What STEVEN SEAGAL says about VAN DAMME and other action stars [HD]

  • Опубликовано: 10 ноя 2017
  • Here are the Steven Seagal's video interviews where he speaks about Jean-Claude Van Damme and other action stars (martial artists).
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  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 18 часов назад

    why don't any of these interviewers ask him if Gene Lebell is a tough guy?

  • 24 SAVAGE
    24 SAVAGE 20 часов назад

    MJW not a real tough guy and martial artist? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Wordsworth
    John Wordsworth 22 часа назад

    STEVEN SEAGAL is a phony, a Putin suck-up.

  • Maserbeams
    Maserbeams День назад

    I’ve never wasted the time watching any of this cheeseball’s movies. His over-inflated ego and one-dimensional persona are ready to crumble.

  • john edwards
    john edwards День назад

    He must have lovely friends lol

  • Benjamin Rowbottom
    Benjamin Rowbottom День назад

    Has Steven Seegull done a beer advert on UK TV? No? Case closed.

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee День назад

    check norris is old but in his hay day was about as legit as it gets fror a movie star martial artist he is a a black belt in tand sudo and bjj ands well versed in many other styles

  • mark mcallan
    mark mcallan День назад

    He is a retard! Let's bang on Stevie u fruad! No one even knows me but I will shit in your mouth!

  • Nucky Bandido
    Nucky Bandido День назад

    He called out segal out at a sly party and pussed out. Jcvd would destroy this bum.

  • Chef John
    Chef John День назад

    Bloated and done

  • D XD
    D XD День назад

    Thats not van damme in his youth.. by then he was in his 30s... duhh

  • WWECenaManiaTV
    WWECenaManiaTV День назад

    Michael Jai White not a tough guy??? Not a martial artist??? I lost all respect for Seagal on that I mean talk about disrespect!!!

  • MythicASMR
    MythicASMR День назад

    Seagal LoL what a bloated dumb washed up whale has-been who butchered budo for profit- what a classless POS trashing other actors. And bruh, just go bald gracefully and quit it with the fu Manchu black hair dye nonsense. Seagal is the biggest joke.

  • Hinsley Mithralnuggets
    Hinsley Mithralnuggets День назад

    Seagal is a fat piece of shit. All of those guys he just disrespected are a lot healthier than he is and some a lot older. If I was asked that question I wouldnt hesitate to name Van Damme.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe День назад

    I don't know anything about martial arts, but I have always "loved" Steven Seagal's fighting scenes.
    He hits his opponent a few times and said opponent stays down.
    In other movies the good guy and the bad guy keep on hitting each other for 10 or 15 minutes in a row and they keep on getting back up, and that has just never felt very realistic to me.

  • MrSpaghettiWestern19
    MrSpaghettiWestern19 День назад +1

    Michael Jai White would rape Seagal

  • The Seperator
    The Seperator День назад

    Man, you would say Ip-man or Bruce Lee he would probably say the same fcking thing ("can i laugh in your face"). Did anyone ever saw Seagal fighting for real?

  • Jan Müller
    Jan Müller День назад

    Its kinda stupid as an aikido guy to mess around with people who know how to fight 🤣🤣🤣

  • alejandro Rivera
    alejandro Rivera День назад

    Everyone is mad lmao I think this was his exact intention! & he didn’t even do it rudely. Society is so sensitive! 10-15 years ago we’d all laugh and move on now we share videos and write post about how arrogant someone is. Lmao silly rabbits

  • One Man Band Prod
    One Man Band Prod День назад

    Steven Seagullpoop is a fake!

  • pantagruel30
    pantagruel30 День назад

    Classless Twat.

  • Karel Machielsen
    Karel Machielsen День назад

    Van Damme is a gymnast !!!! Not at all a martial arts fighter !!!

  • Kalvin Rauma
    Kalvin Rauma 2 дня назад

    Michael Jai White would destroy him

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 2 дня назад

    With age Seagal seems to have become more grumpy. Good thing no one compared him to Daulph Laundren, he is a martial artist instructor I think? Both him and Van Damme are still in good health. Seagal became chubby and bitter because his acting carerer by 2003 got relegated to CIA clishe characters and straight to DVD flicks.

  • Gustavo Guzman
    Gustavo Guzman 2 дня назад

    Pretty sad to hear him talk about everyone that way. I used to enjoy his movies.

  • Stuart Aird
    Stuart Aird 2 дня назад

    What a knob

  • Antonio Cervantes
    Antonio Cervantes 2 дня назад


  • JPC
    JPC 2 дня назад

    He's also JUST Jealous he's Not those other guys!

  • JPC
    JPC 2 дня назад

    He's got that Eddie Munster hairdo going on.

    PRO HEN 2 дня назад

    Van Damme would be flying through a window with 2 hand movements from Seagal

  • Kevin Warawa
    Kevin Warawa 2 дня назад

    Has anyone watched Steven seagull fight in tournaments. Ya ok he has won lots of tournaments.The guy is 6foot 3 inchs weighs at least 210 and all of his tournaments he wins are against these tiny little asians.Guys that weigh like 130 pounds and are under 5 feet.The guys a fuckin tit who really can't claim to have fought anyone with the same height and weight as himself. The guy has never fought a real fighter and never will because hes a shit show phoney who can beat children in the ring.WHAT A TOUGH GUY!! And hes a real mouthpiece.Its really surprising he still has teeth the way he runs his mouth.And i personally think his acting sucks.

    RAVEN MOONLIGHT 2 дня назад

    Jadx jetlee and jack chan and the lady from crouching tiger hide Dragon would be my pick. And way better then him

  • Platinum Era Visions
    Platinum Era Visions 2 дня назад

    Damn Steve!!!!!!!!

  • David oroagulia
    David oroagulia 2 дня назад

    Worse movies I ever watched bullets flying everywhere not a scratch or anything

  • RealHandEngraver
    RealHandEngraver 2 дня назад

    Segal is worthless and simply cannot act ... period. And, the boy lies all the time.

  • Danny
    Danny 2 дня назад

    Stay in Russia clown nobody care what u think anymore

  • Mike
    Mike 2 дня назад

    Seagal is a dick in those video, but showing old black&white picture of JCVD doesn't show he's wrong.

  • Jorswar
    Jorswar 2 дня назад

    Van dam got smacked by Chuck Zito

  • bademoxy
    bademoxy 2 дня назад

    this is the same thing about mohammad ali- a success ,but demeaning and arrogant .
    rather listen to actual humans like jackie chan, thanks.

  • rodluv21
    rodluv21 2 дня назад

    I'd choose Will Sasso's Steven Segal over the actual Steven Segal.

  • thatguymactv
    thatguymactv 2 дня назад

    Painful to watch

  • White Power Inc.
    White Power Inc. 2 дня назад

    They're all fuckin' fake. Bring your karate bullshit to the streets and lose so badly you need a cemetary plot with your name on it. Self-defense lessons are a conplete fuckin' joke. Clack-clack, step the fuck back.

  • Gholam Zare
    Gholam Zare 2 дня назад

    The truth is steven seagal movies, martial art skills, his everything overall sucks... I mean his movies are truly unwatchable ...some piece of crap movies...and he sees himself above all others like van damme ... i gotta say really? can i laugh directly at stevens face? I seriously think so....

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 2 дня назад +1

    0: 35 "Can we change the subject?"... What a jerk

  • Kaleb Arancelovic
    Kaleb Arancelovic 2 дня назад

    I'm in Steven Segal's mood after flying from Australia to Europe

  • Tarrick Conrad
    Tarrick Conrad 2 дня назад

    Looks like a somoan motherfucker

  • Odin Coulombe
    Odin Coulombe 2 дня назад

    Ive seen the tournaments Jean was in,it is light contact point fighting,same as Chuck Norris did. I do know Jean is good at his kicks and punches,and i believe he would kick the shit out of this fool...

  • Poppacapp1234
    Poppacapp1234 2 дня назад

    So JCVD is a ballerina. Cool

  • Tony Hoodlass
    Tony Hoodlass 2 дня назад

    Steven Seagal is the best martial artist living, Van Damme has no respect. He has never even met Steven but tries to belittle him, he has no Honour

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 дня назад

    This guy is a joke! Aikido is not an art! And I'd be happy to prove to any of them that think it is. Especially to this 12 sandwich eating mofo...

  • Jits8282
    Jits8282 2 дня назад


  • truly independent
    truly independent 2 дня назад

    Who the fuck is Steven Segal? He is no one, a Z- list celeb if that

  • hogsandsooners
    hogsandsooners 2 дня назад

    Jeff Speakman would crush him!

  • Jonathan Weeks
    Jonathan Weeks 2 дня назад

    I like Chuck Norris. He's a Class act!!

  • Jonathan Weeks
    Jonathan Weeks 2 дня назад

    Steven Seagal is very Arrogant!!

  • TopCatPlus
    TopCatPlus 2 дня назад

    He is quite difficult to interact with.

  • Quantum
    Quantum 2 дня назад

    Lol, used to be a big fan of Seagul, until watching this and seeing him for who he is...
    Back in their prime, Van Damme would dance circles around Seagul before knocking him clean out. Interesting he failed to mention Stallone who in his prime was a top street fighter which not people are aware of, and would go toe to toe with both these guys no probs.

  • Daniel Snailham
    Daniel Snailham 2 дня назад

    Okay, I can see why Hollywood chose Van Damme. His dynamics are amazing!!

  • David Carter
    David Carter 2 дня назад +1

    Charlie Zelenoff would kick his arse! If you don't know who he is look him up!

  • David Carter
    David Carter 2 дня назад +8

    When JCVD approached him even his hairline took a step back!

  • Jose R Fernandez
    Jose R Fernandez 2 дня назад

    Tell what I said his a pussy in tv

  • mucku2
    mucku2 2 дня назад

    All these years and Ars---dipshit is still an idiot! At 60 with a beautiful brand new daughter , ,of a beautifully strong and lovely woman, .....POPPYCOCK!!!

  • bob wil
    bob wil 2 дня назад

    Steven Seagal is een dik kind geworden.

  • Derek Blair
    Derek Blair 3 дня назад

    I don't care for this guy myself because of his attitude don't talk s*** that you don't know what you speak of though he has multiple martial arts belts he doesn't have to use his feet he uses his hands just like Bruce Lee boost Bruce Lee did not start using his legs and told him and Chuck Norris trained each other Chuck with feet goose with hands I love all you guys on here talkin about how fat and out of shape is internet tough guys

  • Chewy98TA
    Chewy98TA 3 дня назад

    It might be time for Judo Gene to make him shit his pants again. He's 86 now so he might say fuck it and kill Steven just for fun cause how long is he gonna stay in prison anyway.

  • 912 Jones
    912 Jones 3 дня назад

    There’s a big difference between cocky & confident Steven just confident he doesn’t have to kiss van damme ass

    IPSWICH DEE 3 дня назад

    He is such an asshole

  • andy paulocelli
    andy paulocelli 3 дня назад

    And to think I actually liked Steven seagal growing up...screw this guy for all the shit he said! I'd love to see a fight today with seagal Vs jcvd or mjw....seagal wouldn't last two minutes!

  • andy paulocelli
    andy paulocelli 3 дня назад

    Seagal's new movie: fists of falafel

  • franz schullere-cablay
    franz schullere-cablay 3 дня назад

    it's curious to me all the flapdoodle jibberjabber coments about who IS & who ISN'T a "martial artist" & how QUICKLY juvenile insults start sailing back & forth between dudebro kindergarteners here. no one has defined what THEY mean by "martial artist", just "you're smashed", "you're an asshole" and so on & so forth. are you a 'warrior' or a 'soldier of the light'? these are puerile, fratboy natterings that apparently haven't changed from the '60's when hong kong & japan started importing their cinematic fight fest fare to the states & 100's of impressionable young males flocked to any dojo or school they could find whether it was in some strip mall or down on the bowery in NYC. this is the 2nd interview i've watched of segal & although i initially found his screen presence charismatic & fresh it eventually soured 1.because he never evolved in the craft of ACTING(& that's what is supposed to be happening ONSCREEN); 2.the ugly, nasty rumours about his personality, treatment of others(ESP women)began to surface & 3.the weird horseshit he peddled about his "black ops" CIA background(what ACTUAL CIA operative starts running their mouth about that?). but the the thing that REALLY chap my wick is how these "interviewers" keep trying to draw him out to 'rate' other screen 'martial artists' as if they're trying to chum up some low rent drama. why do that?! ask him about his life philosophy or what he thinks of america's standing in the world or his experience of asian culture(s). why go down this road? it's cheap & you can see on his face that HE thinks it's cheap. and tiresome. but he's at least TRYING to be polite, i'll give him that. it's rather sad to see where he is now, churning out 1dumb dungburger after another.

  • Baranin
    Baranin 3 дня назад

    This guy would kick Van Dams ass! You guys have no clue who this guy is and what aikido is!

  • paa k
    paa k 3 дня назад

    Seagal is unrealistic

    SIHAN FENG 3 дня назад

    I remember he criticized that Liam Neeson, who has been trained as a boxer more than 10 years in his early age, does not know how to punch.

  • Leonardo Ferreira
    Leonardo Ferreira 3 дня назад

    Chuck Norris he stepped down lol.

  • CloudsBeyond
    CloudsBeyond 3 дня назад

    Steven 'Blubber Butt' Seagal is legit at Aikido but obviously not a real fighter or great at striking and his tales of knowing Bruce Lee, being in CIA, fighting Yakuza in Japan, etc are laughable!

  • SuperiorWare
    SuperiorWare 3 дня назад

    Steven Segal would get washed by Michael jai white.

  • TheSimpleThings
    TheSimpleThings 3 дня назад


  • Charles Ogle
    Charles Ogle 3 дня назад

    He’s a clown.

  • Adam Whitehead
    Adam Whitehead 3 дня назад

    This guy is just a punk

  • KaosKrusher
    KaosKrusher 3 дня назад

    martial artist, buddhist and reincarnation of some lama ... and yet he fails miserably at being at least a little bit humble ... jealous much?
    maybe he is really the reincarnation of a lama ... just not the monk but the animal ...
    I know that's not nice to lamas ^ç^
    but it's a shame because he had some nice movies and I always liked his fighting style in movies

    TJ AKA CITYBOY 3 дня назад

    Hahahahahhahahahhahahahha Michael Jai White would end you. Steven your a absolute idiot. Who wants to see that ahit go down I know I do 😂😂🤣😂

  • Paolo Ciarpaglini
    Paolo Ciarpaglini 3 дня назад

    He just say his opinion, in a not pretty way but that's it. And in a real fight i'll don't put one cent on Van Damme. Too strong and able in hand and arms, i talk about Seagel of course.

  • Nick White
    Nick White 3 дня назад

    Segal chats bare shit
    Michael Jai White would annihlate him😂

  • Kevin Nicoll
    Kevin Nicoll 3 дня назад

    Do I think Steven segal is a tough guy? No

    Do I think he is a fat sheriff who knows aikido and plays in shitty movies? Yes

  • Willie Will
    Willie Will 3 дня назад

    Everyone can talk about that.

    I'm just sorry for him.

  • Mihai Cristian
    Mihai Cristian 3 дня назад +9

    Wtf, Michael Jay White will murder Seagal
    with 1 jab

  • Claude Makelele
    Claude Makelele 3 дня назад +20

    I'm so pissed Van Damme didn't whoop that ass.

    • Nucky Bandido
      Nucky Bandido День назад

      He called him out at a Sly party and pussed out.

  • rodney mitchell
    rodney mitchell 3 дня назад +13

    Seagal is one toxic human being from what I've gathered

  • Arndt Thielfoldt
    Arndt Thielfoldt 3 дня назад +18

    Seagal seems to be very arrogant and thinks a lot about himself

  • Ross Mitchell
    Ross Mitchell 3 дня назад

    What about Scott Adkins Steven segal

  • Silvio Manuel
    Silvio Manuel 3 дня назад

    Fat SeaGull should be put in prison, where his ass would be enlarged every day.

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 3 дня назад

    Segal only wishes to be as good as he thinks he is

  • Brooklyn MMA
    Brooklyn MMA 3 дня назад

    Segal is a JOKE

  • Joseph Reese
    Joseph Reese 3 дня назад +28

    All the other action stars like jcvd ,Stallone, Norris, Dolph lundgren ect. they're all in great shape except him....hmm🤔

    • Alan Pritchard
      Alan Pritchard 2 дня назад

      +White Power Inc. look up jean claude van varenburg. 😂

    • White Power Inc.
      White Power Inc. 2 дня назад

      All three of you are fuckin' retarded from the libtard brainwashing info you get on youtube. Actors are actors, nothing more. Get a fuckin' job and get off your fuckin' computers.

    • TheKenjoje
      TheKenjoje 2 дня назад

      +markobe08 yeah, I forgot that, but the matter is how significant is he....

    • markobe08
      markobe08 2 дня назад +1

      +TheKenjoje lundgren is a karateka

    • TheKenjoje
      TheKenjoje 3 дня назад

      stallone and lundgren are really not fighters....

  • rockstar s mg
    rockstar s mg 3 дня назад

    Can i laugh in your face? How about can i shit in your face??

  • rockstar s mg
    rockstar s mg 3 дня назад

    I really fucking hate him, he can only fight in movies, put him in an mma ring he would get his ass kicked ,

  • Dee Williams
    Dee Williams 4 дня назад

    Wesley snipes would smash him

  • mit kooc
    mit kooc 4 дня назад

    Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali to mention a couple great fighters were just as cocky. Segal is just saying it like he sees it. He knows what he can do and he is just giving his honest opinion. He was asked direct questions. Do you dicks making comments about him not being humble or respectful want him to lie?

  • Myron Adams
    Myron Adams 4 дня назад

    Man, the older Segal's hairline creeps me out; looks like he's an Italian Dracula, or something.

  • Forte3645
    Forte3645 4 дня назад

    Seagal is a dumb punk . He pretends to be a tough guy. He is an actor who plays a tough guy. PLAYS , that’s all.