Samsung Note 9 Durability Test! - Bixby is not Secure...

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is HERE and its time for a durability test. Will the Note 9 survive the scratch burn and bend test? Will all the buttons remain intact during this video? Is that question super oddly specific? The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on my desk and about to be scratched, burned and bend tested to the max. Before spending a thousand dollars on samsungs newest flagship, its important to know if the Note 9 is fragile or if the Note 9 will survive the test of time.
    How durable is the S Pen? Glad you asked, in this video we also test the durability of the Note 9 S-Pen. Most of the time it will be hidden inside your phone, and protected by Samsungs iconic ridged durability... but theres always something new we can learn.
    Would you buy a phone where someone could prank you?
    Are you surprised at how secure Bixby is?
    Galaxy Note 9 Teardown:
    Fix your Note with parts and guides from iFixit!:
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    Green Pry tool:
    Metal phone opening tool:
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    Wide angle lens:
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    This is the drone I use:
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  • Prajwal Chaudhari
    Prajwal Chaudhari Hour ago +1

    K20 pro durability test plz

  • dogman683
    dogman683 9 hours ago

    *U should have put a CRINGE warning in the title of this video.*

  • Julian GameZ
    Julian GameZ 16 hours ago

    Keep your friends close and your buttons closer
    Fun fact: removing the bixby button makes your phone not water resistant anymore

  • Marko Mircea
    Marko Mircea Day ago

    Love my Note 9 more than my S10+. It's indeed a work machine, reliable and love the weight, feel of it. S10+ is gorgeous but the punch hole ruins the experience. If Note 10 will have one and no headphone jack... will keep my Note 9 for a while.

  • ShiftyZ
    ShiftyZ Day ago

    Please stop scratching the metal so much with razor blade it's a disgusting noise and we get the point after a small scratch

  • Oshae Osbourne
    Oshae Osbourne Day ago

    My friends would def take my damn buttons.😆😆😅😅😅

  • Chinnamma. V. J
    Chinnamma. V. J 2 days ago

    Who. All find it satisfied

  • BadIdeas101
    BadIdeas101 2 days ago +1

    I lost it when you said apple is eating crayons

  • justin childress
    justin childress 2 days ago

    the buttons being removable is supposedly something to do with the waterproofing. Mine stays in an otter box, they won't be going anywhere lol.

    • Julian GameZ
      Julian GameZ 16 hours ago

      justin childress yup, if your buttons be gone, water resistance is gone too
      If water resistance without buttons was possible, people would be pulling out their bixby buttons 😂

  • Crimpy The 2nd
    Crimpy The 2nd 3 days ago

    Who else is watching this vid in there note 9

  • MMBNMalternateaccoun


  • pink panther fans club india

    K u all done... Pls send phone to. Me

  • Sammy Shaw
    Sammy Shaw 6 days ago

    The glass back not good so you need a good case

  • shoeb masum
    shoeb masum 6 days ago

    My Note9's physical button has been fall down and lost. I don't know when it happened. totally surprised why it happened? It seem very low quality built which couldn't be expected from Samsung. Literally there is no use case and without some accidental press I didn't press this useless Bixby button. How come it got loose and fallen!
    Can I purchase it from anywhere? I searched but didn't fiend it.

    • khalidhossen khokon
      khalidhossen khokon Day ago

      You can find it any 3rd party shop.otherwise you can go to samsung customer service center.they will fix it but you have to pay them.

  • Manchico943
    Manchico943 6 days ago

    You set me to sleep with that voice omg no offense

  • Jeremy Champagne
    Jeremy Champagne 6 days ago

    Fuck bixby

  • Comentator
    Comentator 6 days ago

    *Bixby joined the game*
    In this game you need to steal the Bixby button from a SAMSUNG Galaxy Note9.
    *Bixby quitted the game*

  • Eldar Nadav
    Eldar Nadav 7 days ago

    Please dont do that, just give to it to me, i'll keep it with my heart

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT 15 hours ago

      He does this because he has a job to do

  • Carter S.
    Carter S. 8 days ago

    I am considering unsubscribing for your random hate towards Apple, for gods sake cut them some slack!

  • king bulldragon
    king bulldragon 8 days ago

    Ta mas... E os br

  • ماريوس تيوب - maryws tube

    Why like this 😭😭💔

  • Bender Silver
    Bender Silver 8 days ago

    Nooooo, pls, nooooo

  • demonpride1975
    demonpride1975 8 days ago

    went from the galaxy note 5 to the note 9, and i have to say even tho the galaxy phones can be expensive, it was so worth it.

  • Merlin-BrawlStars
    Merlin-BrawlStars 9 days ago +1


  • Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas 10 days ago

    I love it but for this devices would be good a display freez to the screen not move nowhere after touch.. when its drawing on it exemple. If you want copy out something to a paper...

  • Michael
    Michael 10 days ago +1

    2:56 Yeah? The Samsung A80 doesn’t even have the PEN or even the JACK.
    You’re just an asshole!!
    Mocking Apple all the time... but on STH else, HELL NO!

  • NeoSephX
    NeoSephX 10 days ago

    Android 4 ever...👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Raymond S
    Raymond S 10 days ago

    "This is a modern design built unique " scratches *GLASS AND PHONE*

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity 10 days ago

    I really don't think that Bixby is that bad tbh.

  • Rashell Rodriguez
    Rashell Rodriguez 10 days ago

    2:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm deeeed

  • Kiel Lennan Cabungcal
    Kiel Lennan Cabungcal 11 days ago

    Its hard to watch your vids 😂,
    Reason is, I don't have any device like that. 😔

  • Yousif Mohanad_
    Yousif Mohanad_ 11 days ago

    That note 9 you have in the vedio its like mine

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid 11 days ago

    Like burning money to stay warm

  • Bone Plays_YT
    Bone Plays_YT 11 days ago +1

    0:34 high hopes the song

  • Insusi Luci
    Insusi Luci 11 days ago

    Fuck u Jerry. You killed me!

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT 15 hours ago

      No he didnt your obvously still alive

  • rubro negro
    rubro negro 11 days ago

    E cada cuzão!!

    AL JOKER 12 days ago


  • حسوني الانباري

    لا يل عار احسه يشخط بكلبي 😱🤬

  • Rok Bedekovič
    Rok Bedekovič 12 days ago

    i had it for a week, deep scratch in an empty pocket and a few days later rattle in the phone, like a loose screw.

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 12 days ago

    Everyone says " as there daily driver " i still haven't figured out how to drive mine. Any suggestions? Lol!

  • Joshua Albert
    Joshua Albert 12 days ago

    Most fragile phone I have ever had by far! Do not buy unless you want to be stuck with paying for insurance forever because it'll break the first time it falls on the screen a little too hard at 6 inches off the ground. Had 3 of these on my plan and all 3 have shattered first time the screen takes the slightest impact....

    I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS 12 days ago

    I hate d brand

  • 陳宥霖
    陳宥霖 13 days ago

    Are you idiot?

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT 15 hours ago

      Yes you are an idiot

    • Lokk j
      Lokk j 12 days ago

      U are idiot

  • Zain Imam
    Zain Imam 13 days ago

    Oh no😨😨Man what are you doing with this phone😭

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT 15 hours ago

      He does have a job.and does thos for yt

  • PlayAndroidGames
    PlayAndroidGames 13 days ago +1

    Teacher what is glass
    Student scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

  • SE PerplexYT
    SE PerplexYT 13 days ago

    I have a Samsung note 9

  • salvatore pafundi
    salvatore pafundi 13 days ago

    Just one question... why ?

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    Lypwr Tenório Dantas 13 days ago

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    Cosmin Chiriac 13 days ago

    Painful to watching..

  • Mo's Favorites
    Mo's Favorites 13 days ago +2

    Why don't they make phone batteries out of advanced super capacitors

  • حمودي نوير
    حمودي نوير 14 days ago +2

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  • Parker Gust
    Parker Gust 14 days ago

    Bixby should not safe and in the note ten there is no Bixby

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado 14 days ago

    No!! Don't do this,Jerry! Not the Note 9,no!!!

  • cruze chevy
    cruze chevy 14 days ago

    Yes, I think I'll test out my stylo 4 with a calm voice next time.

    CØBERA々 BLAZE 16 days ago

    We are not as strong and rigid as you so we will. Probably never break our phone

  • Harry 16
    Harry 16 16 days ago

    Just upgraded from note4 lol

  • Orca [ENG]
    Orca [ENG] 16 days ago

    Lets be honest, no one cares bout bixby.

  • kerin
    kerin 16 days ago

    So proud of this samsung model🙌🏻....but this video broke my soul😢

  • GalaxyGamerTech
    GalaxyGamerTech 18 days ago

    *Bixby has left the chat.*

  • Nika
    Nika 19 days ago

    2:12 this part makes me laugh so hard😂😂

  • シعہمہار
    シعہمہار 19 days ago

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  • Diversão online
    Diversão online 19 days ago

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  • Broken heart
    Broken heart 19 days ago +1

    ليش حرام اوف 😔😭

    • ال KSA
      ال KSA 17 days ago

      Broken heart هلا بالعرب

  • john Ivann
    john Ivann 20 days ago

    i have a difficult situation here i cannot decide to buy a note 9 or s9+ can you help me pls

  • Ali mansour king Kings

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  • sara.
    sara. 20 days ago

    This video is torture

  • Natania Nia
    Natania Nia 20 days ago

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    King Plays Games 20 days ago

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  • Black Spider
    Black Spider 21 day ago +1

    I almost got a heart attack when you broke the S-Pen in half!
    I was like WTF!

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