• Published on Aug 3, 2016
  • HEYYYYY EVERYONE!!! Ever since Nathan and I started doing videos together, you all have requested that I do HIS makeup!!!! Since our "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" video was so loved, I had to finally get Nate to sit down and let me do my magic ;) Now, for someone who's NEVER worn makeup before, I think he did an amazing job letting me have fun! His eyes were NOT having it but he pushed through haha PS. WHY does he look so good in full glam??? THANK YOU ALL for showing my channel so much love!!!
    💍WATCH NATHAN DO MY MAKEUP! ► bit.ly/2ektzIE
    JACKEY BY: Moschino
    LIPSTICK WORN: Charlotte Tillbury "Kim K. W." ► bit.ly/2aKjXad
    ALL JEWERLY BY: Cartier
    NATE'S SHIRT BY: Burberry
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    MUSIC: ► NCT X T & SUGAH ► ”Along The Road (feat. Voicians)” - ru-clip.net/video/Ic3Yax38P38/video.html
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  • Oren Staniorski
    Oren Staniorski Day ago

    i sHiP

  • Caittt😇
    Caittt😇 Day ago

    I am livinggggggg for this eye look! OMG Yasssss

  • Tran Nguyen
    Tran Nguyen Day ago

    This is pretty much 17 minutes of Jefree complimenting his boyfriend and Nathan being confused

  • Roman Bocorey
    Roman Bocorey 6 days ago

    Nate yr so cute to be gay 😩😭

  • Maribel Rodriguez
    Maribel Rodriguez 7 days ago +1

    He is hot 🔥😍
    Y'all make a cute couple 😍

  • BobbyJean Canada
    BobbyJean Canada 8 days ago +1

    almost 12million views! I live for watching you

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera 9 days ago

    Omg! Jeffree looks so beautiful in this look! Sorta reminds me of the Barbie loves MAC look, if anyone remembers that. 😍

  • elibethrose
    elibethrose 9 days ago

    I love you jefree 🇵🇪

  • Gracie Duran
    Gracie Duran 11 days ago

    Jeffree you are so beautiful!!

  • Peter Federico
    Peter Federico 12 days ago

    plz bring back bloopers!!!!!

  • Sis Moya
    Sis Moya 12 days ago

    You are so sweet I love your videos thank you

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 13 days ago

    dam he is awesome.....

  • Maria Zhao
    Maria Zhao 13 days ago

    They so beautiful. Inside and out 😻😻

  • brandi boeni
    brandi boeni 14 days ago

    Bitch, you’re Rapunzel and Nate is Flynn Rider.

  • Angelo Fernandes
    Angelo Fernandes 16 days ago

    Please please show make up for men
    Please please

  • mihika shetty
    mihika shetty 18 days ago

    Jeffree & Nathan and Shane & Ryland, help me believe in love

  • Theresa Hescock
    Theresa Hescock 19 days ago

    You two dolls

  • Tayler Sherman
    Tayler Sherman 24 days ago

    He definitely looks like Flynn from tangled! I knew I had some character in mind when I saw this video pop up lol! Gorgeous! Both you!😘

  • lsutiger02006
    lsutiger02006 25 days ago

    He dussssssssssss

  • Shelly Pitts
    Shelly Pitts 25 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You guys great😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Amante Della Morte 66
    Amante Della Morte 66 28 days ago

    He really does look like the guy from tangled lol wtf

  • Ririchio Shiraken
    Ririchio Shiraken 28 days ago


  • Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin 29 days ago

    Hey sissy how y’all doing

  • Misty Valzania
    Misty Valzania Month ago

    If your eyes water, take a sterilized q-tip and stick it in your eye! I use that trick all the time! Soaks up all the tears in a hurry!

  • Jade Marie
    Jade Marie Month ago

    Nate is so cute! I love you two together🥰

  • Rival Wiguna
    Rival Wiguna Month ago

    Like a ken doll ❤

  • Tianna Hill
    Tianna Hill Month ago


  • Rafal Omnom
    Rafal Omnom Month ago

    holy shit, you gayed him good, it feels ALMOST like he didnt look gay in the first place lol

  • Nikola Ostojic
    Nikola Ostojic Month ago

    Bro how u can fuck this monster

  • Martina Aquila Mcdonald

    "Nate only deserves the best" omg!!!!😍😍😍😍that's love right there😍

  • Michele Bostic
    Michele Bostic Month ago

    I know this is an old video, but I am loving the eye look on u Jeffree.

  • pastel shinigami
    pastel shinigami Month ago

    THEY ARE SO CUTEEEE !!! The true couple goals here get a couple like nate and jeffree oh my Lord Also nate looks great in makeup just saying 🌟🌟🔥🔥

  • Muneera Khalil
    Muneera Khalil Month ago +1

    *Jeffree has sound have a very deep and scary sound*

  • Aeris Ortiz
    Aeris Ortiz Month ago

    Real life Barbie and ken

  • MotherofWatson’s X

    Yes he does look like flin rider hahaha you two are so cute . Love your story .

  • Amber Adkins
    Amber Adkins Month ago

    Looove these 2! They are freaking hilarious and so sweet to each. They seem like opposites but clearly belong together! I am so glad i made it to the end (after cracking up over and over and over through the video) the bloopers omgosh, when the eyeshadow brush is plunged into Nates forehead and Jeffrees reaction.... People overuse the phase "i cried" when something is not even really funny, i literally cried and watched it repeatedly, crying tears, cracking up. Thank you guys laughing feels so good. You both are so gorgeous! Glad i found you Jeffree, love you!!

  • Kizzy Sylvester
    Kizzy Sylvester Month ago

    They are soulmates

  • Monique Grant
    Monique Grant Month ago

    Can u please do a masculine look on Nate

  • Librarising Virgosun

    I hope Nathan proposes get married

  • Alli Smith
    Alli Smith Month ago

    Hes a much sexier Flynn Ryder, Ryders nose was too big for his face and nathans is perfect for his lol

    • Alli Smith
      Alli Smith Month ago

      He looks more like Tony Stark 🤤😍

  • Melissa Mcbride
    Melissa Mcbride Month ago

    Love to have you do my makeup!! You need to do a Jeffree Star Makeover

  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

    Hi guud

  • Ciarra Smith
    Ciarra Smith Month ago

    I can relate to Nathan Lol

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 Month ago

    I'm starting to think men wearing make-up needs to become a mainstream thing...if you do it right...it can look hot AF!!

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 Month ago

    EWWWW never pop up that face on Nate again - I don't even wanna say his name cuz I don't like that bitch

    • JamesGallagher1990
      JamesGallagher1990 Month ago

      Why you were ever friends with him I have no idea...but the truth always comes to light!!

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 Month ago

    urghhhhh Nate is so handsome!!! That facial hair really suits him!

  • Anna Tobar
    Anna Tobar Month ago

    Jeffree looks amazing in this video. That eyeshadow is on point ❤

  • Cheyenne Smith
    Cheyenne Smith Month ago

    “A couple that sets together, stays together.” I love that! 🥰😆

  • metaloars
    metaloars Month ago

    He is so nice and cool.

  • Beauty Mamaehis
    Beauty Mamaehis Month ago


  • Aleksandra Kanazir
    Aleksandra Kanazir Month ago

    I love u both and I would like to meet you personal guys 💝

  • Debbie Debbs
    Debbie Debbs Month ago +2

    8:05 OMG, why do I found that so adorableeee? I can't😭😭😭😭😍

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz Month ago

    i would love to see jeffree turning nathan into himself with make up, heel, wigs, and bags

  • LadyJ35590
    LadyJ35590 Month ago

    Nate is so sweet the way he looks at you so in love. He’s so chill. You guys are adorable. Looooove you!!!!

  • Cara Cox
    Cara Cox Month ago

    He is adorable! My husband would die. it’d be like putting a cat in the bathtub. Good job guys!! I like it I like it.💋🦋💕💁‍♀️🦋🌺🌞💖

  • Damiana Cintra
    Damiana Cintra Month ago

    Living!!! Please Never Break up!!!!

  • British Girlll2681
    British Girlll2681 Month ago +1

    6:40 his laugh 😂😂😂

  • Laura Gray
    Laura Gray Month ago

    I love Jeffree w/ eyebrows!

  • Jannatul Ferdous
    Jannatul Ferdous Month ago


  • kristiana SPK
    kristiana SPK Month ago

    The way nathan looks at jeffree❤