Remotely Run Programs On Another Computer (NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED)

  • Published on Dec 24, 2013
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  • Pro Odermonicon
    Pro Odermonicon 5 months ago +1

    Instantly noticed the "lt"

  • hi-tech video
    hi-tech video 7 months ago

    Administer add my laptop.

  • Kumara Swamy
    Kumara Swamy 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Epic 7000
    Epic 7000 11 months ago +2

    U done fuked up. Boi just take the video down and make a helpful one in it's place.

    • Aquarium Gravel
      Aquarium Gravel 7 months ago


    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  11 months ago

      Epic 7000 oh and You dun goofed

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  11 months ago +1

      Epic 7000 I already made an updated one.. two actually. one using TeamViewer and another using a tool I can't remember the name of but it's basically CMD but remote.

  • muhammad naeem
    muhammad naeem Year ago

    wow what a fucked up bullshit video

  • Dingly Do
    Dingly Do Year ago +1

    While he didn't exactly do what the title says, which is to run programs remotely, I personally found the video to be still useful. And for those who need a summary for what he did, imma sum it up and hopefully make the video clear:
    - Run a program at the start of the targeted computer (ANONYMOUS-PC)
    - Restart the computer so that it can run
    - First he enabled Administrator using `net user Administrator /active:yes` And then he signed out and then signed back in into that account (NOTE: He never did that in the video, but he did do that before the video started).
    - He used `net view` to view all the computers on his network.
    - Connected to the computer using explorer and opened the startup folder. The startup folder launches all the programs in it at the beginning of the computer.
    - Made a batch file that will launch command prompt and just output random numbers.
    - Put the batch file in the startup folder, this completes the first goal of the video.
    - Finally, he restarted the targeted computer (And he also pinged it to check whether it has restarted). This completes the second goal of the video.
    He didn't remotely execute anything other than the shutdown command. The program only gets executed once the computer starts. But that's not a remote execution.

  • Karim Hassan
    Karim Hassan Year ago +1

    you know what is funny I tried to tracert your computer but I couldn't XD ... BTW i am new to this so i dont know alot

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova Year ago +2

    Thanks for wasting my time. you are just sooooo dump

    • Epic 7000
      Epic 7000 11 months ago +1

      Is he really dump? Like dump? are you sure?

  • Working _Man
    Working _Man Year ago +1

    LMFAO - so the terrorist are already on your network. Great. And now you copy your files to the terrorist computer, after you activate local admin account and change password. ROFL --- you got me when you did administrator active:yes....... Already active LOL

  • Yeung Wallace
    Yeung Wallace Year ago

    waste time !!!! dumb ass!

  • Yazdany Light
    Yazdany Light Year ago +2

    Waste of time

  • Dan-Marius Dobrea

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  • Solomon Samuel
    Solomon Samuel Year ago

    it's not going to work with me
    what I'm looking for is like
    startapp.exe \\pc1\sharedapps\app1.exe
    but your method is good :)

  • Caleb de los Angeles

    I'm going to have to say right away, this is all software. Okay.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  Year ago

      That took me so long to get that, like two separate page visits. lol

  • sameers1979
    sameers1979 Year ago +1

    Bad Video.. Should have redone too many mistakes

  • German Duterte
    German Duterte Year ago +13

    I learn nothing you waste our time

  • Paper House Films
    Paper House Films Year ago +1

    im looking for a software wherein i can execute a program remotely on other workstation using my server pc so that i dont need to walk from my place to that area.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  Year ago

      RDP or perhaps a RA command line tool

    • Paper House Films
      Paper House Films Year ago

      NovaComputing i know that software, but its inappropriate or i can't use it. What i want to use is, ** in the software, network computer is listed(maybe 20 computers,) then i'll just right on that one computer, and it says execute program ** then i ll choose what program. Example. Ms word..

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  Year ago


  • Bishal Thapa
    Bishal Thapa 2 years ago +1

    lol ..with windows😂😂

  • summoner2100
    summoner2100 2 years ago +4

    This is just shit, and it's also not what the title says. You're literally just copying through file explorer a bat file (that does nothing except display crap) to the start up folder of a machine.
    This is not what is meant by running a program remotely. That means to sit at your computer, send a command, and the machine opens paint, for example.
    I realise this video is old, but it came up while I was searching, and wasted my time. Change the title, you're not doing shit here.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      Not pointless, just not what you need. If you bothered to read the title you would see thet this tutorial has NO ADDED SOFTWARE. IE Built in stuff, not a RAT for script kiddies like you. Your efforts are pointless.

    • summoner2100
      summoner2100 2 years ago

      Can't use team viewer if someone's on the machines. That's the purpose of sending remote commands. There's plenty of other people in your comments here saying the same thing as me, so change the title or delete the video because what you've shown is pointless.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      I can't exactly put a RAT on youtube now can I? Use teamviewer.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 2 years ago

    umm can you put the thing that you wrote in batch.bat pls !

  • lmartinez hms
    lmartinez hms 2 years ago

    As a network admin you can c$(C bill) in. ex. \\anonymous-pc\c$. Or use PSexec to do everything remotely. Google it since it's a part of a set of tools.

  • Itay Cohen
    Itay Cohen 2 years ago +1

    I can do that with id?

  • Jebedia47
    Jebedia47 2 years ago +13

    Thanks for wasting my time, the name of this video has nothing to do with what it is. I'm not even sure what you accomplished in this video.

    • Pro Odermonicon
      Pro Odermonicon 5 months ago

      +NovaComputing joke?

    • hitter
      hitter Year ago

      this was the best response you could have given AND you made him wait a month for it. LOL

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  Year ago

      shutdown -i will force it to run, duh.

    • Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper Year ago

      And don't you have to be locally connected with the computer to do this?

    • summoner2100
      summoner2100 Year ago

      No, he didn't. He put it in a folder. He didn't ACTUALLY run it. The machine doesn't do anything with it until it restarts. At that point it's auto running, but NOT remotely running.

  • pismo10
    pismo10 2 years ago +1

    Cant get into /windows/ my life...from a networked PC

  • Daniel Tiemann
    Daniel Tiemann 2 years ago +2

    good work. time for you to learn linux, python, Unix etc etc. keep up the good work. and stay anon.

  • MR. Smosh
    MR. Smosh 2 years ago +1

    can you tell me the name of the software which you are use to record the screem plzzz plzzz its urgent

  • Hensly Yung
    Hensly Yung 2 years ago +1

    Instead of browsing to the folder and copy the file why not create a batch that would copy it to the location. faster and cleaner.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      Holy mother of oh my friggin flippin flibbin frickin good idea :)

  • Charlie Yevrianto
    Charlie Yevrianto 2 years ago +1

    how to open program/software from main computer to other computer without instal the program to user computer

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      I suppose you could run a remote command to open it FROM your computer over the network..

  • Johann The Moose
    Johann The Moose 2 years ago +1

    i tried to do the system admin thing on the cmd, but it says access is denied... why ;-;

  • sesh
    sesh 2 years ago +1

    Holy shit man are you a "official" hacker? How much experience do you have?

  • Jeff Hykin
    Jeff Hykin 2 years ago +1

    I'm doing software and data management at a company and this is really useful information, thanks.
    You seem really knowledgeable about DOS/shell. The video could be edited a bit more, but you talk well so the uncut version is actually enjoyable. A rare combination of skills. Keep it up! ... even though this comment is 3 years late

    • Dingly Do
      Dingly Do Year ago

      Windows 10 should work just fine, I don't believe explorer changed that much from windows 7 to windows 10.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago


    • da doood
      da doood 2 years ago

      dude i couldnt get this to work is it becuz iam on windows 10?

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago +1

      I still saw it, and appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Jonattan Chuquimia Abal

    What is this shit!

  • Lovelace
    Lovelace 3 years ago +1


    • Lil Nigger Faggot
      Lil Nigger Faggot 2 years ago

      Smart, Brah

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      I know but most novice users are afraid of that sort of thing. I might just make a RAT that can be customized and released into the wild by anyone smart enough to do small hex-edits lol

    • Lil Nigger Faggot
      Lil Nigger Faggot 2 years ago

      Nova you should just use kali linux it is built for hacking but it's a little bit easier to use and you can send remote control attacks and control all the user's computers assets. i have a kali linux bootable usb.

    • Lil Nigger Faggot
      Lil Nigger Faggot 2 years ago


    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  2 years ago

      I love you guys

  • Philip Glick
    Philip Glick 3 years ago

    Call me 561 302 3266

  • Susan Robinson
    Susan Robinson 3 years ago +3

    Why are you wasting time?

  • Yaroslav Orudzhov
    Yaroslav Orudzhov 3 years ago +3

    too much talking and finally not what is expected from the description.
    This is not whats ment by people to run anything remotely.
    And also it matters to which user's startup folder you bring the files as those folders are all separated for different users. The current user logging in will only use its own folder and All Users folder.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  3 years ago

      +Yaroslav Orudzhov Feel free to watch other videos, but only by me. You can only watch my videos! Also, good point on the second part.

  • Jake Stampfli
    Jake Stampfli 3 years ago +2

    should have inserted the switch "-t 0" for time till shutdown being zero seconds. this would have instantly shut down the PC instead of waiting 30 seconds. I.E. "shutdown -r -m \\ComputerName -t 0"

  • Solomon David
    Solomon David 3 years ago +1

    whenever I try to write the first command I get "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." how do I fix this?

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  3 years ago

      +Solomon David run cmd as admin

    • Dave David
      Dave David 3 years ago

      +Solomon David did you start cmd as an administrator, that's just a poke at what might be wrong

    • Solomon David
      Solomon David 3 years ago

      +Dave David I dont know if you know what I was talking about. I was referring to the command "net user administrator /active:yes" when I tyep that in cmd prompt I get that error.

    • Dave David
      Dave David 3 years ago

      I think he said earlier in the video, in order to access folders from the other computer, it first has to be off

  • Abraham Alaniz
    Abraham Alaniz 3 years ago +1

    How can I do a ping sweep?

  • Meng Yin
    Meng Yin 3 years ago +1


  • weldrocks
    weldrocks 3 years ago +14

    Writing a file to a computer and then launching it is different then running a program remotely. You are just copying it to a remote directory and then launching it locally.

    • phonsogood chanal
      phonsogood chanal Month ago +2

      That's not how 𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 and 𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐫 works lmao 😂

    • Dingly Do
      Dingly Do Year ago

      He didn't *just* copy it to the remote directory, and he never launched it locally. What he did was he put his batch file in the STARTUP folder, what makes this folder so unique is that everything in that folder will startup once windows starts up automatically. So while he never launched it remotely, the user of that computer will launch them selves without realizing.

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  3 years ago

      +weldrocks Nuh uh

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves 3 years ago

    Hey, is it possible to remotely run a Windows program (that is installed on another machine) on a Mac running OS X? I want to do something similar to what we can do with the Steam game streaming, where I can stream my Windows-only games from my gaming PC to my Mac, but with non-steam games and other softwares not available for Mac.

    • Lucas Alves
      Lucas Alves 3 years ago

      +MinuteMan Thanks, I'll try to get it working with Wine!

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  3 years ago

      +Lucas Alves Hm, yes, but you would need some kind of emulator or code translator

  • Raw Tee
    Raw Tee 3 years ago +1

    this must be win 98
    in win vista pro.. there is a fold startup and it is empty...

    • Raw Tee
      Raw Tee 2 years ago

      Honestly I have no clue what this is about better get Windows 10 it's much better than 7

    • DoggNoggs
      DoggNoggs 2 years ago

      Well, this isn't even Windows Vista. It's Windows 7.

  • Lauren Siemens
    Lauren Siemens 3 years ago +1

    what gets me upset about these tutorials is that they do not tell me that I need the pro version such as 8.1 pro

  • Bill Sidiropoulos
    Bill Sidiropoulos 3 years ago +1

    you cant be administator from the user's console i have tried with the system32 console and the acces dienied

  • Steve S
    Steve S 4 years ago +1

    Excellent, Very interesting tutorial.
    Funny to,.... I did wonder why you was pinging your own computer (LoL)
    But felt like I did not want to say anything, because you was actually teaching me something :)
    Woo-Bam!!! who`s a winner now :)
    Anyway I am going to subscribe, as I never know when I`m going to be in an adjacent room to some insurgents and need to send a batch file in there system :) or maybe just a link to pornhub to keep em occupied :)
    When you say you need to have the same credentials as the other computer, do you mean there has to be an account on the computer that replicates the computer you are sending the .bat file to?
    As in - the remote pc has a user called TOM who has an Administraor account and who`s password is HARRY.?
    So you would need to create a new Administraor account on the pc your using with the username as TOM and a password for that account as HARRY?
    Is that correct or am I misunderstanding what you mean by credentials?
    Nice Vid all the same :)

    • NovaComputing
      NovaComputing  4 years ago

      That's correct, you may want to use the Windows Credential Manager

  • The OG Zybu™
    The OG Zybu™ 5 years ago

    Hey can you show us how to hack into other peoples computer or like instagram account if you know how i would really like to screw with some of my friends

    • The Revanchist
      The Revanchist 3 years ago

      +The OG Zybu™ Hey, I'd like to tell you one year later that that would be illegal which is why nobody EVER responded

    • The Revanchist
      The Revanchist 3 years ago

      +The OG Zybu™ Hey, I'd like to tell you one year later that that would be illegal which is why nobody EVER responded

  • Marty Robbins
    Marty Robbins 5 years ago +1

    can you update you minecraft program?

  • Kinglyduck
    Kinglyduck 5 years ago +1

    I noticed it