New Model Nintendo Switch - Is It Even Different? Let's Compare!

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • This is the new model of Nintendo Switch:
    New Model Nintendo Switch - Is It Even Different? Let's Compare! Nintendo recently came out with an updated model of their Nintendo Switch. I bought one of the new Switches so I can take it apart and compare its internal components to the old model. One selling point for the updated model is that it's supposed to have better battery life so we take a look a the components that might affect that. I also show you the changes made to the joy-cons.
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    About This Video: In this video I'm taking apart the new model of Nintendo Switch and comparing it to the old model. A lot of things still look the same but there are some differences. For example, the CPU on the new model is smaller, there are some noticeable changes to some of the motherboard components, and also some changes to the analog stick on the joy-cons. Not a lot of changes but this updated model is supposed to have improved battery life which is always nice. And hopefully the changes to the analog stick will make those last better.
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Comments • 527

    MADD LAMAR 2 days ago

    Wish my swich did not have drift and broken left trigger because i have the best 6 games mario odyssey/new super mario bros u/mario maker 2/skyrim/la noire/minecraft bed rock/ and my seich started doing this 2 weeks after i bought Mario maker 2 brand new also i dont have a money card for online purchases because my famliy likes hand money;(😪

      MADD LAMAR 2 days ago

      @Justin Pettit yea but i cant use my swich-_-

    • Justin Pettit
      Justin Pettit 2 days ago

      MADD LAMAR yo like skyrim se with mods how is it?

  • NatKayz
    NatKayz 5 days ago

    Does the new switch use the same screws as the original one? I got some screwdrivers meant to open the original and it isn't working on the newer one.

  • Felix O'Keefe
    Felix O'Keefe 8 days ago

    Probably a die shrink on the main chip. Very common for new console revisions. Cost saving for the manufacturer with the added benefit of longer battery life and cooler running for the consumer.

  • Mortys
    Mortys 13 days ago

    Hey @tronicsFix, my girlfriend just purchased a switch. How to know what is the version of the console whitout disassemble it ? Thanks in advance !

  • Rakanay
    Rakanay 19 days ago

    You want the 2019 Nintendo Switch but you have a switch ?!
    Change the Motherboard DONE !
    You dont need a new Switch

  • Desmond Brown
    Desmond Brown 23 days ago

    That's unfortunate that the "new" model is so threadbare in differences. It would've been nice to see some actual improvements to hardware and RAM. Also it seems like the small changes to the joycon are less about functionality and more about cost saving on their side. I'm going to wager stick drift will still happen considering the fundamental casing, spring and plastic holding is identical, just with less plastic and metal used.

  • Ben -
    Ben - 23 days ago

    I still wonder if they fixed timings to fit the standard for USB-C to prevent most bricking.

  • Liduardo Gaming!
    Liduardo Gaming! 23 days ago

    Hey, can you switch pieces?

  • M Middleton
    M Middleton 28 days ago

    Warranty Void.

  • ODAE
    ODAE Month ago

    interested in why you're using 2 mics? Just in case one isn't recording? definitely feel you if that's the case

  • Kenny Luba
    Kenny Luba Month ago

    Great videos! Not sure if mentioned, but Switch Lite fixing until broken?

  • Nathan Joel Waters
    Nathan Joel Waters Month ago

    I'm curious, is it possible to switch out the new screen with the old screen and still get the brightness gains on the new model?

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot Month ago

    wht's the name of the tool you are using at 0:36 and if there is a link from amazon that would help a bunch ! thanks for the video btw

  • Fábio H.C.L.
    Fábio H.C.L. Month ago

    From my opinion this is one of the best channel on RU-clip.
    Well done!

  • Zairem Renthlei
    Zairem Renthlei Month ago

    Can you put the new motherboard in the old switch?

  • kiyu -_-
    kiyu -_- Month ago +4

    Dude i saw that screwdriver and automatically had to get it lol

  • Vedran Rosa
    Vedran Rosa Month ago

    I do not write comments very often (because my English isn't very well) ,but I had to write on your .
    First, I love what you do
    Second , you would like to know about your possible overlookings,
    I cannot really be sure but I think I have seen one .
    Time 1:57 right down, in the new one I see a chip and in the old version I see just a place where the chip in the new one is mounted.there are two possibilities
    1 I didn't seen very well ,or
    2. They already knew and left the place reserved .

  • AOH ZÀ
    AOH ZÀ Month ago +2

    Do you think it's possible to swap the old switch mother board with the new one?

  • Stryker's Shenanigans

    Haven't looked at the spec changes but it looks like it could have had a die shrink or half-shrink. It would consume less power while maintaining performance and would be cheaper to produce in the long run.

  • Davilas Vas
    Davilas Vas Month ago

    Do they sell Revision joycon?

  • Final Fidel
    Final Fidel Month ago

    Wow, still can see the difference between 16nm and 20nm die set size, thank you Tronics for nice information..

  • REALmyenemy
    REALmyenemy Month ago

    This is the kind of unboxing I like.

  • Kooper TDUX
    Kooper TDUX Month ago +2

    I bought the new Switch model and gave away my older one. And i noticed my new one takes a lot more time to heat up.
    (Playing BotW)

  • Natasha H
    Natasha H Month ago

    Will you repair my Wii? Everything works except the disk reader. :(

  • Kunnar Grupp
    Kunnar Grupp Month ago +1

    Can you analyze older consoles as well as the consoles like the switch? SNES would be amazin or handhelds.

  • Bob McGaughey
    Bob McGaughey 2 months ago

    Hi Steve, I was wondering how different is the switch lite video chip compared to the video chip on the std switch? Does this chip govern video out from the USB-C port and if so can you solder a video chip from a std switch onto a switch lite and make video out possible?

  • BigNoseJəw
    BigNoseJəw 2 months ago

    For the ps4 pro do i need the exact same power model? Im having trouble finding the one i have can you help? Most look different from mine

  • Charley Weinhardt
    Charley Weinhardt 2 months ago

    Hey Steve, Arctic silver 5 or mx-4 for a r5 3600 build?

  • Justin KG
    Justin KG 2 months ago +1

    wHERE Do you sell what you fix? I would like to buy

  • Troy Haronga
    Troy Haronga 2 months ago

    You're good with being in debth... One thing I want you to do is make a video on each chip and what they do.

  • Beverly Taylor
    Beverly Taylor 2 months ago


  • Beverly Taylor
    Beverly Taylor 2 months ago


  • ShawnPlayz
    ShawnPlayz 2 months ago

    can you fix my joycons?

  • Ass Burgers
    Ass Burgers 2 months ago

    Huh huh he said 'unit' , huh huh huh

  • The cockatoo
    The cockatoo 2 months ago

    Can you try fixing laptops

  • MR Toxic
    MR Toxic 2 months ago

    Hey if the apu was damaged or fried on a ps4 would the ps4 turn on or what would happen? PLZ HEL0

    • MR Toxic
      MR Toxic 2 months ago

      @Ass Burgers idk im worried about my ps4 rn

    • Ass Burgers
      Ass Burgers 2 months ago

      Aww man, you didn't get the joke !

    • MR Toxic
      MR Toxic 2 months ago

      @Ass Burgers i mean cpu

    • Ass Burgers
      Ass Burgers 2 months ago

      Apu? Thank you, come again.

  • A Russian Beast
    A Russian Beast 2 months ago

    Why do you look at me like that?

  • A Russian Beast
    A Russian Beast 2 months ago

    It's the inside that matters. Not the beauty.

  • Jack Olsen
    Jack Olsen 2 months ago

    Hey Steve please answer this question where did you the get the switch lite?

  • BigNoseJəw
    BigNoseJəw 2 months ago

    Where can i contact you for you're service?

  • Pankaj Pundir
    Pankaj Pundir 2 months ago

    Hey! I like your channel when I got to see the repair of 8 ...12 PS really nice way to show the things from inside.
    From the last 7 years I had buy many earbuds particularly Sony I wish you could make a video on to fixing the broken earbuds like the one bud is working and another isn't.

  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    Haruhi Suzumiya 2 months ago

    hes looking for expansion ports

  • PJ
    PJ 2 months ago +1

    Skinny Pete? Is that you?

  • chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes

    Would you ever be able to upgrade our old switches?

    • Brandon Y
      Brandon Y 2 months ago

      chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes no

  • chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes

    This vid would have 3 mill veiws if he did it in August

    FLYNN 2 months ago

    Don't make eye contact with him...

  • Gabriel Madrigal
    Gabriel Madrigal 2 months ago +1

    I love when he says , “ let’s see if it works “

  • JacketsNest101
    JacketsNest101 2 months ago

    The area in the top right of the back of the motherboard was quite a bit more streamlined, looks like they eliminated quite a few chips from there

  • JoeAceJR
    JoeAceJR 2 months ago +3

    But does the new switch have liquid damage? Hopefully not.

  • sasamykolors
    sasamykolors 2 months ago +1

    Here’s a cool next video idea. Try to change the mother board of the new switch with an old motherboard and see if everything works accordingly 😱

  • Pine Hill Prophit
    Pine Hill Prophit 2 months ago

    Why does this guy always look like he needs a shower??

  • james ?
    james ? 2 months ago

    When u going to get more ps4s or Xbox one xs and Nintendo switches for sale? Im looking to buy one in the 26th

  • Kemanny Stoute
    Kemanny Stoute 2 months ago

    Do you accept PS4 for repair from overseas

  • BigNoseJəw
    BigNoseJəw 2 months ago

    Do you repair power supply for ps4 pro or should i try to send it to sony?need help just stopped working please.

  • Maykon Correia
    Maykon Correia 2 months ago

    Hi, The video output of my Nintendo Switch is not working in dock mode. The charging light works normally, and the cables are properly connected. I also tested the switch on another dock and another TV, but had the same result. From the tests this should be related to some hardware problem. Do you have any idea which piece could be? Ps: It works normally in handheld mode. The defect only occurs in the video output.

  • JaggyJoe
    JaggyJoe 2 months ago

    I have a problem with my ps4 I need help with. A few days ago my ps4 slim started acting messed up. Whenever I play a game it freezes a lot and the sound is most of the time delayed or some sounds just don't work like voice dialog. My ps4 home screen also freezes quite frequently now. I Have already tried the safe mode things and I even initialized my ps4 and the problem still remains. If anyone can help please reply to this. I haven't been able to game in 3 days and I can't afford a whole nother ps4

  • Axophyse21
    Axophyse21 2 months ago

    I cant find a solution anywhere so maybe you could help me out.
    So basically my ps4 slim (CUH - 2006A model) is not feeding disc properly this time it got worse. It will feed once and will come out and then it will not feed anymore, my ps4 thinks that there is another disc in there even though its not, this happen often now. Manual eject screw doesnt help it just turns, it never got tighten it just spin around. I havent opened the ps4 yet to the point where i removed screws.

  • PhischTV
    PhischTV 2 months ago

    warranty voided, just saying

  • Matthew Kobylarz
    Matthew Kobylarz 2 months ago

    I was expecting water damage 😂

  • michael pandolfi
    michael pandolfi 2 months ago

    nintendo is comin fer u hehgood vid