Samsung Note 9 Durability Test! - Bixby is not Secure...

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is HERE and its time for a durability test. Will the Note 9 survive the scratch burn and bend test? Will all the buttons remain intact during this video? Is that question super oddly specific? The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on my desk and about to be scratched, burned and bend tested to the max. Before spending a thousand dollars on samsungs newest flagship, its important to know if the Note 9 is fragile or if the Note 9 will survive the test of time.
    How durable is the S Pen? Glad you asked, in this video we also test the durability of the Note 9 S-Pen. Most of the time it will be hidden inside your phone, and protected by Samsungs iconic ridged durability... but theres always something new we can learn.
    Would you buy a phone where someone could prank you?
    Are you surprised at how secure Bixby is?
    Galaxy Note 9 Teardown:
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  • Victoria A
    Victoria A 2 days ago

    I'm watching this video using the phone that is being tortured

  • PHANTOM random
    PHANTOM random 2 days ago

    Can I buy the mobiles you destroy

  • sam
    sam 2 days ago +1

    You sound like John Krazinski

  • ShadowMan 666
    ShadowMan 666 2 days ago

    You a monster you kill the phone SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9

  • Random commenter Check
    Random commenter Check 4 days ago +1

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7
    -JerryRigEverything 2019

  • 7tonsofsalt
    7tonsofsalt 5 days ago

    i hate Bixby

  • Mursaleen Khan
    Mursaleen Khan 5 days ago


  • Kevin
    Kevin 8 days ago +1

    I've had the Note 9 for a year now and beside the cracked screen, it's an absolute tank with endless processing power

  • Rads Maneuvers
    Rads Maneuvers 9 days ago

    Damn apple got rinsed hard

  • MegaTronix TK
    MegaTronix TK 11 days ago

    Samsung disliked this vídeo

  • TheMrSky YTHelpES
    TheMrSky YTHelpES 11 days ago

    I put this video each time I go to bed

  • קובלסקי הנורמי

    you made me cry

  • sir manta xtreme
    sir manta xtreme 16 days ago

    bixby as exitted the premises , I still use that saying to this day!

  • Roland Holczer
    Roland Holczer 16 days ago

    Remove the bixby button and throw on a case. 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Stam Garonda
    Stam Garonda 17 days ago

    Hahhaha that's how you do it men

  • Hector yugo
    Hector yugo 17 days ago


  • the dumbest lesbian
    the dumbest lesbian 19 days ago +1

    this is the phone my brother has and I just told him "I'ma steal ur buttons"

  • Robert wendt
    Robert wendt 21 day ago

    R/rare insults
    Apple is over here eating crayons

  • -Ant Gamez YT-
    -Ant Gamez YT- 21 day ago +1

    Yay I can remove bixby

  • Airplane Engine
    Airplane Engine 22 days ago

    I would be the one stealing the buttons

  • Sophia B. Williams
    Sophia B. Williams 22 days ago

    Best video ever!!

  • Chris D
    Chris D 22 days ago

    Jerry when you snapped that s.pen it hurt me 😁
    Brilliant video though

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer 23 days ago

    The s pen is really dumb looking. I’m sticking with my Apple Pencil

  • Ziouls
    Ziouls 23 days ago +2

    I have this phone lol

  • ali k
    ali k 23 days ago

    Takes out Bixby button
    would you like to update Bixby
    Made my day

  • Owen is my name.
    Owen is my name. 24 days ago

    Review moto z4

  • فيصل غويدي
    فيصل غويدي 25 days ago

    Fuck you Mather facker fack you sissy if I see video like this I will fuck you Mather you antrstant me

  • Plastix
    Plastix 25 days ago

    Bruhh this dude is breaking a note 9 whereas me and my note 3 are having stomach cramps from the scratch test 😂

  • Galaxy Catnip
    Galaxy Catnip 25 days ago

    Hey, I am watching this on a note 9

  • Raul Calderon
    Raul Calderon 25 days ago +1

    my phone was less than 6 inches off the ground as i layed on the concrete. my precious note 9 slipped off my short pocket ever so slowly onto the ground and poof my screen cracked. Please be gentle...i swear i could punch myself! does anyone know of a place that can repair my phone without missing my mortgage pymt? my previous phone was the note 4 which still works, which i had for 5 years no problem.

  • Harith Adam
    Harith Adam 26 days ago +2

    Jerry:We will reject the bixby update
    Bixby:Am i a JOke To YoU

  • John Merik
    John Merik 29 days ago +1

    Year 2040.
    Deeper Grooves at level 20

  • Ali Sirwan
    Ali Sirwan Month ago

    I’m gonna cry

  • frank world
    frank world Month ago +1

    Bro tum ko dukh nhi hota hai jise dukh hota hai like kare mere comment ko

  • Antonio Killer
    Antonio Killer Month ago +1

    Watching this from a note9

  • J N A
    J N A Month ago +1

    Hi jerry. Do you think Gorilla Glass 6 will scratch GG5 ?

  • • بند୭دۿہ
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    why?? 😭😭😂💔

  • Vicente Rubio
    Vicente Rubio Month ago

    Love the part "professional phone, professional friends"

  • กิ้งก่า บักปอป


  • Patrick Lopes
    Patrick Lopes Month ago

    Destruidor doh futuro ...

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk Month ago

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you lop your fingers off with that razor. Your videos are great, but that fucking noise is absolutely horrendous, spine-chilling, repulsive, and harrowing.

  • Σκυλάκος 2
    Σκυλάκος 2 Month ago

    Γαμω το χο σόι σου

  • Baron T. Mckinney
    Baron T. Mckinney Month ago

    I'm glad that's not my phone!

  • Thepotterwiz
    Thepotterwiz Month ago

    I went laughing like 'ohhhhhhh mah gaaaawd apple got roasted the f*ck off this world!'

  • Amjad Hanna
    Amjad Hanna Month ago

    He will list this on his ebay page, as " mild scratchs" like new

  • Sanjay Sohal
    Sanjay Sohal Month ago

    I can tell he’s not a apple guy

  • MasterGalaxyBoy _
    MasterGalaxyBoy _ Month ago

    You are crazy!!!

  • IT Semih
    IT Semih Month ago

    In my opinion, the Note 9 isn't really different to the Note 8, but both are good

    • SavageLasso
      SavageLasso Month ago +1

      Yeah its because samsung does 2 models that are similar, like the s6 and s7 and s8 and s9. One is just an improved version of that model and they change it after like they did with the s10. Pretty much no point in upgrading if you're behind 1 model.

  • Riza Agustino Niagra

    Watching this on note9 rly triggered me

  • malak leefu Mm cats

    Why you do that i hate you man 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Miguel Gabriel
    Miguel Gabriel Month ago

    Eu n tô acreditando nisso N!!!!

  • Zachary Coster
    Zachary Coster Month ago

    Careful when bending over though if phone is in your pocket the screen will crack happened to me twice same spot both times right by the useless Bixby button.

  • Catalin Colceriu
    Catalin Colceriu Month ago

    I am watching this on a note 9

  • Chaplins
    Chaplins Month ago

    What you gonna do with phones that you destroyed?, I am Here after watching Note 10 Plus Video

  • Chaplins
    Chaplins Month ago

    What you gonna do with phones that you destroyed?, I am Here after watching Note 10 Plus Video

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  • Nahum's Gymnastics
    Nahum's Gymnastics Month ago

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  • natzerim tanakh
    natzerim tanakh Month ago

    Please we believe you when you say that it's metal stop scratching all the phone