Apple vs Samsung - Which Is Bigger?

  • Published on Dec 30, 2017
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    Apple vs Samsung - Which Is Bigger?
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Comments • 13 768

  • Xros Heart Federation
    Xros Heart Federation 12 hours ago +1

    Watching this on a Samsung Tab 3 V

  • Sonic Team
    Sonic Team 2 days ago

    Lik if you are on apple

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 2 days ago

    2:20 WRONG. That was the 2nd. The first was the Samsung Galaxy, not the Galaxy S

  • Jayden _Playz
    Jayden _Playz 3 days ago +2

    Just to know apple has way better security than Samsung, but Samsung has way more variety than apple so it’s just your choice. In my opinion i like apple.

    • Tan Jun Huan
      Tan Jun Huan 2 days ago

      You work for either companies? No? Then don't assume.

  • Iron Gaming
    Iron Gaming 5 days ago +1

    The honest & true answer is No! Apple is always the best I always use iPhone..

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 6 days ago

    ill never pay high prices for something that ill drop and break it . well at least android is cheaper and can be replaced for cheap vs apple

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 6 days ago

    why not make a phone that you can replace the memory .

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander 6 days ago

    Apple is better

  • Aleksa Nešković
    Aleksa Nešković 7 days ago

    Yes they have tanks and guns

  • Aleksa Nešković
    Aleksa Nešković 7 days ago


  • Nik TTP
    Nik TTP 9 days ago +1

    P.s , iOS was the fiRst phone company that invented touch screen...before it was keypad 🔢 only....SAMSUNG WOULD NOT BE THEIR WITHOUT APPLE !!

  • Nik TTP
    Nik TTP 9 days ago +3

    Who else is watching this on IOS ??🤣

    I like iOS much more than you? 👇🏻

  • HyperKillz
    HyperKillz 9 days ago +1

    Currently watching on my note 10+ lol

  • Radin Jalilzadeh
    Radin Jalilzadeh 10 days ago


  • HJ Hwang
    HJ Hwang 10 days ago

    of course it’s samsung

  • Kareem Akram
    Kareem Akram 11 days ago


  • Dr OS Hammadi
    Dr OS Hammadi 11 days ago

    Samsung for life

  • creeper gamer1254
    creeper gamer1254 11 days ago +1


    XYZ BRAWLER 12 days ago

    Samsung is beeeeetttttttttteeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • john simmonds
    john simmonds 12 days ago +1

    Samsung best iphone worst

  • ApocalypseKevsOfficial
    ApocalypseKevsOfficial 12 days ago +1

    *buying an iphone11 and it broke after a month*
    Repair cost: a billion dollars

  • GameVia
    GameVia 13 days ago +8

    Huawei: Am I a joke to you?
    Trump: Yes.

  • Galactical Duck
    Galactical Duck 14 days ago

    Clearly Samsung is bigger,I mean,you can’t even hold a note 10 plus with a single hand

  • Oscar Rohe
    Oscar Rohe 14 days ago

    I wish to have a samsung smart tv 45 zoll

  • Lépine Samuel
    Lépine Samuel 18 days ago


  • Brandon studio
    Brandon studio 18 days ago

    I cant afford apple so samsung

    • Brandon studio
      Brandon studio 16 days ago

      @Abdul Hannan no my parents refuse to buy apple

    • Abdul Hannan
      Abdul Hannan 16 days ago

      Brandon studio yeah you’re poor

  • the gamer that u dint notice

    Like for Samsung
    I now ya don't like apple just do Samsung

    • Abdul Hannan
      Abdul Hannan 16 days ago

      the gamer that u dint notice apples the best

  • Aryan Parekh
    Aryan Parekh 19 days ago

    Apple is for dumb rich people and for the ones who think higher cost gets better quality

  • starter squad the master of all

    whelp samsung cant beat apple right now everyone is buying iphone 11 while only a couple of people buy samsung idk the newest samsung phone.but i like both of then cuz samsung have some smart fridge and my brother have a note 10+

  • Aa-Awlt
    Aa-Awlt 20 days ago +4

    This vid will start ww3
    I honest support both
    but for tablet/iPad I support apple

  • Syed Habibul Alam
    Syed Habibul Alam 20 days ago


  • Divine Oxinous
    Divine Oxinous 21 day ago +1



  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 21 day ago

    Samsung fan boys having tanks while Apple fan boys having 4 cameras

  • Ryan
    Ryan 22 days ago +3

    I love Samsung’s!

    The refrigerators

  • AugustFilms
    AugustFilms 23 days ago +1

    Samsung is bigger. Just apple makes more money. Coze people buy apple to flex.

  • Yarub Hashim
    Yarub Hashim 27 days ago

    I choose Samsung because Samsung have its own city, military weapons and it takes 17% of South Korea's whole GTP

  • Electric Music
    Electric Music 27 days ago +2

    Like - apple
    Comment- Samsung

  • S D
    S D 28 days ago

    Samsung makes warships/Tanks they built Bhuj Khalifa and many other iconic building biggest chip maker, biggest semiconductor maker and so on Samsung is way too big if you take all the Samsung

  • Da Alan Crew ダ・アラン・クルー

    Lol I'm watching in my galaxy tab

  • Luke Misador
    Luke Misador Month ago

    i wish samsung would just fail/die

  • Sewwandi Perera
    Sewwandi Perera Month ago

    Samsung is the best

  • XtremeLengendBoii
    XtremeLengendBoii Month ago


  • TheGalaxyWaterWolf VFD

    Google pixel 4

  • the burnt chip
    the burnt chip Month ago


  • Rudy Rodriguez
    Rudy Rodriguez Month ago

    samsung is trash. they dropped support for the galaxy s8 and note 8 so those phones won't get the android 10 update.

  • Jonathan Jdv
    Jonathan Jdv Month ago


  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    absolutely samsung for me

  • Scooter
    Scooter Month ago

    Go Samsung!

  • Zeedan Shah
    Zeedan Shah Month ago

    They are now #1

  • MaryStewart
    MaryStewart Month ago

    gimme some samsung noodles and nintendo playing cards!

  • OOF
    OOF Month ago +1

    * reads title *
    Honestly, yes

  • jami johnson
    jami johnson Month ago


  • Dilpreet Singh
    Dilpreet Singh Month ago

    I don't care how small Samsung is they make way better smartphones than any other company out there, thats all what matters!

  • Daniel Onyia
    Daniel Onyia Month ago

    If only Steve jobs was alive

  • Richiard Treasure Huntet

    Iphone -💪🏼

  • Rastisav Pavlišin
    Rastisav Pavlišin Month ago


  • he lly
    he lly Month ago

    bruh samsung could literally declare war on apple and stomp them cuz they make military things like tanks.

  • Yo Fes
    Yo Fes Month ago

    Samsung is bigger of apple
    because in the 2022 apple make of big mistake of iphone XIII the four camera is so awful

  • BYR 01
    BYR 01 Month ago


  • Daniel Colon
    Daniel Colon Month ago

    I hate apple i try apple produc begore i think is over rated ..alot people agree prises on imac to out rageous has almost the same gigs of bites trough out the years.the style looks the same .plus have to pay alot of money for apps or parts ones you have issues.lapstops keyboards always having a defect after a wile of use some even out the box had problems.phones all look the same nothing impressive.i rather use windows for a computer or go with Levono or Huawei.i rather go with windows sofware leveno and huawei and samsung products.