A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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    We got the cheapest laptop we could find- just $99. But is this notebook even usable?.. Depends: do you know how to use Linux?
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Comments • 5 839

  • Hank Woodcutter
    Hank Woodcutter 18 hours ago

    android laptop??

  • Acme
    Acme Day ago

    Well the performance is better than my dual core atom 2gb ddr2 netbook with linux on it! (Used primarily for web browsing in hotels)

  • Acme
    Acme Day ago

    UK has a short left shift, never been an issue but thats because its what I'm used to!

  • picrite ironhelm
    picrite ironhelm Day ago +2

    well if you live truly out in the sticks its ridiculously low power consumption and ability to charge of camping solar panel/battery pack could come in useful.

  • WaifuRacer
    WaifuRacer Day ago +2

    Thinkpad T420 is the best choice for 100 buck laptop lmao. Bought one 3 years ago, writing this comment from it right now. Love it. Other than the shit quality TN screen, its really good, dual core i5 with HT, 6GB ram (came with 2x2gb but I had a 4gb module laying around), a 128gb msata ssd and a 320gb hdd. Only down side of it is that the nvidia quadro versions are more expensive so if you get it without you are stuck with intel hd 3000 which is kinda meh, but even with stock drivers it handles media very good, with PHDGD modifed drivers it can handle light gaming like csgo at 60fps and stuff. Mainly Use it for photoshop and light video editing, easily handles 1080p 60fps and 4k 30fps in youtube. Bough it for 99, and spent 20 bucks on it to get the used samsung ssd. so technically 119 bucks but even without the ssd it was a great machine. Wind10 runs good on it but I hate that so Im using win7 and manjaro. If you are broke and need an everyday laptop t420 is your best bet.
    ALSO: It has express card slot so if you want to connect a chinese EGPU dock to get better graphics performance you can, it works flawlessly :D

  • Lord GeyBoi
    Lord GeyBoi 2 days ago +1

    I would love to see how it would do with android on it

  • Pαpí
    Pαpí 2 days ago

    What is the pc case in the back

  • Nom
    Nom 2 days ago +1

    Does it have an x86 type processor? If you say yes or even no, it's not fully functional. Bad desktop support or bad Android support.

  • Derek Rodriguez
    Derek Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

    Linus is over heat saying $134 isn’t low enough, goes to $99 while Lew from unbox therapy for a laptop for $34 from Amazon. Soooo

  • Roy Wright
    Roy Wright 4 days ago

    who built the glass desktop PC in the pinebook video

    • Roy Wright
      Roy Wright 2 days ago

      @64 Sam Thank You that it.

    • 64 Sam
      64 Sam 3 days ago

      Roy Wright don’t know if this helps but the case looks similar to a pyron infinity

  • Vecent
    Vecent 4 days ago +1

    Google services (like RU-clip and Gmail) work slower in general in the Firefox browser

  • DrCognitive
    DrCognitive 5 days ago

    Because we just don't have enough shit in our landfills...

  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 6 days ago

    It will perform like a MacBook from 2010.

  • Stefan Rink
    Stefan Rink 6 days ago

    The Mali GPU is indeed a real pain in the *ss I have the Pine64 and SoPine(s).
    Pine64 uses an Allwinner A64 CPU, that is not really compatible with the RPI's broadcom CPU you need at least another bootloader!
    Also there is no BIOS on ARM so pressing a key will not help unless the bootloader is customized but don't count on that.
    There is also a hardware bug in the A64 you need to work around; The main timer is broken and it makes threads hang, on FreeBSD we made a workaround that uses the 64bit counter as the system timer and it seems the only way to make it stable.

  • Michael Larsen
    Michael Larsen 6 days ago

    Could it be use as a music player,server like spotify and a usb sound with active speakers?

  • Charles Aiden De Leon
    Charles Aiden De Leon 7 days ago +2

    You should have installed Android on it. More usable.

  • Chimpy Earl Grey Shayo

    One more word about my short shifts and i'll kill

  • ThriftyAV
    ThriftyAV 8 days ago

    One more budget laptop option is "clearance" laptops at stores like Office Depot / Office Max. These are the models that are being discontinued when they get replaced with the latest and greatest... Prices are often slashed considerably, sometimes 50% off or more, on last year's models.

  • Crypto Que
    Crypto Que 8 days ago

    It's $142 with tax & shipping.

  • Матвей Андриенко

    Manjaro is shit with lots of vulnerabilities

  • nin1ten1do
    nin1ten1do 12 days ago

    !ets LAUDLY.. actualy say what HW is realy in aplle product! XD yea..- everyone get imediately greedy... SW is well big part of HW what respond also.. for big chung of preformance..

    SICKNICK 13 days ago

    As soon as Linus said this has the power of about the original Xbox my phone quality dropped to 480.

  • osiris merck
    osiris merck 13 days ago

    i love the lights on your pc XD

  • Ravi Kumar Sharma
    Ravi Kumar Sharma 13 days ago

    You are doing so many ads now.. it feels like I am watching TV.. dude I am watching RU-clip because I don't want to see ads.. Keep them to a minimum please...

  • Jonathan Brooks
    Jonathan Brooks 14 days ago

    Could be good as USB Oscilloscope scope machine to read off voltage levels.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 14 days ago

    Uses the wrong audio out of the box umm no? U just installed manjaro kde so ofc it's gunna use a different audio if u used the original is it most likely would have been configured correctly

  • Eric P
    Eric P 15 days ago +2

    $99.00 USD for Linux? Sounds good if you’re willing to overcome the learning curve.

  • Goral 90
    Goral 90 15 days ago

    Which Manjaro desktop did you use on this device? Was it a live boot? Or did you install it on the harddrive?

  • Trym Sætren Hauge
    Trym Sætren Hauge 15 days ago

    in norway our shift buttone is just the same size as any other lether key

  • Wilmer L
    Wilmer L 15 days ago

    What case is that in the background???

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 16 days ago

    [Revulsion and gutteral fear-tinged disgust]
    [Nasally caterwauling]
    Get it away.

  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse 16 days ago

    Why yes, I do agree with you. Bestiality SHOULD be legalized. When dogs are in heat they WANT sex, I'm just sayin'.

  • Warp Speed
    Warp Speed 17 days ago

    LOL if it's slow in Linux in Windows it's going to be terrible

  • Warp Speed
    Warp Speed 17 days ago

    It's possible to buy better used laptop for smaller price. Something around $70. 2Gb RAM and intel x86 CPU

  • T B
    T B 17 days ago +9

    It's funny how you post the video on a $99 laptop, the sellers immediately jack up the price another $30.

  • Michael McAllister
    Michael McAllister 17 days ago +2

    Keep in mind Linus remember when Chromebooks first came out and everybody said that they would never catch on. That and I laughed when he said that 'Windows should help this horrible laptop.' XD Windows wouldn't even be able to help smart toasters(IoT Bashing).

  • yamspaine
    yamspaine 17 days ago

    I gotta be able to play youtube at 2x speed.. If the proprietary drivers are available it's not a big deal...

    • yamspaine
      yamspaine 17 days ago

      Well, more important than that is having real mouse buttons. I am amazed that people pay for macbooks

  • En Win
    En Win 17 days ago

    It has a better keyboard than a MacBook Pro.

  • dombrox
    dombrox 17 days ago

    This is just laptop for movies as prop XD

  • error_YouTuber_Not_Found_

    I was going to say - Just use your phone the experience will be better... but I remembered that it's very likely for your phone to be more expensive 😂

  • Mr Tea & Crumpets
    Mr Tea & Crumpets 18 days ago

    Which country is he one about when he mentioned the size of the shift key?

    • Takumi Yamamiya
      Takumi Yamamiya 15 days ago

      Most of Europe and French Canada, probably. It's the ISO format which is apparently widely used outside of the US. I have a keyboard in said format myself.

  • Real LuigiTheBest
    Real LuigiTheBest 18 days ago +1

    Dell Inspiron 5500 really old it's what I use to play fortnite

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 18 days ago

    I'm on that shitty 1st cheapest computer linus looked up on amazon....

  • Paul Donaghy
    Paul Donaghy 19 days ago

    To be fair, the mali gpu if it was the mp4 not mp2 it would be much better. heck, the Pi's videocore is actually very good for many things especially video decoding.

  • Mikolaj Mandziejewicz
    Mikolaj Mandziejewicz 19 days ago

    Short left shifts are standard in Germany, no I do not live there, l live in Central Europe and accidentally ordered a German layout keyboard from amazon, and then I bought a razor keyboard from the store because short left shifts suck and it was a gaming keyboard anyways.

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo 19 days ago

    compiling a kernel on this? Good luck with that.

  • Vankata BG GDV
    Vankata BG GDV 19 days ago

    Better than my pc

  • Haze Baze
    Haze Baze 19 days ago

    I only searching for an Laptop that runs Cabal Online, so i can play in my bed :D

  • Bastet Furry
    Bastet Furry 19 days ago

    Well, depends on the expectations then. I bet that, with some love, that machine would be quite capable as a daily driver. Heck, i have a friend that used an EeePC4G with an external display, keyboard and mouse as his daily driver until recently.

  • rigers muco
    rigers muco 19 days ago

    Pretty sure that thing is nowhere near ps3. It could at least play 1080p youtube.

  • InDreamsYourMine
    InDreamsYourMine 20 days ago +2

    No attempt at running Android? Possible to upgrade it to a Raspberry Pi?

  • Renan Lira
    Renan Lira 21 day ago

    What if I intend to use it just to access the terminal and connect to a remote computer using SSH, edit programs using a text editor (and run them in the aforementioned computer) and plot some graphs from .dat files while on the go? Would you recommend it?

  • OP's OC
    OP's OC 21 day ago

    I tried to buy this but after waiting on the wait list for like 2 years upon checking up on it there's nowhere on the website I can find to even re-apply.

  • theflamingpi
    theflamingpi 21 day ago

    Linus sets it down on the table before the sponsored content. You can hear how cheap the laptop is.

  • Adam RDL
    Adam RDL 21 day ago

    short left hand shift is UK standard, don't think its Europeon standard, just us. Although we get an elongated right shift to make up for it, and also more useful symbols too.

  • Fredde Modin
    Fredde Modin 22 days ago

    Did Linus com when he open the laptop?

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru 22 days ago +1

    Which LTT intro lasted longer: Fruit Ninja-font or discount-Monstercat?

  • Ten8yp
    Ten8yp 22 days ago

    hot garbage... hope they paid you for this video, because NO ONE is buying this thing. Much better off buying a used decent laptop from a couple years ago.

  • Ian Rose
    Ian Rose 22 days ago

    If you want a deal go on ebay and get a refurbished dell latitude with Windows 10 for $100 USD, those things are indestructible and #4USBports4Ever

  • The Zapper
    The Zapper 22 days ago

    I won't say that I hated this video, but what I will say is that I am somewhat let down by the fact it ended without some kind of modification to the laptop. I mean, this barely constitutes as an advertisement for Pine considering they more or less said it is a POS with basically no value to 99.99% of the world, so I don't see why they wouldn't of tried using the frame, making some minor modifications to perhaps the speakers or something and just throwing a raspberry pi in there and seeing how that goes. I mean honestly, anything at this point would have been more interesting.

  • Matthew Kessler
    Matthew Kessler 22 days ago

    Why's mini HDMI so bad?

    • The Garden of Eatin
      The Garden of Eatin 21 day ago

      Because fuck the fifty normal size HDMI cables I have lying around already, now I've either got to have a new, special cable for only this device, or fuck around with adapters.

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph 22 days ago

    Your haircut makes you look like Beaker from the Muppets.

  • billionthb
    billionthb 22 days ago

    A single USB C smd connector would literally be 2% of the cost of this laptopwww.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Molex/105450-0101?qs=P8zB4ONU6fyZ4amolPIupQ%3D%3D&gclid=CjwKCAjw0tHoBRBhEiwAvP1GFVwGnKJNFyv4_yay0-iKIm06GJvG709vVgy3G5yS_SHXOokWALlbhBoCYKYQAvD_BwE

  • jaxative jax
    jaxative jax 22 days ago

    Trying to get into an a boot menu with Android? Just wrap your headphones around it and put it in your pocket and you too can discover the joys of a device that suddenly decides it can only do Cantonese.

  • Kenneth Patrick
    Kenneth Patrick 22 days ago +5

    I actually kickstarted this chip/AIO pc. And I got the same results and reliablilty you witnessed. :(

  • Yosef Hassan
    Yosef Hassan 22 days ago

    Play fortnite 1 FPS in min

  • eukatech
    eukatech 22 days ago

    yeh almost drop it.. maybe ppl dont have more to spend then that.. do you consider that

  • hla wakid
    hla wakid 22 days ago

    short left shift is germany's keyboard

  • mcgames
    mcgames 22 days ago

    they could put another arm processor in if they wanted

  • Mike Marquiss
    Mike Marquiss 22 days ago +1

    You should try to upgrade this laptop