They LIED to me! - DDR4 RAM to M.2 SSD Adapter

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
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    For all of the dozens of you out there who were looking for a way to install an SSD in your memory slot, we FINALLY have a solution. It's exactly as dumb as you might think.
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Comments • 2 154

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  3 months ago +201

    Join the drop for the Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go Headphones at
    Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

    • Bradley Bisby-mountain
      Bradley Bisby-mountain 3 months ago

      O h I t s a P I N K G U Y W I R E

    • deth kon
      deth kon 3 months ago

      Linus, isn't the base hardware of an SSd the same as a stick of ram? SSD sizes of ram? in DIMM slots? THIS NEEDS TO BE EXPLORED!

    • Jakob
      Jakob 3 months ago

      What the hell is the Badminton-champ Peter doing on the floor Linus?? 7:24
      Best regards' Camilla Martin

    • HEHE BOY
      HEHE BOY 3 months ago

      Hey #LinusTechTips can make a video mixing all thermal paste?

    • Ethan T
      Ethan T 3 months ago

      #LinusTechTips, I know u normally don't luck in comments, but my dad found a old pc/console from the 80/90's and I was wondering if you wanted to buy it and repair it (if it's broken) in a video or just use it if it's not broken.

  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine 6 hours ago

    There is a problem if you have a MOBO with only one M.2 slot and you want to do something like upgrade the M.2 to a larger capacity. This would be ideal for allowing the old and new m.2 drives to be available for cloning...!

  • Stalin
    Stalin 6 hours ago

    It seems like a bad idea to use the standard ram in combination with the adapted ssd ram.

  • Gregory Krisa
    Gregory Krisa Day ago

    Thank you for buying it so we don't have to

  • DarkDEM0N
    DarkDEM0N Day ago

    The sponsor segway made me lol

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese Day ago

    Wtf, this looked to me like an adapter that uses an SSD as RAM, for example if you need lots of RAM but it doesn't have to be that fast :o.

  • Jahn Dough
    Jahn Dough 3 days ago

    those bastards lied to me.

  • Chris Gnoza
    Chris Gnoza 4 days ago

    This video should've been named "Down the rabbit hole with Linus'

    CAOSWOLFIII 5 days ago

    my question is there a daughter board with a bunch of dim slots and sata connections that u can rout to ur pc instead of losing valuable ram space for a more complicated way of using external ssds? hmmmmmm .

  • Larry Gall
    Larry Gall 5 days ago

    WTF? Why would they bother mounting this to a memory PCB? They must have had a bunch of extra, or maybe defective memory PCBs and just had a dumb idea to mount this M.2 -> SATA adapter to it.. sowing a mass of confusion to all who see it.

  • Rheller82
    Rheller82 6 days ago

    Correction your sponsor is Drop. They changed their name from Massdrop.

  • Michał Góralczyk
    Michał Góralczyk 6 days ago

    Doesn't ASUS have something like that but one that actually works?

  • ff00005
    ff00005 7 days ago

    Did they actually lie to you, though? :P

  • Dahnkster
    Dahnkster 9 days ago

    Hello Linus Tech Tips. I'm trying to decide between a HP 15.6 laptop. Which of these two would you recommend... 15.6" HD Touchscreen Display 8th Gen Intel i5-8250U Quad-Core Processor 12GB DDR4 RAM 1TB HDD Backlit-Keyboard Bluetooth B&O Audio Windows 10 vs. 8GB SDRAM, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, 15-cw1063wm (1 TB 5400 rpm SATA + 128 GB M.2 Solid State Drive) . Basically comparing an $540 Amazon HP vs a $599 Walmart HP. We are retired RN's, (non gamers) but would like a reliable laptop with good audio, fast processing speeds. Wife's birthday coming up next week and I enjoyed you video and would very much appreciate your input. Thank you in advance.

  • RedNeck Garage
    RedNeck Garage 10 days ago

    so it wasts a RAM slot for no aperant reason other then to be a slot hog? Who comes up with this crap!!!

  • Silentcalling
    Silentcalling 10 days ago

    I know some of the words u said

  • Luis J
    Luis J 10 days ago

    Got to love your weird strange and almost handy devices
    So I was wondering if there is an adapter for a M.2 NVme ssd drive that it is not Pcie slot dependent.
    As most mini-itx motherboards only have a M.2 slot and the Pcie slot is usually populated with a Graphics Card, so when upgrading a new faster M.2 than the der one becomes useless.

  • Malcolm Wood
    Malcolm Wood 11 days ago

    How doe's that work?, if your memory slot can only address say 16Gb per slot, & your M2 card has 512Gb of data?.

    • Kyle Stanley
      Kyle Stanley 10 days ago

      The memory slot isn't addressing anything here. The adapter just sits in the memory slot. It doesn't interact with it in any way-- it just occupies that space and uses the tabs to stay secure. The entire thing would work 100% the same even if it's not plugged into a memory slot at all.

  • Adam R
    Adam R 12 days ago

    I can't believe you missed it. The whole point of the device is so you can put a SATA drive (or extra drive) in a space-constrained chassis. MicroATX for instance, or Intel NUC. If you're not using those two extra DIMM slots, this could solve some interesting problems. Very cool device. Me wanty.

  • Roger Zheng
    Roger Zheng 13 days ago

    this is actually obvious, as you will need to have something like pcie 256.0 to have a sata drive be as fast as ddr ram

  • Leo
    Leo 20 days ago

    Thanks Linus! You just saved me from buying one of these.

  • Zheyuan Lin
    Zheyuan Lin 22 days ago +1

    Stop laughing about taobao bro, you have an Asian wife

  • Error 404
    Error 404 23 days ago

    Ugh! I don't like the office either linus! Im so sad 😥

  • Paweł Smoliński
    Paweł Smoliński 27 days ago +1

    Hey, does anyone know what make/model that white monitor Linus uses at beginning of this video in his office is?

  • TC
    TC Month ago

    For someone who doesn't have an onboard M.2 slot, has occupied all available PCIe x4 or above slots, and absolutely wants to use an M.2 SSD anyway. I doubt they'll sell many of these.

  • sakis
    sakis Month ago

    Hdmi has analog audio and video also

  • dbmaster46446
    dbmaster46446 Month ago

    what about these sandisk ultradimm thigys ? thats a SSD in a DDR3 Dimm

  • MarcysFail
    MarcysFail Month ago

    Hmm good deal will be if we made HDD from old DDR3 or DDR2 dies.
    Adapter for 24 or 48 slots old laptop/pc DDR3 RAM its 100-200 GB for storage.
    I have many old DDR3 1, 2, 4 GB RAM in my desk,

  • Uncle Jeezy
    Uncle Jeezy Month ago

    I want a card so I can put NVMe drives into my RAM slots and use it as a massive Virtual RAM disk connected right into the RAM bus. 64 Gigs real RAM and 4 TB Virtual RAM.

    Before everyone says... But you couldn't do anything useful with the extra RAM. I use the PC for work and the excess capacity could be put to good use.

  • connor horman
    connor horman Month ago

    Rip. What would have been cool would be a M.2 NVMe to DIMM Adapter that lets you use an NVMe drive as ram.

  • noname-cv37
    noname-cv37 Month ago

    Linus you where had

  • Jiey Gaming
    Jiey Gaming Month ago

    hey linus, make a custom one from broken ram
    since some motherboard dont have the m.2 slot
    since it can get cheaper

  • Muhammad Cahaya Saputra

    I just think, how it must work without compatible chip of motherboard Which supports 256Gb of RAM Memory? And My question has been answered

  • DigiFootage FX
    DigiFootage FX Month ago

    So they want us to give up an entire RAM slot for what essentially could be obtained through a simple USB 3 external connection using some other more conventional device? Crazy. Edit to say: obviously you don't need to replace a RAM stick to use this stupid thing, so why they designed it like that should almost be considered false advertising.

  • Rifqi maulana
    Rifqi maulana Month ago


  • EvroNetwork
    EvroNetwork Month ago

    I'd love to see some DDR4 ramdrive to nvme. Back in the day Gigabyte did build some cards, they were awesome

  • Darko Jerinic
    Darko Jerinic Month ago

    when you give tech geek non tech toy hahah utter disapointment face so priceless

  • Alfons Putzeys
    Alfons Putzeys Month ago

    This thing does have a use if you think about it.
    A mb with no m.2 slots, and you have free ram slot in your ram bank.
    But to boot, you have fewer SSD mounting positions in your case than sata connectors on your mb.
    Most cases have 2 drive slots with double SSD drive tray inserted.
    U got 4 SATA hd's. And 2 ports left with no mounting options in the case itself via mounting pockets and etc.
    This could be A reaseneble Alternative to some extend.
    But it would still be sata3 speed since it is An m.2 sata drive.
    In other words you just hooked up your 2,5 inch SSD in another format in prior unused slot.
    Most modern cases however come with SSD holders and even 2,5 inch drive bays.
    Current generation mb' even have up to 3 nvme pci-e m.2 slots.
    Every m.2 pci-e slot however disables 2 sata3 ports.
    Does pci-e 4 change this? I wonder

  • 4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování

    Here's another surprise: Water is wet.

  • DelireWeb
    DelireWeb 2 months ago

    SATA cable ? So they only use the memory slot for power.. Of course since the memory controller on the motherboard doesn't handle the SATA protocol (and as such can't show to the motherboard that it's an M.2 SATA that's pluged in). That's not really "convenient" IMHO : an expansion board using one of the available slots in the _case,_ and that's fed via a power rail (if not from an available PCIe slot on the mobo) + having the potential of holding more than one M.2 SATA (if you have enough sata ports available), would be better.

  • Aaron Puzon
    Aaron Puzon 2 months ago

    That's Illegal

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 2 months ago

    Now, they did make SSD drives that utilized older ram sticks as an actual hard drive, with the RAM becoming usable storage space.
    They required the 3.3v power during standby and had a 3.6v battery in case power was removed, so the data on the RAM didn't just disappear without power.
    We're they any good?
    Of course! You got near DDR speed from a hard drive, but you were limited to the amount of RAM sticks installed. 2-4gb isn't very much by today's standards.
    After actual SSD drive took off, the technology fell away.

  • Michael Perugini
    Michael Perugini 2 months ago +1

    probably for those who want M.2 sata in their computer but no M.2 slot on the motherboard.

    • Michel Terres
      Michel Terres 23 days ago

      I think it would be easier just to buy a m.2 pci express adaptor

  • VaughnLive Misc
    VaughnLive Misc 2 months ago

    In China the government will give you money to open a business making fake shit like this that doesn't work. That's why China is doomed.

  • Jack Rodgers
    Jack Rodgers 2 months ago

    Thank you for reminding me why I prefer Macs. They just work. Need more speed, sell before Apple Care runs out and buy a new one. Resale value is high and makes it possible to own 4 new ones over a four year period rather than wearing out one and then buying a new one.
    Nicely done, though, for anyone who wants to do this. I just traded up from a iPad Pro 12.9 2017 to a 2018 and the difference is quite amazing. Out of the box and go to work. If your livelihood depends upon your computer, that’s what you want. If you want to build a super fast gaming computer, go for it.

    • Climate Change Fan Club
      Climate Change Fan Club Month ago

      To each their own. I was looking at macs for a while then i discovered the wacom mobile studio, never looked back.

  • Roguishly Handsome
    Roguishly Handsome 2 months ago

    This thing is obviously only meant to hold your drive. Like a SSD absolutely needs to be held in place by some elaborate means.

  • Ryan Randall
    Ryan Randall 2 months ago

    Plug the Dim back in and reboot. You will have all of your memory plus you will be able to plug in a m.2 drive, too. this is made for people with older PCs who have no extra pci slots or m.2 slors. all they have is a sata plug. poor people. now, they to can run a m.2 drive incorrectly like everyone else. If you don't use a m.2 or u.2 slot that is built into your PC, you will cut the speed from 32gb/s to 15gb/s. also, make sure you have a 40 lane CPU. Basically, people want to upgrade to a name, not what is correct. My PC is all Nand. it has special utilities on the PCI express so you can swap any Nand for any Nand. My m.2 drive will go from 32gb/s to 90+gb/s. PS. if your fans have light or are colored, they are wrong. Noctua NF-A14 IndustrialPPC-2000 PWM Fans with the Noctua NA-SAVP1 CHROMAX Anti-Vibration Pads (Black). And if you want LEDs, but an ASUS motherboard with AURA. no wires, no power, no remotes.

  • Ranesu ラネス
    Ranesu ラネス 2 months ago

    I was hoping for a 1TB ram.

  • Krythix
    Krythix 2 months ago


  • Jason Bane
    Jason Bane 2 months ago

    I only watch videos on what you're showcasing. Right now I'm watching this on a DDR4 to M.2 SSD

  • Striker977
    Striker977 2 months ago

    3:55 this is me when i toy with my hardware expecting it to work

  • andrew badger
    andrew badger 2 months ago

    I wanted it to do it as ram as that would be so so so cost easy ... yes is I would I would get 256 gb in a cheep way

  • Kensley Innocent
    Kensley Innocent 2 months ago +2

    That'd too good to be true.
    Just buy a 128GB M.2 and now you have plenty of RAM for your 8K videos projects

  • Matt Rubin
    Matt Rubin 2 months ago



  • Fridolin Warburg
    Fridolin Warburg 2 months ago

    Heeey at 8.46 we can see a framed t-shirt that's been owned by Peter Gade, danish badminton player, and you've got his shirt with his signature?!? What's the story behind it?

  • Fee
    Fee 2 months ago

    They’re called “active adapters” vs. [THIS MESSAGE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY SQUARESPACE] you guessed it “passive” ones. Sheez ya noob. Aka signal converters which do actual conversion/manipulate or process it vs a physical “adapter” between two otherwise compatible connectors.
    Consider this my application, thanks Anthony.

  • LOoOn ARTs
    LOoOn ARTs 2 months ago

    Linus, ya know what? Intelligent people look way more sane being filmed for a video (videos beginning), than doing those crazy experiments on their own asking themselves, why things don´t work. But talking to yourself doing such stuff, helps to keep order inside the head, helping figuring out the problems more easily. But you´re wrong on the OTG cable. It´s not quite the same inside with different outside looks, there is an actuall pysical differents. Usually, power on USB cable goes just one direction to power it, on OTG there´s a brigde build in, making it possible to send power in both diections simutaniously. It´s not possible to make an OTG cable out of an printer cable by just soldering on a micro usb port. To make it work, you have to solder in a bridge as well.

  • mtssvnsn
    mtssvnsn 2 months ago

    Next up:
    A neat adapter that lets you fit extra luggage in your car where the engine used to be.

  • Daniel McKenzie
    Daniel McKenzie 2 months ago

    Thank you for fixing the titles in your videos

  • Alex Carrillo
    Alex Carrillo 2 months ago +1

    So in simple terms You Got Hose.. It's ok I'm still Windows XP to scanned my film because Gates lied when he said that Windows7 was going to

  • Yu Tub
    Yu Tub 2 months ago

    I bet you can also buy a portable bridge from those commie sites

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX 2 months ago

    Learn how to say "out" not "oot" you fucking stupid nuck :)

  • Joshua Ross
    Joshua Ross 2 months ago

    I was thinking that it was jankey as heck and then wasn't disappointed...

  • Nicholas Olsen
    Nicholas Olsen 2 months ago

    Linus, i gotta ask now... Being from Denmark.. Whats the story on Peter Gade's badminton shirt in the background? :D

  • Charles Mcgehee
    Charles Mcgehee 2 months ago

    Linus too many people lie to you. There are books about teaching you how to learn to detect liars. Seriously. You and your group are one of my favorites. (see. That is a lie!) Just kidding Linus. You really are some smart PC dudes. Keep showing good stuff and I will keep watching. I was laughing at one of your shows recently that hurt my face I laughed so hare. You are not all comedy. But you do say some very funny stuff. It is obvious you have really great friends in your life.

  • Clint Eastman
    Clint Eastman 2 months ago +1

    "Active" & "Passive" adapter

  • Jason Meyer
    Jason Meyer 2 months ago

    Linus needs a new series called linus gets trooled!

  • Christian Ionică
    Christian Ionică 2 months ago

    What a piece of crap!

  • ugzz
    ugzz 2 months ago

    Not a bad vid, but you could have at least reviewed it as the physical adapter that it is. At the bare minimum, i'd have liked to have seen if any performance was lost, or if it ran the same in an m.2 and via the sata adapter.

  • Fly Kriki
    Fly Kriki 2 months ago

    why in the hell this video has 1.4k negative comment? that 1.4k of negative comments are people full of envy and wannabe hahahaha that 1.4k should be fans of justin bieber

  • Nemesis Zero
    Nemesis Zero 2 months ago

    I use one of these, came with my motherboard, no cables though lol

  • Joshua Hu
    Joshua Hu 2 months ago

    This was very eduxational

  • Fabio Wakabara
    Fabio Wakabara 2 months ago

    would be nice to see a video dedicated to explaining tips of adaptors

  • Scott Murray-Anderson
    Scott Murray-Anderson 2 months ago

    Adapter types are classified as active and passive

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 2 months ago +1

    Agh. The transition to the sponsors are way too good.

  • Tuber Pro
    Tuber Pro 2 months ago

    Those color options tho “Color: DDR4, DDR3, DDR2”

  • Prius cupholder
    Prius cupholder 2 months ago

    Linus's bizzar adapters

  • Rully Purwantoro
    Rully Purwantoro 2 months ago

    Peter Gade - yeayyyyyyy I love badminton

    BARULICK Sama 2 months ago

    What about DDR to HDD adaptor?

  • Transference UnLimited
    Transference UnLimited 2 months ago

    There are so many of these confusingly spec'd devices out there on the Chinese market that vary from fooling you into thinking you get "extra" components (thanks to ambiguous photography) to just crap claims. You really have to look carefully at what you are seeing and match it to very sceptically reading the accompanying blurb.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Pink? The color of REAL MEN!!!
    I know about history and only in the 20th century it was changed to a femenine color... But pink is just a shade of RED, a manly color!...
    Just ask how many armies used that color... Don't go so far, In Japan, the Pink is a Manly color.

  • Rex Sham
    Rex Sham 2 months ago

    This DIMM Slot m.2 Key B SSD Mount (SATA Mode Only) is quite useful in small cases where you have nowhere to properly mount that static sensitive gumstick.

  • Cynep
    Cynep 2 months ago

    Lol if you could use an NVME drive and an adapter as ram... 512gb ram... A bit slower.....

  • Cynep
    Cynep 2 months ago

    Lol accidentally overclock your SSD

  • Ang Li Kai
    Ang Li Kai 2 months ago

    I always worry when you touch the components directly.

    • brickson98
      brickson98 2 months ago

      Ang Li Kai how do you get through any tech video? Lmao they all do it. I do it at work as well. If you know what you can touch and can’t touch, and where, it’s fine.

  • Cirque-it
    Cirque-it 2 months ago

    Linus gets disappointed haha

  • Killerash13
    Killerash13 2 months ago

    Just a slot. In case you pc dont have a m.2

  • Father
    Father 2 months ago

    "these bastards lied to me"

  • Diganta Majumder
    Diganta Majumder 2 months ago

    Using the RAM slot as a casing.... Wow... just wow.... Give Nobel to the discoverer!

  • Kyle Simon
    Kyle Simon 2 months ago

    So they make slots whicvh accept both NVME and SATA...but we decided not to include one of those ports on the adapter we use to get more fast storage...

  • Ken Coley
    Ken Coley 2 months ago

    Only useful for older motherboards that don't have M.2 slots but have extra RAMs slots. Just allows you to mount them properly. You can do the same thing
    with an extra PCIe or HDD drive slot.

  • Mike Meagher
    Mike Meagher 2 months ago

    So basically an external m2 adapter with a usb or usb-c connection with power would have done the exact same thing and not force you to decrease your memory on your computer

  • usquanigo
    usquanigo 2 months ago

    What is that monitor in the opening?

  • melvin tulagan
    melvin tulagan 2 months ago

    i love the monitor heheheh

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh 2 months ago +1

    So it's just a SATA to M2 adapter that uses a spare memory slot as a bizarre alternative to screwing it onto your case?
    That's mis-selling if ever I saw it (although you have to question rationale of what we thought it might've been considering OS are better equipped at managing virtual memory/swap space that effectively does the same thing).

  • suny123boy1
    suny123boy1 2 months ago

    Oh God! AliExpress!

  • sickley2
    sickley2 2 months ago

    3:34 Linus manages to drop things at any opportunity.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 2 months ago

    "Our Test Benches on Amazon." Um, no?

  • Pedro
    Pedro 2 months ago

    Hey Linus, what brand is your test bench case?

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob 2 months ago

    Why the fuck would you replace RAM with Nand flash.......?

    Yep you would not...... which shows it is a con.