Alarm Clock, Large Number Digital LED Display with Dimmer, Night Light, USB Charger, Big Snooze, Eas

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • Alarm Clock, Large Number Digital LED Display with Dimmer, Night Light, USB Charger, Big Snooze, Easy to Set for Kids Seniors
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    ⏰ EASY TO OPERATE: To make the users feel convenient and practical, we design this loud clock with simple interface and conspicuous function buttons. It's easy to set time or alarm with big "HOUR" and "MIN" button on the top. And at the back, we use the prominent red button to show "ALARM PAUSE" and "ALARM ON/OFF", you can easily find them to pause or stop the alarm. The switch button of "DIMMER" and "ALARM VOLUME" allows you to adjust the brightness of number and the volume of alarm at any time
    ⏰ 7" LARGE ELECTRONIC LED SCREEN WITH ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS & ALARM VOLUME: With 7 inch large LED display, numbers are VERY easy to read without having to put glasses on in the middle of night especially for people who has a poor eyesight. Slide switch button of "ALARM VOLUME" and "DIMMER" to adjust the alarm volume according to your depth of sleep and the brightness of digital number according to your light intensity. It's easily to set a sleep-friendly environment based on your own preference.
    ⏰ 7 COLORED NIGHT LIGHT & BIG SNOOZE BUTTON: This digital clock comes with a bigger than average night light which can work as a bedside lamp, useful when you are afraid of darkness or want to read at night. There are 7 colors to choose from. Big snooze button on the top makes it easier to get extra 9 minutes of sleep. Press “SNOOZE” button when the clock rings to temporarily turn off alarm for 9 minutes. Do not worry, alarm will ring every next 9 minutes unless you press “ALARM PAUSE” button.
    ⏰ OUTLET POWERED & BATTERY BACKUP SETTING & DUAL CELLPHONE CHARGERS: AC power is required for ALL functions working, such as USB charging, alarm and time display. Battery is only used for setting memories, it can backup your time and alarm settings in case of power failure. The 2 USB output interface at the back of this large clock allows you to charge your iPhone, Android, Samsung cellphones at the same time. Simply slide “12H/24H” switch button to choose the time format for your convenience.
    ⏰ PRODUCT WARRANTY: PPLEE Digital Alarm Clock provide 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 3 Months Full Refund Guarantee to ensure you have a satisfying shopping experience. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us by, we will deliver a quick solution within 24 hours.
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