How to Pour a Beginners Concrete Slab Walkway - DIY

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • In this Video we go over the basics of laying concrete down. We go over grading dirt forming and how to finish the concrete walkway! Great DIY project for helping keep rain run off water out of your house with a new fresh concrete slab! We hope you find this video enjoyble and helpful! and if it is give us a LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! Comment if there are any questions you may have! Thank you all !

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Comments • 736

  • Maverick Good
    Maverick Good 29 days ago

    Wow. You guys are good! Very nice work.

  • Dane and Kathleen Brickley

    Mr Odell thank you for making these videos. I am on my first concrete job using what I have learned from watching you over the last couple months . Thank you !!!

    RAH RAH Month ago +1

    Your apprentice did a good job

  • Joe Pargee
    Joe Pargee Month ago

    Do you have any tips for someone just getting into the concrete trade?

  • Peter Rouzaud
    Peter Rouzaud Month ago

    The thing that struck me about this video is how adaptive these guys are; no whining about not being exactly what they thought it would be, just followed through with their commitment and 'got er done!' Obviously a great company to do your work.

    ZE_GERMAN Month ago

    When do you decide to do a Wet Joint vs one that you cut? Is it a matter of Taste or are there engineering purpose for it?

  • Greg R
    Greg R Month ago

    Damn. These guys are masters of their craft.

  • John Colon
    John Colon Month ago

    Great job! But I still missing the rebark.I know you put something else, , instead the rebark.

    • Odell Complete Concrete
      Odell Complete Concrete  Month ago


    • jubjub247
      jubjub247 Month ago

      They ordered big rocks in the mix, 1 inch and smaller and fiber mesh. It's a small pour so no need for rebar.

  • Paco Leona
    Paco Leona 2 months ago

    How much is the estimate cost for a job like this including materials?

  • justme74756
    justme74756 2 months ago

    nice job, they did it as if it was their own. I had city replace mine and they didn't use rebar or anything except wood frame like yours except they didn't do it like their own. Lots of imperfections, and they used metal spices and not wood spikes and when removing said spike chipped and cracked sidewalk twice.
    Do you know what type of concrete cities usually use?

  • Dave Howley
    Dave Howley 2 months ago

    Pity ya didn't show finished product, dried out

  • Saucyyy
    Saucyyy 2 months ago +1


  • Ming
    Ming 2 months ago

    how much was this job cost?

  • April Johnson
    April Johnson 3 months ago +1

    This little (big) job was pretty awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing! ☺

  • Xinyu Lin
    Xinyu Lin 3 months ago +1

    Do you know why my concrete is dark grey in color when I mix them on my own, with cement, sand and 3 quarter blue stone? I can't get the light grey color like the sidewalk concrete, ty

  • wins lauda
    wins lauda 3 months ago

    Great job

  • Vincent Chen
    Vincent Chen 3 months ago +2

    OMG, 4 people work on such a tiny job...

    • Pharaoh Acura
      Pharaoh Acura 2 months ago

      Vincent Chen suppose some of the guys were being trained...your comment was cheap and very unnecessary...smdh

  • Nefaryus Drake
    Nefaryus Drake 3 months ago

    Step 1: Get some friends if you dont have any. Minimum of 5, 10 would be better because two might need a manicure.
    2: give them lots of beer and pizza.
    3: Spend everything you have left on a dump trailer, shovels, wheelbarrows, concrete mixer, concrete, etc...
    4: Now what little friends you have are too drunk to help. Start again next weekend.

  • Pwegoable
    Pwegoable 3 months ago

    How much did you quote them for this and how much should it have been?

  • David Starke
    David Starke 3 months ago

    Excellent work. Very professional. Thank you for the great, thorough video. I am a contractor in Michigan and appreciate the level of standard you hold your employees to. 5 stars. I can only hope to learn and get results like you. I have mainly done interior remodeling but am very very interested in starting concrete projects. Your videos and information and style of teaching are invaluable. Thank you so much for posting

  • David Gravalese
    David Gravalese 3 months ago

    Very nice. Wish you guys were close to me. Any idea on price for something to this size? I just got my first estimate and wow they are trying to rob me.

  • Wayward Wizard
    Wayward Wizard 4 months ago

    Yup, just DIY'd this myself. Got my 6 kids who are all professional concrete workers and pulled my giant concrete truck around from behind the house and had er done in a jiffy...

  • Lhostel
    Lhostel 4 months ago

    Great video, thanks for all the info. Great job also, very professional work. How much do you think a job like this would cost for a DIY tools, concrete and all.? Just looking for an approximation.

  • duke7895
    duke7895 4 months ago

    How much does a job of this size cost? Total? Thank you

  • Ever Canales
    Ever Canales 4 months ago

    Good job thanks for the video

  • Jamie King
    Jamie King 4 months ago

    How much did this cost?

    NOR CAL 4 months ago

    Awesome Job . What would be a estimate cost of this job ?

  • Thudercats Linebacker
    Thudercats Linebacker 4 months ago

    What’s the name of the intro song ?

  • Gilmar Velasquez
    Gilmar Velasquez 4 months ago

    Nice job one question What kind of broom did you use to finish

  • Abel Abebe
    Abel Abebe 4 months ago

    You could use one big video with time stamps so ppl can skip to the step they need to see

  • red7fifty
    red7fifty 4 months ago

    7:35 cash payout

  • Don B
    Don B 4 months ago

    3:40 no bathroom breaks allowed.

    • Don B
      Don B 4 months ago

      Odell Complete Concrete I assumed. Just being funny. Thanks for the videos. Built a 16x30x13 shop. Doing the slab this weekend. I appreciate the videos.

    • Odell Complete Concrete
      Odell Complete Concrete  4 months ago +1

      That's sweat

  • Smooth Lee 92
    Smooth Lee 92 4 months ago +1

    How deep did you guys dig before you poured anything?

  • B S
    B S 5 months ago

    Do you have to have a slope from the house wall?

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 5 months ago

    As an avid DIYer ,I wish you could mention how much you charge for these jobs

  • Ray Hewitt
    Ray Hewitt 5 months ago


  • Piglest
    Piglest 5 months ago

    In my country you can't build anything like that becouse of stupid people who will walk on this walkway even if it's not hard yet

  • Savio Romie
    Savio Romie 5 months ago


  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve 5 months ago +1

    omg that stupid potted plant and small grass patch is making my add go nuts.

  • suli
    suli 5 months ago

    very expensive stuff, too many workers (labor too high), the home owner probably paid thousands (3000 usd maybe?)for that thing, my advice, learn how to do your own improvements and repairs, you will save a lot of money.

  • wpaia
    wpaia 5 months ago

    How much does this job cost?

  • Edmister Enterprises LLC

    So did you eat the cost of the additional work? Or did you modify the invoice, and charge the customer?

    • Odell Complete Concrete
      Odell Complete Concrete  5 months ago


    • Edmister Enterprises LLC
      Edmister Enterprises LLC 5 months ago

      @Odell Complete Concrete I could imagine. I was just curious how you approached it once you saw your estimate was low. Turned out nice. You have a good crew of guys. It looks like they all knew their roles.

    • Odell Complete Concrete
      Odell Complete Concrete  5 months ago

      No, I charged a little more but it wasn't easy, so I was still low

  • Kumiko Sakamoto
    Kumiko Sakamoto 5 months ago +6

    Odell Complete Concrete What was the “actual” cost of this 5ft x 35’ job, labor and materials? Not talking about the phone estimate, but what it actually ended up costing? Also how deep was the slab? Thanks!

  • frank castle
    frank castle 5 months ago

    I watch ur videos when I need to sleep

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales 5 months ago +1

    buenos videos
    pisos de concreto

  • Alex Bocanegra
    Alex Bocanegra 5 months ago

    just curious what this may have cost?

  • nikto45
    nikto45 5 months ago

    my grandfather was in construction. He told me once that they never used rebar when laying concrete. He said to keep it from cracking the soil/dirt should be watered down just before pouring cement. He said the moisture keeps it from cracking. ever hear of this?

    • Adrian Goodman
      Adrian Goodman 3 months ago

      Honestly just sounds like a cheap job, save $$$ on the rebar and hope it doesn't crack. Concrete doesn't have very good tensile strength, this is facts. Unless he used a mix that gave superior tensile and compressive strength, rebar is there to make the structure last. There is a reason they use rebar in bunker fortifications and not just some mud on the ground.

  • Chris E
    Chris E 5 months ago

    DIY you sayin'?

  • Rickos Life
    Rickos Life 5 months ago

    Beautiful job

  • Dennis kirk
    Dennis kirk 6 months ago

    Please what is the name of the tool you use to cut out the expansion joint.

  • Dennis kirk
    Dennis kirk 6 months ago

    Nice work done.

  • Bic Gohill
    Bic Gohill 6 months ago

    This guy sounds like the dad in taxi driver right at the end lol.

  • Lewis Clark
    Lewis Clark 6 months ago +1

    Darn, you have a really, really interesting voice over technique about you. Great vid, thanks!

  • Rich Lo
    Rich Lo 6 months ago

    Who is the beginner? They all know exactly what they are

  • binthrdonthat
    binthrdonthat 6 months ago

    I wish you guys were near me!

  • Chris Ryder
    Chris Ryder 6 months ago +4

    I skipped a section in this video and this is what I heard.
    7:00 We're at a year for my two Rookies and they're getting pretty good [skip] 9:50 they don't work quite as nicely as one that you've broken in for 3 or 4 months.

  • Randum dude
    Randum dude 6 months ago

    Should the concrete be watered during the day after its been finished . if it is poured when its 70 to 80 degrees . I guess im asking if it needs to be water cured

  • B Schlough
    B Schlough 6 months ago +1

    7:36 Straight cash homey!

  • Marie Lowery
    Marie Lowery 6 months ago

    These guys worked beautifully and professionally. Do you work in Florida?

  • Susie Haines
    Susie Haines 6 months ago