ULTIMATE $1000 2HYPE NBA 2K20 TOURNAMENT! ft. FlightReacts

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
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    Filmed by (Kenny): ru-clip.net/channel/UCrkIYC4k9zuLl2KHFfjvSRg

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Comments • 1 923

  • Zmd squad
    Zmd squad Hour ago

    20:37 lsk bout to cry

  • Krypt Zyion
    Krypt Zyion 2 hours ago +1


  • Anthony Merz
    Anthony Merz Day ago

    Salt fest lol

  • Reiley Satele
    Reiley Satele Day ago

    Messer should’ve versed the loser of Kris n Flights game

  • Dominic Hecker
    Dominic Hecker 2 days ago

    flight gave it away bruh

  • Crazy Boy
    Crazy Boy 3 days ago +1

    In the board you actually writed tourament and not tournament

  • cLouT kAiD
    cLouT kAiD 3 days ago

    Jessie can be so annoying sometimes😐

  • ivan perez
    ivan perez 3 days ago

    21:42 is Zach vs cash in semifinals

    LIL NUGG3T 3 days ago

    Lol I remember Cheesaholic absolutely wrecked and dropped off Flightreacts in 2k

  • FlitFlik
    FlitFlik 4 days ago

    Zack said that Isaiah Thomas is a baby but in reality they're like the same height lol

  • ziler nichols
    ziler nichols 4 days ago

    Can we please all agree that cash gets pissed off easily

  • Sport Highlights
    Sport Highlights 5 days ago

    Zack try hard

  • AkaJayden
    AkaJayden 5 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Blake The god
    Blake The god 7 days ago +1

    A wise man once said “he yetted it and greened it”

  • Rotten_ Rabbit92
    Rotten_ Rabbit92 7 days ago

    25:50 Mopi laughing at cash's reaction 😂😂😂 killed me

  • Trevor Kress
    Trevor Kress 9 days ago

    Zack look like he boutta cry 😂 🧂

  • Clapz Chip
    Clapz Chip 9 days ago

    It’s funny how quick flight can shut up

  • Traylon Harris
    Traylon Harris 9 days ago

    What shoes did cash have on?

  • AuzzieTube
    AuzzieTube 10 days ago

    flight is always saying someone cheated, thats why I don't watch him anymore.

  • AuzzieTube
    AuzzieTube 10 days ago

    flight is a spammer

  • Vuk Kankaraš
    Vuk Kankaraš 10 days ago

    Really great video.Do part 2

  • ThatTryHardV 305
    ThatTryHardV 305 10 days ago

    Lebrons personal foot massager 🤪😂

  • Marc Naval
    Marc Naval 11 days ago +1

    24:24 with that bounce bahahack?

  • DodderyMMG
    DodderyMMG 11 days ago

    Mopioe is the best

  • Janice Rider
    Janice Rider 11 days ago +1

    You guys should make a 6 minute video of Jesse screaming

  • Jershad Kennedy
    Jershad Kennedy 11 days ago

    How you spelled tournament wrong on the board

  • Marcus Cheng
    Marcus Cheng 11 days ago

    Kris lowkey sounds like a pussy when he’s mad 😂

  • Sport Highlights
    Sport Highlights 12 days ago

    I feel bad for mopi 😭😢😡😡🤬

  • Gaming with Salman
    Gaming with Salman 12 days ago

    where is epiikai

  • nappy' Båñk
    nappy' Båñk 12 days ago +1

    FlightExcuses is here hmph, still complaing...

  • Jackson Ivey
    Jackson Ivey 13 days ago

    Everyone except for cash did not want flight there

  • AKMemez
    AKMemez 15 days ago

    i love 2k tournament videos

  • Kase 777
    Kase 777 15 days ago

    Salty alert

  • lachlan fo life lol
    lachlan fo life lol 15 days ago

    Does Jones realize on the board it says tourament

  • Tania Delapaz
    Tania Delapaz 15 days ago

    Bertans is the best 3point shooter in NBA so next time you ball with him

  • Whiteboy Entertainment

    they all on meth

  • Tucker Matthews
    Tucker Matthews 17 days ago

    I don't know about you guys but I like to play tournaments but 2hype apparently like touraments

  • Aiden Vogel
    Aiden Vogel 17 days ago

    Y'all should have done it on blacktop

  • Bolty_Destroy
    Bolty_Destroy 18 days ago

    They called kris the “light skinned giraffe” “RARE” hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 @ 20:42

  • Gabriel Trejo
    Gabriel Trejo 18 days ago

    At the zoo in pheonix we saw chris in a zoo and the people said he is a rale light skin giraffe like to undo

  • Jacob Garland34
    Jacob Garland34 18 days ago

    Go cash

  • Underrated Quin
    Underrated Quin 18 days ago

    who ever loses to flight I’m unsubscribing to

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown 18 days ago

    Flight got better at 2K.

  • Jayden Lara
    Jayden Lara 19 days ago +2

    I can’t wait till I see Zach get destroyed it’s sooo annoying watching him try so hard 😤

  • DRoss JRoss
    DRoss JRoss 20 days ago +1

    Jesse is the best at 2k than Zack

  • xPost RC
    xPost RC 21 day ago

    Flight lowkey off his rockets💀🍃

  • jerel Gutter29
    jerel Gutter29 21 day ago

    32:44 #rudyonyobooty

  • Fusion Clan
    Fusion Clan 21 day ago

    Ima be 100 percent real I have really stopped watching you guess because in all of your challenges Jesser always wins he gets the bye In 2k or he will play in his own challenges on his channel and always win something like cmon man it is just not fun to watch anymore

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa 21 day ago

    Your forgetting he has the cheesiest 3 point shooter in the game

  • Declan Knox
    Declan Knox 22 days ago

    I’m watching it a month after u made it Becuase it is so good

  • Zlocksy
    Zlocksy 22 days ago

    Flight team SIT DOWN!

  • Frostyy Smacks
    Frostyy Smacks 22 days ago

    I like how Jesse spelled tourament instead of tournament

  • Tokebt.w
    Tokebt.w 23 days ago

    Its says in the white board tourament😂

  • DJ The Basketballer
    DJ The Basketballer 23 days ago

    They should have made jesser vs a cpu on hall of fame

  • Armani McKenzie
    Armani McKenzie 24 days ago

    Y’all peep how tournament was spelled though

  • CJ SO COOL 2
    CJ SO COOL 2 24 days ago

    Cash : yelling everytime he scored

  • Reaper Brelen
    Reaper Brelen 24 days ago

    Jesser is lucky but he is good at basketball

  • Lenny P
    Lenny P 24 days ago

    $1,000 tourament *

  • OTS Wizzojed
    OTS Wizzojed 24 days ago

    Anyone else taught that was wiz khalifa

  • Trace This1
    Trace This1 25 days ago

    You spelled tournament wrong on the board