Wakey Wakey...


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  • Harry
    Harry Hour ago

    ok gamers. its july 19th.. still no DHMIS....

  • ko.
    ko. 2 hours ago +1

    I brought some snacks to pass the time. Anyone want some?

  • Kelpy Delpy
    Kelpy Delpy 2 hours ago

    everyone be checking daily lmfao

  • WarsawEagle
    WarsawEagle 2 hours ago

    What the fuck is taking so LONG

  • Courtney Engle
    Courtney Engle 3 hours ago

    There’s a leaked preview out if you can’t wait

  • Mr.Amazing
    Mr.Amazing 4 hours ago

    W A K E Y W A K E Y

  • Søfíkô Bånãnå
    Søfíkô Bånãnå 6 hours ago

    I'm scared (

  • awel nice
    awel nice 7 hours ago +1

    Only 2 more months...🗡

  • Kevin Ruiz
    Kevin Ruiz 8 hours ago

    How much longer are you going to make us wait?

  • Dan The Man With No College Plan

    It’s almost July 29

  • Rainy Saturday
    Rainy Saturday 10 hours ago +1

    Stranger Things season three is quaking

  • Vicarious
    Vicarious 11 hours ago

    Time is a tool you can put on the wall...

    Or use it to keep all of the DHMIS fans waiting on edge for another year.

  • LS Channel
    LS Channel 11 hours ago +1

    *Oh Shit, Here We Go Again*

  • Ya Boi Guy
    Ya Boi Guy 11 hours ago

    I'm scared that this makes me feel nostalgic

  • Emily Clark
    Emily Clark 12 hours ago

    Everyone has a special one
    Even me!! But I am lonely!
    Yes, it's true but that's okay,
    I need DHMIS to come out today!

  • narrow pookie
    narrow pookie 13 hours ago +1

    Who is now going through all the episodes and ANY date that is there we will be waiting for

  • poisonduck P
    poisonduck P 13 hours ago +2

    Something is missing here... Where the heck is Roy?

  • Olive Meat
    Olive Meat 14 hours ago

    This isn’t much of a trailer for dhmis

  • The Hacker
    The Hacker 14 hours ago +2

    They prob making a movie

  • Mr.M Mackey
    Mr.M Mackey 15 hours ago +1

    I’m waaaaaiting

  • Can we get 1000 subscribers With no videos

    Well I’ve been waiting

  • yourunclesdog
    yourunclesdog 17 hours ago

    Goodnight guys!

  • Rocsary Flores
    Rocsary Flores 18 hours ago


  • Mortis’
    Mortis’ 18 hours ago

    Thursday, July 18 2K19.
    It has been ten months since the release of the trailer for “Wakey Wakey” I am currently sitting under my desk thinking as the clock ticks, How far is the release date from now? I am losing my sanity, I need Wakey Wakey, I need it! I NEED IT! *NOTHING ELSE CAN HELP ME, I NEED IT-*

  • Ilya Holmes Peralta
    Ilya Holmes Peralta 19 hours ago

    First episode came out on July 29th... 11 days to go hopefully

  • Zane
    Zane 20 hours ago +1

    *jeopardy music* Still waiting.

  • Elmo, The Lord, Our Savior

    I think it may come the official trailer might come this weekend. It says Conaco at the end of the trailer, and Conaco is at comic con this weekend. It would be the perfect time to debut the trailer

  • Lailah Jones
    Lailah Jones 20 hours ago +1

    Me: Does anybody still care about DHMIS *checks video* yep they do care to wait 2 Years

  • Adriana Beltran
    Adriana Beltran 21 hour ago

    Sooooo when we dropping boys😂

  • TheCatakuOficial¡
    TheCatakuOficial¡ 21 hour ago

    Season 2?

  • Tanish’s Music World
    Tanish’s Music World 22 hours ago

    The log is in the bin

  • OOF mation
    OOF mation 22 hours ago

    19 July
    Dear comments...
    I’m running low on don’t hug me am scared hype.
    It’s been over a year..
    I don’t know what to do..

  • aayyyeee l
    aayyyeee l 22 hours ago

    It's 2019 man come on when is this coming out

  • SmileyOctO
    SmileyOctO 23 hours ago

    Ten months in boys and still nothing starting to question my existence

  • tris
    tris 23 hours ago

    hey so y’all just gonna drop this and dip huh

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis 23 hours ago

    *wow look, nothing*

  • One Fusion
    One Fusion 23 hours ago +2

    I'm convinced the creators are dead at this point an no new video is being released

  • josep_brz
    josep_brz 23 hours ago

    Toda vez eu venho aq

  • Vampire_ Rulz
    Vampire_ Rulz Day ago

    Is Ron back? Or is Red guy still in control? Or is Duck now in control? IM SO CONFUSED?!? I WANT TO SEE THIS NOW, TO ANSWET MY QUESTIONS

  • Vampire_ Rulz
    Vampire_ Rulz Day ago

    0:03 if you slow it down It sounds like they are saying “away” instead of Wakey Wakey. Conspiracies?

  • Fmmmo JV
    Fmmmo JV Day ago

    Today is July 18
    No episode?

  • bush Just matt
    bush Just matt Day ago

    Can someone tell Me Song by who?

  • Healer Of Love And Light

    11 days... we can pray.

  • Matthew Sharps
    Matthew Sharps Day ago

    And the picture of a clown which was destroyed?

  • Matthew Sharps
    Matthew Sharps Day ago

    And why is time clock there?

  • Matthew Sharps
    Matthew Sharps Day ago

    What happened to the living room?

  • Pantelis Kaltsounakis

    Whats your favorite idea mine is waitting

  • Still Chill
    Still Chill Day ago


  • L 2006
    L 2006 Day ago +1

    Coming 2048

  • D. King
    D. King Day ago +1

    This wait time is beyond stupid.

  • Bluebellz Birdies wife and gf

    I watched film Theorys video about it and all I hope for is that red guy isn’t the villain :’)

  • ButterFace
    ButterFace Day ago

    July 18
    No sign of video. Will check tomorrow. Running low on content from THAT side of RU-clip

    • Choco_Jack
      Choco_Jack 23 hours ago

      tomorrow or the 20th will be really important.

  • Grrgflipbro YT
    Grrgflipbro YT Day ago

    A little easter egg, in a leaked thing(i thjnk) yellow asked who would sing in the song, bird asked he would look after the town, and red asked h
    Who would find him, and look, yellow has a rock band outfit, bird is securing the town, and red is looking around, idk if TV hjs means something, but i dont really care, i just think its cool

  • 블루시네마
    블루시네마 Day ago +1

    I get it. i think they are trying to make a movie of DHMIS! That's why it takes so long!!

  • Connor Detiveaux

    Its July 17th, I haven't moved in 10 months. Help.

    EL CANAL DE PACO Day ago +8


  • Super Star Bros.

    Fuzzy milk

  • Noah arenas
    Noah arenas Day ago

    Hmmm maybe it will come on September 13

  • Starberrys
    Starberrys Day ago

    I love how we got this and then got absolutely no new news about it after thia

  • X Does Stuff
    X Does Stuff Day ago

    I thought we all agreed to never be creative again ( this meme is dead)

  • Jayden DeHaven
    Jayden DeHaven Day ago


  • Jake Fedora
    Jake Fedora Day ago +1

    What is weirder Mother series or this???

  • Callum Mapping
    Callum Mapping Day ago +1

    Maybe a video will come out September 14th

  • MR_Zoren
    MR_Zoren Day ago

    still norhing

  • LSS Wesley
    LSS Wesley Day ago

    Who actually likes this channel because I'm not a fan

  • Funtime Fox 85
    Funtime Fox 85 Day ago


  • Metalhead505
    Metalhead505 Day ago

    It’s been almost a year 😑 still no vid

  • Bloxy
    Bloxy Day ago +2

    Don't Hug Me I'm scared that DHMIS won't make another vid

  • Bloxy
    Bloxy Day ago +1


  • Chris Pantaleon
    Chris Pantaleon Day ago

    Yay when though