A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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    We got the cheapest laptop we could find- just $99. But is this notebook even usable?.. Depends: do you know how to use Linux?
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Comments • 6 147

  • xFusion v2
    xFusion v2 6 hours ago +1

    Think this is my phone's processor (Moto G4 Play) So I could run Linux is what I'm hearing.

  • PocketNachos
    PocketNachos 15 hours ago

    I don't think Linus realized while record that the French Canadian keyboard layout used a tiny shift. There's many multilingual devices here that use that tiny shift. he won't be moving to a country that uses it because he already lives in one xd.

  • Fuzzy Johnson
    Fuzzy Johnson 20 hours ago

    By the time you buy a raspberry pi, a keyboard and mouse and a screen you've spent a lot more than $99. And that's what it appears to be - a glitzed up raspberry pi.

  • TheWarmotor
    TheWarmotor Day ago

    Did Linus say 'pinner', like Cali slang from 1995 for a depressingly thin joint? Bizarre...

  • kurt richter
    kurt richter Day ago

    Well what do you want for $99 USD it is a laptop with the power of a leaf blower!

  • IggyBear
    IggyBear Day ago

    Test nuvision encite book 12 plus that is being sold on microcenter for $99!

  • Han Xu
    Han Xu 2 days ago

    0:48 Linus dropped things AGAIN!

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore 2 days ago

    Shut up and take my student loans!!!

  • casey gruhlke
    casey gruhlke 2 days ago

    that key board actually made me cry

  • Dede Kurnia
    Dede Kurnia 3 days ago

    The pinebook pro is out for awhile already, please make a review about it

  • Captain Poop
    Captain Poop 3 days ago

    Meh. back in the day i got a dell 11 inspirion 4gb ram and 64gb storage for 93$ on ebay lol

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez 3 days ago

    “We do no wish to discourage anyone from getting the Pinebook, but it is not a daily driver, so if you are looking to replace your current work or school laptop it may be wise to look elsewhere.”
    That was the pinebook website. They have balls

  • A True Brit
    A True Brit 3 days ago

    there are better and cheaper phones. that "laptop" makes no sense at any price

  • Ex-Born Again
    Ex-Born Again 4 days ago

    I would gladly take this laptop, install something even lighter os like elementary OS, and it will run pretty much ok.

  • KasparOnTube
    KasparOnTube 4 days ago

    me watching dat on AMD based 200USD hp netbook - damn I feel soo superior!

  • Vaggelis Basoukas
    Vaggelis Basoukas 5 days ago

    LINUX ??. This is the main reason that this is CRAP AF !!

  • EndoFilms
    EndoFilms 5 days ago

    Just buy a used thinkpad. They are fairly good for the buck.

  • SkullySVK
    SkullySVK 6 days ago

    *ads some rgb mouse*
    *runs shadow of tomb raider on 4k 60 fps*

  • Lester004
    Lester004 6 days ago

    You should've tried android

  • s hudson
    s hudson 6 days ago

    The CPU is basically a fucking snapdragon 400

  • Gullu Sharma
    Gullu Sharma 6 days ago

    My iball slide wq32 perfoce better then this

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 6 days ago

    This thing looks like a chromebook

  • j00g33
    j00g33 7 days ago +1

    PIneBook Pro being shipped? review soon???

  • IBuyTacos
    IBuyTacos 7 days ago

    Budget build’s 35 cent pc is better than this

  • Jonathan Denton
    Jonathan Denton 7 days ago

    Seems like it's a better option to get a cheap tablet and a wireless keyboard if you're going for sub-$100

  • Computer Dog
    Computer Dog 7 days ago

    Can atleast upgrade the hardware?

  • Tylan Nelson
    Tylan Nelson 9 days ago

    make a video about the dell switch by design studio because it's 35 dollars

  • Nafis ul Islam
    Nafis ul Islam 9 days ago

    Watch it at 1.25x speed and save your time a little bit

  • cymphony
    cymphony 9 days ago

    The real question is, can it run crysis?

  • Alexander Ivaylov
    Alexander Ivaylov 9 days ago

    windows update could be the death of it :D :D

  • Elizabeth Seres
    Elizabeth Seres 9 days ago

    This laptop, except for the HDD, ia better than my desktop PC.

  • 1000 subscriber challenge no videos

    I feel like that would be a decent budget chrome book for school try booting chrome OS thanks I would like to see that

  • notthere83
    notthere83 10 days ago +1

    KDE neon, alright!! The first time my distro of choice gets mentioned somewhere!
    Not sure that's a positive thing here though...

  • Jeremiah C
    Jeremiah C 10 days ago

    Painful to watch you talk about windows image for raspberry pi. That's not windows desktop lol. That is an iot image. Cant believes all these tech guys with so little understanding of linux, arm and windows. Really painful to watch the ignorance on display here.

  • D3NT4L FL055
    D3NT4L FL055 10 days ago

    I'll stick with the surface go

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores 10 days ago

    Install Android

  • Telisto Life
    Telisto Life 10 days ago

    I got the first surface pro for 100 bucks used. works great

  • FlyingGrandayy
    FlyingGrandayy 11 days ago +1

    I got a macbook for 140$ but apple sucks so I guess no one cares. But it works wayyyy faster than the pinebook

  • Aleistar Markóczy
    Aleistar Markóczy 11 days ago

    yay a portable raspi..

  • Mark e basta
    Mark e basta 11 days ago

    in reality whit 100 dollar you can buy a used 2008/2009 macbook pro

  • Mark e basta
    Mark e basta 11 days ago

    the short left shift is in Europe ,my pc have the short one

  • Jannis
    Jannis 11 days ago

    With those lowspecs a lighter (perhaps even mobile) browser and a very lightweight de (I think pine has an lxqt version) might be better choices and would probably yield better performance.

  • Kadeem Bey
    Kadeem Bey 12 days ago

    ROFLMAO 6:48 - 6:50 XD

  • JJJ Massengill
    JJJ Massengill 12 days ago

    I love that flavor

  • Daniel Brydon
    Daniel Brydon 12 days ago

    just bought a Jumper EZpad pro 6 for £165 off amazon, 6gb ram, 64gb eMMC, 2 in 1 tablet and running the latest windows 1903. It's a no brainer compared to comparable priced chromebooks.

  • John Spratt
    John Spratt 12 days ago

    I’ve seen cheaper except they run chrome

  • ChillaxMax
    ChillaxMax 13 days ago

    The short shift key is on UK keyboards, i use it everyday.

  • Disguiseiwa98
    Disguiseiwa98 13 days ago

    just run chrome os on it done

  • Yamete Senpai
    Yamete Senpai 13 days ago

    I can't even afford that laptop

  • Akhil verma
    Akhil verma 13 days ago

    That thing is suffering on linux and you install windows 10 ?

  • Dragongem Gaming
    Dragongem Gaming 13 days ago +1

    I just realized my keyboard has a small shift wtf I never noticed

  • xX360GaMeRXx 1
    xX360GaMeRXx 1 13 days ago

    Just get a ipad

  • One Punch Taco
    One Punch Taco 14 days ago

    Buy a 20 buck Bluetooth keyboard and hook it up your phone or tablet it'd feel a lot better than this Linux running abomination

  • Teoman Berkay Ayaz
    Teoman Berkay Ayaz 14 days ago +1

    In Turkey that short lefy shift is actually standart. And we are very much happy with our short left shift keys.

  • ben s
    ben s 14 days ago

    "Let's take a look at it shall we? Right after we take a look at- *skips 30s*

  • Rafaela Scheiwiller
    Rafaela Scheiwiller 16 days ago

    Just buy a used laptop, especially if you just use it for light office work (power point, word and pdf reader and note taking) or streaming. I have an acient samsung laptop, that still does everything it did 7 years ago. Its heavy and doesnt have a long battery life, but if you keep it at home, it works well (i just have to move it between home and uni (which is a 5min distance). It starts up within 20 seconds, the cursor moves as fast as i use it (for my eye). Word never crashes, just takes some time to safe sometimes. Id probably sell it for like 50 bucks if i didnt use it anymore.

  • KillerCat Gaming
    KillerCat Gaming 16 days ago

    Linus:Comes in a couple different *FLAVORS*

  • Brachiosaurus Potato
    Brachiosaurus Potato 17 days ago

    and when i thought my 2012 dell inspiron was slow

  • icomplainaloot
    icomplainaloot 17 days ago

    My og iPad loads faster and sounds much better