 7 703

  • Zulleka Hassan
    Zulleka Hassan 2 hours ago

    U of T is a real school, University of Toronto

  • Alex Felicie
    Alex Felicie 14 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for Alan, they kept calling him a virgin

  • GuitarWithDavin
    GuitarWithDavin 15 hours ago

    6:57 its that adam the woo?? In the blue shirt?

  • boii real boii
    boii real boii Day ago

    They are not on the street

  • Toxic Pixel
    Toxic Pixel Day ago

    Alan like look a child predator

  • rocky jaydog
    rocky jaydog 2 days ago

    Alan was getting some squeezes and feels. Good work Alan!

  • LAJ 3x
    LAJ 3x 2 days ago

    Alan is weird🤔

  • KLNfcb
    KLNfcb 2 days ago +2

    7:59 looool why tf did the woman in the background touch the 'golden' man 😂

  • Shreya Srivastava
    Shreya Srivastava 2 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel team you should really clarify on Alan. Because otherwise people might be slandering someone without any fault of his. Also for heaven's sake stop the kissing thing.

    THE DAB POLICE 2 days ago

    I seen Alan winking to the camera. 6:16

  • Azriel Duncan
    Azriel Duncan 2 days ago +5

    Is it just me but I noticed that Andrea looks like the girl who’s bangs went wrong 😂

  • IM AM NUMBER ONE I love lazy town !

    6:00 you just see the guy in the background waving his arms 🤣🤣🤣

  • XRynxMusicX
    XRynxMusicX 2 days ago +2

    All you have to do is look at their face shape

  • Noah Curitti
    Noah Curitti 3 days ago

    Finally some Canadians

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez 3 days ago

    Dont be rude Jimmy. Jeez you put these poor people in an awkward position.

  • Rosax
    Rosax 3 days ago


  • — chuuerries
    — chuuerries 4 days ago +3

    “is u of t a real thing?”
    u of t students : “do you take us seriously?”

  • Brick Davenport
    Brick Davenport 4 days ago

    6:31 just to the left and behind Alan’s head why is he wearing a frozen costume in summer

  • Clint Girodat
    Clint Girodat 4 days ago

    Look its Adam the woo at 6:57

  • Mikailaa .1012
    Mikailaa .1012 4 days ago +1

    7:52 if you look closely behind Coles there is an olaf 🤣

  • Ayrton Wong
    Ayrton Wong 4 days ago +1

    U of T is a real University

  • atypical 007
    atypical 007 5 days ago

    That guy in the background 4:28

  • MDkid1
    MDkid1 5 days ago

    I knew Lauren was the imposter right off the bat.

  • MDkid1
    MDkid1 5 days ago

    U of T is actually a university, not a college Jimmy. Its in the name :)....college and university are two different things up here in the North.

  • THEdjsidewayz
    THEdjsidewayz 5 days ago

    Did u see the man eating in the back family #2

  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse 5 days ago

    At 5:01 I realized there is a golden man in the background

  • the barbarian
    the barbarian 5 days ago

    Everyone looks so Canadian except Lauren

  • Bradley Kearney
    Bradley Kearney 5 days ago

    Yay you get $5 office supplies for standing next no people you don’t know for 15 min

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 6 days ago

    "An office furniture interior? Seems like it's missing a word" 🤣🤣

  • Snowgoon
    Snowgoon 6 days ago

    That was entertaining

  • ryan
    ryan 6 days ago

    office furniture interior

  • FriedMexican
    FriedMexican 6 days ago

    5:50 the person dressed in all golden in the back lmao

  • Moon_lxght
    Moon_lxght 6 days ago


  • Moon_lxght
    Moon_lxght 6 days ago +2


  • Air Espenilla
    Air Espenilla 7 days ago

    Do asian families next

  • Kurangi Arora
    Kurangi Arora 7 days ago +3

    University of Toronto is a real thing so you win 🤣

  • Wendy's
    Wendy's 7 days ago

    4:29 just smile and wave boys, smile and wave

  • Luke Samblay
    Luke Samblay 7 days ago

    Alan finna catch a case

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 7 days ago

    I swear that last family looked similar.

  • Celina Denise
    Celina Denise 8 days ago

    There is a man in a black cap with blue lining that passed by for the first two families

  • sabateesh siva
    sabateesh siva 9 days ago

    UFT is a university in Toronto. I go there

  • Authority 101
    Authority 101 9 days ago

    The white guy in the black shirt with microphone

  • ColeSprouse-isF-ingHot
    ColeSprouse-isF-ingHot 9 days ago +1

    Alan creeps me out.

  • Pooja Rawat
    Pooja Rawat 10 days ago

    Stop flasely acussing people! Alan was just holding on to the railing behind most of the time.

  • Reese Cousineau
    Reese Cousineau 10 days ago

    I thought Ian was the imposter lmao he pronounced the 2nd "T" in Toronto 😂

  • kassie mia
    kassie mia 10 days ago

    Just look at the noise and it say it all

  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool 10 days ago

    i found out the last one almost immedieately, i mean look at the noses, they all have the same noses except the man

  • Donna Mason
    Donna Mason 10 days ago

    Jimmy is not very good at this game

  • Pulse exe
    Pulse exe 10 days ago

    Who else saw the gold man in the back

  • Mie Petersen
    Mie Petersen 10 days ago

    it was pretty obvious on the noses on the last family

  • Tothegoodlife1
    Tothegoodlife1 10 days ago +1


  • megan
    megan 11 days ago

    lmao U of T is a real university

  • Gaming Lama01
    Gaming Lama01 11 days ago

    5:37 just a ordinary Olaf the snowman in the background...

  • Gay Mario OfficialTM
    Gay Mario OfficialTM 11 days ago +6

    4:30 look at the dude in the background waving
    People: what an idiot
    Himself: everybody will think that I’m awesome!:)

  • Enxy Olivia
    Enxy Olivia 11 days ago

    8:06 Cathy looks like Gary

  • Cannabis With Crystal
    Cannabis With Crystal 11 days ago

    Okay he put his arm around her but she literally kissed him

  • Leah R.
    Leah R. 12 days ago +1

    “A family is just a group of people with a similar smell.”

  • A.G
    A.G 12 days ago +8

    Jimmy: Alan are you a part of this family?
    Alan: No, i am not
    *Alan akwardly wraps his arm around Alysse*

  • Make Me Famous Subscribe
    Make Me Famous Subscribe 12 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmels laugh was hilarious at 4:00 😂

  • Rainy baby
    Rainy baby 12 days ago

    the end❤❤❤ he is so right❤❤❤

  • Amano ILA
    Amano ILA 12 days ago

    When he said Canadians in that kinda tone, I got offended😑

  • Kylee Brown
    Kylee Brown 12 days ago +2

    6:04 anyone else notice that guy across the street waving?

  • Kari Koralewska
    Kari Koralewska 13 days ago +1

    When you sub for the invisible hamster

  • _yvonne galvan_
    _yvonne galvan_ 13 days ago +1

    Alan is obviously a creep

  • Flipaphira
    Flipaphira 13 days ago

    Guys! I don’t think that Alan is a pervert, some people get really nervous in front of cameras or like other people and I think he was just trying his best to trick Jimmy.
    Just imagine this being your dad and some random people call him a pervert and accuse him of unnecessarily touching this girl.
    Get a life.

  • Melina C Revira
    Melina C Revira 14 days ago

    6:03 the guy in the back

  • May theGreat
    May theGreat 14 days ago +1

    "Coles"?? Why the s at the end? 😂😂

  • Haydo Mo106
    Haydo Mo106 14 days ago

    Alan sure was touchy wasn’t he... 😖

  • Mackenzie Kluge
    Mackenzie Kluge 14 days ago

    bruh coles was cute as hell

  • Jeshurun Raja
    Jeshurun Raja 15 days ago +2

    Fun fact: Coles is the name of an Australian supermarket chain

  • Tom Tt
    Tom Tt 15 days ago +2

    I feel so good saving all of these hamsters

  • Esoteric Enigma
    Esoteric Enigma 15 days ago

    I knew Lauren was the imposter the moment I saw that Canadian family.

  • Mason morgan
    Mason morgan 15 days ago

    I'm the quite angstie emotional isolated in everyone else in my family everyone is loud stupid and happy
    so I must be adopted or something like that...I can't be the only one who knows how that's feels right?

  • vic
    vic 15 days ago

    O F F I C E F U R N I T U R E I N T E R I O R

  • jackallisonfishing
    jackallisonfishing 15 days ago

    Every body lives in Atlanta!! IM FROM RIGHT BELOW ATLANTA

  • I’m getting bored Because I am

    I feel kinda bad for Julian because Jimmy pointed out his shirt and that kinda made me sad. 😢

  • Deidra Smith
    Deidra Smith 15 days ago +2

    All of the comments about Alan lmao hopefully he doesn't watch this 🤦‍♀️

  • XxDolan TwinsxX
    XxDolan TwinsxX 15 days ago

    Ewwwww Alen looks like a pervert....after jimmy guessed it right, he awkwardly put his hand around the poor girl...

  • StallisaacsHoe
    StallisaacsHoe 16 days ago

    One: I thought it was either Ian or Andrea cause she looked so uncomfortable when he tried to touch her.
    Two: My first thought was Amber because her color palette doesn’t match lol. I guess I just thought family’s might subconsciously match each other.
    Three: I thought it was Emma cause of the hair color.

  • Soccer Yeet
    Soccer Yeet 16 days ago +3

    U of T is a school and it stands for UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO

  • noneofyourbusiness
    noneofyourbusiness 16 days ago

    Coles was kinda hot though

  • Dragon Dude Collecting

    I called out Lauren from the get go. But leave it to an American to not know of U of T. It’s only one of the best universities in all of Canada.

  • Paulin Scott
    Paulin Scott 17 days ago

    Coles have a cute smile 😊

  • KevinCrazy0825
    KevinCrazy0825 17 days ago

    Alan is a big boy pervert

  • friskylilfillly
    friskylilfillly 17 days ago

    5:32 is that olaf in the backround?

  • Weird People
    Weird People 17 days ago

    Did anyone see Olaf in the background

  • Shavayha Ude
    Shavayha Ude 17 days ago

    Alan ain’t a Virgin he probably raped everyone

  • Fatima Saleh
    Fatima Saleh 17 days ago

    6:16 she didn’t kiss him XD

  • Sophia's Space
    Sophia's Space 17 days ago

    At 7:30 did anyone see Olaf in the top left corner??

  • Beckyyy Bitchy
    Beckyyy Bitchy 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw the guy lift up his shirt in the back at 6:10

    • Fake Name
      Fake Name 17 days ago +1

      Are you being serious

  • sara grainger
    sara grainger 18 days ago

    yay canadian's i'm one too

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera 18 days ago

    Hey in the thumbnail you can see olaf in the up left side corner

  • Lego
    Lego 18 days ago

    One of these things just doesn’t belong here

  • Leah Bee Walker
    Leah Bee Walker 18 days ago

    Me being the emo kid who looks out of place.

  • Leah Bee Walker
    Leah Bee Walker 18 days ago +1

    0:36 I was about to say the white guy

  • Cmr
    Cmr 18 days ago

    Press 4:03 for jimmeh cackeling

  • Stale Donut
    Stale Donut 18 days ago

    That invisible hamster thing was very convincing at the end

  • skskkskskj jdjdnd
    skskkskskj jdjdnd 18 days ago +2

    omg yall talking ab alan but im here shocked at that smart girl that said uft

    DACRACKING 18 days ago

    I knew it

  • Jacob Jarrett
    Jacob Jarrett 18 days ago

    Legend has it that If you watch my latest video, you'll find a $100 bill on the ground tomorrow. 😃😏