GameStop Refurbished PS4 - Not What I Expected!

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • Gamestop Refurbished PS4 - Not What I Expected!
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    I bought a "premium refurbished" PS4 from the GameStop website so I could tear it down and see exactly what they do to "refurbish" their consoles. I was NOT impressed.
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    About This Video:
    I always wonder what "refurbished" means to companies who advertise it. I've always assumed that it means they've taken the device apart, replaced thermal paste and anything else that it needs, cleaned it, and then tested every function to be sure it works 100%. I saw that GameStop advertised a "premium refurbished" PS4 so I bought one to tear down. What I found surprised me.
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  9 months ago +475

    What is your experience with GameStop? Also, what do you think of the merch?

    • The Guamanian Buddha
      The Guamanian Buddha 6 days ago

      i got a refurbished xbox 360 pro and after a day it would over heat lol some yackass put the cpu heatsink on backwards blocking the fan

    • technic masters
      technic masters 25 days ago

      Game stop will stop the game XD

    • Mandown_Gamer
      Mandown_Gamer 29 days ago

      Jw did it smell like weed smoke or Cig smoke????

    • Gamesmaster OG
      Gamesmaster OG Month ago

      I dont buy nothing from gamestop

    • Gaven Roecker
      Gaven Roecker Month ago

      Being an asthmatic if I got a console like this I can definitely say it wont end well for me

  • Quentarious
    Quentarious 23 hours ago

    11:58 What is the exact size and thickness required for these PS4 thermal pads? I can't find any exact information online.

  • Lee Huntley
    Lee Huntley 3 days ago

    Purple power gets the smoker smell out

  • Davide85
    Davide85 5 days ago

    I only do bong hits and dabs so my PS4 should be okay 👍

  • Bobby Chudoba
    Bobby Chudoba 5 days ago


  • Mr.Bradev
    Mr.Bradev 6 days ago

    How would the guy who packaged this could know it will go to a RU-clipr that knows the inside of PS4 :D :D

    CRISTIAN PRIVATO 6 days ago


  • Joe Sham
    Joe Sham 7 days ago

    Buy new and get new buy refurb get used simple lol

  • andrewleiser
    andrewleiser 10 days ago

    I bought one for my nephew from the store. Soon as I brought it home controller was sticky full of gunk and the analog stick was always in down position it was that loose. The hard drive cover was barely on. I can deal with scuff marks but this looks like it was beaten badly. I look past all that turn it on. Instantly heard a grinding noise. Then not even halfway through set up and update it red light and shut off. Wouldn't power back on. Remind you I only had it for not even an hour since purchase. With 1 yr warranty they wanted to total it to 300. Console was 229. For 269 I can go to Walmart and get new 500gb console. So when I brought to different gamestop to exchange it. The manager instantly asked if purchased from a certain location after I told my story and he was correct about location. He said they are famous for bad products. So all in all he gave me a new 1tb fortnite edition at no cost. And gave deepest apologies. This was the location I usually go to but the one time I don't all that happened. I'll continue to support the good location due to the employees cause they are amazing and fair. And will gladly go above and beyond to help out.

  • bouchnak jihed
    bouchnak jihed 10 days ago

    i Don't recommend gameStop, i got some google gift cards and i got a lot of problems no good support for client 4 out of 10 if i give it a rate

  • Karnalzion
    Karnalzion 10 days ago

    there is a way to get the smoke out of plastic :D it does take a few Days but it works, Place the plastic in dubble layers of bags and lot of pepermint oil in there, let it sit for 2 Days and if its not gone then do it again. :D love the vids

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 11 days ago

    Sony should replace all of these f- -ked up electronics. Didn’t even have mine a year and ready to take a baseball bat to it

  • Matthew Edward
    Matthew Edward 12 days ago

    That legit looks like a old man was high on his medications and thought it was a toilet

  • Arno biktor Durian
    Arno biktor Durian 12 days ago

    7:37 Ram chicks 🤪

  • ian vader
    ian vader 14 days ago

    can I recommend wearing gloves and methamphetamine swab them too!

  • Nala1375
    Nala1375 15 days ago

    Damn poor ps4 got heavy 2nd hand smoke

  • hurst
    hurst 15 days ago

    It could be the parents of the person that owns the PS4 that smokes.

  • Xandra Sixx
    Xandra Sixx 15 days ago +1

    Any solution for the error code su-42118-6 ? Tried everything,traded Blu Ray drives,new hd,and made sure wires were connected all the way.

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  15 days ago

      Probably has faulty fuses for the disc drive on the motherboard. I'm assuming your disc drive isn't working

  • GM Tekken
    GM Tekken 16 days ago

    so thats why my consoles never lasted long from gamestop, never buying a console from them again Lol

  • Tech
    Tech 17 days ago +1

    I'm only half way through this video, but that system is disgusting. That's a 1 or 2 out of 5 star from me, and it would be going straight back to the store. Gross!!!
    Also, you were WAY too generous with your criticism.
    That product was simply unacceptable.

  • xx KenSensor xx
    xx KenSensor xx 17 days ago +1

    I live with a smoker and I have and white xbox one s and you can imagine what my vents look like..

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  17 days ago

      Probably not white anymore...I've fixed a few of those!

  • michael kendall
    michael kendall 18 days ago

    Addicted to cleaner console lol..

  • Marcel Franquinet
    Marcel Franquinet 19 days ago

    so in general.. why pay 249 for a refurb when 329 is the new price?

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 19 days ago

    You returned it in better condition than they sent it to you.

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 19 days ago

    It doesn't look like they cleaned anything at all.

  • Random Post
    Random Post 19 days ago

    Why does it look all burnt up?

  • illumaguppi
    illumaguppi 20 days ago

    gamestop should ask that question before buying a ps4 does this PlayStation come from a smoking household if yes tell them have a nice day we don't want your ps4. but honestly who even goes to gamestop these day?

  • Ace
    Ace 21 day ago

    best buy is best to get used stuff from game stop ill never get used systems from

  • Ace
    Ace 21 day ago

    game stop blows there nose on the joy sticks i got used joy stick it was gross and boogers and other crap on it was gross

  • dwest84
    dwest84 21 day ago

    That is disgusting. Shame on them for selling that to anyone.

  • Foot Soldier
    Foot Soldier 22 days ago


  • brandon92
    brandon92 22 days ago

    Premium refurbished is just a fancy lie to cover up the word used lol

  • Chris Yeargin
    Chris Yeargin 24 days ago +1

    What do you think about the PS vita I'd like to hear your opinion.

    • Chris Yeargin
      Chris Yeargin 23 days ago

      Right very underrated I wish sony whould revamp it.

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  23 days ago +1

      I think they're under rated. I like them

  • russodidit !
    russodidit ! 24 days ago

    How is it missing so many screws? 😂

  • FunkyJamma
    FunkyJamma 25 days ago

    I use to work at a computer repair shop. Smokers machines were the absolute worse sometimes it would be so full of tar that fans wouldn't spin. There would be dust and tar mixture that was impossible to remove. I would gag just opening them.

  • Chewligan
    Chewligan 25 days ago

    A heavily used gunky, smelly console at a rubbish rip off price ?? - forget it just buy new with all it's advantages - GAMESTOP ARE CHEATS - IT'S OFFICIAL - thanks Steve great informative video A++

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 26 days ago

    I like your videos and I will say you are very savy with your repairs. But I have one pet peeve. the way you apply thermal paste is 100% wrong!
    Thermal paste on any CPU needs to be even and thin, done with something like a business card. Glumping it on like you do can cause issues. You want even thin coverage, for ideal contact between the CPU and Heat Sync.

  • WeedWizard Brando
    WeedWizard Brando 26 days ago

    this made me open up my PC and PS3 to look for that tar buildup because i have a gaming desk with all my systems and i smoke a lot when i play games D:

  • iskandar laisuman
    iskandar laisuman 26 days ago

    Brother can i buy ur nintendo switch? Hehehe

  • Gnyps GUH-NIPS
    Gnyps GUH-NIPS 27 days ago

    You talked about a duel shock controller. But I see none. What is this trickery.

  • 509trails
    509trails 28 days ago

    I'm not the most knowledgeable about this stuff. when I was repairing xbox 360s I always put new thermal paste on every single one of them. If I got them from smoker I would clean it the best I could

  • Miro
    Miro 28 days ago

    I’ve had my PS4 pro for 2 years, would you suggest that I deep clean my PS4? Also the only console I’ve ever taken apart was my original Xbox

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11 28 days ago

    I've never bought a refurbished console but I have bought a used one that was marketed as refurbished. I bought a ps3 for super cheap only to find out that not only was nothing done to it, in the two days after the purchase, the disc drive died and buttons on the controller were dead. It serves me right for trying to save a few bucks. after payday rolled around, I just went and got a ps3 slim. Never buying used/refurbished ever again. at least this way I'm the only owner and if something doesn't work it's the manufacturers problem not mine and certainly not the previous owner as there is none

  • Mitchell Greer
    Mitchell Greer 28 days ago

    You can get the smell out with a good cleaning to get the bulk of the and then you use ozone to get any remaining residue

  • ScifiNova9
    ScifiNova9 28 days ago

    Deammm smokers !

  • Minecraft Never Dies
    Minecraft Never Dies 29 days ago

    This video helped me out a lot. My ps4 is overheated and I'm thinking of places that would repair my console.. won't be game stop!

  • Fahlur
    Fahlur 29 days ago

    TronicsFX, to be quite fair I know what you mean by smell. I scrubbed down a pc case after removing the components and it still smells of tobacco.

  • Kate
    Kate 29 days ago

    Having worked in PC repairs for a long time, I know what this smells like. Watching this video made me ill.

  • Michael Ault
    Michael Ault Month ago

    Game stop bought it for 100 bucks said it was because it smelled like smoke, then cleaned the case with boxed it up and sold it like brand new. I stopped going to game stop years ago have not set foot in one again. They rip you off and do it with a smile, only care now because it's documented and what a surprise they just started to change how they do things when this video was made.

  • Jeffrey Vai
    Jeffrey Vai Month ago

    I've never bought anything from gamestop and never will, I've watched so many videos about how terrible their stuff is and have only seen one good one.

  • ShimithDomencio
    ShimithDomencio Month ago

    probably a stoner who owned that ps4

  • kyle wharton
    kyle wharton Month ago

    Never had an issue with refurbished game systems

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    thats really bad of GameStop! well am not going back there anymore.

  • Anthony Orsan
    Anthony Orsan Month ago

    is no one going to talk about the fact he smacked himself to show the shaving transition???? 1:10

  • Tylor Cornwell
    Tylor Cornwell Month ago +3

    I love how he sent it back more refurbished than he got it.

  • extreme gamer
    extreme gamer Month ago

    You can do way better than them

  • Myfate Trulygreat
    Myfate Trulygreat Month ago

    Man, I thought of buying refurbished console and I didn't even consider that it might have a chance of smelling like a smoker. I would absolutely hate that. Thanks, I think I will buy the virgin one.

  • Brian Connell
    Brian Connell Month ago

    White distilled vinegar works to get rid of any of many smells including cigarette smoke & that brown crap. You can use it like rubbing alcohol to clean stuff just keep it away from anything that water would destroy.

  • Yasef Doğan
    Yasef Doğan Month ago

    4:30 holmes

  • Xxstephenx1x
    Xxstephenx1x Month ago

    So he send the ps4 back better than it was wow