Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • The 21-year-old model shares her tried-and-true tricks for faking a back from the beach glow.

    Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
    Filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
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    Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Eulanze Joubert
    Eulanze Joubert Day ago

    Still like Selena better as a bride

  • Diya Dutta
    Diya Dutta Day ago

    She looks like Dua lipa with that hair!

  • pejanliu pamai
    pejanliu pamai Day ago

    Her nose is little bit crook🙈🙈🙊🙉

  • Avery Steinecke
    Avery Steinecke Day ago


  • Lucía Romero
    Lucía Romero Day ago

    I don’t care


    I love U hayley 💜💜💜

  • Yelena Smol
    Yelena Smol Day ago

    SHE'S not really pretty, i dunno why justin chose her, makes no sense?

  • Fun vlogs by Maddy Deluna

    Her nails😍💛

  • サクマ式ドロップス

    I don’t know why I decided to watch this cuz this was totally unhelpful. She is too perfect.

  • Michelle Malatabon
    Michelle Malatabon 2 days ago

    I like her...

  • Beyond Bella
    Beyond Bella 2 days ago

    Hailey is literally perfect ✨

  • Sushmita Huq
    Sushmita Huq 3 days ago

    i keep looking at her nose cuz it looks crooked

    MY PUSSY 4 days ago

    Тот редкий случай когда без макияжа намного лучше

  • Izzy Stricklin
    Izzy Stricklin 4 days ago

    she's so cute !!!!

  • Wseam Buttcytcutuciytsty.

    You are Beauty Forever....👍👌✌💐💋❤💚💛💜💙💙🌸🌺🌹🎉

  • Holly Gay
    Holly Gay 5 days ago

    I think justin made the right decision to marry her. I mean I loved Jelena but everyone knows that relationship was toxic and not good for either of them. Idk that's just my opinion

  • Chloe Loreen
    Chloe Loreen 5 days ago +3

    The definition of beauty: hailey bieber



  • eliana Canaza yañez

    Esta bien fea la hailey

  • iveth espinosa
    iveth espinosa 6 days ago

    She isnot beautufull

  • domsravioli
    domsravioli 6 days ago

    she literally looks the same as before how the f??? I wish!

  • しんしん
    しんしん 6 days ago +1

    I think Hailey is so happy with Justin, but I’m kinda sad cuz she’s got so much hate because of her marriage. She’s just so cute and sweet.
    P.S I love her voice sm.

  • small irish elf
    small irish elf 7 days ago +1

    yall hate her because she married your 2010 boyfriend, btw I love her

  • punkcat23
    punkcat23 7 days ago

    Step one:be rich

  • Esma Erkan
    Esma Erkan 8 days ago +4

    “I’m really pickie about my eyebrows” and then do nothing to eyebrows

  • Mrina RK
    Mrina RK 8 days ago

    I don't like u......

  • kau eunice
    kau eunice 9 days ago +2



  • Nhi Le
    Nhi Le 9 days ago +4

    She’s so pretty with/without makeup omgg

  • Neni Fauziah Zatnika
    Neni Fauziah Zatnika 10 days ago

    hailey bitchber

  • Melis ece Levent
    Melis ece Levent 11 days ago


  • loune cool
    loune cool 11 days ago

    تبهدل 😂😂

  • fille
    fille 12 days ago

    she looks like ashley tisdale🥺

    LISA MARIE 12 days ago +1

    Sorry that's a f boy wtf!

  • sofi1500
    sofi1500 12 days ago

    Silly you ruined selena gome'z life

  • Rhea Paidi
    Rhea Paidi 12 days ago +1

    there are so many rumors that hailey disses selena but i know they are all fake

  • High Beggars
    High Beggars 12 days ago +3

    it's like, looks wise, I think she's phenomenally gorgeous and I melt every time she posts a picture, but somehow I'm positive she's an awful person

  • Foreign Drake
    Foreign Drake 13 days ago +1

    She so fine

  • Eugenia Harizanova
    Eugenia Harizanova 13 days ago

    Annoying ugh

  • Abigail Cardozo
    Abigail Cardozo 13 days ago +4

    I love this woman, she is perfect

  • Ria Kaimuddin
    Ria Kaimuddin 13 days ago

    So beauty

  • baluchi sokti
    baluchi sokti 14 days ago

    confusing makeup video 😝

  • gigi nura
    gigi nura 14 days ago +1

    Hailey is real Queen💖👑
    Haters go f*ck yourself

  • gigi nura
    gigi nura 14 days ago +10

    One of the most beautiful woman alive with golden heart💖

  • gigi nura
    gigi nura 14 days ago +1

    Hailey is much better than that Selena

  • gigi nura
    gigi nura 14 days ago +1

    Why Justin married to her?
    She is so beautiful and hot
    The end

  • Sharmi Pangdhak
    Sharmi Pangdhak 15 days ago

    After this video
    Hailey be like ohh I forgot to put foundation 😂

  • Consuelo Reyes
    Consuelo Reyes 15 days ago +4

    okay, i cant afford practically nothing used on this video, bye

  • ༒꧁༺QUEENᎾFHELL༻꧂༒ ᴉɹɐd

    First time so satisfying video natural makeup look great personality

  • anita khadka
    anita khadka 16 days ago +1

    no hate for this beautiful women,

  • I don’t Care
    I don’t Care 16 days ago +1

    I feel bad for tbh she is a young beautiful woman and people keep comparing her to Selena Gomez like dude leave her alone (both are beautiful woman)

  • Jéssica Aleixo Silva
    Jéssica Aleixo Silva 16 days ago

    I loved this 💗

  • Jéssica Aleixo Silva
    Jéssica Aleixo Silva 16 days ago

    I love her 💗

  • Fatemeh Ahmadiparnian
    Fatemeh Ahmadiparnian 17 days ago

    Her face didn't change at all

  • jaque araujo
    jaque araujo 17 days ago

    Gostei dela super simples vai tudo com dedo mesmo

  • Ane
    Ane 17 days ago +31

    she sounds like the sweetest person

  • Jasmin W
    Jasmin W 17 days ago +4

    She is so BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup

  • mybest gr
    mybest gr 18 days ago

    The nails are horrible!

  • costco freezer
    costco freezer 18 days ago +4

    hailey is the absolute cutest, justin scored with her

  • Katherine Perez
    Katherine Perez 18 days ago

    I would never use any of the products she mentioned lol, what out of my budget but this my favorite vogue get ready with me videos. I love her so personality, I have seen this video several times

  • bubble berry
    bubble berry 19 days ago +17

    she put everything in minimal amounts... im soo jealous of her skin 😭😭