Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Мы создали настоящее зло. Это Bentley Ultratank - настоящий Бентли на гусеницах. Он валит по любому типу покрытия и делает это с комфортом.
    Teleport Ray - m ē k ȧ nsm
    svastonov - ребята с нашего двора pt.2
    вкладываюдушу - целовались по дружбе
    13 - woo
    yavnoe bessilie - hatred
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Comments • 21 421

    MARCO COCCO 8 hours ago

    The w12 si correctly sfructed

  • Bucky Joe
    Bucky Joe 10 hours ago +1

    My name literally is Bentley

  • Mike Sacco
    Mike Sacco 13 hours ago

    A lot of design flaws.
    Not nearly enough travel on the suspension.
    Track guides
    And these are only a few issues.
    But pretty good considering most people can’t even drive a regular car

  • uzerish x
    uzerish x 18 hours ago

    i didn't understand a single word in this video, but i loved it

  • Mike Diesel
    Mike Diesel 19 hours ago

    The things you do when you have money...

  • Israel Makinde
    Israel Makinde 23 hours ago

    drives this shit with no protection, man's too hard

  • Katya Kristova
    Katya Kristova Day ago +1

    но круто!!!

  • Katya Kristova
    Katya Kristova Day ago +1

    бмв лучше

  • sandeep biswal
    sandeep biswal Day ago

    Brutal Music..😶😶

  • Kevin Xu
    Kevin Xu Day ago

    i thought the thumbnail was 100000000% clickbait...

  • Norse Titan
    Norse Titan Day ago


  • Anil Ameer
    Anil Ameer Day ago

    We seen Tesla truck now Bentley tank next is RR PHANTOMS jetfighter.... Lol crazy guyssss really

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson Day ago

    The only fail here is that at 9:09 the close caption says [Brutal Music] where it is clearly not fail

  • truong le phuong

    Very good

  • CchewWitup
    CchewWitup Day ago

    7:44 thats the true authentic face of disappointment like "we let this guy drive it godamnit....."

  • Yejoon Yang
    Yejoon Yang Day ago +1

    I swear I thought the thumbnail was a video game.

  • polarweiß
    polarweiß Day ago

    Putin would be proud

  • tony'sMelody TM
    tony'sMelody TM Day ago +1

    Wauw, amazing. Much respect from Holland. Looks great, and you need a James Bond tuxedo and sunglasses on when you roll. Rool hard, roll deep and all day brother, bless.

  • tony'sMelody TM
    tony'sMelody TM Day ago

    Kakdilac tavarich, charasho charasho. Spasiba ochen nochen, nochen.

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony Day ago

    If you’re bored af and don’t know what to do with your cash just give it to me I could put it to much better use

  • Yahya Kanıbol
    Yahya Kanıbol 2 days ago


  • Ryan DaPleb
    Ryan DaPleb 2 days ago

    People: we have Bentley
    Russians: we have Straightley

  • Victor Bozich
    Victor Bozich 2 days ago

    Gotta luv the russkies? lol

  • Buzz Feeded
    Buzz Feeded 2 days ago


  • Emir B.A.745d
    Emir B.A.745d 2 days ago

    Me: *sees the video title* who the hell would do something liek this???!!!!
    Me after starting the video: Oh of course.
    Me @ 9:08 : SUKA BLYAT IS SHE FAST!

  • Sebastian Seba
    Sebastian Seba 2 days ago

    beautiful ;o

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh 2 days ago

    Russians are genius!

  • AbsurdReality
    AbsurdReality 2 days ago

    reminds me of the ripsaw

  • Surprise Mechanics
    Surprise Mechanics 2 days ago

    "Holy shit!"

  • Luka Palaversic
    Luka Palaversic 3 days ago

    Jeri dizel?

  • Eric Deshields
    Eric Deshields 3 days ago

    The Bentley Bentanka

  • Eric Deshields
    Eric Deshields 3 days ago

    Does Russia have things like pillows or marshmallows? Feathers?

  • Munna Bhai
    Munna Bhai 3 days ago


  • Alicia Chan
    Alicia Chan 3 days ago

    why thefukk using belt on tank

  • Orlando murillo
    Orlando murillo 3 days ago


  • Gurdev Khanduja
    Gurdev Khanduja 3 days ago

    just another typical day in Russia...

  • Igir Max
    Igir Max 3 days ago

    Лучше бы мне отдал изуродывал тачку хотябы мерседес на гусницах но зачем бентили????

  • NOT your business
    NOT your business 4 days ago

    crazy XD

  • Dad Y
    Dad Y 4 days ago

    10:11 me right now

  • Dylan Weise
    Dylan Weise 4 days ago

    The music ruined it... I wanted to hear the engine

  • Underlegend420
    Underlegend420 4 days ago


  • Stewie
    Stewie 4 days ago

    manyak herif

  • Daniel Ali Velazquez Guardado

    The arab bentley???

  • LXY
    LXY 5 days ago +31

    american car vloggers: "I've wrapped my car in a crazy color"

    meanwhile in russia....

  • Leatherfaceification

    Bentley version BVP

  • ankit panwar
    ankit panwar 6 days ago

    By the way thanks for the soundtrack !!

  • super-charger
    super-charger 6 days ago

    So this is a point,how did he make this car turn around?

  • Buğra Umut Tekin
    Buğra Umut Tekin 6 days ago

    08:20 de o fenerbahçe şapkalı kişiyi gördüm ve as bayrakları ass :)

  • Dunkel Schwarz
    Dunkel Schwarz 6 days ago +1

    "Hello, AcademeG? This is the Army of Dubai" ...

  • goodling seal
    goodling seal 6 days ago

    song at 8:44?

  • FeelGood Vibes
    FeelGood Vibes 6 days ago

    When you are rich and creative too

  • 张培恒
    张培恒 7 days ago


  • Hreny
    Hreny 7 days ago

    funniuést thing is that its still in registration

  • TheHeartOfWar
    TheHeartOfWar 7 days ago

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    The title is English
    Why arent you?

  • NaharAri von LugenToter

    русским дали бентли они из него сделали танк. а дай танк англичанам они из него с десяток бентли сделают.

  • ILike Cars
    ILike Cars 7 days ago

    This Bentley is cursed

  • Sukhwinder Kaur
    Sukhwinder Kaur 8 days ago

    did this thing run on road😉??????????

  • MeAsAlways
    MeAsAlways 9 days ago

    So this is what the Russian do when they are bored

  • Anthony Sim
    Anthony Sim 9 days ago +1

    Smelled like vodka just by watching this video

  • Dderes play
    Dderes play 9 days ago

    А башню где забыли?))))))