Arduous Demo - iPhone X OLED Screen Glass Only Repair

  • Published on Dec 27, 2017
  • With up to 15 steps, iPhone X glass only screen repair replacement is much more complicated than LCD screen of previous iPhone models. In consideration of the $279 official maintenance cost of broken screen and tough supply of China-made screen replacements in the short term, REWA LAB is honored to present you our hard-earned success with iPhone X OLED screen refurbishing.
    Plus: For those in need, REWA also provides refurbishing service for models from iPhone 5 to iPhone X. Please feel free to contact us at:

    Tools Used:
    LCD Cutting Wire:
    LCM Cleaner:
    Easy Tear Sticker:
    Manual LCD Separator:
    Bubble Removing Autoclave:
    Curved Screen Laminating Machine:
    Apple iPhone X Spare Parts:
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  • Mihirang umrigar
    Mihirang umrigar 9 days ago

    Do it become LCD display instead of OLED display after glass is replace and get repair??

  • Nick Andrade
    Nick Andrade Month ago

    i rather buy the entire screen. This looks tedious

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Month ago

      Yeah, It is for most people. but for broken screen refurbishing factories, the machines will make them more effecient. $$$

  • Xean Xedrik Torculas

    Babye water resistance!!!!!!!!

  • An Xiety
    An Xiety 2 months ago

    Well done

  • Dylan Guillermo Ramsey
    Dylan Guillermo Ramsey 2 months ago

    Jesus Apple is f’n evil. After iphone 7 everything is fragile and hard as $&@! to fix. It’s not enough that they charge a fortune for phones made by little asian children? They make it so difficult.... that is just evil empire at work. Words dont even exist to express the rage...

  • f-lip 003
    f-lip 003 3 months ago

    Es el mismo sistema para extraer el glass del iphone xs max?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  2 months ago

      Casi el mismo proceso. Pero más difícil para la operación. También hemos hecho un video del iPhone XS Max Glass, reparación en nuestro canal. Puede consultar este enlace: https: // V = ynyaseuL3RE & t

  • Tony Salt Chavez
    Tony Salt Chavez 3 months ago

    can you tell its been replaced and is the bezel fatter then the oem bezel

  • MovilOne Phone Repair
    MovilOne Phone Repair 3 months ago +1

    Good Job 🍷

  • Adnan Farooq
    Adnan Farooq 3 months ago

    I want to change my glass for iphone x please help to change ...

  • Dennis Roldan
    Dennis Roldan 4 months ago

    Now i know what i want to be, I want to be a part of your team!

  • bailey Nose
    bailey Nose 5 months ago

    Does face jd still work?

  • Amin Croes
    Amin Croes 5 months ago

    So just get a new screen instead of replacing glass? This looks difficult

  • bantix
    bantix 5 months ago

    they did surgery on a 1000$ iphone

  • - ремонт телефонов

    Such a dismantling method may lead to a problem with the screen and camera loop. there is another method, in my video there is an example iphone x and iphone xs

  • Bk
    Bk 6 months ago

    does the true tone display works after the glass replacement?

  • Erik
    Erik 6 months ago

    Where do you buy all those equipment? Wow, awesome though

  • Yen Ho
    Yen Ho 7 months ago


  • Mike Kattan
    Mike Kattan 7 months ago +1

    can only be done if you have the machines then.. thanks guys

  • Rahul Nagargoje
    Rahul Nagargoje 7 months ago

    Hey I like your channel always, give me your what's app number

  • Robert Hakulin
    Robert Hakulin 7 months ago

    Thanks for the vid

  • የነሃርዘቿዕቿረጎር

    I need sent for repair how

  • Jakub Vlossak
    Jakub Vlossak 8 months ago

    Hi, what is the glue cleaner? Isopropyl or something with acetone? Thank you

    JUCYFLOW 88 10 months ago

    Any one can donate me a iPhone 5S I'm from Bangladesh😭

  • TecnoSiplenko
    TecnoSiplenko 10 months ago +2

    what is the liquid to remove the bezel?

  • Haji Aliyev
    Haji Aliyev 11 months ago

    Why you using 2 machine. There are Automatic laminating and bubble removing machines. Why you use old method to do this.

  • Manuel Villarreal
    Manuel Villarreal 11 months ago

    Increíble trabajo

  • Re ne
    Re ne 11 months ago

    Nice how much it will cost?

  • armada nasar
    armada nasar 11 months ago +4

    what a surgeon 😀

  • vaibhav mhaske
    vaibhav mhaske 11 months ago +2

    Hi actually I am also mobile repairing but when I see your technology I am really so satisfied for this video thanks guys

  • vaibhav mhaske
    vaibhav mhaske 11 months ago +1

    Love you guys your video is awesome so satisfied it's really amazing thanks for your lovely videos

  • لحسين بوليد
    لحسين بوليد 11 months ago +4

    شكرا جزيلا لك حقيقة انت لطيفة جدا وعملك متقن

  • Sadik sheikh
    Sadik sheikh Year ago

    Can you repair my phone please sir it’s to much cost in india

  • okada jiiko
    okada jiiko Year ago

    can i use normal laminating machine like AK-pro? OLED must use LED laminating machine?

  • Mohammed Usman 1744045

    Can u do this to my phone ?

  • Vicky Nagpal
    Vicky Nagpal Year ago

    Is Face ID work after glass change

  • Androids, iphones doctor

    Sir i am very interseted your work for all models you r best in the world my dream visted your rewa teams and tech propar teaning

  • Jojo Melara
    Jojo Melara Year ago

    Look at that coke pinky nail! xie xie for your video

  • Tzuyu international

    I believe you have replaced this phone glass before right???am I right???

  • Prithvi Nicholas
    Prithvi Nicholas Year ago

    What’s that blue belt/wire on your hand ?

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri Year ago

    the no talk channel !
    thats how china looks like.

  • SKTTWkartrider
    SKTTWkartrider Year ago

    Would like to know the bgm.

  • Ryan TSOI
    Ryan TSOI Year ago

    Why Hong Kong’s company uses simple Chinese character, not traditional? Are you actually a company from mainland?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      We are based in Shenzhen and have branches in HK, USA and Czech.

  • Lst Kld
    Lst Kld Year ago

    After i remove the frame middle of the touch not working. If i change the touch layer it will work or not?

  • Cristian Martinez

    Hello, I took the glass off and everything, i get no image after it. The touch works because i can hear the phone unlock once I swipe up but I get no image. You think the OLED is done for?

  • Cody Begg
    Cody Begg Year ago

    Try that with a badly cracked glass then your video will be worth something , not practical at all really and also bid you good luck getting 100 Percent success rate all the time if you did

    • Mike Trieu
      Mike Trieu 5 months ago

      With completely shattered glass, you'd probably want to laminate a stabilizing sheet on the surface first so the shards can't move around and then proceed just as REWA demonstrated here.

  • Ocean iPhone Repair (by Appointment Only)

    Can I send you one iPhone X screen to refurbish? If so how much would it cost?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      We are so sorry that we do not offer individual service at present.

  • Ocean iPhone Repair (by Appointment Only)

    any solution to repair iPhone X that shuts off randomly? I cannot find schematics anywhere to try and troubleshoot the phone. There is no warranty on this device .
    I tried a new charge port from a donor phone, didn't fix it. I haven't tried a battery replacement yet because the donor phones battery is no good.
    Ive tried resetting the time to 12/1/17 and also tried turning off notifications but none helped. it is also on the latest OS 11.2.6.
    @rewatechnology if you find a solution please post a video. There are so many iPhone X having this problem, apple swaps the phones out but in my case warranty is void because there is a tiny chip on the screen. Ive already talked to an apple tech about it and was denied a replacement.

    • Ocean iPhone Repair (by Appointment Only)
      Ocean iPhone Repair (by Appointment Only) Year ago

      REWA Technology yes, but not all the time. Sometimes when plugged in after shut down the screen stays black. When I unplug the power supply, unplug battery then reconnect it’ll boot up normally but still randomly shut down.

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      Can it be powered on by a DC Power Supply?

  • edge of tomorrow
    edge of tomorrow Year ago

    Okay, how much does this procedure cost?

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire Year ago

    Good that Apple didn't sell many of these shits

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan Year ago

    very professional

  • Smartal Service
    Smartal Service Year ago

    how many degree you remove bezel

  • Oswaldo Medina
    Oswaldo Medina Year ago

    where can i get this done because apples tripping talking about they cant just replace the glass 😒

  • Parvaz Shareef
    Parvaz Shareef Year ago

    sir my babble is not going

  • Parvaz Shareef
    Parvaz Shareef Year ago


  • Raja Sekar
    Raja Sekar Year ago

    Apple 4s new board how to price

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      We are so sorry that we do not offer logic board at present.

    • Raja Sekar
      Raja Sekar Year ago

      iPhone 4S motherboard new press rupi

  • Chico Computer Clinic

    What's with the coke nail

  • Danny Santos
    Danny Santos Year ago

    why b7000 ????

  • Paolo Di Masi
    Paolo Di Masi Year ago +1

    number one

  • Gio048
    Gio048 Year ago +1

    Cool video😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Iain Simpson
    Iain Simpson Year ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to remove the glass with a freeze machine and leave the amoled in the frame , and then re laminate the new glass to the amoled / frame assembly ?. Iv seen this done before with the Samsung edge screens and seems to work ok.

  • Jitu Patel
    Jitu Patel Year ago

    Are bhai meri to 3 display tut gay i

  • S Ra
    S Ra Year ago

    No wonder apple don't repair iphone x

  • Tomas Tomy
    Tomas Tomy Year ago

    It’s still against waterproof this iPhone??

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      It will lose the waterproof function after disassembled, but this function can be partially recovered by applying a layer of water resistant adhesive.

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago

    Rewa where to find the oca

    • No Name
      No Name Year ago

      REWA Technology is it possible to make a glass replacement on j5 pro

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      Here for the OCA:
      Here for the iPhone X OCA Glue Sheet:
      Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at:

  • Alexander Arndt
    Alexander Arndt Year ago

    Theoretically you could remove the notch on the top of the display when using a slightly changed screen glas! :P

  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena Year ago +9

    Also your English translations have improved significantly

  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena Year ago +10

    Seriously, guys do amazing work and probably are responsible for thousands of pounds of e-waste staying out of landfills...keep up the good work & keep being green!

  • Christina Andwena

    How to convince parents to buy LCD refurbishment tools?

  • Christina Andwena

    Get my... *satisfaction*

  • Joe Chua
    Joe Chua Year ago +2

    using b 7000 to glue the frame will last? wouldnt the frame will start separate after using for long time