BikingMyWay Universal Phone Mount for Bikes

  • Published on May 27, 2015
  • (Link to buy: Amazon: $16.50 as of 05/26/2015)
    Hi everyone!
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    This video features the BikingMyWay Universal Phone Mount for Bikes!
    Check out the video for a closer look!
    The bike phone mount comes in black and yellow, and it measures 102mm (4") x 52mm (2") x 30mm (1.1").
    It's made of ABS and TPU plastics, and is lightweight at 80g (0.17lb).
    The phone mount can hold phones between 54mm (2.1") to 84mm (3.3") wide.
    It can fit an LG G3 phone, and you can even have a phone cover on!
    Push the two red switches outwards at the same time to release the mount arms.
    Once the phone is installed, press on the arms simultaneously to secure the phone onto the mount.
    This bike phone mount is great for those who need navigation while they're cycling, or if you just want to listen to some tunes, and check some apps while you're at a stop!
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Comments • 12

  • Pavan raj RaM
    Pavan raj RaM 3 years ago

    is itcompatible on motorbike?

  • saya
    saya 4 years ago

    good video

  • Ubuntu Janne
    Ubuntu Janne 4 years ago

    anyways great review.
    ive become a subscriber

  • Ubuntu Janne
    Ubuntu Janne 4 years ago

    had a accident last summer on my bike, so just wondering if you will unbox or test any bag for bikes that also has a compartment for phones? like Roswell?

  • Chris Trak
    Chris Trak 4 years ago

    soooo, that's why you crashed...........

  • SRAWsam
    SRAWsam 4 years ago

    Hmm, I still need a bike mount for my phone... I commute 20km average a day by bike and take trips regular for over 50km a time (true dutchie haha)... But still have my phone in my pants. I am kinda worried that my LG G3 with otterbox doesn't fit tho, since that case is a lot bigger then yours

  • FadeAway
    FadeAway 4 years ago

    they should have something to go over the phone, like a seatbelt, I do not trust this one if meeting bumps on the way :p

  • xDaMiWORLDx
    xDaMiWORLDx 4 years ago

    And then you accidentally ride your bike off a cliff. Remember to insure your phone(s) people!

  • TERRY. W
    TERRY. W 4 years ago

    An interesting gadget well explained.

    • Joanne Tech Lover
      Joanne Tech Lover 4 years ago

      @Terry Worrall Thank you!
      I find it very handy when I go cycling :D, 'cause I track my distance and elevation!