UFC 245: Kamaru Usman Octagon Interview

  • Hear from welterweight champion Kamaru Usman after his battle with Colby Covington in the main event of UFC 245.
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Comments • 80

  • The Grimwiz
    The Grimwiz 31 minute ago

    Let's do a fundraiser to buy as any flex tapes as possible. I'm hearing that Colby's jaw can fall off any moment.

  • Okoye Stevens Ike
    Okoye Stevens Ike 2 days ago

    colbitch covidton's Jaw Got Smashed in... Loooooolz 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤

  • Dilshod Sariyev
    Dilshod Sariyev 3 days ago

    Alaxu akbar USMAN

  • Top videos
    Top videos 10 days ago

    Usman 馃挴馃槏

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    real fight
    1:45 馃敟馃挒馃挄
    馃憞 馃憞 馃憞 馃憞馃

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    a tough fight
    0:59 馃挋馃敟馃挌
    馃憞 馃憞 馃憞馃挆

  • Igheghe Kingsley
    Igheghe Kingsley 14 days ago

    Bros you balance will

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    phenomenal fight
    0:53 馃敟馃挏馃挌

  • Jude Agbons
    Jude Agbons 17 days ago

    You have make Edo state proud one love man pleas come back home and help the youth brother

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    phenomenal fight
    1:51 鉂ゐ煉
    馃憞 馃憞馃挍

  • Liam Gelissen
    Liam Gelissen 18 days ago

    Thank you Usman

  • Carlos Valenzuela
    Carlos Valenzuela 18 days ago

    I wish this fight had gotten more recognition and love, one of the greatest fights in UFC history and all people were focused on was trashing Colby and his broken jaw.

  • Boxing & Gaming Pro
    Boxing & Gaming Pro 19 days ago

    In my opinion
    Kamura would a win a split decision against McGregor
    And he would would win by late ko against masvidal

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    real fight
    1:55 馃挄馃敟馃敟

  • EDJK
    EDJK 25 days ago

    man him talking about losing his nephew just made me tear up 馃槩 Usman my nigga YOU DID YOUR SHIT BEST MOMENT IN MMA HISTORY BROKE THAT MF鈥檚 JAW 馃憡馃徔

  • 啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝

    a serious injury
    0:30 馃挐馃敟

  • KiNG jAWBo
    KiNG jAWBo 28 days ago

    Family is all we got鉂 all life is precious

  • werlin padilla
    werlin padilla Month ago

    饾惍饾惉饾惁饾悮饾惂: 饾悵饾惃 饾惒饾惃饾惍 饾惏饾悮饾惂饾惌 饾惌饾惃 饾惌饾悮饾惉饾惌饾悶 饾悮 饾惂饾悽饾悹饾悶饾惈饾悽饾悮饾惂 饾悵饾悶饾惀饾悽饾悳饾悮饾悳饾惒 饾悳饾悮饾惀饾惀饾悶饾悵 饾悽饾惒饾悮饾惂 (饾惂饾悽饾悹饾悶饾惈饾悽饾悮饾惂 饾惄饾惃饾惍饾惂饾悵饾悶饾悵 饾惒饾悮饾惁)?
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  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +1

    Yes Usman won but not with out a few cheap tactics. We all saw! The fake groin kick gave him a refresher from onslaught of pressure at that moment. The fake eye poke and they replayed it, Colby's pinkie finger missing the left eye but Usman was complaining to the Doctor about his right eye, check it out. Usman's corner got the news about Colby's broken Jaw via cell phone social media for RD5. If he didn't know he would not have been as brave to advance. If that's not cheating? Who fights 2Rds with a frikkin broken Jaw??

  • Micheal Bangster
    Micheal Bangster Month ago


    LIMITLESS SHARING Month ago +2

    Woodley said Dana doesn't like him as a Champ because he is black... Kamaru doesn't seem white to me...

  • Laleamfakzual chhangte

    he's so fake sayin that he didn't know that his jaw was broken when clearly his cornerman told him that Colby's jaw got broken and the other thing is that his mind is so strong that he had to fake a low blow while in he's in a bad position, not to mention the shots on the back of the head which the blind ref choose not to see, they have to run it back, would love to see the rematch cos this fight isn't done yet

    • Laleamfakzual chhangte
      Laleamfakzual chhangte Month ago +1

      @Mayowa Balogun and he wasn't out either, how many fighters have u seen got knock down but able to bounce back and surely colby can do it, the stoppage was also very controversial, Colby wasn't out in fact the ref should have break the fight right then and give some time to Colby cos usman was clearly hittin him on the back of the head while Colby was going for a double leg , the stoppage wasn't fair, it was a championship fight

    • Mayowa Balogun
      Mayowa Balogun Month ago

      Laleamfakzual chhangte looool fair enough but the wind didn鈥檛 knock that boy down twice and break his jaw

  • terrence samps
    terrence samps Month ago

    This one is not just for me this one is for the whooole entire world right now lol.. definitely

  • John Risko
    John Risko Month ago

    If Usman didnt finish him he would of lost congrats to usman true champion

  • Any girl
    Any girl Month ago

    I LOVE YOUUU馃嚙馃嚪鉂ゐ焽仇焽

  • Amaterasu
    Amaterasu 2 months ago

    may Allah have mercy on your nephew Usman

  • Amaterasu
    Amaterasu 2 months ago


  • psyche
    psyche 2 months ago

    This was a shit ending.

  • Harry Harry
    Harry Harry 2 months ago

    Wow you can see how vicious people are who are against the 'racist Covington' in the comments. Good job they arent racist or they would really be bad right?

  • Curtis Littrice
    Curtis Littrice 2 months ago

    Colby soft like Charmin. No respect for trash talking snowflakes.

  • Platinum Black
    Platinum Black 2 months ago

    Blackzillian: 2
    ATT: 0

  • Zod-Clash royale and Clash of clans

    My jaw was a balloon

  • Rafly Alfiy
    Rafly Alfiy 2 months ago

    Kamaru Usman Sucks

  • RedaBe
    RedaBe 2 months ago +1

    Watching this back, I can safely say McGregor has a chance against Kamaru, he actually got hit hard and rocked multiple times against Colby

    • Darren Reddix
      Darren Reddix 2 months ago

      That always happens when 2 wrestlers are fighting they choose to stand & bang, which is why I'm not surprised it happened.

  • Ch芒u Thi峄噉 C瓢峄漬g

    Usman you chicken 馃悢馃悢

  • Spekki
    Spekki 2 months ago

    These kids in the comment section, fucking libtards lol, bet they would not last a round with someone like mickey gall let alone usman lol



  • santeri viljanen
    santeri viljanen 2 months ago +1

    How the hell is he 183 cm or 6 feet if he is like literaly the size of Joe Rogan who is a midget

  • Christian Carranza
    Christian Carranza 2 months ago

    Cobly ran out of the cage like a coward does.you just how strong people really are.when there down and out.you see just what kind of a man they are rather than.what they pretend to be great show.do it again please.

  • Milky Films Gaming
    Milky Films Gaming 2 months ago

    All sh$t talking Donald supporter got F@&ked

  • Marcos Lugo
    Marcos Lugo 2 months ago

    Ur a true champion usman 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憦馃従馃憦馃従馃憦馃従

  • Rj Shahzad
    Rj Shahzad 2 months ago

    a real solider usman..congratulations

  • Menino do Rio
    Menino do Rio 2 months ago

    A铆 meu cumpadi ganhou um irm茫o t谩 muito junto Nig茅ria.

  • Rashmith Suvarna
    Rashmith Suvarna 2 months ago

    Colby dominated until mid forth round despite broke jaw..Colby is insane apart from trash talk and I'm sure he can avenge against Usman in rematch

  • moguns1971
    moguns1971 2 months ago

    He gave colby props

  • wrybread
    wrybread 2 months ago

    Absolute, and complete, pure awesomeness.

  • 鍌叺Cloud
    鍌叺Cloud 2 months ago

    Trump will ask Mexico to rebuild his buddy鈥檚 jaw.

  • Rodrigo Vazquez
    Rodrigo Vazquez 2 months ago


  • Ray M.
    Ray M. 2 months ago

    Thanx Usman the Champion.

    RONALDINHO BEBETO 2 months ago

    Colby listen song for you. listen 馃槀馃槀 ru-clip.net/video/79PkbMuhea8/video.html 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槄馃槄 thank you USMAN馃挌RESPECT USMAN !!!

  • Aarons DIY Garage
    Aarons DIY Garage 2 months ago

    i really dont like usman,no charistma at all,hope masdival knockout this dude.

    • Indra Paths
      Indra Paths 2 months ago +1

      masvidal ducking usman. masvidal would rather fight a bum like conor mcgregor than a 11-0 in the ufc, 4th longest active win streak behind tony ferguson, khabib and jon jones, The nigerian nightmare kamaru usman. usman would rape masvidal

    • easynamed
      easynamed 2 months ago

      masvidal dodging usman if they fight you will see masvidal getting ragdolled.

  • warlita blasabas
    warlita blasabas 2 months ago

    Dirty fight! I don't like it at all!!! Usman pretended that colby kicked his balls what a bunch of liars!!! Just saying 馃槀馃槀馃槀
    By the way I don't care who wins that fight anyway 馃槣馃槣馃槣

  • Rabbi Shekelstein
    Rabbi Shekelstein 2 months ago +2

    No way masvidal could survive that...

  • quem leu 茅 gay
    quem leu 茅 gay 2 months ago +5


  • Alexander Tolivaisa
    Alexander Tolivaisa 2 months ago

    His name was Marty. Google Marty Usman.

  • Chen Bhui
    Chen Bhui 2 months ago +1

    Next khabib vs usman

  • Big_BootyHunter 832
    Big_BootyHunter 832 3 months ago

    Its all about the respect...
    -Logan Paul

  • Dawood Ashrati
    Dawood Ashrati 3 months ago

    Colby you get fuckt you fucking moron

  • Thomas Buchovecky
    Thomas Buchovecky 3 months ago

    Huge win for anybody who opposes fascism

  • Sami Abdelbari
    Sami Abdelbari 3 months ago

    Usman is the boss form Africa big time champion am fun from Tunisia

  • Miguel Augusto
    Miguel Augusto 3 months ago

    Usman vc 茅 o cara irm茫o 馃憦馃憦馃憦

  • Earn BabaHawi
    Earn BabaHawi 3 months ago

    Each time I watch this ,, goosebumps

  • Esmys termite contr
    Esmys termite contr 3 months ago

    Make his 馃挬 face great agay..

    OPTIMUS PRIME 3 months ago +2

    2:13 I looked at the big screen but didn't see the knock down 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Lamin 2ray
    Lamin 2ray 3 months ago

    Love brothermen 馃枻馃枻馃枻馃枻鉁婐煆库湂馃徔鉁婐煆

  • Gustavo hernandez
    Gustavo hernandez 3 months ago

    2K MagaJaws dislike the video

  • Matt Gosling
    Matt Gosling 3 months ago

    This was a long hard fight for both of them, colby fuckin face looking well banged up after 5rds of nothing but striking.

  • Matt Gosling
    Matt Gosling 3 months ago

    Those latest ufc belts honestly look shit compared to the old ones, much prefer the other style.

  • Rizky Aprilio
    Rizky Aprilio 3 months ago

    BOOO Kamaru Usman BOOOOOOOOO

  • Hazwan Azman
    Hazwan Azman 3 months ago

    Great fights,Respect to Colby even though he lost. Hats off to Kamaru. Both are great fighters despite of trash talking.

  • Hugo Roberts
    Hugo Roberts 3 months ago +11

    Kumaru's "little big" Brother.

    • Mystery Man
      Mystery Man 15 days ago

      I think what he meant was that it was his younger brother but the guy is a huge heavyweight. Nevertheless, RIP to his son.

  • Jordan Conde
    Jordan Conde 3 months ago

    Respect to usman hes gonna be very tough to beat

  • Cody Greenly
    Cody Greenly 3 months ago

    Judges scorecards had Colby winning at the 5th round ... lmao judge got usman the win Colby is American solider

    • easynamed
      easynamed 2 months ago

      you're delusional the scorecard for the 5th round was 10-8 for usman.

    • Cody Greenly
      Cody Greenly 3 months ago

      Dan Mickalow how not ?

    • Dan Mickalow
      Dan Mickalow 3 months ago +1

      you're not making sense man.

  • Ishmail Sarr
    Ishmail Sarr 3 months ago

    That's a world champ right there. Mad love Kamaru.

  • Ghost Diagnosed
    Ghost Diagnosed 3 months ago


  • muslim khan
    muslim khan 3 months ago

    Love my muslim brother usman馃嚦馃嚞馃嚦馃嚞馃嚦馃嚞

    • MEHDI
      MEHDI 3 months ago

      He's not Muslim

  • The Jizzer
    The Jizzer 3 months ago


  • William Oliveira
    William Oliveira 3 months ago


  • Collins Uche
    Collins Uche 3 months ago

    Did you see how fast he ran like a lunatic that he is???
    Lil piece of shit!

  • Collins Uche
    Collins Uche 3 months ago

    Who will pay for that broken jaw???
    Mexico or Obama care???