Migos - Narcos (Official Video)

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    Music video by Migos performing Narcos. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc


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  • Heis Bankole
    Heis Bankole 7 hours ago

    Takeoff is the only rapper I know, that rap fast and you'll still understand what he is saying 🗣🗣

  • Heis Bankole
    Heis Bankole 7 hours ago

    January 2020? Yea yea yea yea

  • Milan Hamborský
    Milan Hamborský 16 hours ago

    3:57 that face dawg

  • Isaac Lukwaro
    Isaac Lukwaro 17 hours ago +1

    When you find out you gat cocaine in your DNA

  • Jake Wagler
    Jake Wagler Day ago

    Like if takeoff is the best in the migos

  • Christie Smith
    Christie Smith Day ago

    I aint really wit tha razzle dazzle 💥🤳

    MIRAMAR28 Day ago +1

    yo can someone please listen to this and give a honest opinion soundcloud.com/user-168198663 -plata o plomo-

  • Adomas Tubutis
    Adomas Tubutis 2 days ago

    ‘’This real rap no mumble’’who you foolin

  • Charity Psycho
    Charity Psycho 2 days ago

    If i was Pablo i would resurrect just to see this then go back...damn..hot asf

  • NaVi GaGe
    NaVi GaGe 2 days ago

    Plat o plomo

  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook 2 days ago


    LEE BRANDON 3 days ago

    this song is complete garbage...holy fuck does this suck.

  • Mohammed osman
    Mohammed osman 3 days ago

    Migos is the Best l love how they rap

  • Gabrielfelipe 777
    Gabrielfelipe 777 3 days ago +1


  • ʞeibƴ
    ʞeibƴ 3 days ago

    mejor sigan haciendo metro booming XXD

  • Biggie
    Biggie 3 days ago

    How is 21 savage in here lol why not have him drop a bar at the end

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams 4 days ago +1

    Nubian did you ran this Way then ran this way Then hunt him - where They at how your tummy%

  • Xcobar
    Xcobar 4 days ago

    for all y'all talking about Columbia this song is based off Haitian drug traffickers

  • TheUbner
    TheUbner 4 days ago

    Nice song but still waiting for the English version

  • Santiago A R
    Santiago A R 6 days ago

    Like si escuchaste a migos hablar de Bogota!!

  • Amira Neu
    Amira Neu 6 days ago


  • Amira Neu
    Amira Neu 6 days ago

    Love this song so much!!

  • mr savage
    mr savage 6 days ago

    Still listening in 2020???

  • Anurag Rawal
    Anurag Rawal 6 days ago

    they edited the video the kendy pens scene wasn't there before.

  • Toustomass
    Toustomass 7 days ago

    Chapoooo !!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
    Pablitoooo !!! 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  • babyracoon
    babyracoon 7 days ago

    official Narcos Remix ru-clip.net/video/7ZqQVT0614c/video.html

  • Cosa Nostra
    Cosa Nostra 8 days ago

    Long live the Dope Game, Bitches.

  • Hüseyin Erdem
    Hüseyin Erdem 8 days ago

    Sagopa Kajmer 🇹🇷

  • Kornèl Kovàcs
    Kornèl Kovàcs 8 days ago

    First old Clip?

  • Playa R
    Playa R 9 days ago +1

    I didnt like the song when i listen it the first Time. But noooow 😍😍😍 one of my fav fo real !!!!

  • real religious
    real religious 10 days ago

    How to mob deep

  • Emrah Keklik
    Emrah Keklik 10 days ago

    where is migos

  • Antonio Knight
    Antonio Knight 10 days ago

    Quavo huncho takoff offset qc 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Ibrahima Diakite
    Ibrahima Diakite 10 days ago

    Quavo 💪💪💪💪

  • Sam Cro
    Sam Cro 11 days ago

    I was told that migos was similar to Bone-Thugs. well that was a lie. this is straight garbage

  • Chicago1
    Chicago1 12 days ago

    lol you fools and your autotune. hate away

  • Janete Canda
    Janete Canda 12 days ago

    I love your music

  • Laskah Official
    Laskah Official 12 days ago

    hurensöhne ! xxx

  • El_Kosovari Bet
    El_Kosovari Bet 12 days ago


  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook 12 days ago

    Dayo meege... xxlifelock..xx

  • Makaveli
    Makaveli 12 days ago

    this real rap no mumble 🤣🤣🤣

  • TrapOofer
    TrapOofer 13 days ago


    NAGA RAPPER 13 days ago

    No one died in the shooting what a Aim...

  • Carlos J Manrique
    Carlos J Manrique 13 days ago

    Like si viniste por Garay

  • Sudhanshu Ranjan
    Sudhanshu Ranjan 15 days ago

    I only get the bullet fire 😂

  • Shaaooow Killla
    Shaaooow Killla 15 days ago

    Y’all hella fake ain’t bout shit ain’t ever pushed any work

  • S4intsVFX
    S4intsVFX 15 days ago


  • BladyPutin
    BladyPutin 15 days ago +1

    Alguien por cro?? Xd

  • Pedriito Bautista
    Pedriito Bautista 15 days ago

    The title is “Narcos🇲🇽🔫” and never mentioned to el “CHAPO” that’s fuck up😒

    • Funny Gang
      Funny Gang 14 days ago

      Pedriito Bautista that’s because the narcos is Pablo Escobar

  • AK_ M4nuele
    AK_ M4nuele 16 days ago


    • Gurleen Gill
      Gurleen Gill 15 days ago +1

      Because 2 years (not even because it's not June yet) is really a lot of time

  • Erijon Killer
    Erijon Killer 16 days ago

    This Song is❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • RoyalToonz
    RoyalToonz 16 days ago +1

    3:51 Did I see 21 savage?
    My favorite rapper made a cameo🔥🔥🔥

  • Sonu Giri
    Sonu Giri 16 days ago

    Offset killed it🔥

  • Humberto Reyes
    Humberto Reyes 17 days ago

    Get the fuck outta here bap bap

  • Humberto Reyes
    Humberto Reyes 17 days ago +2

    Y’all need to speak clearly. Don’t represent my country like that.

  • Girl meme wallese
    Girl meme wallese 17 days ago +3

    No cap 💯💜💕💯💯

  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook 17 days ago

    Hitachie power xxlifelock...xx

    YT LIL GIO 18 days ago

    Is that 21??

  • Jorge Roldan
    Jorge Roldan 18 days ago +1

    Forever Pablo Escobar 👑

  • corleone micheal
    corleone micheal 18 days ago

    Damn the feel still not like real gangster even they sang for the narcos..the corridor is