ULTIMATE Back To School Shopping! - What's In My College Bag Ep. 13 - System G Carry+ 17 Review

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • In this episode of What's In My Bag, we go back to school/college shopping haul in 2019, this time on a budget, and oh boy, do I have some awesome everyday carry gear for you to check out! This isn't the coolest, flashiest, or prettiest stuff, but instead, I went for functional and affordable.
    ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.
    ⬇️ BACKPACK:
    ⚠️ System G Carry+ 17 Backpack - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
    ⬇️ GEAR:
    1. [2:58] - OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder - geni.us/tfSAA
    2. [3:15] - Fisher Space Bullet Pen - geni.us/C6zLr
    3. [3:43] - KEY-BAK Sidekick Carabiner - geni.us/QDpT
    4. [4:11] - B A S U eAlarm+ - geni.us/XNbYu
    5. [4:32] - Casio AE1200WH-1A Watch - geni.us/31XF1By
    6. [4:53] - Contigo Autoseal Cortland, 24 oz. - geni.us/zPFBN
    7. [5:20] - Westmark Resealer - geni.us/ZiYLPd2
    8. [5:23] - Final Touch GoSip Straw - amzn.to/2KVo1XU
    9. [5:31] - AmazonBasics Travel Umbrella - geni.us/mrYV
    10. [5:43] - Tile Pro Tracker - geni.us/8UtX73I
    11. [5:43] - Victorinox MiniChamp Multi-Tool - geni.us/NnoP3eK
    12. [6:15] - DSPTCH CapSnap - bit.ly/2SMqchN
    13. [6:39] - Mighty Vibe - bit.ly/2QCR6uU
    14. [6:45] - Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo - geni.us/TvIndI6
    15. [7:44] - Burton Cable Lock - geni.us/tprix
    16. [8:48] - Apple iPad Pro 11" Tablet - geni.us/Z98KL
    17. [9:00] - Apple Pencil 2 - geni.us/FX2fAwl
    18. [9:18] - Apple Smart Keyboard Folio - geni.us/bCb9e9a
    19. [9:29] - SlickWraps Apple Smart Keyboard Folio Skin - bit.ly/2L8oOU2
    20. [9:41] - UAG Scout Case - geni.us/u3uO
    21. [9:50] - Ringke Laptop Stand - geni.us/aPzV
    22. [10:05] - NTAG216 NFC Tag Stickers ($9) - geni.us/BYBqKF
    23. [10:38] - System G Carry+ Utility Pack - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
    24. [10:50] - Logitech M720 Triathalon Mouse - geni.us/adcm8
    25. [10:58] - Twelve South StayGo - geni.us/y7uG
    26. [11:12] - RAVPower 61W Type-C PD Charger - geni.us/MUcq
    27. [11:28] - Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB Drive - geni.us/PLQ2N
    28. [11:51] - CHAFON Multi USB Cable - geni.us/3bTeq0q
    29. [13:15] - RAVPower USB-C to Lightning Cable - geni.us/rw5SDc7
    30. [13:34] - Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box - geni.us/QGl9
    31. [14:55] - Sugru - geni.us/nnwPd
    32. [15:02] - Wysi Wipes - geni.us/Xw4TGS
    33. [15:47] - Gamesir G6 Controller - geni.us/ZAWAvI
    34. [16:31] - Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee - geni.us/nZ8QnZ
    35. [16:42] - TipTop Things Air Deck - geni.us/lSN3Y
    36. [17:26] - Nakabayashi Magnetic Bookmark Ruler - bit.ly/2MzNmbS
    37. [17:52] - FujiFilm Instax SP-2 - geni.us/wPfFBF
    38. [18:23] - Matador Pocket Blanket 2 - geni.us/nTZS
    39. [19:05] - Ostrich Pillow Mini - geni.us/56G4AcC
    40. [19:26] - System G Carry+ Travel Organizer (SAVE 15%, PRE-ORDER) - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
    41. [19:53] - BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case - geni.us/WplaeWz
    42. [20:01] - Joby GripTight Micro Stand for Small Tablets - geni.us/DBaWp6
    43. [20:38] - The Anxiety Toolkit, Alice Boyes, PhD - geni.us/aByorh
    44. [21:15] - Heroclip Carabiner - geni.us/HwYRO
    ⚠️ EXCESSORIZE ME. Mystery Box - bit.ly/2Maxc7U
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