What STEVEN SEAGAL says about VAN DAMME and other action stars [HD]

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • Here are the Steven Seagal's video interviews where he speaks about Jean-Claude Van Damme and other action stars (martial artists).
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  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott 45 seconds ago

    steven is full of himself no mistake yes i used a little "s"

  • Sam Tom
    Sam Tom 34 minutes ago

    Never liked him or his movie..he is just a moving bag filled with ego, I have a friend working in hiring furniture company and he have worked in Steven house and told me that he is the most arrogant person he ever met.

  • Jeff Sedam
    Jeff Sedam 4 hours ago

    Steven is such an arrogant fuck thinks he is all that. An egomaniac.

  • Mystic Pharaoh
    Mystic Pharaoh 5 hours ago

    wow, what a prick!

  • Gratia 11
    Gratia 11 5 hours ago

    Steven, the pathetic liar

  • theHDLify
    theHDLify 5 hours ago

    What a fucking douche!

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson 6 hours ago

    Micheal would beat yo ass😂

  • josemontenegro13
    josemontenegro13 7 hours ago

    He wishes he was van Damme ... Seagal Is such an asshole

  • cariani1
    cariani1 9 hours ago


  • Mr. Right
    Mr. Right 9 hours ago


  • Nex Wex 2
    Nex Wex 2 10 hours ago

    Steven is the man!

  • w0bbl3r
    w0bbl3r 10 hours ago

    Back in the day, when they were top of their game, I would have perhaps Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson beside me in a street fight.
    Because really martial arts don't mean a great deal in a brawl, a proper fight where you are really trying to do actual damage to someone, where there are no rules and no referee or anything.
    Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis were both pretty heavy drinkers, and would brawl pretty often back in the 80's, and seemed to be pretty good at it.
    And I would say that either one of those guys now, at their current age, would beat the ever-loving shit out of Segal when he was at his "best".

  • ya hoo
    ya hoo 11 hours ago

    Chip on his shoulder could feed you for a year

  • monca01
    monca01 14 hours ago

    What an arrogant bastard. ...And he walks like a girl too.

  • Brain Wash
    Brain Wash 16 hours ago

    What an arrogant prick!

  • JackFrost
    JackFrost 17 hours ago

    Segal is the Trump of Action Movie stars.

  • Sensei Richard Smith
    Sensei Richard Smith 19 hours ago

    Interesting comments I recall from the 90s. He surely is one to speak of others lol. Yes Chuck Norris is much older now surely but he is authentic as is Speakmen whom I met myself in 96 and am friendly with Master Parker Jr.
    Championships within martial Arts are many varying organizations. This doesn't make the competitors any less real. I know Van Damme competed. I've met many honestly and Segeal was one I did not even try to meet or train with. Always was told how arrogant he is. Bill Wallace is even great to train with to the Black Dragon Van Clief. Great generation of artists regardless of aging have so much to pass on. It's why he doesn't get work acting anymore, too difficult to work with. Its well known. I never met Van Damme but perhaps a day will pass we will cross one another. We both know many of the same Hanshis and Martial artists of old as common contacts.
    Tx for the memory, had forgotten all about that interview with Arsenio.

  • Gihon88
    Gihon88 19 hours ago

    im sorry who is this fat dude again? was he a Sumo wrestler or something? and what about Iron Mike, hes not tough seriously?

  • chico levy
    chico levy 20 hours ago

    seagal is an idiot

  • Raven Crim
    Raven Crim 20 hours ago

    He's so stupid. Such a joke.

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 20 hours ago

    While i only earned up to a Blue Belt in two different martial art ways, I was always taught that being a martial artist is just as much spiritual as it is physical. It is seen as a philosophy, a way of life. This is also true regarding yoga and its teachings and philosophy.
    This guy’s ego is thru the roof. I dont care about age, of course Chuck Norris is a martial artist. I would add Bruce and his som Brandon Lee to that list too. Sadly however they both died young.
    And as a social worker and counselor, I think this guy has some anger issues going on, damn. No humility at all.

  • SGT Andy MP Corp
    SGT Andy MP Corp 22 hours ago

    Segal is so full of himself its sickening. Nowadays he looks like he ate a donut shop and Van Damme in my opinion could wail on Segal. Van Damme has at least kept himself in shape which tells us all who the real Martial Artist is. A true martial artist wouldn't talk trash about another and they wouldn't disrespect their own bodies either. Segal has done both, talked trash and disrespected himself as well as others.

  • RJ Dodgerz
    RJ Dodgerz 23 hours ago

    Seagal is a straight out PRICK!!

  • barbara lisa miller

    Dude I'm Sorry But You Are Really A Shity Man

  • Brian Benson
    Brian Benson Day ago

    What a bellend 😂

  • john doe
    john doe Day ago

    A true martial artist will not become a fucking doughnut like Segal. JCVD is 58 and still ripped af...

  • Rommel Cordero
    Rommel Cordero Day ago

    this guy is good in martial arts but failed to be humble

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Day ago

    The GOAT. Bell-end that is ...

  • Crusta Fan
    Crusta Fan Day ago

    mhm,,, van dame is "pf" done

  • Scott Van Thof
    Scott Van Thof Day ago

    Seagal is a true Dick. He is a pedophile and a jerk with other actors . This guy is a piece of shit.

  • JR Ewing
    JR Ewing Day ago +1

    Much has been said about Steven. Allot, but there is no denying the man is epic in terms of his ability to destroy his opponents. Personally, I would rather him be on my side vs opposing him. He literally is lethal in every sense of the word. His demeanor, his body language, particularly his facial expressions tell much about him. Both as a professional martial artist and as a human being. I don't judge him based upon these interviews. Most of which, many dislike doing, but it's part of the game one must play when in Hollywood. Outside that realm, he is a super nice man and fun. Anyone who really knows Steven, knows this to be true.

  • radish rodas
    radish rodas Day ago

    Jean can kick he's ass easy

  • kreftegleichgewicht

    back in the days steven was my hero. as i grew up, i sadly realized what a fucking asshole he is. ... so sad to see that ur hero sucks in real live...

  • billie crouse
    billie crouse Day ago

    Steven Seagal is the best martial arts fighter I have witnessed.

    KINDOY2 Day ago

    Hes a Punk

  • Hugeroost
    Hugeroost 2 days ago

    if all the hollywood badasses were 30 and in good shape Seagal would do very well even though he is a prick, it would be him, Norris, and JCVD, the rest are really pussy's.. During filming Under Seige, Seagal got into it with another actor, this guy was big, and an x wrestler, he got ahold of Seagal and squeezed him so hard Seagal passed out and pissed his pants, fact. He shoulda never let the guy grab him, those wrestlers know what to do if they ever get a hold on ya, and this old guy was retired and prolly 60 years old, but Seagals fancy akido bullshit didnt work on him lol

  • Andy Azad Khan
    Andy Azad Khan 2 days ago

    Michael jai white would beat the shit out of segal

  • Mitchell Lane
    Mitchell Lane 2 days ago +2

    I love Steven Segal but honestly believe in a fight Michael J White would kick Segal's ass. Would pay to see a match between them while when they were both in their prime.

  • Omega King
    Omega King 2 days ago

    Van Damme a true martial artist and genuine nice guy,Seagal is a egotistic,disrespectful,Pie Muncher.

  • carLOS BEATS
    carLOS BEATS 2 days ago

    Wow dissed jcvd and jai white wtf

  • @whitelotus.na
    @whitelotus.na 2 days ago

    Stephen Segal is a Proper martial artist

  • Billy Gunn
    Billy Gunn 2 days ago

    He got his ass handed to him by a cowboy from the Bar 7 ranch in Ennis Montana where unfortunately he owns property

  • Carl Gar
    Carl Gar 2 days ago

    Faget ass Seagal

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 2 days ago

    I believe martial arts is more of a lifestyle that teaches many different techniques while learning to respect & be able to humble ones self. The elite examples that come to mind seem to all have that same type of belief &/or demeanor (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Shaolin Monks, ect.). Putting down others in an attempt of making himself sound “better” does not seem to fit with the core principles taught in Martial arts...

  • Jayke Keola
    Jayke Keola 2 days ago


  • Einhander49
    Einhander49 2 days ago

    This guys is a total narcissist. How he even still has fans is beyond me. Steven is a total scum bag.

  • Antwon Starr
    Antwon Starr 2 days ago

    put it to rest fat boy, take it to the ring @!!!!

    • Antwon Starr
      Antwon Starr 2 days ago

      even tho you ar4 both older, dude would beat the brakakes off your ass @!!

  • clobbyhops
    clobbyhops 2 days ago

    The start of his downfall the seagal seafall

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer 2 days ago +1

    Steve came down to Canada claiming Mohawk heritage, they called him Chief Running Bull.

  • Kadarius Hampton
    Kadarius Hampton 2 days ago

    Steven Seagal too old for that he stop cuz his movies 2000s it some people did stunt

  • Romy Schneider
    Romy Schneider 2 days ago

    He is such a bad ugly person
    People like him should not exist

  • Toby Taylor
    Toby Taylor 3 days ago

    Chuck Norris kicked Bruce Lee's ass.

  • Chad Pilkington
    Chad Pilkington 3 days ago

    Jean Claude Van Damme would kick the shit outta Steven Segal! He’s full of shit

  • Agesilaus Of Sparta
    Agesilaus Of Sparta 3 days ago

    this is so awkward

  • David Waring
    David Waring 3 days ago +1

    Seagal would only dangerous to a Buffet Restaurant.

  • paul baker
    paul baker 3 days ago

    Michael jai white would smash you ffs seagal. Fuckin dillusional this guy

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 days ago

    He's got height and a belly, then says no one is as great as him... the great cliche.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 3 days ago +12

    don't worry, Steven. NOBODY would want you by their side in a fight. unless they were attacking a buffet.

  • Victor Suarez
    Victor Suarez 3 days ago

    What an arrogant person

  • Xxdk5000xX
    Xxdk5000xX 3 days ago

    Wow I had no idea this guy was such a douche lol

  • FightFairLoseEasy
    FightFairLoseEasy 3 days ago

    Randy Couture would be pretty handy to have around he's a monster

  • Niels Ardies
    Niels Ardies 3 days ago +4

    Jcvd has a title in Belgium
    I understand Steven don't respect that... Somewhere.
    But due fitness... Jcvd would have KO Seagal I think 😁

  • AH
    AH 3 days ago

    he is like trump

  • FightFairLoseEasy
    FightFairLoseEasy 3 days ago

    There are many really tough guy actors not least Mickey Rourke he's as hard as they come. In fact there always has been I used to research actors going back to the early days of Hollywood and the number of those actors who boxed and many professionallywas unbelievable. Even Larry out of the three Stooges boxed to make money when times were tough ... who would have thought that?

  • AJ Grant
    AJ Grant 4 days ago

    Long before the world found out what street fighting "truly was." If anyone's curious as to what the Seagal lawn chair looks like....have him step into a BJJ (Blue belt night) studio. He'd be folded just like one.

  • Rokchant
    Rokchant 4 days ago

    Michael Jay White, Vanne Damme, Norris, all fought pro fights, were champs....Seagal just is an asshole ...!

  • Genius Marc Says
    Genius Marc Says 4 days ago

    he's a jerk, van dam will beat him in 5 seconds

  • Shazzy A
    Shazzy A 4 days ago

    Jai White would fucking turn this guy to smithereens

  • Cory Wong
    Cory Wong 4 days ago


  • Deputy Stage
    Deputy Stage 4 days ago

    Seagal was so fast he had to slow down for the camera to catch his speed. Seagal and Van Damme are two of the most on screen bad asses. Seagal is highly full of him self in this video. Wesley Snipes and Michael Jai White would murder Seagal. However, I don't believe Van Damme can take Seagal. However Steve Austin would beat the hell outta Seagal.

  • Matthijs Varkevisser

    akido beats the shit out of nothing!

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 4 days ago +19

    Steven Seagal's been drinking protein shakes without working out

  • Birdkillersteve
    Birdkillersteve 4 days ago

    Seagal he is legit in the Aikido world for sure and is the only American to win an honorary Dojo in Japan. He beat the best in Japan to get the honor. I feel like the martial art purists like seagal tend to discount everyone else’s stats. The purists say that MMA is bullshit too but you dont see any purists fighting in the MMA cause they’d get crushed. Bruce lee himself said all one needs to know to be a great fighter is wrestling and boxing. Not sure who would win in a fight between the two and dont care unless its an MMA match.

  • Forgotten Eden
    Forgotten Eden 4 days ago

    Looks like William Shatner

  • Jakehughes77 7
    Jakehughes77 7 4 days ago +1

    This guys ego is bigger than his career. He’s so disrespectful to other martial artists that are 1000X better than him

  • James Royle
    James Royle 4 days ago

    Guys a pussy hole I’d slap his gay pony tail off

  • Edgars O
    Edgars O 5 days ago

    Steven is like if you were an angsty dead-metal kid and angry and then went to learn some supposedly martial art to "show it to everyone!". He is literally the karate guy from Bruce Lee movies.

  • Edgars O
    Edgars O 5 days ago

    i am pretty sure even 76 yo chuck Norris could beat the fuck out of this fat blob of angsty cringe.

    I'M YOUR PAPI 5 days ago +3

    He show Anderson Silva how to throw a front kick lol

  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 5 days ago

    Seagal professed to be a lot of things. Of course we find out later on he lied big time.

  • Pandaplutten
    Pandaplutten 5 days ago

    I used to like his early movies but after seeing this...sad.

  • HyborianAge
    HyborianAge 5 days ago

    Steven Segal said his teacher was Mr. Miyagi.

  • TheKb4350
    TheKb4350 5 days ago

    I lost all respect for him. After finding out he was full of shit and that he makes everything up to make him look good
    Van damm would make mince meat out of him
    Chuck even at 80 would still kick his arse

  • Nathan Martyn
    Nathan Martyn 5 days ago

    Segal is a deuche thinks he's the only one who is a martial artist he's jealous about something and it shows

  • Pe Vo
    Pe Vo 5 days ago

    Of all of the "martial arts" action stars from the late 80's to early 00's, Stephen Seagal is by far the most UNINTERESTING to watch. His arrogance in real life actually comes out on screen in the way he fights and acts. He truly believes we are all privileged to be able to pay money in a movie theater to watch him act. But hey ... he's Hollywood. Over 95% of those types all believe they walk on water (whether they do or not is irrelevant). So am I surprised about his attitude towards other martial arts action hero's? Absolutely not. The irony of course is that after he was past his prime in acting, Seagal got fat. NONE of the others he criticized gained weight like he did. The only paper bag Seagal could kick his way out of now is one that was previously infused with grease from the donuts he inhales every day.

  • greebuh
    greebuh 6 days ago

    Michael J White would easily kill Segal.

  • Yashwardhan Bhardwaj
    Yashwardhan Bhardwaj 6 days ago +7

    Steven is a egostic person who never respect other stars. JCVD is legend and this man excessivly overestimated him always.

  • Randy Buhr
    Randy Buhr 6 days ago

    what a fucking asshole


    He is just a Putin's cocksucker😅

  • Chalyman77
    Chalyman77 6 days ago

    The guy is such a pompous asshole! He was abusive with Kelly Le Brock. Tough guy with women,what a douche bag!

  • Heather Hutton Untermann

    Can I laugh at Your face??? What is that? I Know van damme Wanted to kick ur ass and you seagal walked away. Can u remember that?

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson 6 days ago

    Seagal is an aikido master and owns several black belts. One on one he could kick anyone's ass. He's also impervious to bullets and his training even allows him to dodge them and turn them back towards whoever fired them. In other words he's as close to God as anyone.

  • Benhamslibrary
    Benhamslibrary 7 days ago

    well that's too bad that he hates on van damme, i think jealousy could be a factor. Van Damme is fantastic, no other dude in the world, male that is, i think can put up that leg like that, Belgian legend! and yeah he is a karate/kickboxing legend i would say, that doesn't mean that seagal isn't an aikido master, but that's not cool I'd say

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 7 days ago +12

    If you look up joke in the dictionary you'll see a picture of Steven Seagal.

  • sfzero3
    sfzero3 7 days ago

    Steven Segal = ASSHAT 💩💩💩💩. Used to love him back in the day just like all the others. Now he's just a fat ass. The only thing he attacks is the food on the plate in front of him.

  • Joe Ricci
    Joe Ricci 7 days ago

    What an ASSHOLE, That's why Hollywood cut him off.

  • Bob BioLogical
    Bob BioLogical 7 days ago

    I watched Steven in a demonstration where he was fighting numerous opponents, what a laugh, the guys were flipping themselves to the ground as soon as he laid a hand on them. It was nothing more than a choreographed dance to make he him look, it made him look like a joke.

  • Pop-Actor
    Pop-Actor 7 days ago +1

    Can I laugh in his face?

  • thaw34
    thaw34 7 days ago +2

    Seagal beat up staged fighters in his class. He could never beat a chuck Norris type pro. Maybe he could beat rocky in part 10. Idk

  • thaw34
    thaw34 7 days ago

    Seagal has always been a shit for brains. Same now in 2019. Dude is just average as a pro. If u can understand that.