9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

  • Published on Apr 10, 2015
  • Just a few inquiries about this straight “lifestyle."
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  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 4 hours ago

    I have a question for gay people

    *Why are you gay?*

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 4 hours ago

    question for gay people : how do u feel about being a disgusting human being? oh and how do u feel about God's opinion on this topic?

  • moufaq Moonlight wish
    moufaq Moonlight wish 6 hours ago

    1st,they think gay is a race
    2nd,they're a bunch of assholes don't listen to them

  • gopnik life
    gopnik life 13 hours ago

    Ok we're back to this BuzzFeed bulshit

  • Raistlin Chesko
    Raistlin Chesko 15 hours ago

    As a gay I really wish yall would shut your mouths

  • Leonidas Anthony
    Leonidas Anthony 16 hours ago

    They are gay

  • Cookie Love
    Cookie Love 18 hours ago

    1. I didn’t say that
    2. No

    3. When did I ever
    And omg they go to fast for me to answer and put it in the comment

  • Kara Marie
    Kara Marie 22 hours ago +1

    i'm not homophobic, I mean, if the gay/lesbian them self has a good personality, i'm fine with that! I just hate their act and not following the word of God. It's in the bible people!

    Leviticus 18:22. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” The verse explains that having relationships with the same gender is wrong and shall not be done.

    If a gay/lesbian person says to me, "I'm ChRIsTiAn" i will automaticly say- no your not!


  • Yuna Gamerz
    Yuna Gamerz Day ago +1

    My mother is Homophobic and she claims that EVERY gay guy wears nailpolish and makeup and EVERY lesbian has short dyed hair.
    My dad is disgusted by LGBT.
    I'm a girl with hair till her knees and I told my mom I was Bisexual,
    but she didn't believe me because I was not ALLOWED to CHOOSE (?!) being other than straight.
    How do I handle this?
    My family thinks gay is a choice and all lesbians have short hair.

  • J
    J Day ago

    This was as bad as I thought it would be

  • SlothMaster101
    SlothMaster101 Day ago

    The "Gay Gene" is a myth.

  • Jacob Decker
    Jacob Decker Day ago

    Straight men don’t like to be assumed as gay because of the stereotype of if your a gay man your considered overtly feminism and it causes worries that your gonna be considered less manly to your friends and girls may think your gay and not wanna date you as a guy. Straight men also are worried there gonna be harassed, teased, and bullied for being presumed to be gay. Same can be said for gay men afraid to come out as not every gay man or person is as open of being gay as these people are. Lots of gay kids have overtly homophobic parents who would abuse them if they found out they were gay and there are kids being abused and bullied for being gay. This video makes it seem so simple for all the people who are gay out there assuming it’s so easy for them to just be open about being gay when it really isn’t as not every bodies life is rainbows and sparkles and not every gay teenager is living with perfectly accepting parents who allow them to feel safe when coming out. Just because it is 2019 it doesn’t mean that’s ever gonna change. It’s the hard truth but that’s the world and buzz feed gotta except that instead of forcing it down are throats.

  • Deku {izuku midoriya}

    I get offended when people ask if I’m gay because

    tHeY kNoW iM nOt

  • Bakeed
    Bakeed Day ago

    9 questions idiots have for straight people
    fixed it for ya

  • Edwards Baron
    Edwards Baron 2 days ago

    "Why is my sexuality a lifestyle": Literally no one

  • Kira Caro
    Kira Caro 2 days ago

    Kay, stop being so angry about people curiosity please! I’m gay, I only agree with some of these.

  • xblad3 221
    xblad3 221 2 days ago

    It's called a gay wedding because marriage is religious and in the bible only straight people got married so therefore technically it's not normal marriage its gay marriage

    • Demiligne
      Demiligne 2 days ago

      The Bible has nothing to do with what is and isn't marriage. They're called gay weddings to distinguish between them and traditional ones.

  • Joe Marano
    Joe Marano 3 days ago

    I just came here to tell everyone I am straight. Look at how straight I am and all the straight things I do.

    • this_furry_memist
      this_furry_memist 2 days ago

      Dang im jealous, I'm not straight so I can't get straight a's

  • ღ Celestique ღ
    ღ Celestique ღ 3 days ago

    I hate when they are like:
    "Oh, you're lesbian so you like me?"
    Just cause you're straight, do you like all men?
    No ma'am

  • Maknae VLD Shipper
    Maknae VLD Shipper 3 days ago

    “Why do you feel the need to ask who the man and the woman is in the relationship?”
    Me: ...


  • C.H. Kratt
    C.H. Kratt 3 days ago

    Of course always pulling the race card, it's still a wedding. Also (hypothetically) if all people were gay how would the world populate? Hmmmmmm

  • shadowblade19
    shadowblade19 3 days ago

    I just hate the sexual 'Activate', not the person. Yet!

  • Mason Witte Sylvanic and SRG

    I have one question for gay people
    WhY ArE yOu gaY?!

  • saucy waffle
    saucy waffle 4 days ago

    "why do you think I will fall in love with you"
    Well...because you are gay?

  • Yo-yo Rapper
    Yo-yo Rapper 4 days ago

    I don’t mind lesbians cus they are interesting in porn most of all but mmmhhh
    Gay? Ya I don’t mind but pls don’t act girly and wear bra it’s cringey

  • TheIronFrog124
    TheIronFrog124 4 days ago

    What do they mean the divorce rate 11%

  • Dental Doctor
    Dental Doctor 4 days ago +1

    Please guys , Nobody gives this much fcuk to gay people ! Just live your own lives.

  • YoItsDT
    YoItsDT 4 days ago

    We should make a "9 questions straight people have for gay people, just so we could understand them bet-
    Everyone at buzzfeed: *iS tHiS hOmIpHoBiA?*

  • Beep Bop
    Beep Bop 4 days ago


  • Your Child
    Your Child 4 days ago +1

    I’m gay and non of these are ever asked ever

  • Noah Aqlan
    Noah Aqlan 5 days ago

    these aren’t my fellow gays, these are just buzzfeed people

  • DANIEL3351
    DANIEL3351 5 days ago

    everything about gays is just plain stupid

    • Speyer Family
      Speyer Family 4 days ago

      no, everything about buzzfeed is stupid, as a gay guy myself please, do not associate me with these.....creatures...

  • Egg Gacha
    Egg Gacha 5 days ago

    I feel like buzzfeed has the most annoying people working for them

  • GOo RoOD GaMeS
    GOo RoOD GaMeS 5 days ago +1

    Why are u gay ??

  • Jolly Mikkili
    Jolly Mikkili 5 days ago

    I dont support gay people

  • Duglet
    Duglet 5 days ago

    why are you gay?

  • Ricardo Peixoto
    Ricardo Peixoto 5 days ago

    These are the kind of people that put homosexuals hated

  • Super Soap
    Super Soap 5 days ago

    The only question we have to you is "Why are u ge?"

  • Viktor ScruelberG
    Viktor ScruelberG 5 days ago

    2:22 minutes of genetics stupidity

  • ツiiOzrgzm
    ツiiOzrgzm 5 days ago

    I'm bisexual Lmao

  • Hurricane Irma
    Hurricane Irma 6 days ago

    Correction: 9 questions gay people have for HOMOPHOBES

  • SummyrDoll Raps
    SummyrDoll Raps 6 days ago

    “ Black wedding “ -_- cmon now

  • One Bright Star
    One Bright Star 6 days ago +2

    "Why is it that you have such a large dating pool, but still a high divorce rate?"
    And tell me how tf this is targeted towards straight people exclusively?

  • Chiaki Nanami- SHSL Gamer

    1. Because the way someone lives their life is a lifestyle by definition
    2. Admittedly is annoying, but is the equivalent of a girl thinking a guy talking to her is him being attracted to her
    5. The same reason people get offended when they're called the wrong gender, because it is not what you are.
    6. What exactly is that supposed to mean, there is no way to accurately represent someone solely based on sexuality. Why is your need for everybody in existence to be represented in a single show so insatiable. People watch a show for entertainment not because there is a gay or straight character
    7. Divorce rate is in general not exclusive to gay or straight couples
    9. Yes because being set up with another gay person is so rude and offensive, everyone's friends try to set them up with a complete stranger gay or straight. Get over it

  • tuncelcel
    tuncelcel 6 days ago

    00:30 that chick looks my ex girlfirned so much. i'm kind a pissed

  • Eyebrow Plum Is My Boy And You Should Love Him Too


  • مايتيوب
    مايتيوب 6 days ago


    • Speyer Family
      Speyer Family 4 days ago

      oh look! an arab! s u p r i s i n g. get outta here homophobe. 🌈🌈🌈

  • Booly
    Booly 6 days ago

    This video is not helping anyone.

    NITROGOAT 6 days ago +1

    Easy claps
    1: Lifestyle definition (the way in which a person or group lives.) and that group are gays and that’s they way they choose to live.
    2: I don’t assume your interest it’s just they way MOST gay people are and they can be desperate because ONLY around 20% of the population is gay.
    3: It matters to me for religious reasons because you get married for the reason of reproducing to carry on the human race and for loving a person and if 100% of the populations was gay then were screwed.
    4: I’ve never heard of this but if I did I would say that because NORMALLY one person in the relationship acts more feminine/masculine.
    5: I would be offended because it is against my beliefs and I personally wouldn’t normally get offended and I wouldn’t care but if for any reason I did it would be for my religious beliefs if anything.
    6: because 72% of the us population is a white male so the odds are in there favor and it can be because of pure chance and I watch modern family and I don’t care about them being gay in fact there on of the most funny characters in the show and I don’t care.
    7: wow I can’t believe I’m hearing this FIRST OF ALL 80% of the population is straight so obviously there are more divorces!! And gay marriage wasn’t legal for a while so being gay and married was not a thing for a while.
    8: I call it a gay wedding it very different (not in a bad way) and being gay and allowed to be married is fairly knew it and imagine being invited to a wedding and being bamboozeled like that and it was against your beliefs? If it were me I would be respectful but uncomfortable.
    9: I said this earlier but it’s not my only point, there are only 20% of you in the us so your Desperate a lot of the time and we don’t understand gay stuff and we’re just trying to help I mean wow.
    And that’s all I have to say about that
    This showed a lot of my points as well

  • Levi Hixon
    Levi Hixon 6 days ago

    I'm no expert but it's gay to be gay because jesus is nice

  • Jay R
    Jay R 6 days ago

    One of the ladies said the world is over populated so she's helping the straight people out. Hilarious. So what happens when the world needs people again you going to be straight again looooool

  • The CuB4n S4lM0n
    The CuB4n S4lM0n 6 days ago +4

    Jesus: I’ve never seen so many sinners in this video

    I’m Christian ✝️

    • cool story bro
      cool story bro 2 days ago +1


    • Joe Marano
      Joe Marano 3 days ago

      To have an opinion Jesus would need to exist.

    • Speyer Family
      Speyer Family 4 days ago

      jesus never said anything about homosexuality being immoral, that was only mentioned in the old testament, aka the part of the bible written by the roman government.

  • Kapital Kashh
    Kapital Kashh 6 days ago

    We don't need more gays in movies. There are so little gays in the world. Like maybe there's 2 people that are gay in the whole world

  • Kapital Kashh
    Kapital Kashh 6 days ago

    Haha gay

  • Corey Maple
    Corey Maple 7 days ago

    This videos no this video is a it's a disgrace that humankind everywhere

  • crazy911wman
    crazy911wman 7 days ago

    There are gays who are gays just in bed things and there are gays who try to act as gay and cringy as possible like that asian dude

  • Arionna Tipton
    Arionna Tipton 7 days ago +3

    god said adem and eve not adem and steve he said man and women not women and women

    • Arionna Tipton
      Arionna Tipton 3 days ago

      thanks means a lot

    • The Og Oof
      The Og Oof 5 days ago +1

      Yes, your the first person I see in this comment section with more than one brain cell lol.

  • Arionna Tipton
    Arionna Tipton 7 days ago +1

    I Am a Christian I dont want to offend anyone in the lgbtq I just want to pray for you all. (God i ask you to forgive them for they do not know whats there doing -Luke 23-34) you guys may be offended but think about this this is what i see on the news and stuff it may not be true but 75% of abortions are supported from you guys you guys are supporting the taking of a life as if it was nothing and if you have or have not seen an abortion these babies in a mothers womb you will see it fighting for its life would if it was you not getting the chance to prove your self to the world if anything your the reason our future of population is going to be gone you guys care more about your pets what do you mean over populated you are not really helping any one and from the way i see it you guys disrespected Christians by talking the symbol of gods promise and you turn it into your flag i hope you know that in the end of time and you guys see Jesus Christ you guys are going to answer to him not us straits or what ever you want to call us God is not going to care how good you look in make up or if you did good things would if he says apart from me i never new you thats the worst thing to here look i wrote this not to offend anyone but i felt this is what god wanted me to do im only 13 I may not know what im talking about but that is what i see. i dont hate you guys but that was just how i was raised and what i am supose to believe. This is my freedom of speech

  • SpartanWolf
    SpartanWolf 8 days ago

    Videos like this are what have made me an extremely homophobe

  • IDK Jean
    IDK Jean 8 days ago

    Some people like feeling the reverse effect of taking a dump
    Some like bumpin' coochies
    LMAO no one questions these type of people about reproduction because obviously it would be very unproductive to motivate such a thing 😂
    This should have been named "9 Common Insecurities That Come With My Chosen Lifestyle Preference" 💀