Army Photographer Captures Her Own Death In Mortar Explosion

  • Published on May 4, 2017
  • Linh Bui reports.

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  • rick Ross
    rick Ross 9 hours ago

    i don't give a shit

  • Shaun Payne
    Shaun Payne 17 hours ago

    You would also be able to see the drama unplay, then radio that information, great idea, two for one

  • Shaun Payne
    Shaun Payne 17 hours ago

    Should have used a Nikon P1000, seriously you can be 1000 yards away and look into their eye balls

  • joey alfaro
    joey alfaro Day ago

    Never good idea to enlist no matter what.

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia Day ago

    Dumbass:"She DiEd dOiNg what She loVed"
    Me:Getting blown the hell up?!

  • Binaj Basnet
    Binaj Basnet Day ago

    Die invaders die

  • Libtards got Trumped

    RIP young Patriot

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 2 days ago

    She was a POG

  • Edgar Nieves
    Edgar Nieves 2 days ago


  • Carson Coke
    Carson Coke 2 days ago

    The Government did this in dark ops due to something this photographer recorded. 1 American life in exchange for removing damning info getting out... lol. What a sheltered matrix people truly rely on for their sanity.

  • Tan Ak
    Tan Ak 2 days ago

    Killl and get kill

  • Lowell Smith
    Lowell Smith 2 days ago

    What a powerful photo truly remarkable

  • Falaendil
    Falaendil 2 days ago

    May she find peace.

    K1NG MAANYI GAMING 3 days ago +1

    😂 She’s a photographer she should’ve saw it coming.

    • NP P
      NP P Day ago

      Yeah that's not funny, you stupid ass gamer

  • Plebeian
    Plebeian 3 days ago

    It was Abu Hajaar wasnt it

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson 3 days ago

    BRAVO I Have to thank the family for there Daughtors sacrifice her life to show the Reality of the Truth .
    This photo should be Hung in the Main Hall of Nato headquarters So all Countrys who think Dictatorship is glamorous Glorious it is so far from the Reality of Truth.
    Young Men Woman playing games like fortnite We're Young youth think that running around on the screen killing each other is a glorious thing and they get rewarded for it the reality is so far from the truth I hope this photo will make it and sit in the master Hall above where everybody speaks and sits and listens they building think twice before they decide they want to kill their own people are caused a war between each other

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory 3 days ago +1

    Mandatory in a selfless act
    She has wings now in the heaven.
    Not forget for long time.
    In a stillness in that picture.

  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 3 days ago

    I didn’t see anything where’s the gore ?

    SAUCEAVELI 187 3 days ago

    So waz so beautiful

  • John Wright
    John Wright 3 days ago


  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 3 days ago +1

    Afghani soldiers are always blowing up their mortar tubes do not get close to them when they shoot mortars off

  • BustedIntuition
    BustedIntuition 3 days ago


  • Steven Temple
    Steven Temple 4 days ago


  • ian miller
    ian miller 4 days ago

    It's good to see a strong, independent women experiencing true equality. If women want to have the right to vote then they should all be made to serve as combat troops when democracy needs to be fought for, no free passes for the vagina!👌

  • man bearpig
    man bearpig 4 days ago

    That's some badass shit

  • Gurn Blanstein
    Gurn Blanstein 4 days ago

    This "They died doing what they loved" is BS lol. I'm sure if you gave them a choice they'd be like fuck no I'll do something else that won't kill me

  • Calvyn Littlechild
    Calvyn Littlechild 4 days ago

    Lol guess her pussy pass didn't save her that time

  • Old Nite
    Old Nite 4 days ago

    Cute girl man and only 22. Thats fucking sad, im only 24

  • Erik Schyvinck
    Erik Schyvinck 4 days ago

    Hero? Done blew hersself & 4 others up?!

  • oh ok
    oh ok 5 days ago


  • Noah Baumann
    Noah Baumann 5 days ago

    The comments here are embarrassing. Just a bunch of whiney kids complaining about the video being recommended? So don't watch it, nobody wants to hear you cry about it 🙄

  • TropoCal
    TropoCal 5 days ago +2

    *They must have needed another Angel in Heaven.*

  • UVB76 -4625KHZ
    UVB76 -4625KHZ 5 days ago

    I'd rather die making love not war. Theme song 'WAR' by Edwin Starr.

  • A b1986
    A b1986 5 days ago

    She loved to take photos , Im sure she didn't love to die taking them smh , 911 photographers died when the buildings collapsed on them I'm sure they would of moved 10 blocks back for those pics if they new that was about to happen.

  • Emmanuel Macron
    Emmanuel Macron 5 days ago

    After killing more that 1 500 000 iraki civil i call that karma

  • Alabaster Figueroa
    Alabaster Figueroa 5 days ago +1

    Women in the military, I'll tell you what.

  • Luminal 47
    Luminal 47 5 days ago +15

    " She died doing what she loved"
    Do you thin this an action movie lady??

  • Cory Hobbs
    Cory Hobbs 5 days ago

    Playing with explosives near ANA = BAD IDEA

  • Donnie Phillips
    Donnie Phillips 5 days ago

    R.I.P. Soilder!

  • Pfälzer Dante
    Pfälzer Dante 6 days ago


    BYT_ MILKY 6 days ago

    Dang they placed a trophy system 😔

  • Adam Morris
    Adam Morris 6 days ago

    I bet she was really brave😊😕

  • robertpolicastro1
    robertpolicastro1 6 days ago

    This is really sad, as a combat vet I feel it.

  • Ryan Nil
    Ryan Nil 6 days ago +3

    It is wonderful to see woman died in war. Real equality.

    • Ryan Nil
      Ryan Nil 2 days ago

      @Adam Lekwis you really got triggered,lol. You don't understand simple logic.

    • Adam Lekwis
      Adam Lekwis 3 days ago

      @Ryan Nil fuck off with your sophistry no one sane looks at any dying person male or female and labels it as wonderful expression of equality, you're mentally ill, get bent

    • Ryan Nil
      Ryan Nil 3 days ago

      @Adam Lekwis How it is mental illness duffer? If women are equal in all spheres of life then why not in dying for nation which is consider as great honor or privilege in most of the countries.

    • Adam Lekwis
      Adam Lekwis 3 days ago

      mentally ill youth strikes again

  • Slomofogo
    Slomofogo 6 days ago

    Join the military and DIE FOR NOTHING at age 22. Nice photo though... yeah, good times.

  • Dio
    Dio 6 days ago

    Rest in peace and thank you for your service.

  • Raymond Woods
    Raymond Woods 6 days ago

    I'm not sure if anyone realized this news channel got that one staff sgts name wrong lmao. They said his name was "odell" but in the interview you can see his name is "Adell" lmao

  • Gonzalo Manriquez
    Gonzalo Manriquez 7 days ago

    We had a combat cameraman with us in 2008 during the spring offensive in Mahmudiyah, Iraq. We had a 4 day battle and he said it was the funnest and scariest time during the deployment. But we took good care of him

  • Indera Sakti
    Indera Sakti 7 days ago +3

    " she died doing what she loved"
    why did people always came out with this stupid statment? so she is very lucky to die that way?

    • bal ler
      bal ler 5 days ago

      This just gave me a severe headache.

  • Kaiser Imtiaz Sikander Khan

    Why would you show this publicly?

  • Ez Swann
    Ez Swann 7 days ago

    Plot twist she did some fucked up shit an karma said no,,,,, but in reality sadly we lost a great person

    BIG FACTS 7 days ago

    No honor in dieing at the age of 22, don't give a damn what kind of ribbon you put on it. She should've been a senior in college, not in a war zone next to deadly ammunitions.

    • TechNoirTV
      TechNoirTV 6 days ago

      Hey it's what she liked to do, it was her choice. People die everyday doing the things they love. She was probably dead though before she even realized she had died, which is good at least, no suffering (only for her parents).

  • Archilles Roark
    Archilles Roark 7 days ago

    This is what the news reports: bad news or something that involves death. News would not exist without negative stories.

  • Gordon Fairbrother
    Gordon Fairbrother 7 days ago

    Brave lady

  • Travis Thacker
    Travis Thacker 7 days ago

    Gotta understand you and i will never know if this is propaganda or real. I know the families of such troops generally do not want things like that printed and shown to the world but some allow it or have no choice in the matter. I fully support the people that make up the military and are willing to do the job I once volunteered to do but you have to understand the old saying about War being young men fighting and dying while old men are busy planning and spending $$. When your 19 or 17 or 21 years old all you have on your side is time and health and any opportunity sounds like a good opportunity and the right thing to do for others not only betterment of your self. Then down the road you realize your just another one of millions in a cog of machines we call progress and society and that being in the lower tier of that machine means you will always stay at the lower tier unless your willing to do bad things to those around you.

  • jerome vines
    jerome vines 7 days ago

    RIP all of you brave soldiers 🙏 and thanks for keeping us safe also 👍

  • Ken Spongebob
    Ken Spongebob 7 days ago

    No more unconstitutional wars.

  • Liberty not Democracy

    No more Zionist Wars

  • Andy Ripp
    Andy Ripp 7 days ago

    War is hell
    Even when your not fighting

  • Danilo Peric
    Danilo Peric 7 days ago

    I love the fact that youtube is promoting this video while demonetizing channels for stuoid shit like f bombs and such smh.