Apple vs Samsung - Which Is Bigger?

  • Published on Dec 30, 2017
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    Apple vs Samsung - Which Is Bigger?
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Comments • 13 563

  • mikael olisa
    mikael olisa 12 hours ago +1

    Absolutely no way though am a huge fan of APPLE and SAMSUNG.

  • Mamba Kobe24
    Mamba Kobe24 2 days ago

    Like: apple
    Comment: Samsung

  • CoolHusain123slair khan

    I have the Tab A 9.7

  • Mohsin Dar
    Mohsin Dar 2 days ago


  • William TOAD
    William TOAD 5 days ago

    *Motorola enters the chat*
    *Nokia enters the chat*
    *Motorola leaves the chat*
    *Samsung enters the chat*
    *Apple enters the chat*
    *Nokia leaves the chat*

  • infinite Knight gamer sup

    Samsung is the best

  • Ka Chun Chan
    Ka Chun Chan 7 days ago

    Just bought a new samsung phone and the AMOLED display is lovely

  • ci a
    ci a 7 days ago

    I'm watching on a lg

  • mohammed alhinai
    mohammed alhinai 8 days ago

    wait... did he just call huewei, hua weiiih!!!

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 8 days ago

    Samsung is better by far

  • Tai Tomita
    Tai Tomita 8 days ago +1

    The IPad Pro is a foldable tablet.

  • vidit
    vidit 8 days ago +5

    Don’t forget

    *Samsung started by making noodles.*

  • wolver ine
    wolver ine 11 days ago

    Samsung be case I'm watching this on a sam sung tablit

  • JERRY tm
    JERRY tm 11 days ago


  • flower_crystal 47
    flower_crystal 47 11 days ago

    Apple squad where u at??

  • Joe Gambo
    Joe Gambo 12 days ago +1

    Bottomline, Samsung as a whole is way ahead of apple in Value.

  • The Burrito Fam
    The Burrito Fam 15 days ago

    I own more Apple products but I'd have to say Samsung. I have a Samsung TV and fridge. I have an iPhone and want to switch to the Galaxy. Apple's products aren't really making me happy now.

  • Cutiescatcat Pererocatcat


    PINK FAIRY 18 days ago

    My first Samsung phone is a s10e! Btw Samsung was the first to make a no home button phone

  • dawes azor
    dawes azor 20 days ago

    Samsung has surpassed apple 🍏 years back

  • Dar_lene
    Dar_lene 21 day ago


  • dani lucian
    dani lucian 22 days ago


  • Puffer Fish
    Puffer Fish 22 days ago

    But this time Samsung is not gonna focus in smartphone. They are gonna focus on chip and others

  • x Bythe
    x Bythe 23 days ago

    Apple is trash! Whenever you fully charged the phone. If u pull out the charger the battery is allready at 5 %.

  • Ergys Qira
    Ergys Qira 24 days ago

    samsung is better

  • LET'S DO IT.
    LET'S DO IT. 26 days ago


  • Gabriel Patsich
    Gabriel Patsich 27 days ago +1

    iPhones are the worst phone in the world drop it and it's done! Samsung is better

  • David Peel
    David Peel 27 days ago

    Apple is better.

  • Sanu Rawat
    Sanu Rawat 27 days ago

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 currently

  • H.I.M
    H.I.M 28 days ago

    Millions of light years in diameter vs 2.8 inches in diameter. Galaxies are far larger than little red and green fruits

    SAMIHA NAZIA 29 days ago +3

    How to avoid all of this...

    I use a Sony...

  • Niloy Barai
    Niloy Barai 29 days ago

    Oh wait,,,it got released in 2017??Hahahhahaha

  • Ultra Joe
    Ultra Joe Month ago +3

    Samsung is now number one smartphone manufacturer in the year 2019

  • Princé Bankz
    Princé Bankz Month ago +7

    I don't get why Samsungs are underrated when they make things from phones to TVs and Fridges... and washing machines.. 🤔

  • Nirushan Sasi
    Nirushan Sasi Month ago

    I am Samsung

  • Zaydn X
    Zaydn X Month ago +2

    Flexibl galaxy wha??😂😂😂its galaxy fold

  • NoLogic
    NoLogic Month ago +2

    I do prefer Samsung but I do like the fact that Apple is a rival company so phones keep getting better (at the cost of becoming more expensive)

    • Steven Blattner
      Steven Blattner 12 days ago

      Apple is a rival *company* but definitely not a rival *smartphone*. The iPhone is a ripoff of every Andriod in the past 5 years

  • matt melick
    matt melick Month ago +2

    Went from Iphone 5s to Samsung s8, Iphone x to Samsung s10 i like both phones and they both have there ups and downs but i'd perfer apple more to be honest.

  • ki ng
    ki ng Month ago +2

    Samsung has always been better then apple

  • CoolHusain123slair khan


  • Gamer 22207
    Gamer 22207 Month ago

    If you have an android your broke

  • Cool man930
    Cool man930 Month ago +4

    Apple fans vs Samsung fans make for a lot of arguing

    • Cool man930
      Cool man930 24 days ago +1

      @AnuGammer no u

    • AnuGammer
      AnuGammer 24 days ago +1

      @Cool man930 thanks

    • Cool man930
      Cool man930 24 days ago +1

      @AnuGammer basically ya

    • AnuGammer
      AnuGammer 24 days ago +1

      This is how u should've wrote it:
      Apple fans + Samsung fans = big argument = WORLD WAR III
      Like if u agree

  • idk why but yes i know why

    Fun fact:
    Most of the stuff inside apple phones are made by samsung including display

  • Michael Hamson
    Michael Hamson Month ago

    "Hyawei" WAT DO U MEAN?

  • Khoa Võ Đăng
    Khoa Võ Đăng Month ago

    iPhone của tui tồn tại lâu rùi mà chưa hỏng

  • John Ku
    John Ku Month ago

    Samsung all the Way

    PRIYANSHU DAS Month ago +3

    If apple start innovating their devices then it will be at the top
    Like if u agree!

    • AnuGammer
      AnuGammer 24 days ago +3

      But Samsung has already done that. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
      Like if u agree!

    • gamer forever
      gamer forever Month ago +1

      And if the price is less

  • Gaming Monster
    Gaming Monster Month ago +1

    Samsung is better than iphone

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Month ago

      samsung phones are laggy, malware ridden pieces of junk. no way samsung is better

  • Louw Burger
    Louw Burger Month ago +18

    Nokia: Indestructible
    Apple: Iconic
    Samsung: Explosive

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert Polkamp Month ago

    While the content is interesting, the presentation was not. Hurried speech, poor articulation and for God's sake take a breath.

  • Faris Gamer
    Faris Gamer Month ago


  • Nickolas Henson
    Nickolas Henson Month ago

    I phone is better

  • Victor PH
    Victor PH Month ago +1

    Like = samsung
    Comment = apple

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I Month ago +1

    There's 1 big difference.
    Samsung innovates while Apple copy's

  • Itafer PRO player
    Itafer PRO player Month ago

    Huawei : Hold my beer

  • Sana Jawad
    Sana Jawad Month ago

    Just buy the redmi mi 7pro

  • Itz_EaZy ClapZ
    Itz_EaZy ClapZ Month ago +1

    SAMSUNG - like

  • Gaming_Omega
    Gaming_Omega Month ago +2

    iPhone phones are all the same, If someone told be they had an iPhone 8 but it was an iPhone 6 I would have fallen for it

  • Gaming_Omega
    Gaming_Omega Month ago +62

    Samsung: we made a foldable phone,
    Flip phone: am I a joke to you

    • Carlo Bayani
      Carlo Bayani 3 days ago

      apple: i hate that guy
      mcdonalds: i can totally relate to that (burger king is mcdonalds enemy)

    • Zz. Adande
      Zz. Adande 9 days ago

      SMART phone

    • SidharthJoly
      SidharthJoly Month ago

      Gaming_Omega 😂😂😂 Motorola invented it 20 years before Samsung.

  • kacper player28
    kacper player28 Month ago

    IPhone entered the chat

  • Geoplayz XD
    Geoplayz XD Month ago +1

    Samsung is better

    👇🏻 like if ya agree

  • # Speed-R
    # Speed-R Month ago


    #JŮNÌOŔ Month ago +3

    Samsung: what do you want??
    Apple: we know what's the best for you!

  • LyonKing👑
    LyonKing👑 Month ago


  • CookieHearts Plays
    CookieHearts Plays Month ago

    Lets stick with dem laptops...can we?

  • Shaan Kurmude
    Shaan Kurmude Month ago

    Samsung cause it's worth the price n Apple's not

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Month ago

      a phone that lags, gets malware and hacked is not worth the price. apple on the other hand has no lag, more secure and reliable. worth every penny

  • Zoel Amp
    Zoel Amp Month ago

    I miss steve jobs

  • Hanry Chua
    Hanry Chua Month ago +1

    Um....Samsung is already bigger then Apple.

  • Flamin' Rose
    Flamin' Rose Month ago +2

    *Flip Phone has LEFT the CHAT*

  • 0
    0 Month ago

    Huawei is 10x better than both.