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  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Oh no! Hiro's room is an absolute mess! Baymax and Mochi work together as a team to make it spotless!
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    The adventure continues for 14-year-old tech genius Hiro and his compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax. If dealing with the academic pressure of being the new kid at the prestigious San Fransokyo Institute of Technology weren't enough, it’s off campus where things really get tricky. Hiro and Baymax, along with their friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred, unite to form the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6, protecting their city from a colorful array of scientifically-enhanced villains intent on creating chaos and mayhem!
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  • ECHØ
    ECHØ 2 months ago

    Welcome to my life Baymax

  • Caleb Blackerby
    Caleb Blackerby 2 months ago

    3D big hero 6

  • MealyTeddy
    MealyTeddy 5 months ago +2

    I love the artstyle! Props to the artist :)

  • Ariel Ruh
    Ariel Ruh 5 months ago

    Big hero 7 NOW PLEASE

  • NightShard
    NightShard 6 months ago

    oh no

  • Bailey Henderson
    Bailey Henderson 6 months ago +1

    Who is ready for phineas and ferb in 7 billion dollar budget we are tired of lucas, Marvel and Henson give us better

  • Jovi F.S Pemuda indonesia
    Jovi F.S Pemuda indonesia 6 months ago +1

    Toon shaded animation?

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 6 months ago


  • Mike Reyiz
    Mike Reyiz 6 months ago +1

    Hm... looks like a drawing but 3D.
    I like it!

  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 6 months ago

    I can't help myself but smile ☺

  • Geohie Kim
    Geohie Kim 6 months ago +3

    For anyone who is wondering : the reason they can't use this animation for the series is because it too hard to render multiple objects. For an urban area like san fransokyo, there are over 100 static objects per scene, not to mention numerous pedestrians and regular destruction of things like walls. There are some series that can work as 3d, like DreamWorks dragons, as they don't have that much going on on screen. This isn't one of them.

    • THE Berrby
      THE Berrby Month ago

      Good exclamation and I can agree

  • Hyrum Lowry
    Hyrum Lowry 6 months ago

    That's level ten messy? Hehehe my room is a level 20.

  • T-65B X-Wing Fighter
    T-65B X-Wing Fighter 6 months ago

    *_oh no._*

  • Amber Princess Warrior est 2015

    I love Baymax! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖

  • Imaspecofdust
    Imaspecofdust 6 months ago

    Cleaner than my room

  • Brittany McLaurin
    Brittany McLaurin 6 months ago +1

    I ❤️ the animation

  • jettmanas
    jettmanas 6 months ago +6

    Fantastic job w/the mellow story, and great art/animation.
    Clever how music ended up being played for the cleaning.
    And how Baymax can't get angry w/Mochi. :)

  • Patricia Herce
    Patricia Herce 6 months ago +11

    Imagine Baymax wearing either a butler or maid outfit while doing this hahaha

  • LeAnn Holsclaw
    LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +1

    Hey what’s Hiro’s brother’s name?because I need to know how to spell his name.

  • Just a random dude Passing by

    If Baymax was real, I'd hug him *so hard*

    • THE Berrby
      THE Berrby Month ago

      *-that he would pop*
      With love :3

    • Ariel Ruh
      Ariel Ruh 4 months ago +2

      Oh He is go to Epcot

  • Mar Maniac
    Mar Maniac 6 months ago

    How cute!

  • Arfistic Wolf
    Arfistic Wolf 6 months ago

    They need to make a second movie

  • Not Bubbly Starters
    Not Bubbly Starters 6 months ago +3

    *Baymax is literally a Disney Princess and I will fight all those who oppose me!*

  • The Student Official
    The Student Official 6 months ago

    What is 10th scale of messiness?

  • HappyFellowship
    HappyFellowship 6 months ago +2

    This is a good art style!

  • illusionist
    illusionist 6 months ago +13

    Again, really smooth animation it's nicely done.

  • Jessica Murphy
    Jessica Murphy 6 months ago

    Oh yes! I LOVE THESE!! Please keep them coming

  • johntheechidna1
    johntheechidna1 6 months ago

    Poor Baymax, he does try. ^^

  • Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる

    Oh no 🤦‍♂️ I love when Baymax said that and now he had to start all over again and Hiro needs to clean up 🧹 his room

  • Luna's Corner
    Luna's Corner 6 months ago +4

    I.. I can't describe the animation... It's.. it's Beautiful!!

  • Sup Peeps
    Sup Peeps 6 months ago

    I’m really glad this got recommended to me...😀

  • Rarity Ourworld
    Rarity Ourworld 6 months ago

    Ohhhhh no 😂

  • LeAnn Holsclaw
    LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +3

    Mochi is the cutest cat.

  • Trashbag101
    Trashbag101 6 months ago

    Oh no

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 6 months ago +1

    I think Disney needs to make more clasic cartoon reboots like ducktells but. I don't Whach TV just youtube becuse I like to comment on RU-clip vedios.

  • Kaylee White
    Kaylee White 6 months ago

    Oh no

  • Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl


  • the troy movies
    the troy movies 6 months ago +1

    I thought baymax was mochi XD

  • Desiree Purnell-Sandi
    Desiree Purnell-Sandi 6 months ago +6

    Ugh! How can Hiro stand to be in a messy room like this?!

  • Emilio Run
    Emilio Run 6 months ago +3

    I love baymax
    Edit: give me a heart

  • Leighanne Richardson
    Leighanne Richardson 6 months ago +42

    Baymax: Oh No.

  • Ωhmα PlayMaker
    Ωhmα PlayMaker 6 months ago +1

    *o h n o* ._.

  • ScorpionsFatality
    ScorpionsFatality 6 months ago +70

    Baymax is such a sweetheart. Hes trying so hard.

  • Zer0 -X
    Zer0 -X 6 months ago +51

    you know if the studio ever considered making another big hero 6 movie, they could use this animation design to make it

    • LeAnn Holsclaw
      LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +3

      I’m glad to hear it.

    • TinyPandaRed
      TinyPandaRed 6 months ago +6

      LeAnn Holsclaw Oh, I do too. It’s super adorable and aesthetically pleasing.

    • LeAnn Holsclaw
      LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +5

      You may have a point, but I love it.

    • TinyPandaRed
      TinyPandaRed 6 months ago +12

      No, this doesn’t fit the appropriate aesthetic for an action film. Certain color pallets help convey certain tonalities for a film. This animation is very warm and soft, which doesn’t fit the feel of a superhero/action movie.

  • Patricia Pano
    Patricia Pano 6 months ago +6

    0:29 OH NO

  • Sketchy Skies
    Sketchy Skies 6 months ago


  • Asylum117
    Asylum117 6 months ago +42

    Hiro needs to learn some responsability of cleaning his own room.

  • LeAnn Holsclaw
    LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +4

    Hiro and his brother could’ve clean their room.

    • LeAnn Holsclaw
      LeAnn Holsclaw 6 months ago +2

      Oh right because Hiro’s bother died in the movie.

    • Fire Rose
      Fire Rose 6 months ago +2

      It just Hiro

  • go monkey girl
    go monkey girl 6 months ago

    oh no

  • CaydeStroke Max
    CaydeStroke Max 6 months ago +3

    i love the animation on these,

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 6 months ago +1

    Mochi the cat

  • Koral Davis
    Koral Davis 6 months ago +4

    I hope more new episodes will premiere soon.

  • kitty Otaku girl
    kitty Otaku girl 6 months ago

    Oh! No

  • Maria EdilenA Ribeiro
    Maria EdilenA Ribeiro 6 months ago +1


  • Ratsyx
    Ratsyx 6 months ago +1

    Русские...Оставьте лайк под комментом))

    ADITI VERMA 6 months ago +7

    The animation looks realistic

  • GreenSkull Playz
    GreenSkull Playz 6 months ago +1

    # earlyy

  • Crazy Elsa
    Crazy Elsa 6 months ago +2


  • jordan webb
    jordan webb 6 months ago

    Nice video.

    CRISTINA DOMINGUEZ 6 months ago