[LEGACY] Beat Saber Customs | Part 2 | Preparing a song for charting

  • Published on May 12, 2018
  • Note - This tutorial series is very old and is to be intended for the original 'Editsaber' custom editor.
    This editor is no longer the standard, with multiple other editors available including the official editor.
    Join us through several Beat Saber charting tutorials.
    Watch us play and chart live at twitch.tv/freeek
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    In this part, I show you how to prepare the audio file to be compatibly with Beat Saber and it's editor EditSaber including BPM, audio format and volume. I also go through some extended sections like how to shorten a song in a quick and easy way that doesn't sound like garbage, all using free legitimate software! We also run through the initial screens of the editor.

    EditSaber: github.com/Ikeiwa/EditSaber/releases
    Audacity: www.audacityteam.org/
    PistonSoft BPM Counter: www.pistonsoft.com/bpm-detector.html
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  • Username Taken
    Username Taken 8 months ago

    Oh my god thank you Freek, you magnificent -bastard- beard

  • Frosted. exe
    Frosted. exe 8 months ago

    is there a way to take audio from youtube

  • Russtastic Voyage
    Russtastic Voyage 9 months ago

    Nice vid, but honestly you should have did/shown how to do silence at the beginnning, kinda shitty to start the song off right away when someone isnt ready, i recommend adding atleast 2 to 3 seconds of silence

    • Freeek
      Freeek  9 months ago

      Russtastic Voyage thanks for the feedback! This is a super old tutorial (like over 6 months now!) and adding silence is the standard this day anyway, but at a minimum in this tutorial I do explain for people to just not chart the first couple of bars, so that there’s still a big gap before the first note :)

  • ArcticWP
    ArcticWP 9 months ago

    That Eiffel 65 remix is a really poor effort, who the hell made that!

  • Philip DeFraties
    Philip DeFraties 10 months ago

    Does it have to be mp3?? or can you use a higher sound quality like wav???

  • DartKitten Speaks
    DartKitten Speaks 10 months ago

    2:16 - BPM
    4:04 - Song Prepping
    L 11:50 - Actually Exporting
    12:10 - Downloading Editor
    L 13:29 - Editing

  • Wolfy229
    Wolfy229 11 months ago

    when i try to open it it says something about directx runtime required

    • Freeek
      Freeek  11 months ago

      Wolfy229 yup! Without sounding condescending, that means go install the direct x runtime :P (just google it)

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 11 months ago

    every single time i try to run the program it tells me and i quote

    "The following component(s) are required to run this program:
    Microsoft Visual C + + 2015 Runtime"

    but no tutorial has any thing to say about this or if this happens help please

    • Freeek
      Freeek  11 months ago

      Dark Matter I apologise if this comes across as condescending, but have you gone and actually installed the runtime like it says it needs? Literally just google ‘install Microsoft Vidual C++ 2015 runtime’ and you can install it from the Microsoft website I believe, once you’ve done that it should work :)

  • Darkshee1
    Darkshee1 Year ago

    Tried Beta 6 Version 2 & Beta 5 Fix 1... but can't move camera on either version, can anyone pls help? wasd & other keys just rotate the block.... idk what to do but i really wanna map

    • Darkshee1
      Darkshee1 Year ago +1

      @Freeek welp..... im dumber than i thought >.< maybe that's a sign to stick with osu! mapping 😅 ty though

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago +1

      Darkshee 1 hold right click :)

  • nick prai
    nick prai Year ago

    This maybe 4 months late but I can't find 7zip on win 10 and instead found 9zip. I believe it's the same just updated to work with win 10 and it did work for me.

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      nick prai thanks for the heads up!

  • Spencer Burritt
    Spencer Burritt Year ago +1

    Please help. The song doesn’t show up even after I saved it as an ogg. I think the problem is how it saves- on my desktop it shows an internet explorer icon for it, and I can’t access the actual file. Thank you

  • pengest munch bot

    I downloaded it and tested it in VirusTotal and it has 2 detections but they're from companies with false positives being common. Is it safe?

    • pengest munch bot
      pengest munch bot Year ago

      Freeek alright, thanks man ;)

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      pengest munch bot edit saber is open source so you can check it yourself but yes, its safe. There are over 4000 songs made in this program now and it hasn’t even had an update since its release in May so I’d be very very surprised if its managed to have something bad and go undetected by 80,000 people in the last 4 months :P

  • Rexlium Dragneel
    Rexlium Dragneel Year ago +1

    I tried to download the editor and It did not download a zip file that I could extract. Please send help

  • Starilonk
    Starilonk Year ago

    the download doesnt work for me

  • CodeBlack404
    CodeBlack404 Year ago

    Beat Saber editor won't even open. Screen flickers and then it just crashes with a fatal error message.

  • Damon
    Damon Year ago

    I can not launch editsabre. It pops up with a error ''Directory/win64-shipping.exe'' beatsabereditor CreateProcess() returned 2 I have unzipped it to a different folder, Tried running it unzipped and all the same errors? Anyone care to help me?

  • Brent Jordan
    Brent Jordan Year ago

    Is EditSaber available for Mac?

  • Jason B
    Jason B Year ago

    But the lack of copy and paste for lasers really is the icing on the cake

  • Jason B
    Jason B Year ago

    Wow you forgot to mention that the "autosave" shit doesnt actually fucking save your lasers and therefore 2 hours worth of work can be lost by simply not saving.

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      Autosave backs up into the 'autosaves' folder like once every almost 5 minutes. You need to take out the latest file, rename it to the 'diffuculty.json' and it'll all be back. it DEFINITELY backs up lighting.

    • Jason B
      Jason B Year ago

      Freeek I really appreciate ur work and I shouldnt have outbursted like that but I swear it said auto save and reverted back to a previous save. Lost 1.5 hrs of laser work. Work that could have been done in 5 min w copy and paste.

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      Jason B yes it does?

  • Kevin Huynh
    Kevin Huynh Year ago

    Is it possible to use Edit Saber without actually having a copy of Beat Saber?

  • SnoopJohnson
    SnoopJohnson Year ago +1

    lol my song is negative 4

    • SnoopJohnson
      SnoopJohnson Year ago

      Edit: I tested in game and the volume to me is ok

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      SnoopJohnson xD. CRANK IT U..... down?

  • SnoopJohnson
    SnoopJohnson Year ago

    i beat ur song of thru the faire and deh flames and boi was it hard and on top of it i enojoyed every second of it also thank you for making this

  • Magmafrost13
    Magmafrost13 Year ago

    So hypothetically would this program let you have different audio files for different difficulties? Because it looks like it would.

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      You originally could do this yes, and was how i was going to release my Doom map. But i ended up not doing it in case a future game update broke it, and literally that's what happened. update about 2 weeks ago to the main game, no more different audio for different difficulties within the same song! Thanks for asking, coulda been a nightmare for you if you went to try it haha

  • DJ Landerz
    DJ Landerz Year ago +2

    Great tutorial! Another good place to find the BPM of a track, if it's electronic, is Beatport.

  • FXgaming FXゲーム

    i dragged the ogg file in the file to start editing and still dont start why me edit:issue found out :)

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      FXgaming FXゲーム in the editor, go to your song name and add an extra ‘.ogg’. Meaning if it’s currently ‘song.ogg’, change it to ‘song.ogg.ogg’. It’s a file viewer system thing, and I’ve seen it work quite a bit!

  • WorldEater
    WorldEater Year ago

    For some reason the notes I place in the editor sometimes come out as the wrong color when running it in game. Anyone know what may cause this?

  • Konrad McClure
    Konrad McClure Year ago

    I'm getting the following error after running EditSaber for about 30 seconds or so:
    [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.19+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line:182]
    Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')
    And all I can gleam from that is that it hung itself. Anyone have any ideas on fixing this or what it means?

  • BytriusTheNerd
    BytriusTheNerd Year ago

    Is it possible to make these without owning Beat Saber? My computer currently can't handle VR but when it can I want to get Beat Saber and play some of my own custom songs.

    • Speed Run
      Speed Run Year ago +1

      Yes it is, when it asks for your Beat Saber install location just make a dummy file in your SteamApps folder called Beat Saber. Worked for me.

  • TDEnderPlayz
    TDEnderPlayz Year ago +4

    I turned a 5 minute song to a 3 minute 45 second one now... that was fun

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago +2

      TDEnderPlayz haha yeah it’s a little tough but worth it for the overall end experience. I’d say over half my song releases have been cut by a few minutes :)

  • Louis Livolsi
    Louis Livolsi Year ago

    Hi' thanks so much for this video's, I was just wondering if you could talk to the maker of beat editor and ask him if he could implement some sort of beat line that shows up every time there is a beat in the song so you know exactly where to lineup the note, I feel like that would be really helpful and make everything a lot faster, thanks

  • Joo2oob
    Joo2oob Year ago

    14:46 When i type something and click Create Level, nothing happens :-(

  • notexactlypaul
    notexactlypaul Year ago

    Note 1: There are free metronome apps for smartphones that allow you to tap a BPM. Being able to do this should be a prerequisite for anyone considering making a chart.

  • Daarcm
    Daarcm Year ago +1

    Rank isn't pointless, it relates to how the difficulties are sorted. the game defines these as 0-4 Easy-ExpertPlus, at least from my experience, I have done a edit to the SongLoader to force this today, It hasn't been merged into it yet

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      Daarcm the editor is getting a big upgrade soon. The modder had final exams of uni and is currently on holiday, but very soon is back then had a few months to go mental with updates. So stay tuned!

    • Daarcm
      Daarcm Year ago

      i dont know if i can map, ill have to finish your tuts and see if i can be creative enough

    • Daarcm
      Daarcm Year ago

      Freeek I'm surprised nothing has been done, mod or editor wise, I have put in a fix for the mod to force it

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      Daarcm yup, this was discovered after the tutorial was released. Even the person who created the editor didn’t know at the time, it was just metadata that was included in every .json in the main game. :)

  • MinerBoyBP
    MinerBoyBP Year ago +1

    didn't work, when I extracted the files from the zip there was no .exe file, plus when I clicked on the thing that downloads it didnt give me a zip, I had to go to the clone or download part to get that

    • MinerBoyBP
      MinerBoyBP Year ago

      Spencer Burritt Yes, while I don’t remember how as it was a month and a half ago I’m pretty sure there’s a different box icon you can click.

    • Spencer Burritt
      Spencer Burritt Year ago

      Did you ever find a fix? I have the same problem

  • Toni Allen
    Toni Allen Year ago

    I have a question. My husband's computer is the one with the Vive attached/Beat Saber installed, but I'd like to create content on my computer. Could I create on my computer and then upload to his?

  • Ponlets
    Ponlets Year ago

    can you do an update video for this for the new song importer thingie

  • James Haggard
    James Haggard Year ago

    Also you can add a couple seconds to the start of the song (if it starts to fast) or clip silence from the end in audacity.

  • Yerinbuddies
    Yerinbuddies Year ago +1

    It just says "loading song" forever, can you help?

    • gotMylk
      gotMylk Year ago

      Yeah same, when I tried to open the .ogg in Audacity though it said the file might be corrupt, try getting a new version of the song you want :)

  • RandomVideos
    RandomVideos Year ago +1

    Still having issues actually editing the level. Still says it's the wrong name even though it's the exact name. I followed everything that you did the best I could...

  • Burr's Skits n More

    Your gate is too high on your mic, could you maybe turn it down a bit, or turn the gain up? That way, it won't awkwardly cut your voice off at the end of words, and we won't miss whole sentences if you happen to be looking in the opposite direction to your mic. x

  • Neo Marxist
    Neo Marxist Year ago +2

    in bpm detector it says my song is 0 bpm

  • Crayon Thief
    Crayon Thief Year ago +1

    Just following along with you Freeek while I work on a song. Never heard of you before, but you did an awesome job. Concise, but explained things that people usually just gloss over. I may be more advanced than a newbie and skip over directory, etc. stuff, butits still appreciated.

  • Quality Entropy
    Quality Entropy Year ago

    Thanks for the tutorial man! Really appreciate it!

  • UncleFish
    UncleFish Year ago

    the bpm detector just says 0 for my file, it plays fine and everything but its just 0. Anything i need to change for that????

  • Maarten Van Gestel

    EOF has a really nice way to create a beatmap over the track (so actually a grid you lay over the song, to place your notes on) you can add sections (intro, verse, chorus, solo,.... ), measures (4/4, 2/4 3/4, 8/4, ....) BPM changes, .... And you then choose the 'density' you want to place the notes at (64 per measure or 32 or 16, or if in thirds 48 or 24) that is called the 'grid snap', Just letting you know, maybe it's has some inspiring effect :p

  • Maarten Van Gestel

    Freeek, I hope you see this, this is important, why don't you guys use 'EditorOnFire' it's the program used to make FOF-charts (Guitar hero clone) and Rocksmith-charts, if you contact the developers of EOF on Customsforge, I'm sure they will respond, they might have it to busy with their own bugfixes, but I think the code is also free on github, (FYI EOF was first for FOF and then build to work also for Rocksmith, so it's very possible that it can 'easily' be converted to make BS-charts

  • Argonaut Props
    Argonaut Props Year ago

    Is it possible to change up my already completed levels? For example let’s say someone mapped out a level for Gangnam style and I wanted to go in there and change some of their blocks for personal preference or use could I do that?

    • Argonaut Props
      Argonaut Props Year ago

      Sweet thanks! :D

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago

      Argonaut Props you absolutely can do that, just don’t upload that edited version to the discord or beatsaver, just use it for your own personal use :)

  • Wilson nei
    Wilson nei Year ago

    getting this error your audio file is wrong enter only the name not the path , wtf i just follow this tutorial

    • Wilson nei
      Wilson nei Year ago

      RandomVideos i found a workaround, dont change the label on the software, change the song file as song.ogg

    • RandomVideos
      RandomVideos Year ago

      Same, I have no clue how to fix it.

  • SpiceyNoodles
    SpiceyNoodles Year ago

    appreciate the tutorials for this. seeing how easy it is to mod beat saber and create custom songs made me buy my first vr set. thank you for pushing me over the edge dude!

  • Juliette Cloys
    Juliette Cloys Year ago +4

    Do I need C++ to run BeatSaberEditor? I keep getting a message that says that but that doesn't make sense to me.

  • jeditobiwan
    jeditobiwan Year ago +26

    Thank you for making these!

  • MissHealthPotion
    MissHealthPotion Year ago

    Bpmdetector is showing me 0bpm?.. What to do? :(

    • MissHealthPotion
      MissHealthPotion Year ago

      hey hey I figured it out! turns out some songs just..do that. use a manual bpm detector: www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm (freeek uses this in a later video to fix the bpm, I was just impatient and was doing mine as I was following the videos :P)

    • MrAnderson 2199
      MrAnderson 2199 Year ago

      same :\

  • Merkwerkee
    Merkwerkee Year ago

    I will note that the piston software (on my machine anyway) only likes the C: drive so if you have your music stored on an external or whatever then you will have to open the drop down for the c drive and then select the d drive (or whatever your external's letter is) from there

  • WuuuT - VR
    WuuuT - VR Year ago

    So, when downloading Audacity, do I need to download the LADSPA-plugins as well ?

    • WuuuT - VR
      WuuuT - VR Year ago +1

      lol well, that settles it for me. Thx ! :D

    • Freeek
      Freeek  Year ago +1

      WuuuT - VR gonna be entirely honest have no idea what that is so I’m gonna say no lol

  • andrew pitman
    andrew pitman Year ago

    hi there, watching and learning from your video's. question I have is what happens if you go over the 3 minute mark maybe put a 4 min song in will it crash?

  • MrUbister
    MrUbister Year ago

    Thank you for taking the time to make these, very concise and well explained. Even though the official level editor will be coming out soon I'll watch these before that time :) Subscribed

  • Lone_Wolf
    Lone_Wolf Year ago

    Thank you for the videos I had no idea how to do this till I saw your video!

  • Bountyless
    Bountyless Year ago

    Not sure why I'm having an issue,but I did exactly what you said. I used Fruity loops to export it as an .ogg file. Put it in the corresponding folder and i'm still getting the same error of not writing the file path but to write the song name. I am writing the song name, and not the file path, and I repeat, the file is in the correct folder. Help!

    • District 117
      District 117 9 months ago

      I found the solution ! Export your song in the folder (like "ACDC - Back in black" BUT write "ACDC - Back in black.ogg" in the software ! It works for me ;)

    • micha
      micha Year ago


    • RandomVideos
      RandomVideos Year ago +1

      How'd you fix it?

    • Bountyless
      Bountyless Year ago

      Never mind I figured it out lol. Thanks man!

  • WuuuT - VR
    WuuuT - VR Year ago

    Sorry if this question is stupid, but i'm clueless, so gotta ask. The music you use, does it have to be royalty free ? Or can you use whatever you want, as long as you tweak the tempo, making it different from the original ?

    • Johnathan Nail
      Johnathan Nail Year ago +2

      I would assume creating the map for the song /adjusting the song for the game would count as transformative work, you should be fine.

  • Celtic222
    Celtic222 Year ago

    Tried to do this with a .mp3 but it didn't work, I know yours is .ogg but I thought you said I'd work in the previous video?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Celtic222
      Celtic222 Year ago

      THANK YOU!!!!

    • Aaron Wiginton
      Aaron Wiginton Year ago +1

      Soooo... what solved the problem for me was getting a good conversion from mp3 to ogg. In my original ogg file, I was unable to seek around the in the song (couldn't click around the song timeline in VLC; it kept going back to the beginning). Eventually, I downloaded the latest version of Audacity and used the Export function. Everything is working now. Make sure you are able to seek which I'm pretty sure the editor needs (the keyframes) in order to jump around the song. If you aren't keep looking around for conversion tools until you are able to.

    • Aaron Wiginton
      Aaron Wiginton Year ago

      I'm also stuck on the Loading Song screen and changing the file size to something very low (3MB) didn't help. For converting songs, you can try using ffmpeg
      You can use the following command. ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -c:a libvorbis -q:a 4 output.ogg
      Where '4' in this case is the quality. You can go from 0-10 to adjust the output size.

    • Celtic222
      Celtic222 Year ago

      gotcha, I'm still trying to figure out why its stuck on the 'Loading song'... maybe there's a memory size for the song? The size of the song is 8.25MB. (I tried it with other songs and I can get into the editor with no problem...not sure why it won’t work with this song.)

    • Celtic222
      Celtic222 Year ago

      nvm, even when I convert it to (.ogg), its still stuck in 'Loading Song' with the rotating red and blue cogs.