Chris Wallace: Comey has some explaining to do

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • 'Fox News Sunday' anchor Chris Wallace previews his interviews with James Comey and Adam Schiff this weekend on 'America's Newsroom.' #America'sNewsroom #FoxNews
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Comments • 1 587

  • C Dunn
    C Dunn 25 days ago

    Chris Wallace is a full blow fucktard

  • dubmoth76
    dubmoth76 26 days ago

    Pres. Nixon was right to leave. Pres. Clinton was rightly impeached for perjurying himself about his affairs (but not Whitewater, curiously). I think the Senate took pity on what was a very human act and chose not remove the then President - instead it censured him. My problem here is that Pres. Trump acted in breach of the Constitution and does not deny the behaviour. Does this mean he should be removed? I think that'd be just awful.

  • betty davis
    betty davis 27 days ago

    Dingell was not nice to the president
    Either .....remember
    And she said we can be alot kinder. What you put ...the Dems....the president through a great deal and our country and we the people AMD now you want to be kind. Are you forgetting they found no wrong no reason for what you Dems have done
    Did you apologize to we the people for schiffs lies SMS Pelosi lies and you Dems. Was a Dem. And I am ashamed of the party. Never to vote Dem again

  • betty davis
    betty davis 27 days ago

    Dingell you ate crazy. A fair trail. You Dem were not fair. Stop the lies. Your husband did call. The president some bad name. So stop. He did not Like Trump .but he called you and it wad kind. Also you Dems are not fair and it is not your business. What the senate does now Dems turn over. Lets get done you have wasyef are time and money. Any one who protects Pelosi is evil.

  • Bryan Little
    Bryan Little 27 days ago

    This is a joke

  • Katay smith
    Katay smith 29 days ago

    Wallace & Cavuto need to go to MSNBC or CNN and they should take Juan Williams and Donna Brazile with them.

  • DeboraPage1
    DeboraPage1 29 days ago

    Chris Wallace is a not so closet liberal. He pretended to be hard on Comey but let him go through his lame explanations. Then when Schiff comes on Wallace askes him a question stating “Trumps crimes...” NOT ALLEGED CRIMES!!! He told me right there whose side he was on..although he’s done it many times before. He makes me sick with his holier than thou sanctimonious attitude! Chris, you will NEVER live up to your father’s legacy! You are a pathetic partisan shadow of him!

  • Tom Mclaughlin
    Tom Mclaughlin Month ago

    Wallace is a 2 faced weak kneaded political hack. Same category as Shepard Smith. Tries to come across as some type of intellectual but falls way short. His convictions lack conviction.

  • Ed Coulbourne
    Ed Coulbourne Month ago

    CW is a Piece of $4it

  • passtime for civilwar
    passtime for civilwar Month ago +1

    Chris Wallace is a hack. Ted Koppel called him out years ago.

  • Pune Pet Park
    Pune Pet Park Month ago

    Chris Wallace should start admitting the wrong he has done to Trump rather than cover up his tracks with Comey and Schiff Chris Wallace acts like he is a saint he is the one that kicked off the worst ever Presidential debate for Trump. Hypocrites!!

  • Marilyn Dillard
    Marilyn Dillard Month ago

    Fork tongues gather. Comey an Wallace..what a joke..both are freeking two faced.LIARS OMG 😲 first class.

  • Michael Cooley
    Michael Cooley Month ago

    Like his father Mike Wallace in many ways and very unlike him in other ways.

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous Month ago

    None of this would have happened if there no women in Congress. Men would have compromised long ago. Three years is a nagging woman.

  • Gerald Wallace
    Gerald Wallace Month ago

    Chris Wallace is a closet demoRat.

  • joshua ahhh
    joshua ahhh Month ago

    What a joke. Can't stand either of these snobby anchors. Judicial Watch Tom Fitton should do the interviews.

  • showandgo1
    showandgo1 Month ago

    Fox is complicit in treason against "we the people" with their non-stop fake news and cultural Marxism.

  • mickvk
    mickvk Month ago

    At 3:00 Chris characterizes the impeachment of Trump as low impact, not rising to the legitimacy of the Nixon actions. No, I think the impeachment dwarfs Nixon, but not because of Trump's action, because of the bald faced conspiracy to commit a coup right before our eyes. We have Srtrzok's texts. We have the fabricated Steele dossier. That's the biggest scandal in history.

  • mickvk
    mickvk Month ago

    It's so cute how Chris wants to play footsie and laugh while reporting that articles of impeachment, all based on lies and conspiracy in the bogus FISA warrant and actions by the FBI. Chris has been all too willing to go along with the liberal coup. Forget you Chris you yellow belly.

    GETBENDT Month ago

    I'm not voting up or down. One because Fox sometimes gets it right. On the other hand Fox is completely wrong to put Wallace on as if this impeachment is justified. It is not. It is a democrat hit job and we all know it. Wallace is willfully ignoring the fact that this whole thing is driven by democrat liars.

  • Bill Allen
    Bill Allen Month ago

    People on the investigation were openly against President Trump, all of the "mistakes" were against President Trump. Crazy there was no bias.

  • Robert McDougle
    Robert McDougle Month ago

    The Right won't pass bills from the Left. The Left sucks because they're the Left. Can't we all get along?

  • M PW
    M PW Month ago

    Chris Wallace is a whining Anti-trumper. He has nothing but biased words.

  • jack thomas
    jack thomas Month ago

    Oh Chris, you need to get your performance put up for an Emmy. Good job in pretending you are unbiased, all the while attacking Republicans you interview while feeding lines and mock "hard" questions to Democrats and Trump haters.

  • Guy Loehr
    Guy Loehr Month ago

    we need Joe Digenova on Sunday with Chris Wallace.. and Chris, you really could have asked him some GOOD questions in that interview.... but you didn't.. you are NOT a neutral person...

  • Peter Krupa
    Peter Krupa Month ago

    Comey’s actions and that of other treasonous deep state actors he led have been exposed by the Horowitz report. He and his team “used a dossier (really a collection of memos) paid for by a political opponent that contained ‘unsupported’ and erroneous third-hand information from unidentified sources of unknown reliability” to get permission to wiretap a presidential campaign. Instead of attempting to project innocence, Comey should have apologized to Trump and the American People for his sanctimonious arrogant failure to uphold the law!

  • John Kaszanek
    John Kaszanek Month ago

    Wow! A sick, liberal, commie snake like Chris Wallace turning on Comey! Wallace wants to see America destroyed and Comey was big part of that plan. Chris, Hillary is going to be pissed! She’s making a list of Whose Naughty and Whose Nice! You may find a Suicide bullet under your tree with your name on it!

    JVONROCK Month ago

    The stench of obama.

    SOLISDEUS Month ago

    So many deluded people. Chris Wallace did America a disservice. His Comey interview was so narrow it was beyond rudimentary. A Director does not fill out FISA applications nor renewals. An Horowitz "significant omissions and errors" was blown out of proportion by Wallace whom inferred they meant criminal activity was afoot. Folks, not signing your car registration renewal is a significant error but its certainly NOT CRIMINAL. My god, Jim handled himself like a pro and was the adult in the room during the Wallace interview. Wallace's contention that administrative errors are akin to criminal activity and proof of a Deep State is horrific abuse of his role as a news man. Forgetting to update page 454 column C row 569 with new data is not proof of a deep state conspiracy and FBI bias. It is just laziness. The agents forwarded renewals with new request dates. Every Federal and State agency does the same thing. When renewals, extensions are requested there is a short summary and new date requested then granted. FBI is being called out for not updating every cell of data for a FISA request that overall did not change in scope. Nada. Nothing. Talk about tilting at windmills. Sad day for Chris Wallace.

  • Duncan Garrah
    Duncan Garrah Month ago

    So he went on with his buddy because he knew that he could give half answers and then it would be dropped. He should have asked him why he didn't come on Hannetys show.

  • Chewy Bacca
    Chewy Bacca Month ago

    Wallace is a wannabe

  • Charles Craft
    Charles Craft Month ago +1

    Yeah how can a deepstate sympathizer correctly interveiw anyone where hard questions need asking

  • tony germin
    tony germin Month ago

    This is why the world thinks Trump and his supporters are idiots. And why idiots should not mock Greta; A must see:

  • Robert Morency
    Robert Morency Month ago

    "Comey has some explaining to do."
    So do you, Mr. Wallace.

  • j b
    j b Month ago

    Time to ask about the FISA Judge, was she in on it? journalism much... folks?

  • TSIXGaming
    TSIXGaming Month ago +1

    this soft ball clown

  • T. D
    T. D Month ago +1

    NO Chris Wallace, you have some explaining to do!

  • Henryk Arndt
    Henryk Arndt Month ago

    Comey and Chris to for propaganda journalise like him must go to prison for false info

  • Guy Ferrante
    Guy Ferrante Month ago

    Chris Wallace need to go.. thumbs down

  • Becka Miller
    Becka Miller Month ago

    Comey - I am not a Crook! - I am not a Crook! - I am not a Crook! - I am not a Crook! - I am not a Crook! - I am not a Crook! - Richard Nixon

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones Month ago

    Time to limit the power of congress and a revamp of limits of our intelligence gathering. FBI CIA DOJ against a campaign or a sitting president. Also need to revamp our information sharing with the media

  • Tommy Israel
    Tommy Israel Month ago

    Nobody forgot how soft Lindsey Graham was on Obama REPUBLICANS ARE SOFT DEMO-RATS ARE EVIL

  • Tommy Israel
    Tommy Israel Month ago

    Chris Wallace just needs to go to CNN

  • Terry Peterson
    Terry Peterson Month ago

    Chris-throw-lies-up-against-the-Wall-and see if they stck-ace is nothing more than a democrat operative.

  • yyyoobouy yyyoobouy

    Chris homo Wallace is a low I.Q pegan moron.Trump 2020 all day.Chris go to hell.

  • mikeofallon
    mikeofallon Month ago

    Comey ALWAYS tries to play both sides. Says he "takes responsibility" but implies that he didn't know what was going on (re: surveillance). A new boss sets policy from day 1. Then it takes time to implement. General policies like honesty & fairness can be set immediately. He had to know about abuses at the FBI. Were there blanket pardons by Obama? Comey could have resigned as soon as Trump was elected but chose to continue in the Swamp.

  • Mary Gilbertson
    Mary Gilbertson Month ago


  • Ronald Macintyre
    Ronald Macintyre Month ago

    Hey chris some advice why dont you take a running f k at a flying duck. Please go away

  • RealMedia Shockwave
    RealMedia Shockwave Month ago +1

    Wallace is such a flake himself..

  • Chris Tee
    Chris Tee Month ago

    They should arrest James Comey put him in solitary confinement and then let him spend millions of dollars of his own money to prove his innocence....

  • Scots Mun
    Scots Mun Month ago

    This “sham” is gonna get u locked up Comy . Maybe yet worse . Wallice you’re a clown too . You serpents really do want to bring this country down . It will not happen !! God Bless Donald Trump!

  • Fabien Eldridge
    Fabien Eldridge Month ago

    Cris Wallace sounds like the cartoon Deputy Dog, except not near as smart !

  • Rest Galaxy
    Rest Galaxy Month ago

    Just watched both interviews. Comey apologized he still covered up. Schiff explains no deep state, I do not believe him. Both come off sticky in a chicken coup da tah.

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert Month ago

    Chris Wallace refuses to cover the greatest political scandal in American history because he hates Trump.

  • brad smith
    brad smith Month ago

    Chris Wallace and Bill hemmer are a pair of bias fa**ots

  • M Murph
    M Murph Month ago +1

    Comey is down to his last excuse “I’m just incredibly stupid and incompetent” 😂

  • Louise Nieder-Heitmann

    Watch "Ukraine on Fire" and "Revealing Ukraine" on Amazon. It is critical people worldwide understand what the real facts are and how dangerous the gov is and who are the real threat - inside the US and other countries. Then follow @stranahan on Twitter. He has been exposing all of this for nearly 3 yrs and has been demonized for sharing verified facts. Lee had to leave Breitbart because they refused him sharing the real facts about the coup and the real corrupt in the gov and outside. Please watch the videos and follow Lee and learn the facts and share wide.

  • Doris Dady
    Doris Dady Month ago

    Comey just took himself down the biggest rabbit hole ever

  • Homer Gay
    Homer Gay Month ago

    Chris Wallace , Trump hater.

  • nutin butruth
    nutin butruth Month ago

    One more fish is being pulled out of the swamp so it can be drained.Maxine waters is on the bottom lying in the mud.