Vought F4U Corsair-Documentary

  • Published on May 26, 2018
  • The Vought F4U Corsair is an American fighter aircraft that saw service primarily in World War II and the Korean War. Demand for the aircraft soon overwhelmed Vought's manufacturing capability, resulting in production by Goodyear and Brewster: Goodyear-built Corsairs were designated FG and Brewster-built aircraft F3A. From the first prototype delivery to the U.S. Navy in 1940, to final delivery in 1953 to the French, 12,571 F4U Corsairs were manufactured,n 16 separate models, in the longest production run of any piston-engined fighter in U.S. history (1942-53).
    The Corsair was designed as a carrier-based aircraft, but it came to and retained prominence in its area of greatest deployment: land based use by the U.S. Marines.Due to logistics issues and initial problems with carrier landings, the role of the dominant U.S. carrier based fighter aircraft was thus filled by the Grumman F6F Hellcat, powered by the same Double Wasp engine first flown on the Corsair's first prototype in 1940.he Corsair also served in the U.S. Navy. In addition to its use by the U.S. and British, the Corsair was also used by the Royal New Zealand Air Force, French Naval Aviation, and other air forces until the 1960s. Some Japanese pilots regarded it as the most formidable American fighter of World War II,[8] and the U.S. Navy counted an 11:1 kill ratio with the F4U Corsair.When the Corsair entered service in large numbers with the U.S. Navy in late 1944 and early 1945, it quickly became one of the most capable carrier-based fighter-bombers of World War II.The Corsair served almost exclusively as a fighter-bomber throughout the Korean War and during the French colonial wars in Indochina and Algeria.
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  • James M. Taylor
    James M. Taylor Day ago

    You are correct in all you wrote about the wonderful Corsair. And that's not something to sneeze at considering all the inaccuracies, mistakes, and misprint to intentional deception, falsification, twisted truth, all the way down to outright lies today all throughout the Internet, social media, in magazine, newspaper, television, and national network news not to forget everything coming out of HollyWeird with their self righteous they know better drivel. The so called"professional" reporters and media are what really get me though. I don't know maybe they were all just a pack of liars before too. Maybe they fabricated stories, deceived and fooled and lied to the public just as much as they do today it's just we were all stupid enough to have believed their constant lies about how their channels, networks, stations, news shows, magazines and papers strove for the pinnacle of professionalism in journalism, unbiased news stories and reporting. How that was the difference between America's pro journalists and productions and those of like the USSRs Pravada which was full of biased reporting and lies, in fact what made America's news pro the best period because if aired or printed in America you knew it was unbiased and true. They told and assured us of this over and over again. Maybe we should have been suspicious of that and taken that as the first huge hint, because people who are trying very hard to convince you they are being truthful and totally honest void of any all deception or lie when in fact that's all they're doing are the exact ones who drive their supposed honesty, or in this case unbiased honesty, into the ground. Constantly bringing it up, making an issue of it or pointing it out.
    Evidently mainstream media lies,deception, and outright bias has been occurring for a long time undetected. I remember being floored I was so shocked when I found out the anchor for sixty minutes news program did an in depth story that was could have been a paid be the Clinton camp campaign ad. It was biased first word to last, he tried helping Clinton cover up and or deny several things and worse he outright lied to help them concerning many issues of the day. I was then so sad to see a career of great work, ethics and honor be destroyed n one stroke like that but then maybe he was biased, unprofessional, unethical, liar his entire career and I only noticed then cause his accrued arrogance caused him to go a bit too far and blow it, who knows.
    Thus ends my passed off rant for today, I even forgot what originally commenting about, lol
    Oh yes the everything accurate.
    The Corsair did have the longest production run of any piston single type. But it did not serve in active military service with American forces the longest, still talking piston single seat and engine.
    It was the A1 Skyraider. Designed at the end of War Two but too late to see combat. Went on to serve through near the end of Vietnam when reluctantly withdrawn from combat only because the stress of flying combat strikes hauling more in ordnance weight than the aircraft itself weighed--no small feat as the A1 is a HUGE single--under its wings day after day, was taking its toll on the airframe when spare parts hadn't been made anymore in many years, so it's retirement was a forced one very much like the Intruder. It's a telling fact that the navy felt it needed three separate aircraft to fully replace the capabilities lost with the A1s retirement. Many A1s flew on with national guard and reserves until the A10 Warthog came around though. Awesome airplane but nowhere near as beautiful as the Corsair.

  • James M. Taylor
    James M. Taylor 2 days ago

    I understand why many people would argue until the cows came home, that the Corsair was not the overall best fighter of War Two. It never flew in Europe in the ETO by and large, cause in War Two the U.S. Army pitched a huge fit demanding that Europe was a Army only theatre, to include wherever Germany fought like Rommel in Africa. The Army believe that the Marine Corps humiliated them in War One, stealing all the news coverage and film reels too. They made it an issue even back then after Versailles, and did a huge amount of sniveling and whining before the armistice as well thoroughly humiliating themselves with the USMC not having to do a thing, not that they wouldn't have though after the Army tried to disband the Marine Corps in previous years time after time--the entire situation was very satisfying to them, and numerous...
    But it resistant that the only fighter to remain in production after the war, for many years in fact, was The F4U Corsair. Even the much anticipated and bragged about, F6F Bearcat, heralded to be the ultimate of the Radial Piston "Cat" series of fighters designed and built by Grumman during the war years. And by all those who flew it, it was introduced to the Fleet just not in time for combat as by them the Japanese Air And Naval Air Forces had been nearly totally devastated with the devoting their remaining aircraft to the suicide efforts and for the final efforts of the main island invasion. Regardless it was immediately discontinued after the war. The Corsair went on to fight the Korean War before it's well earned retirement. It also has the Honor of being one of only two types of Piston single engine single seat aircraft to have ever shot down a MIG Fighter Jet.
    The other being the awesome Douglas A1 Skyraider, a revolution in the thinking of the Attack or ground support type aircraft that would have replaced the navies dive and torpedo bombers. A single engine, single seat aircraft that had a far bigger bomb load than the four engined Flying Fortress with ten crew members being risked, also far faster at near fighter speeds. The A1 was the first attack type that could load up more bombs than the aircraft itself weighed. A huge favorite by pilots and especially by pilots and crews shot down In enemy country waiting rescue, the Spads as they were known, could not only haul huge amounts of ordnance they could loiter and protect those on the ground far longer than the gee whiz jets. The A1 could also attain accuracies far greater than the fast jets of the time making them adored by regular infantry finding themselves in trouble. The skyraider flew into the 80s with its role taken by the again awesome A10 Warthog by Fairchild.

  • Jim Barrows
    Jim Barrows 2 days ago

    I truly think the f4u is a Gorgeous plane & the Pratt and Whitney engine sounds brilliant.i am from Australia.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo 3 days ago +1

    This Is my favourite plane of WW2.

  • penguzle man
    penguzle man 14 days ago

    Bfv go hard now

  • Dar Cur
    Dar Cur 25 days ago

    beautiful Aircraft...and dangerous

  • Muddybagclean
    Muddybagclean 25 days ago

    Jesus Loves You

  • The Florida Man Of YT Comments

    9:15 apparently this old man flew a fighter into combat over the Pacific, and his training consisted of starting the damn plane using IKEA style instructions. If this paperback manual bullshit was somehow the industry standard, maybe Jap Kamikazes were nothing more than the result of a tragic typo and misprint, unnoticed by the entire Imperial Navy 🤭🤪

  • Social Pianist
    Social Pianist Month ago

    Who is here after playing Gunship Battle

  • Marcin Żmuda
    Marcin Żmuda Month ago

    15:36 Battlefield Heroes in real life

  • Ramon Christopher Utleg

    Man the F4U corsair is my favorite plane

  • Glen Court
    Glen Court 2 months ago

    Correct me if I a wrong. The length of a complete, gun belt, at the time, was nine yards of ammunition in each wing.

  • Gungriffen
    Gungriffen 3 months ago

    18:45 Is that Reagan?

  • Siraceman 13420/9
    Siraceman 13420/9 3 months ago

    While the f6f hellcat is my favorite but the f4u Corsair is a close second.

  • Audiblebow47
    Audiblebow47 3 months ago +1

    With any 2 countries fighting each other, It is always going to be a "kill or be killed" situation.

  • Snap Malloy
    Snap Malloy 3 months ago +1

    Wait...This documentary just said the Hellcat was outclassed in some areas by the Zero.
    The very minor advantages the zero had were easily overcome as a 19:1 kill ratio has shown.
    The Corsair is still my favorite plane, but the Hellcat was also a much better plane than the Zero

  • Lightning Driver
    Lightning Driver 3 months ago

    Very cool that the Brits solved the carrier landing problem. Nice video, thanks!

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 3 months ago

    Great video with real men. Today young seem to have no idea. 😔 Thank You all just the same. 🇺🇸🦅

  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts 4 months ago +1

    using renactments .. i pass theres enough good docs with actual footage i dont feel like wathcing people play dress up.

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes 4 months ago

    The vast majority of those WW2 greatest generation guys who defeated fascism were FDR New Deal Democrats.
    They'd be spinning in their graves if they knew there was a draft dodging Nazi apologist ignorant embarrassing clown in the White House now.

  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 4 months ago

    Only Aircraft to still be produced after WWII.. It served all the way through the Korean war...

  • RBST23
    RBST23 4 months ago +1

    Love this fighter balance of firepower and speed.

  • Dj Phantom
    Dj Phantom 4 months ago +1

    By today’s standards the Corsair has the aerodynamic profile of a flying brick, but such a lovely mean looking machine. Even during WWII the USA started to produce the best looking aircraft, and effective too. Despite its initial problems with carrier based operations, landing was very dangerous but ultimately overcome by the British Fleet Air Arm, the Corsair, in my opinion, became the best carrier based aircraft of WWII and beyond, not until jet aircraft came of age was it surpassed. A lot of people rate the Zero as a leading carrier aircraft, but, again, my opinion, the Zero was never going to be a good adversary for the American naval and Marine Corp aircraft, Japan had sacrificed to much defensive attributes, like armour plating and self sealing fuel tanks that once it came into battle with the allied nations it was totally inadequate. Japan lost so many aircraft and more importantly experienced pilots that the minute they attacked Pearl Harbour the writing was on the wall. It is little surprise the Corsair, and other aircraft, in the Pacific theatre produced so many “Aces”, I don’t know who originally said “ it was a target rich environment “ and towards the end of the war, with Japan sending up so many inexperienced and barely trained pilots, that air combat became that environment. Don’t think for one second I am suggesting it was easy, far from it, the insane ideology of the Japanese military made it harder, because they were suicidal, figuratively and metaphorically, the were perhaps more dangerous,you never knew what they would do. Thanks to every single allied man and women who fought, died, but ultimately prevailed to secure victory and, for a few brief years, return peace to the free world. Lest we forget.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative film, thumbs up 👍.

  • choofish
    choofish 4 months ago +1

    There was more to the gull wing design than propellor clearance. The roots of the wings created less drag by meeting the fuselage at almost 90 degrees The gull wings accomplished this and kept the wings down low in the process. That combined with facilitating propellor clearance dictated the design.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 4 months ago +5

    They've got an error here when discussing the F6F's. They mistake the F6F's for F4F's in talking about them having trouble with the Zero's. F6F's didn't have trouble with the Zeros, they dominated them. Now - Zeros could and did shoot down F4U's & F6F's - Boyington himself was shot down - but - these two aircraft were better than the Zero's.
    Another thing here - is that the Great Japanese Aviator's that formed probably the finest air groups in the world at the beginning of the war - were whittled away - by guys in F4F's and P-40's. The likes of such as Chennault and Thatch had come up with Tactics that let them take on the Zero's. The Zero's trick was that it was very good at slow speed maneuvering - so they didn't do that. They'd hit them and then pull away, gain distance and then come back. Most of your Japanese aircraft being fragile fire traps - if you hit one - you really hurt it.
    There were a number of really good aircraft during WWII but I always thought that the Corsair's were the best all around aircraft. One thing about Korea - was that all those poor Air Force guys got put in P-51's to do ground attack, where the Navy and Marines were in F4U's.

  • MarcosElMalo2
    MarcosElMalo2 4 months ago

    “The girl back home seemed far away . . . Here, they learned to rely on their buddies.”
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • John Amidon
    John Amidon 4 months ago +5

    Well, my uncle Jim served as a ships surgeon on a Pacific carrier during the war. He earned two purple hearts for pulling pilots from burning planes on the flight deck. Now I can see just how this happened.....
    And, yes, he was a great guy, I do miss him. :)

  • Tree
    Tree 4 months ago

    Baaa baaa baaa!🇺🇸👍🏼

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown 4 months ago

    I sure wish they could load up the old pea shooters and give us a couple great strafing runs.

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    i mistook Corsair for a keyboard didn't expected it to be a planes

  • Frank Krasnicki
    Frank Krasnicki 4 months ago +3

    I Feel very privileged to work on a restoration of a 1945 FG-1 (Goodyear built F4U BuNo 92460) at the Connecticut Air and Space Center museum. This is a beautiful, powerful bird and you get a sense of awe just standing beside it.

  • Dark Highwayman
    Dark Highwayman 4 months ago

    such a beautiful plane

  • bardbollocks
    bardbollocks 4 months ago

    Pretty sad how the Kamikazes are portrayed not as patriots willing to give their lives for their country, but as fanatics.

    • e 141
      e 141 4 months ago

      Shut the fuck up stupid fuck. Did you hear about pearl harbor. The Japanese awoke the sleeping giant and pussied out in the end. The were a bunch of fanatic lunatics

  • TheDustysix
    TheDustysix 4 months ago +2

    VMF-224 Okinawa CAS and 55 kills.

  • Eril Burgos
    Eril Burgos 4 months ago +2

    My favorite plane!! I have so many models of it i lost count 😱

    • a rice
      a rice 4 months ago

      mine is well but the F-14 holds a little nostalgia for me

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall 4 months ago +6

    All of the ww2 veterans are my heroes truly the greatest generation. Semper fi

  • Gerry Buckley
    Gerry Buckley 4 months ago

    So amazed at watching this and listening to these brave guys talk. In a strange way I found myself wanting to be there with them. I don't like or want any more wars.

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean 4 months ago +2

    Just imagine all they did was hand these young KIDS 17 year olds a manual how to fly this plane and said here is the manual that is your plane
    You either learned how to fly it our DIE CRASHED WOW

    • Jim Barrows
      Jim Barrows 2 days ago

      No it wasn't that simple they did basic training in a trainer plane first

    • Jim Barrows
      Jim Barrows 2 days ago

      Wasn't that simple

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean 4 months ago

    BAA BAA black sheep PaPPY boyington

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean 4 months ago +1

    Planes flying from air craft carriers destroyed many mighty ships destroyers,cruisers,aircraft carriers,battleships , submerines , etc

  • AE Devereux
    AE Devereux 4 months ago

    Best fighter overall of World War Two. Nice color too.

    OLSKOOL 4 months ago +1

    in 2009 I was flying one of these over the Sahara desert. at 18,000ft my engine oil pressure dropped to zero I sat it down on the sand. a nomad tribe picked me up. I travelled a week with them. I fell in love with the chiefs daughter! I traded the corsair for her! we got married in the hot sand nomad style! for our wedding gift the chief gave us his best camel and 3 slave girls! but I ran out of money and now me and 4 women and a camel live in a gutted out DC3, but man what a ride!

  • Sans Musk
    Sans Musk 4 months ago

    Wow can’t believe the Corsair gaming company made a airplane! That’s pretty cool!

  • French Paul Kalbrenner
    French Paul Kalbrenner 4 months ago +1

    The most beautiful American war plane of all time !
    I discovered it when seeing on French TV this famous serie " black sheep squadron " was called in French " les têtes brulées" which means literally " the burned head" 😊
    Greeting and admiration from France 🇨🇵

  • Eric Raymond
    Eric Raymond 4 months ago

    My dad built these in Akron ohio one crashed on the runway

    • Anthony Sinagro
      Anthony Sinagro 4 months ago

      When I was a kid I lived in Akron Ohio and we used to go out to the Rubber Bowl, The Navy had a base out there and we used to play in old scrapped F4U Corsairs!

  • derrin pickett
    derrin pickett 4 months ago

    The propeller was 14ft tip to tip. The bent wing configuration was designed so the landing gear gave the plane that extra height so prop had sufficient clearance.

  • TheFunkhouser
    TheFunkhouser 4 months ago

    it was the british that made it truly work on a carrier. the F4U had really bad bounce when landing and heaps crashed and they were then pulled by the US to only op from land based airfields. Britain developed the landing better and with way less bounce to land on the carriers.

  • Rocco Zecca
    Rocco Zecca 4 months ago

    Cool plane!! I never flown... But if I did would remind me of riding my 1340cc Harley Davidson. صفطز،،

  • craZivn
    craZivn 4 months ago +2

    Honestly I wish the jet engine had never been invented. There's something incredibly romantic about high-performance radial piston engines and I can't help but feel the world would be a bigger and better place if technological advancement had stopped there.

    • Jack Tattis
      Jack Tattis 4 months ago

      craZin: Radials were not the most powerful the Napier Sabre VII inline 3500 hp from 36 litres

  • Bip Bup
    Bip Bup 4 months ago

    Narancia's Aerosmith

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 4 months ago +3

    Amazing plane, sitting behind that engine must have been both a thrill and terrifying experience

  • Jess Frankel
    Jess Frankel 4 months ago +1

    I always thought the Corsair was the most beautifully designed plane in WWII. Heavily armored, it could take a tremendous amount of punishment and deal it out twice as much. Fast, highly maneuverable, packing tremendous firepower, no wonder the enemy feared it so much. If I had to compare it to a car, it would be the Corvette, although it predates the 'vette by twenty-something years. Just a beautiful, beautifully designed airplane.

    • Jack Tattis
      Jack Tattis 4 months ago

      JESS: Only in the Pacific was it feared the Fw190 would have run rings around it

  • John Davis
    John Davis 4 months ago

    Great video!Here is a book about x-planes www.amazon.com/dp/B07QKRFGMM

  • Marten Trudeau
    Marten Trudeau 5 months ago

    Those were brave men who flew F4U Corsair. We were fortunate to have them.

  • jockellis
    jockellis 5 months ago

    IDK about Marine pilots but Navy carrier pilots spent all their money an things that would occupy their minds when not in the air, my father, duty officer for VF-81, told me. They didn’t think they would come back so they didn’t worry about keeping money.

  • Bill Allenbaugh
    Bill Allenbaugh 5 months ago

    There is a guy I talked to who was the son of a guy who buried Japanese zeros by the boat loads at Guadalcanal airstrip. They are still there and the guy would say if he ever went back there he could show you the exact spot he buried them.

  • Joel Grabie
    Joel Grabie 5 months ago +4

    What I love about aircraft from WW II is that they all had their own personality regardless of who flew them. Most were distinguishable by their looks such as the Corsair. Beautiful machines all.

  • Randy Rogers
    Randy Rogers 5 months ago +6

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. If you can reuse the airplane it is a great landing. Ex Navy pilot here

    • Y Pop
      Y Pop 5 months ago

      Thank You For Your Service!

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez 5 months ago

    Perhaps it the fact that for the soldier " war is fun " that may be the source of wars constant presents .

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez 5 months ago

    If the enemy were parked off of San Francisco , would American pilots do the same ?