Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 241]

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
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Comments • 5 663

  • Drunken Master II
    Drunken Master II 57 minutes ago

    first video in, moto come fast passing someone on the right, sure the driver should've been more careful, but that's the kind of shit to expect when you drive your moto like that.

  • mechanick1000
    mechanick1000 2 hours ago

    sorry to say but at least 50% of these bikers are knobs

  • MORRISON7585
    MORRISON7585 4 hours ago

    Bikers are assholes obviously. Always speeding excessively and then blaming everyone but themselves for an accident. Grow the fuck up!

  • JoeCare
    JoeCare 4 hours ago

    6:50 hey trouduc la ligne blanche cest aussi pour les motards.

  • Tomik Tankist
    Tomik Tankist 5 hours ago

    6:50 что за далбаёп на байке, я бы его ещё и отпизделбы. Отобрал бы байк и подарил бы тому кто знает правила дорожного движения.

  • yippieyayey
    yippieyayey 5 hours ago

    4:08 car changes on bikers lane,. Instead of breaking, the biker hits the gas honks and complains... stupid idiot.

  • nishchaya singh
    nishchaya singh 6 hours ago

    Come to India...most of these are natural occurences here...nothing to bat eyelid for

  • angelo machete
    angelo machete 6 hours ago

    yeah ryt

  • jared holmes
    jared holmes 6 hours ago

    Biker at 3:30 also a little baby

  • jared holmes
    jared holmes 6 hours ago

    Biker at 3:00 is a whiney little bitch

  • ポメラニアン
    ポメラニアン 7 hours ago +1


    ARIEL CALZADA 9 hours ago

    most of usa and uk bikers are stupid and such a pussys, come here drive in argentina or india fucking pussys complaining about everything even when its their fault

    EDGYMACHINE 9 hours ago

    9:41 left front wheel is in perfect timing with the shutter of the lens, giving it this awesome effect!

  • M7T H1C
    M7T H1C 10 hours ago

    1:18 that sound tho

  • 3finger10
    3finger10 12 hours ago

    I hate fucking bicycle riders on the road.......

  • Iyus Yusra
    Iyus Yusra 13 hours ago

    most of these bikers are faggot

  • Twinkier1
    Twinkier1 17 hours ago

    Yeah, I have a hard time being sympathetic when you speed up to get alongside a car that is changing lanes in front of you. Or driving up the wrong way and being pissed at a driver who pulled out in front of your dumbass.

  • Jose Marino
    Jose Marino 19 hours ago

    Lots of bikers drive truly crazy then they get upset.

  • paris kontopas
    paris kontopas Day ago

    3:40 you dont have another work,this is legal he pass the stop,so you must wait because is in your road dude

  • paris kontopas
    paris kontopas Day ago

    2:30 wtf men you have a promblem

  • paris kontopas
    paris kontopas Day ago

    6:20 no its not stupid move idiot ,you are stop illegal in the center of the road,she trying not to crash with you idiot

  • paris kontopas
    paris kontopas Day ago

    Sorry but in the most part of the video cars when they have stops they wait you but they dont stop,still going with 3 or 5 km per hour.Sorry but this is not illegal they wait you

  • old dog
    old dog Day ago

    this guy sure has a lot of issues on his bike. maybe a car would suit him better. or perhaps a tank.

    • Straight chlorine
      Straight chlorine 9 hours ago

      You do realize this isn't all the same person right? If this is sarcasm, idk thats hard to read in a comment

  • костя сидореко

    Мотоцыке научи ездиь сочи

  • Scheren Schnitt
    Scheren Schnitt Day ago

    Lol the most drivers dont drive properly themselves and argue with the cardrivers. Idio arrogant motorists.

  • Ctuchik
    Ctuchik Day ago

    no it should say "retard bikers doing stupid shit being a danger to those around them".....

  • Unlipops Gaming
    Unlipops Gaming Day ago

    Some of them are just over reacting.

  • Jesse Baeza
    Jesse Baeza Day ago

    Most dumbass bikers here are the ones at fault dumb stupid fuck heads.. .

  • First name Last
    First name Last Day ago

    Wait this these people come to India. So much content they will get

  • DS. Kim
    DS. Kim Day ago

    Good video! I looked very good...Commet. please....Passing Notes Approach by Bass Line...Custom or Thumb Over(Jimi Hendrix..or..John Mayer.)?research material. … What do you think about this? please...advice.

  • Muhammad Vahmi
    Muhammad Vahmi Day ago

    GOKILS !

  • Turbo Twinz
    Turbo Twinz Day ago +1

    Bro, saying “I have this on camera” is like the most embarrassing argument.

    • Twinkier1
      Twinkier1 17 hours ago

      I love it when people say that. I usually tell them that they better forward the video to the FBI.

  • Alex F
    Alex F Day ago

    A 6.50 c du foutage de gueule le mec en moto rouge, car lui est complètement ou faut pas etre que cela lui plaise ou non. En plus il gueule le con

  • jynx 1966
    jynx 1966 Day ago

    I'm a biker and i see stupid shit every time I ride, but one thing I notice about most of these kind of videos, all these bikers are splitting lanes and going to fast for the conditions. there an accident waiting to happen .

  • rob geneuglijk
    rob geneuglijk Day ago

    8:40 ????

  • Jackson
    Jackson 2 days ago

    I was riding a scooter and fell down a hill and ripped my shorts. that biker crashed and launched like 20 feet. RIP his jeans.

  • Aumenarys
    Aumenarys 2 days ago

    US laws about motorcycles not being able to move freely through the different lanes are so stupid... What's the point of a motorcycle if you get stuck in traffic just the same as cars...?

  • adam molder
    adam molder 2 days ago

    more like dumb motorcyclist

  • Benjamin Fleming
    Benjamin Fleming 2 days ago

    The people need to learn about lane position and visibility. So many of these are avoidable by riding in a better lane position or giving themselves more space between cars.

  • Men X
    Men X 2 days ago +2

    6:51 I would say it was his fault

  • cramouel
    cramouel 2 days ago

    he la ligne blanche c'est pas pour les lapins mais pour les même abrutis que toi ainsi que le mec en voiture sur ce respect le code de la route avant de l'ouvrir

  • Xanman
    Xanman 2 days ago

    That was all your fault bruh 6:47😂 who drives on the On coming lane and gets mad when they get smacked while driving in it LOL

    • Xanman
      Xanman Day ago

      rob geneuglijk also facts

    • rob geneuglijk
      rob geneuglijk Day ago +1

      Thats a fact but what i’m supprised about is that all te motors drive faster then the rest of the traffic

  • neville elder
    neville elder 2 days ago

    Put yourself in someone's blind spot ...and they won't see you smh

  • brian marins
    brian marins 2 days ago

  • Chris Fogarty
    Chris Fogarty 2 days ago +2

    should call these vids goofbags on two wheels acting tough

  • ranter7100
    ranter7100 3 days ago

    6.26 just get back on your bike and shut up

  • Alfa Heruken
    Alfa Heruken 3 days ago


  • The Fitz
    The Fitz 3 days ago

    Most of these incidents are the biker's fault.

  • ocelotemoto
    ocelotemoto 3 days ago

    So many overreacting bitches. Motorcycling is dangerous, embrace that and stay focused.

  • Find A Job
    Find A Job 3 days ago

    Lol some of bikers has kind of butthert, that everyone on the road are against them.
    But most of the people just cant see bike in the RW mirror. And man on the bike should understand this, but not to collect the coins between the roadlines.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin 3 days ago

    At :14 the collision was completely avoidable. This rider had his head up his ass.The title should be crazy People and leave the biker among them.

  • fm7 fm7
    fm7 fm7 3 days ago

    3.30 he needs a ase kick really...but probably happened afeter

  • fm7 fm7
    fm7 fm7 3 days ago

    True ....bikers are dicks!!

  • Baron Karza
    Baron Karza 3 days ago

    the bikers are always in the wrong and blame others.

  • 최상진
    최상진 3 days ago

    Crazy Peple VS Crazy Bikers 2018 (feat. ass hole youtuber)

  • TheSmashcrash
    TheSmashcrash 3 days ago

    couple of them bikers messed up and got what was comen to em rofl, the rest ya.. people are horrible.

  • B L 3 A C H
    B L 3 A C H 3 days ago

    FINNALLY an English video

    DREAMSCAPE CINEMA 3 days ago

    6:52 serves that fucker right, dumbass, breaks the law, and gets mad about it, what a garbage human.

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason 3 days ago

    9:44 i love science... the wheels of the suv look like they stopped.

  • Josh L
    Josh L 3 days ago

    This is an instructional video, ride in a crowded city and this is what happens.

  • SilverShadow2LWB
    SilverShadow2LWB 3 days ago

    I see some common themes here. Speed, poor understanding of blind spots, agressive driving, bike thinking they own the road, poor tolerance of other drivers habits. In the end, the motorcycle usually loses.

  • Steven Eversole
    Steven Eversole 3 days ago

    No sympathy.

  • Richard Harding
    Richard Harding 3 days ago +1

    If the guy at 6:50 hadn't been illegally passing, he wouldn't have been hit by someone making an unsafe illegal u-turn, ha. Yet it's not his fault, he's gonna blame it all on the other driver. Fact: It was both their faults.

  • Brix 104
    Brix 104 4 days ago

    Carlota Biker ist selber schuld.
    Fährt auf der falschen Seite woher will ein Autofahrer wissen das da ein Motorradfahrer kommt...

  • Niko M.
    Niko M. 4 days ago +1

    Classic... stupid crazy angry biker that wants to cause problems just because...

  • khoffmann1978
    khoffmann1978 4 days ago

    You are driving like a idiot LOL KARMA is coming to you..

  • Mouatez Rivad
    Mouatez Rivad 4 days ago

    in my county if you talk you fucked sun

  • Divergents
    Divergents 4 days ago

    9:42 the shutter speed of the camera match the speed of the tyres haha

  • dawn nite
    dawn nite 4 days ago


  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 4 days ago

    I'd be lying if I said that one of the little reasons I'd love to start riding a motorcycle is because you can look intimidating with a helmet hahahaha.