Annoying Anime Main Character Cliches

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
  • From your MC's to your High school DxDs, get your body pillows ready because today the Casual Otaku is talking about what anime tropes regarding male main characters he has noticed.
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  • if i was at chernobyl i could've stopped it

    JoJo fans: haha JoJo doesn’t have any of these cliches
    Then please explain Jotaro who pretty much only has 1 parent, went around various countries beating grown men and vampires before he even graduated high school, is somehow popular with girls at school when it’s shown at this point in time he had 0 social skills and his stand allows him to be perfect every thing.
    Giorno is exactly like PT3 Jotaro but 100x worse and more bland with even more broken op abilities. The only cliches JoJo really doesn’t into is characters like other anime characters and female fan service.
    If anything Mob Psycho is the furthest thing from the generic shonen that’s still in the shonen category.

    JoJo is still best anime tho :)

  • AimBotLumii
    AimBotLumii Day ago

    Anime protagonist that is weak asf: I WILL USE ALL MY POWER ON YOU
    Antagonist: Your no match for me
    Protagonist: *GETS RANDOM POWER BOOST*
    Antagonist: Why do i hear boss music

  • Marcos Torres
    Marcos Torres 2 days ago +1

    Anime cliches that I hate:
    The quiet guy that every girl wants to be with, when in real life he would be considered a person so full of himself, a jerk or a weirdo.....or just a fucking fag. (Sasuke)
    The protagonist that's a total wimp, goody two shoes, and pussy that all of a sudden turns into a badass because of some power or ability he gains. (Ken Kaneki)
    The self loathing guy that cries about everything. He can't protect someone, he wishes he could protect everyone, he blames himself for everything he reacts with his emotions and yells at everyone because he is in his feelings and he takes 30 episodes to listen to reason (Eren Jaeger)
    All the cliche big, tough guys who are always thugs or jerks that the scrawny, pointy chinned, effeminate faced, no personality, virgin, quiet guy defeats in seconds just because Anime has it out for the poor average men who like to workout. (90% of all the muscular dudes in Anime)

    • Аlex Kalinin
      Аlex Kalinin 18 hours ago

      @Marcos Torres well yeah I agree, he was pretty dumb and useless before the timeskip

    • Marcos Torres
      Marcos Torres 18 hours ago

      @Аlex Kalinin in the manga maybe, but I am talking about anime cliches not manga. I find him really cringy at times. Like when he starts punching himself, lol.

    • Аlex Kalinin
      Аlex Kalinin 19 hours ago

      Eren is a bad example. He had an incredible character development in the manga.

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 6 days ago

    2:38 don't you go dissin on mah girl Amelia and mah instinct precious baby.

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 6 days ago

    The eyes, the eyes , oh my goodness the eyes , they are always so bland.

  • JotarO in Steroids
    JotarO in Steroids 6 days ago

    The casual weeb is accurate

  • big Brain Time
    big Brain Time 7 days ago +2

    **"Laugh's in JoJo"**

  • R3GARnator
    R3GARnator 7 days ago

    Madoka from Madoka Magica has both parents.

  • punk kung
    punk kung 8 days ago

    Yugi has a mom tho

  • Liu Chen Enzan
    Liu Chen Enzan 13 days ago

    Almost agree with all of the contents. Well except 2 from last.
    Don't worry i like this video

  • Fabio A Alegria Meza
    Fabio A Alegria Meza 14 days ago

    Gintoki just have the kameha only in games, breaking the rules

  • De Gacha Potato
    De Gacha Potato 24 days ago

    Her name is Lizbeth not Reeka

  • De Gacha Potato
    De Gacha Potato 24 days ago +1

    I'm a Dandere

  • MvpBeingOp
    MvpBeingOp 24 days ago

    Yayarozou is not trash

  • PSN- Hext_Venom
    PSN- Hext_Venom 25 days ago

    The one that annoys me the most is main male characters there such pussies they take so much shit from women

  • NeiraAlfina
    NeiraAlfina 26 days ago

    Power of friendship- Hate this even more

  • R1tsu's Not-So-Obvious Channel


  • Call 911
    Call 911 29 days ago

    So, you haven’t seem JoJo while making this video I see

  • BluestarAnimates 07
    BluestarAnimates 07 29 days ago

    I’m a simple human
    I see sao
    I click

  • Damian Elishys
    Damian Elishys 29 days ago

    10th reason: over 90% of anime has literally the same art style with no diversity whatsoever.

  • Amal Rajeev
    Amal Rajeev Month ago

    Let's just say nothing you just said is in an anime...I am positive that it won't get much viewers and it won't be interesting. I watch animes to see something different than real life. If I wanted to watch something real, I could have watched some award winning movies.😏

  • Bahamut86
    Bahamut86 Month ago

    Dude, get Emilia out of the trash an put Rem in there. Also Yugi has a mom. She appeared only once though.

  • French fries vs Mary the painting

    I couldn't help but imagine this:
    Animator: How do you want the protag's hair?
    Creator: Yes
    Animator: want me to draw the copy some random hair style?
    Creator: Yes
    Then I imagined this😂😂😂😂:
    Anime guy:*afraid of sex*
    Manhuas in MangaToon: HAVE SEX WITH ME WOMAN!!!!

  • Dinar Welshman2
    Dinar Welshman2 Month ago

    Yare Yare Daze

  • Camilla Of Nohr
    Camilla Of Nohr Month ago

    Yugi's mom is still alive I think the showed her like once in the anime and like occasionally in the manga.

  • ZinniaRy The pussy destroyer

    Jojo: am I a joke to you?

  • I'm Aesthetic
    I'm Aesthetic 2 months ago

    If i ever write the story of an anime in my life, I would make the protagonist be someone from our world that somehow ended up in the anime world and make him surrounded by other typical annoying anime characters that we see in many of the anime made in todays age. The protagonist would be trying to use his knowledge of typical cliches from anime to avoid trouble and misunderstanding and so on to the details. You cant see it on the surface but this anime would be an anime dedicated to mocking other animes that have annoying unlogical cliche n charachters from pure salt from me. But its also because I cant find an anime that I have already watched made after like 2008 with realism in characters logical thinking so I would make one myself... if I could

    Watch The Disastrous Life of Saiki for those who haven't. Fun to watch, also Sakamoto desu ga

  • Blue Pegasus
    Blue Pegasus 2 months ago


  • aquamarine ancient soul

    2:37 lol, you put momo in the trash XD 👌👍

  • Anti social Boi
    Anti social Boi 2 months ago

    Anything that One made and at least jojo pulls it of in one unique way or another

  • Reed A.
    Reed A. 2 months ago +2

    4:59 sounds like classic Spider-Man

  • Duzzie. Ashigana
    Duzzie. Ashigana 2 months ago

    Anime is a mistake. everything is a ripoff off dororo.

  • Elijah Pittman
    Elijah Pittman 2 months ago


  • Bubsta NGE
    Bubsta NGE 2 months ago

    U need a fucking d-esser

  • Jhon Trevors
    Jhon Trevors 3 months ago +1

    And this is why I love Jojo's Bizarre adventure.

  • titan555
    titan555 3 months ago

    some of these were dumb, but most of them were on point.

  • Raymond Vargas
    Raymond Vargas 3 months ago

    Why no jojo

  • 壮大なゲーマー
    壮大なゲーマー 3 months ago

    “This isn’t shingeki no souma”
    *confusion noises*

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 3 months ago

    You realize otaku is a very negative slur in Japan right?
    It’s like calling yourself a n**g**

  • a thing
    a thing 3 months ago +1

    I thougt of something, when you called Luffy a human condom, can he not get women pregnant

  • a thing
    a thing 3 months ago +1

    Anime character: um my parents are overseas lol

  • a thing
    a thing 3 months ago +1

    I must have a thing for main characters that aren't very bright who love to eat a lot of food.

  • Khaotic Kitten
    Khaotic Kitten 3 months ago +3

    It must suck to be an anime filled with cliches haha

    This comment brought to you by the every JoJo part after Phantom Blood squad

  • Brooklyn Conert
    Brooklyn Conert 4 months ago +1

    Did you just put Momo in the trash? What? She may not be best girl, but she’s amazing.

    • Ian Crider
      Ian Crider 3 months ago

      I personally love Momo. To me, she's like a female Ed Elric except she's rich and enthusiastic. She's balanced out by her low self-esteem and inexperience.

  • Brooklyn Conert
    Brooklyn Conert 4 months ago +1

    All anime boys know how to cook...? ExcuSe mE hAVe yoU mET •Elizabeth voice• *SIR MELIODAS*

    • Ian Crider
      Ian Crider 3 months ago

      Unfortunately, the reason why Meliodas's cooking is terrible is because he doesn't care about the customer's tastes nor feelings. Even if he was good at cooking, it shows that he's a little shithole through and through.

  • Noor Riedijk
    Noor Riedijk 4 months ago +5

    *Every protagonist can cook amazingly*
    Me: what about Meliodas😐

  • Steven Tale
    Steven Tale 4 months ago

    you look just like kirito with blue hair.

  • Hanni Honey
    Hanni Honey 4 months ago


  • Cactus Nathan Dove
    Cactus Nathan Dove 4 months ago

    You ever heard of JoJo

  • percy
    percy 4 months ago

    The main bois in Yu-Gi-Oh (except Jaden and maybe Yuya) can kill you with there hair

  • dreadful beef
    dreadful beef 4 months ago

    And this is why jojo is the best anime and manga

  • Lovell
    Lovell 4 months ago

    *Hears **#teamuraraka*
    *Slowly closes Chrome*

  • Generic Account
    Generic Account 4 months ago

    Ok your point is bullshit, there is a problem with crazy hair in anime.

  • _InaraArtz_ :D
    _InaraArtz_ :D 4 months ago +1

    0:07 Ay! It's best girl Toga from bnha!

  • Jairus Jackson
    Jairus Jackson 4 months ago

    Team Uraraka!✊😆

  • TerraWave
    TerraWave 4 months ago

    Meliodas has hardly any clichès

    1. No
    2. No
    3. Eh
    4. No
    5 : Sorta
    8. HELL NO

  • Anime Opening's Rosub
    Anime Opening's Rosub 4 months ago

    Meliodas don't make good food

  • Megaman Elijah
    Megaman Elijah 4 months ago

    Yugi's mom is in the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh

  • Orochi Sama
    Orochi Sama 4 months ago

    If you want a harem, just be an awkward high school kid who sits next to the windows in class

  • RosePink Diamond
    RosePink Diamond 5 months ago

    Going with the parents thing; if the dad isn't present, he is most likely evil or died a hero