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Comments • 80

  • PROD BY 13
    PROD BY 13 4 hours ago

    Where’s the call of duty room wtf

  • Mike Forslund
    Mike Forslund 14 hours ago

    2020 was gonna be a big year. until Covid shut it all down

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang Day ago

    6:30 And this is what happens when you sign a bunch of aussies XD

  • Gary Hicks
    Gary Hicks Day ago

    Is it sad that at 38 years old I'd love to be a part of 💯 Thieves? Such a cool ass company to be a part of.

  • young boxer 420
    young boxer 420 2 days ago

    Wow...been watching you for a long time...I’m proud of you!!!!

  • clips theonly
    clips theonly 3 days ago

    I really love how gaming has expanded and become a solid industry. Also many avenues to make money through gaming, AMAZING

  • Require Healing
    Require Healing 3 days ago

    O no john

  • I_Dawg123
    I_Dawg123 4 days ago

    Been watching Nadeshot for years now, and so proud to see him where he’s at today!

  • Coss Knows
    Coss Knows 4 days ago

    I want to work for Nadeshot lol

  • O
    O 5 days ago

    ik where this is lmao

  • jerrett Brain
    jerrett Brain 5 days ago

    *so happy sir it’s was unbelievable bryan_thomas11 On ig , he got us $19k on Cashapp*

  • jerrett Brain
    jerrett Brain 5 days ago

    *so happy sir it’s was unbelievable bryan_thomas11 On ig , he got us $19k on Cashapp*

  • Angelica Casty
    Angelica Casty 5 days ago

    *he gave me a chance to live again bryan_thomas11 On ig , he got me $18k on Cashapp*

  • Angelica Casty
    Angelica Casty 5 days ago

    *he gave me a chance to live again bryan_thomas11 On ig , he got me $18k on Cashapp*

  • Tengu_Sensei 5
    Tengu_Sensei 5 5 days ago

    Not gonna lie imma grind cod to be the youngest pro 😶I guess

    DWS PRODUCTIONS 6 days ago

    Nade always looked at the bigger picture, this is exactly what I expected out of him.

  • Narchie
    Narchie 6 days ago

    The 100 thieves logo in foyer should be bright red,

  • Soma1992
    Soma1992 7 days ago

    Goodness me. He blurred out everything. I thought i had a migraine attack😅

  • essovz
    essovz 8 days ago

    This is so cool man, cant wait to see on their webshop a product that can help me How to properly clean your gaming computer - probably together with some super cool hoodies, maybe they'll have like flames up the sleeves, or maybe even ligtning up the sleeves. so cool, right? fellow gamers? - these boys are IN TOUCH with the gaming community thats 4 sure. Have a nice day fellow gamers. Maybe you guys should consider doing a collab with like, Mastercard. They are super young and cool too.

  • Young toaster oven
    Young toaster oven 8 days ago

    i had no idea this type of shit existed wtf

  • Pepe Hands
    Pepe Hands 8 days ago

    3:58 I love how they clearly just made Moe put on a suit (that clear isn't his, since suits are made to be the size of the wearer. His suit was baggy around the cuff area, torso and the ankle part of his pants) and he just wore sneakers that don't go well with the suit lmfaoo

  • mero darwish
    mero darwish 8 days ago

    Guys did you see MoE in that freaking suit 😂😂

  • Lonyx
    Lonyx 8 days ago

    Yo can i join?

  • umar azeem
    umar azeem 9 days ago

    how much the org grew, Amazing isn't it..

  • Justin Aka 13ossNokk

    I used to smash nade in cod back in the day UGk* 13ossNokk yea I gave u nightmares back in the day but glad to see where u at now bro nothing but luv from mew bro! Keep it up my guy!

  • Jeenkies
    Jeenkies 9 days ago +1

    Spare toilet paper?

  • Mr Wuhan virus/TOXIC LAW

    why is there a mac in the video

  • Nolan Grossman
    Nolan Grossman 10 days ago

    Bro a 15 year old tik tok girl makes more than you

  • Nolan Grossman
    Nolan Grossman 10 days ago

    This little kid really thinks he’s the shit when everybody be getting super rich by trying to dumber and dumber stuff online🤣

  • Nolan Grossman
    Nolan Grossman 10 days ago


  • LC .337
    LC .337 10 days ago

    I knew he didnt make that shot first try 😂

  • Eric Miguel
    Eric Miguel 10 days ago

    why does it feel that "the usual" was just a one-time thing

  • Ben
    Ben 10 days ago

    4:15 team liquid music

  • Daan
    Daan 10 days ago +2

    The three G-wagons parked outside as he walks out is the ultimate flex.

  • SlothNanz
    SlothNanz 10 days ago

    100 Thieves: cant afford COD tournaments
    Nadeshot: Here's our Multi-Million dollar gaming compound

  • Landy TV
    Landy TV 10 days ago

    He leaked cloakzy on the tv in the lounge 😂

  • Pook
    Pook 11 days ago

    where the fuck do they sleep

  • YoungIConJigga
    YoungIConJigga 11 days ago

    Damn i remember watching bro play black ops 2 and oging ham with the balista on yemen!

  • YoungIConJigga
    YoungIConJigga 11 days ago

    i would wear that jacket, so you know youre doing welll

  • Skife
    Skife 12 days ago

    0:40 weird flex but ok

  • A Kaufusi
    A Kaufusi 12 days ago

    Ssumday has my ded 😂😂😂😂

  • Xcel Clarity
    Xcel Clarity 12 days ago

    I wish I could hAVE THOSE SETUPS

  • Jack
    Jack 12 days ago

    this is painfully scripted

  • RwG_Easy
    RwG_Easy 13 days ago

    You forgot to lock your car at the beginning

  • Chad Grillz
    Chad Grillz 13 days ago

    like i don't think a person can be more douchey. Feel sorry for people who have to share a space with him

  • STRIKER 9913
    STRIKER 9913 14 days ago

    Really man no dota 2 office or any players? 😢

  • xQuickStrik3x13
    xQuickStrik3x13 14 days ago

    In my opinion you already surpassed optic

  • Me Me
    Me Me 15 days ago

    Omfg Gigglemonster from Destiny ran him in trials a few times hes a great streamer though

  • TEAM 20
    TEAM 20 15 days ago +1

    Whats the name of the music at the beginning 0:54

  • Ken San
    Ken San 15 days ago

    I need this org. I can stream five days a week and I can play Tarkov, PubG, Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legend, Alyx, Pavlov, Squad, Arma 3, Apex Legends, COD: Modern Warfare, Cod: Warzone, Minecraft, Rainbox Six Siege, Valorant, Boneworks, Overwatch, Battlefield, World of Warcraft, and many others. I don't have many requirements as long as I have a area I can decorate with plushies. I'm from Phoenix and I able to relocate. I'm 29 years old and my name is Kenneth.

  • Dick Pussy
    Dick Pussy 16 days ago

    lol 😂 that Chinese guy hello 👋 hey

  • bray
    bray 16 days ago

    make one in nashville

  • Elijah Fraser
    Elijah Fraser 16 days ago

    you can tell that matt is so grateful for this compound
    love you Matt

  • Aliyah -ROBLOX
    Aliyah -ROBLOX 16 days ago

    This whole video is a flex..

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 16 days ago

    I can’t believe i’m only now realizing this content is for babies

  • exotic_sweat yee
    exotic_sweat yee 17 days ago

    can we get a counter for how many times he said elevate?

  • r(D)d
    r(D)d 17 days ago

    No dota no fun

  • HyperGaming
    HyperGaming 17 days ago

    Nadeshot : Plays COD Professionally for 3 Years.
    Also Nadeshot : Doesn't Invest into a COD Team.
    COD : Am I a Joke To You?

  • Pakay Dennis
    Pakay Dennis 18 days ago

    Can I pls have a gaming pc

    • sam
      sam 17 days ago


  • Oliver Lucas
    Oliver Lucas 18 days ago

    cant wait to finally get good. to mabby be able to join this amazing looking team

  • SeriousThunder7117
    SeriousThunder7117 18 days ago +1

    ... Click’s £20,000,000 room which includes Lazerbeam

  • TopTrainers
    TopTrainers 18 days ago

    where can i buy his jacket?

  • Aman
    Aman 18 days ago

    What’s the song in the beginning?

  • Marlon Lap
    Marlon Lap 18 days ago

    I see a hat 13:07

  • noa haile
    noa haile 18 days ago

    Its lit

  • Jonathan Zhou
    Jonathan Zhou 18 days ago

    when it says yassuo is the lcs midlaner

  • Bandit9
    Bandit9 19 days ago

    does 100T have a rainbow six siege team?

  • Byron Villeda
    Byron Villeda 19 days ago

    It’s crazy how a lot people here talk about other teams. But You rarely see 100 thieves mentioned in other teams videos comment section.. hmm?

  • Byron Villeda
    Byron Villeda 19 days ago

    Bruh, it’s right next to the Culver City stairs where I go hiking at😩😩

  • Is Me Minh
    Is Me Minh 19 days ago

    in4 of the 0:28 girl pls

  • Miguel Silvestre
    Miguel Silvestre 19 days ago

    what about some windows(5:04)

  • Pep 88LFC
    Pep 88LFC 19 days ago

    Wheres the gym ,defo needs a gym

  • Bboy
    Bboy 19 days ago


  • Sajamily
    Sajamily 19 days ago

    Do the players and streamers have to pay to come here or is it free?

  • Calib Rawlinson
    Calib Rawlinson 20 days ago


  • DaKingSavage 01
    DaKingSavage 01 20 days ago

    plot twist: the shot at the end was photoshopped

  • zefew
    zefew 20 days ago

    all that for a free game wow how disappointing

  • Adeiria
    Adeiria 20 days ago


  • casual magpie
    casual magpie 20 days ago

    Trying to make money that’s kinda cold I would of thought they would of done it for the passion of the game not because of the money

    • Tarek
      Tarek 19 days ago

      thats what they all do even faze and every other e sports corporate ever

  • Jakson Wesley
    Jakson Wesley 20 days ago

    most underrated team no cap.