What Happens If You Get 10 Stars in GTA 5? (Epic Cop Battle, Escape and Real Prison)

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • GTA 5 10 Star Wanted Level - Can Michael, Franklin and Trevor Escape?
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  • Rodolfo Gomez
    Rodolfo Gomez 21 minute ago +1

    If you found the soundtrack at 3:27 reply to me.

  • J Reed
    J Reed 2 hours ago

    Hey franklin how about we hook up for some R & R

  • FBI
    FBI 3 hours ago +1

    We Had To Pull Up On This Man🌚
    After the 4 stars

  • Pablo S
    Pablo S 4 hours ago

    How can I get help from the other characters?

  • Stretch Harlem
    Stretch Harlem 7 hours ago

    Lmfao image if this was real life

  • PeerPOUTINElord
    PeerPOUTINElord 9 hours ago

    This guy god

  • Meetu Das
    Meetu Das 10 hours ago

    What is conclusion

  • naseeb ullah
    naseeb ullah 10 hours ago

    game name plazzzzz

  • Taovani Paulaau
    Taovani Paulaau 10 hours ago

    This videos hella lit😂😂

  • Johnathan Wheeler Allen

    What system this pc or what

  • علوش ابن البصره

    F f HD Adhig it

  • Nicolas Andersson
    Nicolas Andersson 12 hours ago

    i wish they had a prison like that on nopixel can you imagine lmao

  • Forged ProductionTM
    Forged ProductionTM 15 hours ago

    Invincible and yet picks up riot shield 😂

  • Trevor de la Hoyde
    Trevor de la Hoyde 18 hours ago

    what happens if you get 10 stars on gta5. i know ill make a shitty mod use cheats so car and i cant be destroyed/killed sit around editing it coz im sad and have nothing better to do then put it on RU-clip as clickbait coz i need to feel some kind of acceptance from random unknown people coz i dunno how to be friends with real humans

  • Izak Donkin
    Izak Donkin 20 hours ago

    This is all fake

  • TheLestat506
    TheLestat506 20 hours ago

    Wait I thought you can only get 6 stars or is this online

  • Brayden Abbott
    Brayden Abbott 22 hours ago

    Never dropping a coffee cup again

  • Roger Beato
    Roger Beato 22 hours ago +1

    Amigo que crees si haces un video donde hay una guerra de países

  • Flaming Mad
    Flaming Mad 23 hours ago

    0:15: Police: PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Me: I dropped my coffee. Police: WE DON'T CARE! WE GONNA SHOOT YOU!

  • Alvaras Hilbrektas
    Alvaras Hilbrektas 23 hours ago

    What is this?? On gta u can have just 5 stars not 10

  • Ninja Jeff
    Ninja Jeff Day ago

    You have admin in gta 5

  • Lukasz Ciszak
    Lukasz Ciszak Day ago +1

    Ja na kodzie na nie śmiertelność sam tak gram w gry gietea5 💪

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes Day ago

    But I still like it

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes Day ago

    And armys

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes Day ago

    Boy u spawn those Fbis and swat and soldiers 👎👎👎

  • Alex_The_Umbreon

    Ten stars mod in GTA V: Epic Battle and army

    The Paleto score: Am I a joke to you?

  • cut nut
    cut nut Day ago

    what you think about this ru-clip.net/video/ErGEQOWjeT4/video.html

  • Tasha Clark
    Tasha Clark Day ago


  • Daniel Conley
    Daniel Conley Day ago

    And you can’t pick up people like franklin and Trevor with the. Ops on you

  • Queen Offical
    Queen Offical Day ago

    This is a mod

  • Wessel Groeneveld

    More like what happend

  • Sono Qui Per Caso
    Sono Qui Per Caso Day ago +1


  • brix roblox4life

    Oops 0:25

  • brix roblox4life

    Cop said drop ur weapon but no weapon lol 0:27

  • Denise Bray
    Denise Bray Day ago

    Why are you on god mode and u a pro like me i broke into the military place and i killed all of them no god mode

  • Sonny Tyrer Reactz
    Sonny Tyrer Reactz Day ago +4

    4:14 when you realise that he has five stars again😂😂

  • Gloria Stevenson

    Nice vids but I know it using mods

  • حسن مؤمل
    حسن مؤمل 2 days ago


  • februarlee
    februarlee 2 days ago +1

    when you realize the stars are edited in and the enemies are most likely spawned by him 4:13 then 4:20

  • Snpe Lover
    Snpe Lover 2 days ago

    F Next Level Savage 😂😂😂
    F: Hey Good To See You😂😂😂😂

  • Mars Vlogs
    Mars Vlogs 2 days ago

    Y’all gonna ignore the fact that this is ah mod😂😂

  • Merlin The magician
    Merlin The magician 2 days ago +4

    I so wish I could mod my GTA 😩😩😩😩😩. It looks so much more fun

  • Kermit The Hoover
    Kermit The Hoover 2 days ago

    Your videos are so fake like. You can’t even get ten stars and how tf did gta get a Lamborghini cop car? But the have to make a fake name up for the zentorno

  • cal bruyere
    cal bruyere 2 days ago

    Lmfao going thru all that and all i see out the side window is just a middle finger. 😂😱

  • Elisa Melli
    Elisa Melli 2 days ago

    But Is Possibile 10 ⭐ In GTA 5

  • Ryan Corkum
    Ryan Corkum 2 days ago


  • Joel Hoffmann
    Joel Hoffmann 2 days ago +4

    Really? nobody seeing these 2 guys in the jail doing 69. What a weird mod is that 9:32

  • chandra prakash
    chandra prakash 2 days ago

    Bhai mere chanel ko subscribe kar lo

  • chandra prakash
    chandra prakash 2 days ago

    Bhai mere chanel ko subscribe kar lo

  • chandra prakash
    chandra prakash 2 days ago

    Bhai mere chanel ko subscribe kar lo

  • chandra prakash
    chandra prakash 2 days ago

    Bhai mere chanel ko subscribe kar lo

  • Jwl Siyy
    Jwl Siyy 2 days ago

    Damn even if this is modded I would've love to do this 😂

  • marky ceguerra
    marky ceguerra 2 days ago

    escape with a plane in 10 stars

  • 1000 sub challenge
    1000 sub challenge 2 days ago


  • Opaque Cloud
    Opaque Cloud 2 days ago

    You can’t survive this lmao

  • Sk A il
    Sk A il 2 days ago

    Bol raha hoon na Assam Sa dikhao

  • derrick owusu B
    derrick owusu B 2 days ago

    Y is ur life at one place

  • T.J. Mendillo
    T.J. Mendillo 2 days ago

    There is no 10 stars

  • Andrew Holmes
    Andrew Holmes 2 days ago

    Cook mod bro

  • xXSenseless
    xXSenseless 3 days ago +9

    When the "FBI OPEN UP" meme is taken to a whole new level.

    • FBI
      FBI 3 hours ago

      xXSenseless aye kid dont joke like that