Give me ONE reason NOT to upgrade - Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    The Logitech G502 is maybe the best, most popular gaming mouse ever, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The G502 Lightspeed is the new wireless version with the HERO sensor, but can it compete with the DeathAdder, Finalmouse, or even Logi’s own G Pro Wireless?
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Comments • 4 362

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  5 months ago +267

    Lower your phone bill at and get $25 in Ting credit

    Get 15% off on your Cablemod order with offer code MAY15 at

    • Damian Xvolt
      Damian Xvolt 18 days ago

      Does that price tag justify the new release of the same mouse? Nope. I personally think it's crazy and they know they are going over the line. I mean twice as much? I'll pass.

    • HP
      HP Month ago

      You can't butterfly click

    • AimLimit
      AimLimit 2 months ago

      Has anyone realized that Linus only has white and Asian people working for him

    • The Dukx
      The Dukx 2 months ago

      Linus Tech Tips little did Linus know that once all the final mouse mice are sold out they all cost 300 bucks

  • nino -aka
    nino -aka 21 hour ago

    Good mice but not for console use , im using this on ps4 with xim apex but the down side is 4 buttons dpi and profile button is no way program so they work in game . The work only in pc

  • fisheattoast
    fisheattoast Day ago

    But how are the switches?
    I was very disappointed to find that not only 1 but 2 G903 wireless mice, (one + RMA/exchanged) encountered switch malfunction aka multi-click registration per single click after just a few weeks.
    My previous mouse (G700) didn’t break down until 7 years of use!

  • Kaptein Sushi
    Kaptein Sushi 2 days ago +1

    "Give me ONE reason.."

    Me: I am 1 cent short...

  • Gonzalo Luengo
    Gonzalo Luengo 4 days ago

    two questions, is there any reason to not go wireless?, and to not check our sponsor website, cable mod?.-

  • Wiehan Joubert
    Wiehan Joubert 5 days ago

    Wont sell my wired one... It's just moving to the office.

  • Daniel Braga
    Daniel Braga 5 days ago

    I don't have any money. Main reason. But I'm never changing models, the 11 programmable buttons are godsend for me.

  • ArchfiendRai
    ArchfiendRai 6 days ago

    I can't recall when I originally got my G502, which is a very good thing. Before I bought it I had a Razer mouse (Imperator), and I had to go back to the store to have it replaced at least once a year. It's the one item I've ever owned where getting the damned warranty actually did something useful. The actual buttons would wear out and start double or even triple clicking. I try to pause my video and the damn thing would minimize and keep playing instead. Once I went through one of them in just four months, I was just done with them. It has to have been at least three years and I've never had a problem with mine. Like at all.

    I've always disliked wireless, but maybe when my current one wears out (it's going to, right? Right?) I'll give this one a shot.

  • Jared
    Jared 7 days ago

    Need some opinion help
    Which one should I get if I have a small hand
    Gpro wireless or g502 wireless? Thx

  • YouTuber452
    YouTuber452 7 days ago +1

    I'll give you one: 'DOUBLE CLICKS' i had 3 Logitech mouses all of them double click. Thanks Razer for inventing a new switch..

  • Null
    Null 8 days ago

    one of my friends bought this mouse a week ago and decided to trade it to me for 20$ worth of weed 😂😂😂

  • mlb shark
    mlb shark 8 days ago

    i personally like heavier mouse , i find it feels premium and will last longer

  • snzlbufsnk이콘
    snzlbufsnk이콘 9 days ago +1

    I know one
    it's $150

  • LaDeX
    LaDeX 10 days ago

    My local store has this on sale for 99,95€ but I already have G502 and G900 so I can't justify buying this :(

  • Jonathan Montgomery
    Jonathan Montgomery 10 days ago

    I can't live without the hyper scroll... Wish logitech didn't own the patent and other manufactures could incorporate this into their mice.

  • RedStarRising
    RedStarRising 11 days ago

    Whatever you do, don't get the G903 Lightspeed. Its switches in will inevitably start double-clicking whenever you click it once. There is no way to fix it unless you take apart the entire mouse and solder new switches on or call Logitech and beg them to be a bro and repair/send you a new one.

  • Ol Abe Lincoln
    Ol Abe Lincoln 12 days ago

    ok how the hell can you test latency with the wireless one plugged in... hello?

  • Foggyfishy
    Foggyfishy 12 days ago

    G502 is actually a very bad mouse, i cant believe people like a mouse who weight as much as an elephant

  • Martijn vd
    Martijn vd 13 days ago

    I still use my sand-coloured keyboard and mouse from before 2000. They have already outlasted countless keyboards and mouse devices, and they will continue to do so.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 13 days ago

    Would the weight depend entirely on what sens someone plays at? If your mouse was light as a feather and you played at a high sens, it would be harder to be accurate and control the mouse as opposed to when it had some more weight to it. I use the G502, wired version. I added all the weights because I used to play at super high sens but now i'm going down and down. Though i'm still not close to where most pro fps players are. 1k DPI, windows sens 6 and in CSGO, 1.54.

  • Scot M
    Scot M 14 days ago

    I was at best buy the other day picking up something unrelated. I had the opportunity to play with the different mouse on display and truthfully this particular mouse felt GREAT. I was like, gotta have it ..then saw the price. Had to walk away with head tucked low. It feels awesome in the hand. Better than anything else they offered.

  • Ethan Caissie
    Ethan Caissie 16 days ago

    Can you please do a review of the Logitech G512 Special Edition Keyboard???

  • Phantom Aspect
    Phantom Aspect 16 days ago

    I still love the G502, I always felt that light mice feel cheap and nasty, the G502 feels sturdy AF in comparison and after owning it for a couple of years I still love it. It does everything far better than my previous Razer Lachesis that I bought in 2011 which felt about the same weight so I think I'm going to be keeping the g502 for a long time to come

  • Physickl
    Physickl 17 days ago

    This mouse is to narrow, sticky feet an rubber grips, only good thing is the sensor

  • jerkwagon
    jerkwagon 17 days ago

    Did LTT actually use a win98 sample for 2019?

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 18 days ago

    1:20 Mouse moving on background

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 18 days ago +1

    They pay you to make us paying to them !. This is the only reason why not to upgrade.

    01MEGABOB 19 days ago

    Well it looks like this is the last mouse im buying then.

  • [DeathStroke]
    [DeathStroke] 19 days ago

    Shit you have 10 mil sub

  • Mr. Redstone
    Mr. Redstone 22 days ago +3

    I already have the G502 Proteus Spectrum and I am very happy with it. i will use it furthermore ... It's a great mouse (with and without cable)!

  • Aji Gagah N
    Aji Gagah N 22 days ago

    one reason, G Pro Wireless which I got for 70 bucks

  • Afnan Studio
    Afnan Studio 22 days ago

    Bought one. Thanks linus!

  • Fellow Gamer
    Fellow Gamer 25 days ago


  • BluenosedGerm01
    BluenosedGerm01 26 days ago

    I will give you a reason not to upgrade to the ''Wireless'' Logitech G502 Lightspeed

    Glorious Model O

  • Dylly
    Dylly 27 days ago

    this thing was hardly worth 75, let alone 150

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson 28 days ago

    Is it wireless charging?

  • Sin4Gin
    Sin4Gin Month ago

    switches click on release causing double click, Poor from Logitech!

  • Ivan Angelov
    Ivan Angelov Month ago

    Just by the cheapest wired mouse you can find on Ebay

  • Jerry Ham
    Jerry Ham Month ago +1

    1:10 I love how the cursor zips across the screen as he picks up the mouse

  • Johnathan Ulrich
    Johnathan Ulrich Month ago +1

    Linus is it is a genius he already knows about mouse I am using I love it

  • Johnathan Ulrich
    Johnathan Ulrich Month ago +1

    I love when he hold of them I’ll see you just see the cursor in the background move them on the screen

  • BlackHeart
    BlackHeart Month ago

    I currently have the Logitech g402 series mouse and to be completely honest, its still more than enough for me. I just want an upgrade because I need a mouse that has 4 side buttons instead of the g402's 3....
    I play Warframe so I use the side buttons as my 1-4 abilities because its easier for me.
    This mouse is more than I wanna spend tbh and to be extra honest, wireless is terrible. latency aside, the real issue is the battery or constant re-charging it needs. But yeah.

  • Ali_ReBORN
    Ali_ReBORN Month ago

    Now all Logitech needs to do is make a smaller form factor G502 like the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town! I’d buy multiple units!

  • Ianuarius
    Ianuarius Month ago

    I much prefer using batteries compared to this cable charging.
    1. Batteries last for like 3 months instead of 3 days.
    2. Inserting the wire is ok, but getting it out of the mouse without breaking it in the long run is insanely difficult. Pretty much need pliers to get it out of the awkward crevasse without damage to the wire or the mouse.
    3. Rechargeable batteries have lasted for me like 6 years already.
    Also, the mouse keeps changing the dpi randomly and there's no fix.
    Regarding the buttons, the side-rocking buttons of the wheel are really awkward to use. Don't know why they decided to go with that ridiculous choice. And the button at the thumb's tip is one that is REALLY easy to hit by accident. G602 has a perfect layout and I never hit anything by accident. Guess they just thought they need to change things because change is good, right?

    Pretty lame product, if you ask me. Definitely returning it.

  • Dynoids
    Dynoids Month ago

    Ill give you 149.99 reasons why not to

  • Bodie Buckby
    Bodie Buckby Month ago

    am i the only one who likes a really pretty mouse?

  • Heksi
    Heksi Month ago +2

    That the switches are prone to double clicking.

    • Wan A. Hakkim
      Wan A. Hakkim Month ago

      Yup. Mine failed after 3 years. Got the G403 wireless after that in 2017, and this year the rubbers are starting to sort of like corrode. They're great mice, but i expected the build quality to be better at that price.

  • jai
    jai Month ago

    because its shape fucking sucks

  • Inky Kitsune
    Inky Kitsune Month ago

    Give me a reason.


    Found $130 at gamestop...

  • Omega64
    Omega64 Month ago +1

    Get the g pro instead. No one needs that many macros on a mouse. It's also 35 grams lighter.

  • JHack93
    JHack93 Month ago

    I do miss the G700s though. 2 extra buttons compared to the G502 and a more ergonomic shape. I hope Logitech will make a new one with just the addition of lightspeed, powerplay and hero sensor on it.

  • Blitz Hacker
    Blitz Hacker Month ago

    Give you one reason not to get this mouse? the left click button fails after about 5-6 months of reasonably heavy use. I upgraded to a g903 I've RMA'd this mouse twice.. which is great that they replaced it.. and I 'love' the mouse. however.. dropping the ball on the left click .. I've started with the G502 originally .. was first mouse RMA'd (and died.. left click starts double clicking, and drag and dropping desktop items it will frequently 'glitch' out and register double clicks unless you are 'very' heavy handed on the press (which ofc is going to nuke the switch) I've ended up switching to (a far cheaper) Corsair Dark SE wireless mouse.. I don't like the mouse quite as much (bulky) but it's definatley more durable so far than the left click

  • Noti
    Noti Month ago

    me no like wireless bc it runs out then you have to recharge it and for a sad hooman like me you sit on your pc for like 7 hrs a day

  • Nasza1109
    Nasza1109 Month ago


  • FANG - Minecraft
    FANG - Minecraft Month ago

    I don like linus

  • FANG - Minecraft
    FANG - Minecraft Month ago +2

    Your reason: model o

  • Benjamin Chen
    Benjamin Chen Month ago +1

    Sorry Linus, but you're actually missing the real point
    1) GHub, the new mandatory software, sucks ass compared to LGS
    2) Way more expensive
    3) Double click issues

  • Zain Ali Merchant
    Zain Ali Merchant Month ago

    It's heavy af. Good enough reason.

  • mikellogs
    mikellogs Month ago +3

    8:01 whoms's't'd've is moving the mouse

  • Lieutenant Lolz
    Lieutenant Lolz Month ago +2

    1) Im broke
    2) looks kinda heavier
    3) I just wanna use that typical office mouse since I have no money