AT&T Buys Time Warner: Welcome To The Media’s Merger Mania | NBC News

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • A judge has ruled that AT&T can buy Time Warner deciding that the merger does not harm consumers. With a handful of other large media mergers being discussed, will this ruling open the door to a merger mania?
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    AT&T Buys Time Warner: Welcome To The Media’s Merger Mania | NBC News

Comments • 66

  • Heinrich IV
    Heinrich IV 14 days ago

    I wanted TimeWarner to be Independent

  • Heinrich IV
    Heinrich IV 14 days ago +1

    MGM was buyed by Sony in the early 2000`s. TimeWarner wanted to buy MGMG at that time also but Sony made a higher offering and so it went to Sony.

  • Md Yasir
    Md Yasir Month ago +1

    Entertaining & Informative

  • User Name
    User Name 8 months ago +1

    FOX is trying to buy Sky. wut

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 8 months ago +2

    Comcast Xfinity bought out Universal and now owns all the NBC cable corporate news affiliates.The hostile corporate takeover and commercialization of news reporting is antithetical to what a free true independent press is supposed to be.

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 8 months ago

    Private corporations purchasing as many media news companies as they want is destroying what’s left of this country and eviscerating a true free non profit independent media/press.

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 8 months ago +2

    Blame corporate moderate democrat president Bill Clinton for signing into law the 1996 telecommunications act.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 8 months ago +1

    Nicely done. Clear and concise explanation. Thanks

  • Bla Est
    Bla Est Year ago +3

    Disney + FOX = 20th Century Disney

  • ordinance0
    ordinance0 Year ago +4

    My question much was the judge payed off by AT&T to green light the buy out?

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Year ago +5

    AT&T will buy Lionsgate and MGM

    • Ben Robson
      Ben Robson 4 months ago

      I like it if Warner Bros bought MGM. this would mean that MGM would have Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz back.

  • Peggy Williams
    Peggy Williams Year ago +2

    Does this mean that cnn is for sale?

  • jxsilicon9
    jxsilicon9 Year ago +1

    I hate ATT so much. I remember when they bought my ISP I used for years. As soon as they tookover. Data caps,price over $100 a month. The service kept cutting out. Finally got away from them. Now they're buying up everything. My directv I was with for over a decade. And who knows how many ISPs will be left after all these mergers.

  • 0Chujo0
    0Chujo0 Year ago +7

    Disney: Execute orden 66

    • Vincent Ly
      Vincent Ly Year ago +4

      Bamtech Media
      20th Century Fox

  • American guy
    American guy Year ago +2

    AT&T get out of America! You don’t belong in America for these reasons:
    Not letting me use my phone for any purpose when it’s not connected to a WiFi
    Trying to take over other companies
    Finally threatening destruction to sprint and t-mobile so I won’t get to use their unlimited data plans

  • mxferro
    mxferro Year ago +4

    I got stock in BOTH!!!! YEAH BABY!!! MAKE ME RICH!!!!!!!

  • ramos1258
    ramos1258 Year ago +1

    When pay to play pays off.

  • Sergio A
    Sergio A Year ago +3

    Bigger isn't better!!!!

  • Marxist Millennials
    Marxist Millennials Year ago +1

    Pretty much ATT is raising the old unlimited data plans again $5 more starting in July so most this stuff I read about how good the deal will be for the consumer is BS. I wonder how much they paid off the judge to pass this monopoly or it was probably a Liberal Judge with a Trump ax to grind.

    • Marxist Millennials
      Marxist Millennials Year ago

      Cheryl McKendry yeah all you have to do is look at the Manafort decision you will notice the judge is a Obama appointed judge and Judge Leon on the ATT merger is a NWO Bush appointee. You can smell swamp and establishment on these judges that stay in office for life.

    • Cheryl McKendry
      Cheryl McKendry Year ago

      You really don't know who Trump put in charge of the FCC do you? He is letting all companies merge and takeover each other. It's a freemarket free for all grab with the huge/massive tax gifts that they were given under Trump and the republican congress and the majority in the Supreme court is republicans. So any attempt to blame any of the monopolizing on liberals is the most ignorant thing anyone can spout now days.

  • 森 太翔
    森 太翔 Year ago +1

    Traditional media is dead. Now journalism and media has been privatized, and anyone with access to the internet can report the news as he sees it. This is much better than what was before, 5 news channels tells you how world works, as oppose to today 5 million.

  • Giraffa Camelopardalis

    Thank you for the animation.

    BLT4LIFE Year ago

    When republicans hate capitalism. 🤣

  • Emir Villa
    Emir Villa Year ago

    Well explain you couldn't have said it better

  • truthseekers
    truthseekers Year ago

    and ALL OF IT SUCKS, Netflix? old content, same with Amazon. Fakebook? LOL so last decade.

  • Andrea Liu
    Andrea Liu Year ago

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  • Stellarspace
    Stellarspace Year ago +2

    It's happening because the industry is on the decline.

  • Elder Moose
    Elder Moose Year ago

    This argument is so stupid, So AT&T want's to be bigger to compete with who? oh all the services that use the Internet they themselves provide....that sounds like they simply want to stem thier grow and monopolize content and distribution services.

  • Cpt.Sisko thinks you're soft.

    This is a near-death kneel for honest Conservative reporting. If a conservative group/start-up finds some DeepState corruption w/that megalith (they just created) do you think they stand a chance against that lawyered-up money machine? They'll be bought up and dismantled or either silenced through gag orders & court.

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan Year ago +5

    I hate this kind of Monopoly

  • Ethio-Code
    Ethio-Code Year ago +25

    The animation is satisfying to watch.😌

  • Animated Tigress
    Animated Tigress Year ago +1

    How? We need to stop allowing them to buy eachother up

  • AC B
    AC B Year ago

    We need to reinstate the Telecommunications Act and break these monopolies up it's disgusting.

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago +2

    Can anyone say.....MONOPOLY

  • Captain America
    Captain America Year ago

    Lower the price it's not much.... cable and internet.........

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U Year ago +7

    Bad news for Trump. Congrats to CNN.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Year ago +3

    yeah all those other content providers Netflix, Amazon, etc... come to you via the internet, but who's your internet provider? Comcast, AT&T, a private hook up?....

    • Joey Peppers
      Joey Peppers 7 months ago

      Apple will buy Netflix, and It's gonna get a new name, i think.

    • Air Crash
      Air Crash Year ago

      RIXRADvidz nah won’t be anymore Facebook , Tesla , Amazon, google , virgin are trying to give the world free wifi

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Year ago

    that means, you only get the Disney Channel if you get the Disney Cable company, unless Comcast and Disney can cooperate, unlike DISH and some networks, you will have to subscribe to several providers to get a full range of channels you now get from your current 'cable company'

  • Trunx
    Trunx Year ago +25

    Surprisingly enough, this was actually a well made animated video explaining how this works. I'm pleasantly surprised by corporate news, for once. I wish more videos like this existed on news media of all types, not just corporate, but also independent. It would make news much more entertaining.

  • jimgonewild909
    jimgonewild909 Year ago +3


  • Streamed Consciousnes

    Fox News was genius, how there is no competing conservative new outlet is totally insane to me. Look at how flooded the liberal news market is. Then just Fox News channel. I’m amazed frankly.

    • jxsilicon9
      jxsilicon9 Year ago

      Flooded? Only a handful of companies own news channels,newspapers,etc.

    • Cheryl McKendry
      Cheryl McKendry Year ago

      Because the right has gone to the far right point of view to the point of being out right lies, you now think that all media is liberal news. This shows a specific derangement syndrome that you've developed for yourself of what you actually think is news, but it is owned and directed by a billionaire named Rupert Murdoch to keep a specific group of people uninformed about the real world by gaslighting. Many countries do not allow foxnews because it is proven to be accurate about 5% of the time and the talking heads are not talking news, but a very scripted messaged countering the real news taking place. Did you know that the Pentagon actually puts people onto that network to drum up support for global wars by over selling extreme patriotism and guns to the unknowing public minds?
      Those who have left Fox because of it's ugliness in what it tries to pass off as news have told the whole story behind the purposeful false information. The talking heads are paid opinion deliverers who are handed scripts at the very beginning of everyday. Roger Aisles came up with the idea, but his blatant sexual scandals made him a target. So they now have hired another person with less notoriety to do the exact same thing as what Aisle did.
      If you did know all about this, then that means you love the scripted lies being told that matches your own left brained ideology of hatred and separation of the classes and the support of white supremacy. Oh they do have their token coloreds so to speak but in general they want to keep them behind and promote an all white male agenda globally.

    • Waylen
      Waylen Year ago

      Most conservative talk is on radio cause they actually work jobs.You should ask yourself what’s the point of all the liberal networks when they all share the same stories and push the same agendas and lies?

    • Streamed Consciousnes
      Streamed Consciousnes Year ago +1

      Troll post is troll

    • ramos1258
      ramos1258 Year ago +2

      JP M nobody wants to be the fake news for the KKK

  • Dolly Jelinske
    Dolly Jelinske Year ago +3

    Trump's Pay-to-Play scheme via Michael Cohen paid off after all.

    • Rata 4U
      Rata 4U Year ago +1

      Frances Jelinske
      This is a merger Trump was fighting. He lost the fight.

  • Dra O
    Dra O Year ago

    Nasty debt load T will take on. Foolish move, considering people are ditching cable and such. All good things must come to an end - but I’ll keep DRIP’ing those T dividends

  • bmich H
    bmich H Year ago +35

    Not good for consumers

    • Noah Hemphill
      Noah Hemphill 8 months ago

      Depends on how they treat the new companies. If they utilize it towards making it what fans, it will be an improvement towards the consumers. But if they use it in a monopolistic way, they will make it much worse for consumers.

    • Return of Zeus
      Return of Zeus Year ago

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    • jxsilicon9
      jxsilicon9 Year ago +10

      Wala Lopez
      No they're hiding it offshore by the trillion or so. They will buy up more companies,jet,etc but that won't do much for Americans.