Dwyane Wade Reacts To Dwyane Wade Highlights!

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Dwyane Wade joined Omar Raja, founder of House of Highlights, and reacted to some of his all-time best career highlights, including the dunks on Anderson Varejao and Kendrick Perkins, his game-winner over Golden State, and MUCH MORE!
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  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights  Month ago +31

    WATCH → ru-clip.net/video/ZCtvQGyfSS4/video.html

    • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt
      JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt 26 days ago

      I know it’s more about NBA highlights, but how did you not cover this alleyoop on the olympics! This was amazing!! m.ru-clip.net/video/dho5TLKRMqA/video.html

  • Kimmuel Weatherspoon


  • DeAndre Davis
    DeAndre Davis 7 days ago

    Coach Bron drawing up plays

  • Sloza
    Sloza 11 days ago

    Hated d wade as a player as I am a Celtics fan but love this dude as a person!

  • Battle Rap Fiend
    Battle Rap Fiend 12 days ago

    One of my favorite players D Wade HOF

  • kenny simmons
    kenny simmons 12 days ago

    This was awesome

  • Keith Acosta
    Keith Acosta 13 days ago

    The best heat season game in 09 I was there I had to go to college class the next day I skipped it I didn't get home until 3 am

  • X.C. Meniel
    X.C. Meniel 18 days ago

    3:46 was my fav highlight i made the 3 before too! 😧😦😯😯😯

  • Caleb Mayo
    Caleb Mayo 22 days ago

    Got you

  • Caleb Mayo
    Caleb Mayo 22 days ago

    Real og

  • BoboLinkz06
    BoboLinkz06 27 days ago

    DWADE is soo explosive!!!

  • Bryant Espinoza
    Bryant Espinoza 29 days ago

    God this guys is a nerd. Cringe. "Oh ok"

  • Ralph Lau
    Ralph Lau 29 days ago

    this guy had numerous blocks over legends much taller than him and is just as competent offensively. love watching him block kobe its got a video of its own on youtube...at 6'3 his 6'11 wingspan made him play like a 6'7 player with his reach

  • FutureGhost
    FutureGhost Month ago +1

    Interviewer looks like half of his torso is missing while he's sitting there. hahahahaha. Great work, though. No shade.

  • JDwJC11
    JDwJC11 Month ago

    Euro step on KG and game winner on Ben Simmons.... travels.

  • JayEm1325
    JayEm1325 Month ago

    I remember one time he blocked Suns' Stroudemire right before halftime, got the ball and threw an almost full court shot and made the basket to beat the buzzer. Hype af even though I was rooting for the Suns.

  • Tyji Brown
    Tyji Brown Month ago

    Purple Shirt guy started the Ninja-style headband

  • nukeman444
    nukeman444 Month ago

    At 16:52 was a Spike Lee moment.

  • Terry Holmes
    Terry Holmes Month ago

    Nobody does it better!!!

  • yoe91
    yoe91 Month ago

    Definitely a Top 3 Shooting Guard ever. Question to me is: Kobe or Wade ? Perhaps Kobe, but I reckon there's a serious discussion to be had there.

  • Jiboia Jinn
    Jiboia Jinn Month ago

    That euro step on my man KG though.. I'm a Cs fan so you know that hurts lol, Wade is a beast.

  • Jiboia Jinn
    Jiboia Jinn Month ago

    You dont realize how massive these dudes are until you see them next to am average sized person. And D wadebis considered more on the small to medium size as far as players, picture standing next to Lebron, Shaq or Wilt Chamberlain (rip). NBA players are momsters.

  • Jiboia Jinn
    Jiboia Jinn Month ago

    Much respect to a legend 👍

  • Aaravos
    Aaravos Month ago

    yooo highlight reactions that MUST BE DONE!!
    Jason Richardson
    SHAQ (Cmon hes a Man of the people he will be more than willing)
    Allen Iverson

  • Frost
    Frost Month ago

    Lebron and wade on the heat was fucking amazing

  • young_bot 10000
    young_bot 10000 Month ago

    Anyone remember that heat Harlem shake video, good times

  • KvO *
    KvO * Month ago


  • Finessor
    Finessor Month ago

    bruh y’all didn’t even mention the jason terry murder smh....

  • Joker Smooth
    Joker Smooth Month ago

    Man this is tight, be able to interview D-Wade watching his highlights.

  • John J
    John J Month ago

    Kind of a hoe move to wear a shirt with a dudes name and face on it while he's sitting beside you.... just sayin

  • MrTitanSword
    MrTitanSword Month ago +1

    That LeBron-Flash duo was really special: top 5 ever easy👍

  • King Boss
    King Boss Month ago

    Dwayne wadeis cool

  • Professor Music
    Professor Music Month ago

    This is gold

  • Moe From Da Area Show

    wade knew he was fan girling a kept it real

  • Lincoln
    Lincoln Month ago

    That was an odd origin story

  • Lincoln
    Lincoln Month ago

    This guy is not in the moment, you should hire me as an interviewer

    • fezan noor
      fezan noor Month ago

      Nigga ain’t nobody wanna see u interview nobody

  • matt phillips
    matt phillips Month ago

    Great video, i know seems odd, but that hand shake at the end was weak. Other than that dude keep it up love it from white chocolate to da spida Mitchel. Love watchen

  • Just-o254
    Just-o254 Month ago

    How do you not ask D Wade about J Wills not one time during the whole video? Hmmm.

  • Arnold Mahaffey
    Arnold Mahaffey Month ago

    D wade let's b real d.mitch is the rebirth of u

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me Month ago +1

    One of the best duos ever. LeBron and Wade

  • eugene chan
    eugene chan Month ago

    wait wait wait wtf are they in an RV???

  • Lynx Star Automotive

    Wish he would have asked him about Banana Man. He would always salute him pre-game. We also had our own "purple shirt guy" except he would wear full body spandex, even covering his face (like a mummy) in different colors. He would dance in the stands, and cheer the team on. Wade would acknowledge him as well during games.

  • Ramanan Mahen
    Ramanan Mahen Month ago

    This dude needs to #GTFOH

  • Ramanan Mahen
    Ramanan Mahen Month ago

    Why is this dude interviewing Dwane Wayde when he can't be half the man he is?

  • Ty McNasby
    Ty McNasby Month ago

    Imagine if D-Wade went to the Cavs when LeBron did. It would be over. Kyrie, D-Wade, LeBron and Kevin love

  • Plemp Templeton
    Plemp Templeton Month ago +1

    “I’m 25 and I’ve never seen a good quarterback.” Bro I’m from Cleveland.
    (finally #6) 🔥🔥🔥

  • BEHN Fitouber
    BEHN Fitouber Month ago

    D Wade is the Goat

  • Yung Chocoboi
    Yung Chocoboi Month ago

    Dawg you from broward?💯

  • arthurleme
    arthurleme Month ago

    My gosh, Omar is ugly af DANG

  • Daniel Webster-hall

    Are we not gonna talk about Wade's alley oop to Bron where he JUMPED OVER A HUMAN BEING?!?

  • Christopher Salas-Meraz

    He went to my high school 😱

  • Pelle Gunnarsson
    Pelle Gunnarsson Month ago +1

    Would have wanted to see him in a Lakers or Nets jersey that would be 🔥 but respect his decision still

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez Month ago

    You have to do one on LeBron

  • Luis Arturo Marte Peña

    El mio coÑo

  • mikedfelix
    mikedfelix Month ago

    Where was his first year he did 360 lay up?

  • Bayley Monin
    Bayley Monin Month ago

    What’s the background music at 9:18?

  • Aidan Dobell
    Aidan Dobell Month ago

    I personally knew Dwayne Wade’s agent

  • The Byrd Collective

    So thankful I go to see that HEAT team play live in that era - was so fire

  • 장지수
    장지수 Month ago

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  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Month ago

    D-wade is my favorite SG of all time