Dwyane Wade Reacts To Dwyane Wade Highlights!

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Dwyane Wade joined Omar Raja, founder of House of Highlights, and reacted to some of his all-time best career highlights, including the dunks on Anderson Varejao and Kendrick Perkins, his game-winner over Golden State, and MUCH MORE!
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Comments • 1 372

  • ö ü
    ö ü 12 minutes ago

    So we just gone pretend dwade ain't in his drawls

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker 22 minutes ago

    Why is the act up beat in the back

  • Bobby childs Lee
    Bobby childs Lee 50 minutes ago

    Yoooo.. He dropped somebody and made him fly from free throw to out of bounds.. Im not to sure who it was but thats not on here.. Why??

  • All Might
    All Might 4 hours ago

    Can we get Damian Lillard to do one of these please

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor 4 hours ago

    this dude is insane

  • NthnLuxury
    NthnLuxury 6 hours ago

    So envious you got to sit down and talk basketball with wade. That’s awesome you got to meet your idol!

  • King CarnaGe
    King CarnaGe 7 hours ago

    You need to get Zach Lavine in this show

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen 9 hours ago

    Black Sylvester Stalone was an absolute beast - Black Rambo 🔥

  • Zabel Sports
    Zabel Sports 9 hours ago

    Dwayne Wade my favorite player ever !!! Subscribe to #ZabelSports

  • Xavier Harkness
    Xavier Harkness 10 hours ago

    Wait... how did you not include the circus shot shot from the 06 Pistons game?

  • Zach Coble
    Zach Coble 13 hours ago

    This guy ever heard of Dan Marino?

  • afterkwiss
    afterkwiss 14 hours ago

    The game misses D-Wade!

  • ThAz Ryder
    ThAz Ryder 14 hours ago

    Notice how he says "a defender" when your are nobody... lmao (Wesley JOHNSON & Jodie MEEKS)

  • x6King6x
    x6King6x 16 hours ago

    He forgot the low he threw to LeBron and he jump over Lucas

  • ABoogi :D
    ABoogi :D 17 hours ago

    5:44 is my fav play. Let’s go legend!

  • Gabriel Resendiz
    Gabriel Resendiz 19 hours ago

    11:49 When she offers you head

  • Tiger Woods
    Tiger Woods 22 hours ago

    i miss dwade already damn the nba isnt the same anymore . The only legend left is LeBron

  • Dylan Spottedbird
    Dylan Spottedbird Day ago +1

    The dwade shirt was overdoing it

  • Franc Mittelo
    Franc Mittelo Day ago

    This guy is a proper HOF player. Guys like Carmelo Anthony, Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul and the likes should not be allowed to sit at the same table as guys like Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Dirk Norwitzky and the likes.

  • MindFree 87
    MindFree 87 Day ago


  • Ryan O'Reilly
    Ryan O'Reilly Day ago

    So I guess no ones watching this saying what the hell is on his leg?

  • R.Anand
    R.Anand Day ago

    One of the most unethical and pathetic player ever

  • xFrøsTx x
    xFrøsTx x Day ago +4

    you can see his eyes light up every time d wade calls him “bro” 😂

  • Hargun Singh
    Hargun Singh Day ago

    D wade and Miami was one of my favorites

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Day ago +4

    Wade & LeBron should’ve won at least 3 rings SMH

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Day ago +1

    @6:00 Wade’s pass to LeBron shows that Wade’s basketball iq is on next level cuz he knew that LeBron contested the shot and he’s gunna be running full speed which also shows LeBron’s iq cuz he knew wade is gunna rebound cuz he’s under the rim. Their chemistry is next level.

  • billl o'connel
    billl o'connel Day ago

    We gon let everybody know, but we gonna round it up. D Wade is smooth as hell.

  • Nyel Khan
    Nyel Khan Day ago +1

    Bruh I’m so sad he’s retiring.

  • Gee Todd
    Gee Todd Day ago +6

    You Know Your A Beast When A.I. Calls You A Bad Muthafucka 😈💪🏾

  • Francis Gil
    Francis Gil Day ago

    5:10 didn't look like a mess to me

  • tha bellman
    tha bellman Day ago

    That 3 against the Warriors shouldn't of counted. Both feet need to touch behind the 3point line... Not 1.

  • orangecrushaa
    orangecrushaa Day ago

    I guess I've never notice Wade accent /voice sounded like

  • Oleg Pakholok
    Oleg Pakholok 2 days ago


  • wilburn20
    wilburn20 2 days ago

    Damn d wade could hoop bruh

  • max welner
    max welner 2 days ago

    He ripped off the response " got it " from another interviewer, that's Patrick bet -David's signature response.

  • Brong
    Brong 2 days ago

    5:22 double dribble?

  • DopeBass
    DopeBass 2 days ago

    this is fucking dope. i love how straight up wade is about the game n how him n his teammates played

  • Invisible Ph
    Invisible Ph 2 days ago


  • Aidie
    Aidie 2 days ago

    16:14 it’s heat vs hornets not bulls lol

  • Ebubekir Yaldız
    Ebubekir Yaldız 2 days ago

    Bu videoyu Türkçe çevirin

  • Anime Club PH
    Anime Club PH 2 days ago +1

    Flash rhyme with Clutch⚡

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith 2 days ago

    I feel lile Wade was underwhelmed to your response on why he was picked as the face of HoH.

  • Jonathan JamesPatterson

    Miami is definitely Wade County they love him, just like LA love Kobe, and Cleveland love Bron. It’s just certain cities that have they favorite player.

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine 2 days ago

    Need Kobe on here!

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine 2 days ago

    The year the Heat won their 1st title Flash was arguably the 2nd best two guard in the league. Overlooked and underrated future Hall of Famer. Great career.

  • Octopus Lol
    Octopus Lol 2 days ago +2

    What’s on his knee?

  • Illay Reich
    Illay Reich 2 days ago

    I love Heat Vice City jersey.

  • Komix Santos
    Komix Santos 2 days ago

    I was waiting for the #kidfromchicago #troatslash game-winning shot against Boston

  • Alvar C
    Alvar C 2 days ago

    What a cool dude. Love and respect for D

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  • Casandra Miles
    Casandra Miles 2 days ago +1

    This guy started HOH because of Wade ad now he's sitting on his couch... Damn I'm envious... lol

  • PoundFor PoundKing
    PoundFor PoundKing 2 days ago

    Props to the interviewer for keeping his cool and asking good questions. This was a good one for sure.

  • SaiYan
    SaiYan 2 days ago

    This dude looks like a fucking goblin 😂😂😂

  • Yasar Altuntas
    Yasar Altuntas 3 days ago

    Please make a Video with Derrick Rose

  • sunnyboy8644
    sunnyboy8644 3 days ago

    whats that thing on Wade's knee ???

  • Halfmanhalftree
    Halfmanhalftree 3 days ago

    my man got on boy shorts

  • Green Toast
    Green Toast 3 days ago

    This guy be looking like nick from big mouth

  • Zen Kotsakis
    Zen Kotsakis 3 days ago

    12.28 is a travel

  • Nick Marquez
    Nick Marquez 3 days ago

    Doooope interview.

  • mrbucketz79
    mrbucketz79 3 days ago

    "something that Lebron drew up"

  • Shotgunner42
    Shotgunner42 3 days ago

    Where are the highlights of the 2011/14 NBA finals when he didn’t do shit but shoot bricks 💀

  • Griffin Peterson
    Griffin Peterson 3 days ago +1

    his shirt tho

  • Blair BMB
    Blair BMB 3 days ago

    Dunk on Varejao most iconic Dwade dunk, I was watching that live at the time and was soo hyped. Legend

  • BlaqLionKing
    BlaqLionKing 3 days ago +1

    I hope ESPN hires DWade to be an NBA analyst

  • Brock Albert
    Brock Albert 3 days ago

    @11:04...POOF!! One of Wade's mics disappears.

  • BE
    BE 3 days ago

    you Wade enjoys this a million times more than most stupid interviews he does

  • Abztraktt
    Abztraktt 3 days ago

    This dude look like he's in love with Wade

  • Dark _Angel
    Dark _Angel 3 days ago +1

    Can’t take the interviewer seriously when he’s going full fanboy with that shirt🥴

  • Nintendad Gaming
    Nintendad Gaming 3 days ago +1

    3:54 Durant looking back at Wade like "bruh that was the luckiest ish I've ever seen"

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 days ago

    Thought one of wades balls was gna fall out gee