How To Make White Concrete | A Modern Builds Experiment

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • How to make White Concrete for the best result in your DIY furniture projects. White concrete is something I've wanted to incorporate into my videos for a long time, but it's not readily available in most places and expensive to acquire online. The good news is that all the individual ingredients are locally available and super affordable. See best recipes below :)
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    BEST Recipe:
    3 Parts Aggregate
    2 Parts Sand
    1 Part Cement
    (I would use liquid fortifier for high traffic areas like countertops, but not on "non-heavy duty" projects like coffee tables.
    USE REBAR or MESH REINFORCEMENT. For forms thicker than 1"
    My favorite Dust Mask RZ Mask:
    Materials and Supplies:
    White Portland Cement:
    White Sand:
    Pea Gravel:
    White Gravel:
    Liquid Fortifier:
    3/4" Melamine: From Home Depot
    Paste Wax:
    Silicone Caulk:
    Grout Too (Chamfer):
    Fondit Tools (Roundover):
    Pocket Hole Jig:
    Written Article:
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    Instagram: | @modernbuilds
    Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery
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  • Simon Robson
    Simon Robson 4 days ago

    Brilliant pal thanks

  • Marcos Gobira
    Marcos Gobira 5 days ago

    Sorry, but you need to wait about, at least 7 days to cure the cement, so you can do some test... Just a tip... Good luck!!

  • Hayley Reid
    Hayley Reid 19 days ago

    Would have been interesting if you had added rebar to another experiment so we could see how it would hold up as a countertop.
    Love white concrete!

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos 19 days ago

    Quanto mais agua mais fraco será o concreto.

  • Ashwij Shenoy
    Ashwij Shenoy 25 days ago

    Best mix is 1:1.5:2

  • Ashwij Shenoy
    Ashwij Shenoy 25 days ago

    Concrete strength is tested after 27 days and always in a cubical form. Look for more info on grades of concrete - M20, M30 etc

  • clea samson
    clea samson 29 days ago

    Looks like nougat

  • Petyr
    Petyr Month ago

    forbidden white chocolate bar

  • Andrei Teodorescu
    Andrei Teodorescu Month ago

    In terms of model making, what would you suggest as form work, considering it needs some detailing?

  • camelazo
    camelazo Month ago

    11:00 we learn to put metal structure inside if you want strength!!

  • Nitesh kumar Prajapati

    I wanna know why you don't get a comprehensive strength test device for accurate measurements bcz they definitely have different strength to each other & if their strength are know n improve they can be used in various DIYs differently..... 😏

  • maki466
    maki466 Month ago

    hello, what would happend if i mix only white portland cement with water?

  • Ambil Aevus
    Ambil Aevus Month ago

    Wonder instead of aquarium gravel using white marble chips (landscape section). Would want to wash the dust off before adding. I thik the stones of the aquarium rock are too small however, I could be thinking wrong. I did find this whole video super helpful though as I'm formulating doing my own kitchen counters in May or June of 2020.

  • Steph J
    Steph J 2 months ago

    wow! thanks thanks thanks thanks! AND good job!!! I was just wondering about creating a nice whit-ish cement, but this is beyond my expectations. Your experiment will allow me (to make some more experiments) to be able to make (hopefully) a nice concrete countertop with the fibreglace re-inforcement and with a bit of flex to avoid breakage with acrylic and or resin... (tests needed)

  • espn mk
    espn mk 2 months ago

    Great vid MM, THANX FOR THE TIPS

  • JewDd* 89
    JewDd* 89 2 months ago

    I wish you’d make something for outdoors using the pea gravel! The white aquarium rocks were fine, not ugly for sure but there’s something more beautiful (in my eyes of course!) about the off tone it provides and then to see the gravel after breaking it was just stunning! Especially in a natural setting as the natural tones of the gravel with the white of the concrete just feels more “natural” I guess. I’ve been wanting to build a play scape for my dogs whether that be different levels of exploration or using the land as my oyster, not totally sure yet as Pinterest makes it harder for me to decide lmao! I could see structures built using that gravel concrete to add a soft but neutral setting that wouldn’t look just like concrete jungles do. It’d be beautiful for outdoor furniture and indoors as well. The pure white again is fine but I don’t know I like that natural look and I feel like the regular gravel represented that beautifully

  • Pluto- contentcreator
    Pluto- contentcreator 2 months ago

    This is the sort of channel you find at 4am and watch until it gets bright outside and then it comes up in your recommended for years to come

  • Siddiq Mohammed
    Siddiq Mohammed 3 months ago

    michael scott!

  • Koro Sensei
    Koro Sensei 3 months ago

    You just need reinforcement

  • KekOps
    KekOps 3 months ago

    Who else didn't under stand what he said?

  • achraf zaidi
    achraf zaidi 4 months ago

    That white concrete looks lile nougat

  • Nadine Louw
    Nadine Louw 4 months ago

    Brilliant save! Looks incredible.

  • AlphaLuminos
    AlphaLuminos 4 months ago

    Why don’t you paint the pea gravel let it dry then do the mixture

  • Illy Samartino
    Illy Samartino 4 months ago

    I thought it has peanuts. Well you can add resin and wires to make it stronger 😊

  • edmund baduria
    edmund baduria 4 months ago

    Does adding mesh tape will strengthen the concrete?

  • Rashid
    Rashid 4 months ago

    add 3/8 rebar or simple iron/steel rods to make to super strong

  • EpyonRoyal
    EpyonRoyal 4 months ago


  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke 4 months ago

    Nice, interesting test.

  • Oonagh72
    Oonagh72 4 months ago

    Why don’t you put the white cement and and white gravel with fortifier in first, and move it to the sides. Then put the pea gravel mix in the middle. That way you get the look you want on the top and edges. Then in the middle you get the strength.

  • Anil Bhaskar
    Anil Bhaskar 4 months ago

    Please make a wing chair.

  • Philip Malchek
    Philip Malchek 4 months ago +2

    What shoes are you wearing? 😍

  • dlr
    dlr 4 months ago +1

    Could you use this for countertops or is it too fragile?

    • dlr
      dlr 4 months ago

      Upon researching I have found out that you can use this for countertops but halfway through filling the mold you need to put in rebar or some sort of metal mesh to support the inside of the concrete. Fill in the rest of the mold like normal and they will be strong enough for countertops. Answered my own question 👌🏼

  • Alfa Q
    Alfa Q 4 months ago

    looks like turkish honey

    TROY AQUA 5 months ago +1

    Hey weirded question but what shoes are you wearing?? I like them

    • Jose Pena
      Jose Pena 4 months ago +1

      Could be wrong, but they look like Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85s

  • Braden Downs
    Braden Downs 5 months ago

    It's a cool video, but I don't understand what the point of having white concrete is... I guess if you wanted to make countertops or mayve in your backyard, just seems very niche

  • Hopper Smith
    Hopper Smith 5 months ago

    It’s insane seeing how many subs you have now

  • Adnan N
    Adnan N 5 months ago

    Ingredients ey sounds tasty. Materials*

  • Thad Henderson
    Thad Henderson 5 months ago

    Anyone had any luck finding the Quikrete White Sand? I see it 1961-53 product but having no luck finding it or a bagged equivalent...

  • Emily Stewart
    Emily Stewart 5 months ago +1

    "expensive to ship" ahahahahah... That's life in Australia

  • Dipper964
    Dipper964 5 months ago +2

    Would resin be too expensive?
    You could possibly make it thinner with resin, chicken wire and fiberglass

  • booger king
    booger king 5 months ago +2

    Add fiber and superplasticizer to get smooth and strong concrete

  • Zove Zove
    Zove Zove 5 months ago

    I like everything about your channel except for one thing, the way you say "Modern Builds" in your intro. It's like you try to sound like the TV show's intro, and I think with your voice and character, it's lame. Every time I heard, it makes me wants to stop watching the video even though I really like your works.

  • Hbmx13
    Hbmx13 5 months ago

    The rocks were smaller.. not bc they’re brittle. It’s physics bro

  • catstiel
    catstiel 5 months ago

    Would you ever think about trying your hand at making a terrazzo table (or anything with terrazzo) ? I’d love to see something like that

  • Chris K
    Chris K 5 months ago

    You can get even whiter concrete just using standard concrete mix and adding about 5% titanium dioxide. Ends up looking great, really white. TiO2 is used in soap making so it's really cheap. Since you only need 5% shipping is more manageable

  • The Sesh
    The Sesh 5 months ago

    Bro next time, use a one by one or something like that to pack the concrete, and use the sander instead of hammer

  • some guy
    some guy 5 months ago

    RC (remote controlled) mask??

    • Herbert
      Herbert 5 months ago

      "RZ" mask, an un-rated "safety" mask, about the same level of protection as a bandana.

  • Long Boi
    Long Boi 5 months ago

    Wait, this isn't a Minecraft tutorial

  • oiewey
    oiewey 5 months ago

    ....Skip at 5:14, continue at 6:04. You don't have to watch a commercial if you don't want to. That's regular TV all over again.

  • confusedwhale
    confusedwhale 5 months ago +4

    The problem with the white gravel is that the cement wasn't able to bond with it as well.
    That's why you don't use smooth or dirty rock in concrete manufacturing.
    If you used clean and angular quartz or light limestone, your concrete would have been stronger and just as white.

  • Steven Donati
    Steven Donati 5 months ago

    I’m a terrazzo specialist , you should put steel rods into your forms , steel makes it 10 times stronger . Plus you should have put marble dust instead off sand . When you polish it up it won’t egg shell , you ratios are totally wrong . The ratio for terrazzo is 1 kilo cement to 2kg aggregate , 550 ml water 200 grams marble dust , your steps will curl and craze the way you made them

  • Abraham Toledo
    Abraham Toledo 5 months ago +1

    The more gravel the more strength. For instance 4 - 2 - 1 would be even stronger than 3 - 2 - 1.

  • Arashi Mokuzai
    Arashi Mokuzai 5 months ago

    Thank god you aren't using melamine for making furniture Whew, Almost got mad there, Never make furniture out of press board NEVERRRR MAKE MELAMINE PARTICLE BOARD FURNITURE, IT SUCKS. Great for molds and other Non furniture uses...

  • Bobby Patton
    Bobby Patton 5 months ago

    Most of those cheap aquarium rocks are often coated and do have any porosity, and I would suspect that is why it was weaker, the cement paste can't bond as well to the impervious coating.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 5 months ago

    I pay good money to get rid of adds and yet people ad it in them self thumbs down 👎 to you

  • bechi sanchez
    bechi sanchez 5 months ago +5

    curing it under water for 28 days makes it stronger and you would get the final strength

    • confusedwhale
      confusedwhale 5 months ago

      That's not correct with modern concrete unless it is specifically designed for placement underwater.
      And even now--bridges with concrete piers--the water is evacuated from the area for the placement to occur.
      You are thinking about the concrete that was made during ancient Roman era, which is very different than what we use today.

  • Alfonso Gavina
    Alfonso Gavina 5 months ago +8

    1:02 when he over drilled and split the melamine strip

  • Stella Ella
    Stella Ella 5 months ago

    Loving your videos! Just subscribed!

  • DaveyJ
    DaveyJ 5 months ago

    That was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. Good job Mike.