John Salley Doubles Down on Saying Pippen is More Skilled than Jordan (Part 1)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • part 2:
    John Salley opened up toVladTV about being recognized more for his VladTV interviews than anything he's done in the past five years. He then shared a story about his Uber driver talking to him about topics covered in VladTV interviews, and John pointed out that some people shouldn't be doing interviews. To hear more, including Salley addressing his previous comments about Scottie Pippen being the most skilled player he played against, hit the above clip.
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  • Rocket Dreamer
    Rocket Dreamer 17 days ago

    Bernard King didnt get nearly the props he deserves.

  • Day Walker
    Day Walker 21 day ago

    I respect that about Scottie Pippen.. and where he fell short of was realizing he needed a wing man like MJ needed you to play along side him and his mentality to ACTUALLY LEAD. Because that is where if Pippen succeeded at.. he would have won Championships before MJ returned and probably would have had more than MJ. It would have been the most illest and controversial topic and Pippen might have been in the same sentence as Lebron James as far as Impact and leadership.. obviously the point spread would have been different.

    Now this is all valid if Pippen's game was such that he can lead a team but he couldn't do that and that was his flaw that flatten the attention on his ability like plenty of other athletes before him and after him.. They needed a dude like MJ to lead and take away that pressure to allow them and their game to flourish. People do not know how people play with each other and against each other and how one meshes with another and I can see that today. A couple of decades ago, it would have been difficult.

  • Donchanli11
    Donchanli11 23 days ago

    It's a 50 50 if they played against each other in their prime. 5 wins for both playing 10 out of 10

  • Thank You
    Thank You 23 days ago

    Jordan taught and helped develop Scotties Skills, and whenever they played against each other, Jordan always gave Scottie the business. But yes Scottie became incredibly skilled as a result and that helped Jordan. But to say that he was more skilled than Jordan. Only someone who hates on Jordan or has no idea would say such stupid crap....good thing he owns up to the fact that it's because he's still a diehard badboy piston, and that's the real reason he says this crap. Because he is being like many Jordan haters, always in denial and always in refusal. Any way possible. I used to know a guy that was a diehard Sonics and Kemp fan. And he would swear to his death bed that Kemp was more skilled and talented than Jordan. God bless his soul. Some people just diehard fans of one guy no matter what.

  • dee nice
    dee nice 24 days ago

    I dont understand why this is so hard for people to understand i grew up watching and loving Mj But the older i got the more i started playing in organized basketball games You understand the greatness of scottie and you can even make a case for him as the #Goat!!!

  • Mervin Bolton
    Mervin Bolton 25 days ago

    Don’t know why they had him on the Bulls fuckin loser

  • K Julez
    K Julez 25 days ago

    that Nelson Mandela shirt is dope!

  • DarkskinDrake
    DarkskinDrake 26 days ago

    Nobody notices the Nelson Mandela t-shirt🤔

  • Ahmad2423
    Ahmad2423 26 days ago

    This Mufuaka is delusional ASF !!! Pippen more skilled than Jordan...😂😂😂😂😂BOISTOP !

  • Chris
    Chris 27 days ago

    Jordan was the Goat, but Pip was the most versatile player in rhe league during that era. Ive seen him bring the ball upcourt like a PG, and play every postion with a smooth transition. Sally is right. Pip was was one of the best defenders on the court and created mismatches because of his height and wingspan, while still retaining his speed

  • Brandon Dixon
    Brandon Dixon 28 days ago

    Basically Jordan's the cheat code

  • RoChede
    RoChede 28 days ago

    He is correct.
    Think about it.
    Nobody has more BASKETBALL skills than Larry Bird.The guy had 2562034825205 different ways to kick your ass.
    If you understand that, you get it why Pippen was more skilled than Jordan.He could do more things.He had more tools in his arsenal to do what he had to do.
    Was he better then Jordan then ? Hell, no.
    If you have 3000 guns, 1500 knig-fes, 50 granades and 100 snipers, and a million shields, it will mean nothing against one single Nuklear Bomb droping in your face (that´s Jordan).
    So that´s it.

  • edwin hamilton
    edwin hamilton 28 days ago

    .........Jordan’s fundamentals and techniques were supreme...especially after he came back from baseball... he scored easier than anybody I’ve seen in my life and would laugh at you 😂

  • William Lau
    William Lau 29 days ago

    The best offensive player ends up getting the best defensive player of their era. MJ made Pip better and vice versa. The rest they say was history.

  • Biggredd200
    Biggredd200 29 days ago

    I grew up a BAD BOYS fan in the 80's 90's. I hated Jordon all those years but now that I'm older I realized I was just hating on him I realized I was one of the lucky ones that was able to see him play in person at the Palace. So yes Chicago growing up a pistons fan now I realize just who is the GOAT.

  • RJ 00
    RJ 00 Month ago +2

    What he says is straight facts, MJ'd have a 30-40 pt night, & the Bulls'd be up by 3-4 pts, #33 starts going off, the Bulls are BLOWING MF'ers out ... any time you have 1 guy on the team shooting JUMPERS over dbl/trpl teams, that means someone's open for a clean shot/layup, in other words - FUCKING UP TEAM CHEMISTRY. MJ was the best 1-on-1 player, #33 had a greater impact on the Bulls as a team, b/c he played the TEAM game - MJ was always about MJ. Stupid mf'ers who don't know shit about b-ball'd swear #33 owes 6 rings to MJ, when in point of fact the West conf. always outscored the East in ppg, which means Bulls have to win w/ defense ... & who anchors that defense, cause it sure as hell ain't MJ - & it NEVER was (during the dynasty years.)

  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere Month ago

    Sally is on drugs

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith Month ago

    It's been 21 years since Jordan got his last ring and they still taking shots at the throne.

  • Karheim Sanders
    Karheim Sanders Month ago

    Sounds like your describing LEBRON JAMES 😂😂😂

  • KJ Carson
    KJ Carson Month ago

    Pip is my favorite player and the fact that MJ has zero rings without him gets lost on a lot of people.
    Pippin came closer to an NBA finals without Jordan than vice versa.

  • Lenny Bourbon
    Lenny Bourbon Month ago

    Yo that Weed must be really good

  • rednupe44
    rednupe44 Month ago

    I agree 100%

  • dario202f
    dario202f Month ago

    We rode the goat?! Can you say Freudian slip.

  • Barry White
    Barry White Month ago

    Scottie Pippen was on the Dream Team and was selected as one of the top 50 players that’s ever lived. It’s not like his talents aren’t recognized.
    For most teams he’d be more productive than Jordan. He can do more.

  • Lamar Richarfs
    Lamar Richarfs Month ago

    Next time ask John Salley about the Jordan rule………

  • Zak Edwardz
    Zak Edwardz Month ago

    Great interview, but please boost your audio

  • Scott Trumpolt
    Scott Trumpolt Month ago +1

    I agree with John S. about Scottie and John strikes me as very thoughtful and intelligent. You can find players that in a certain aspect/part of basketball are better than Scottie but in terms of the overall package when you factor in all of the different skill sets, he is just the one that has it all. Scottie cannot be #1 in any single category because his game requires him to be doing everything at all times for the team. This is why it has taken 30 years or so to completely start appreciating what he brought to the NBA but it is finally happening.

  • MeechDolo
    MeechDolo Month ago

    I went from part 7 to 1 because all of the titles got more interesting

  • Terrence PERKINS
    Terrence PERKINS Month ago

    Fuck john ... nicca hate on mj

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy Month ago

    Jordan haters jack off to Salley interviews and when their mother walks in on them they switch to porn.

  • Jerry Owens
    Jerry Owens Month ago

    But those guys are not in anyones top 10

  • Alpha Male Lifestyle TV

    Dude is such a hater lmfao. There was nothing Scottie did better offensively than MJ. And defensively it’s not like Scottie is vastly superior to Mike.

  • Lenny D
    Lenny D Month ago +2

    MJ made Scottie Pippen and the rest of the Bulls in practice. His practice runs are legend. But, they both needed each other to win. No such thing as a one man team but Jordan was pretty close at doing that.

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson Month ago +1

    John Salley is right though. He basically said " Jordan was the Second Coming " but he just couldn't view him that way. And Pippen was a more versatile player. That doesn't mean that Pippen is better than Jordan. It just meant that Pippen was the X-factor because he could do it all. Pippen is an underrated player. Everyone that played in that era knows what type of player he was and he gets nothing but Praise for it. Salley never discredited Jordan's greatness.

  • scalping forever
    scalping forever Month ago

    Salley is crazy.

  • Dell
    Dell Month ago

    :20sec : vlad -“Ever done”
    Vlad soooo full of himself 😂😂

  • luvbig41
    luvbig41 Month ago +1

    I think Pippen has an overall better game than Jordan.

  • SupermanHopkins
    SupermanHopkins Month ago +3

    Glad to see that Scottie Pippen is *finally* getting the respect he deserves. Only took 30 years; bettbetter late than never, I guess.

    • TheTwinkiefoot
      TheTwinkiefoot 29 days ago

      Larissa might have some contrarian views, lol

  • sniper 187
    sniper 187 Month ago

    This scrub ben warmer, talking all that shit and then win one more ring on the bench. With who? Then this bum wins one more warming the lakers bench. Fuck out here scrub

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown Month ago +1

    I'm from chi Sally ain't lying if you know ball Pippen was a problem never got credit Jordan won one playoff series without Pippen guard every position know one could match up with Pippen he played point guard and took four step from end to end and took off

  • cassius simpson
    cassius simpson Month ago

    Same 20 Pearls huh 🤔

  • SoleLyfer
    SoleLyfer Month ago

    He called Pip a Native American black ✊🏽

  • char dee
    char dee Month ago

    Damn they rode the goat together!!! It all make sense now..

  • LeeCo Brown
    LeeCo Brown Month ago

    Yal road the goat huh? O ok

  • Nate Rainey
    Nate Rainey Month ago +2

    I didn't see Oscar Robinson play but I can say that Scottie Pippen is the best all around player in NBA history. Its just my opinion but my opinion is a fact.

  • Lex P
    Lex P Month ago

    Vlad.. U mean john Salley doubled up on his statement

  • MrBrightWave
    MrBrightWave Month ago +1

    Scottie Pippen never gets his just due...... while he played and after he played. Salley is right.

  • WhathehadasSole
    WhathehadasSole Month ago +10

    John Salley is like the Arsenio Hall amongst his peers. Accomplished but under appreciated

  • Jacoeb H
    Jacoeb H Month ago +1

    A no time scoring champ even when Jordan was swinging at air for 2years

  • Adam Jefferson
    Adam Jefferson Month ago


  • SuperCaliFragiListicExpiali DopeShit

    MJ also knew how to draw attention either towards himself or away from himself in order to utilize the skill sets of his teammates. That's basically what John is describing. So, yea, MJ is the G.O.A.T. Just say it John, damn.

  • flavainyoear
    flavainyoear Month ago +3


  • nomibe2911
    nomibe2911 Month ago

    I need some of what he's smoking.

  • Jerome Crockett
    Jerome Crockett Month ago

    Pippen was better than Jordan,,, Jordan was just prettier player.. his skills ability and his creativity.. but without Scotty Jordan would not have rings... Scotty was the kawhi of his time... If Scotty joined another team with a superstar he would have beat Jordan over and over again....

  • Eric Pearson
    Eric Pearson Month ago

    Salley: "Michael is great!"
    Me: What's the suffix to great Mr. Salley?

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Month ago +2

    He clearly said more skilled, he never said he was better

  • ANB ZCMB16
    ANB ZCMB16 Month ago

    MJ all day!! But Scottie did his thing vs Pistons in 91'

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright Month ago

    John Salley is right, don't do interviews if you're a criminal. also DJ Vlad doesn't do any interviews about open cases.

    EAR GAZM Month ago

    JS is one cool ass brother yo! Met him All-Star weekend at Club EGYPT in Philadelphia back in the day!

  • James Lee
    James Lee Month ago +1

    I always liked Scottie better than Jordan. Jordan was better but Scottie was just more likable.