LG G7 ThinQ Durability Test! - Scratch, Burn, BEND tested!

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
  • LG has made their G7 name longer this year by adding a ThinQ next to it. Does anyone know what it means? No. But here we are. The LG G7 ThinQ is here to be durability tested. Can the LG G7 handle the rigors of every day life? or will it fall victim to weak build quality and cheap materials. There is only ONE way to find out, and thats with a durability test... and my razor blade.
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  • Khushboo and Khushi show
    Khushboo and Khushi show 21 hour ago +1

    Kon kon mere tarah yeh video Oct mein dekh raha like here😛😛।

  • Duru Tunca
    Duru Tunca Day ago

    My phone is LG G7THİNKQ
    My phone is Very nice

  • Mansoor Vk
    Mansoor Vk 7 days ago +1

    Thanks jerry
    LG V40thinq
    Durablitty&other test

  • emilia mlbb youtube
    emilia mlbb youtube 20 days ago

    Telefona yazık

  • Raphaell
    Raphaell 21 day ago

    i have

  • Bae Yura
    Bae Yura 26 days ago

    meu coração doeu

  • Dart Frog
    Dart Frog 28 days ago

    I accidentally dropped it like 15 cm once and the entire back glass shattered xd and idk how but it got some scratches on the front even tho I hardly ever carry anything else in a pocket... other than that I love this phone!

  • Wõlfie Playz
    Wõlfie Playz 29 days ago

    Where does this guy get the money to buy all these phones and then destroy them

  • E. Humperdinck
    E. Humperdinck 29 days ago +1

    Great vid man. I'm enjoying my G7 ThinQ. Especially after replacing my old cell from 2013. It's amazing what these tiny computers can do. I love the wide screen for playing games too and it allows you to zoom in on RU-clip vids to fit the elongated screen.

  • Clara jeya geetha
    Clara jeya geetha Month ago

    It is a wonderful phone and I too have it

  • Renni
    Renni Month ago

    Mine droppoed with a case and liquid screen protector from about 6 feet and shattered completely. Go online to see that its really really tough. I probbly got a faulty model. Pissed

  • busybody1
    busybody1 Month ago

    Nice job, now your phone looks like mine

  • Claws Pet Park
    Claws Pet Park Month ago

    physco fellow

  • Tian Rizki Du
    Tian Rizki Du Month ago


    TRUTH ABSOLUTE Month ago +2

    I just got this and I'm hoping for it to ship. Hope I made the right decision.

    • E. Humperdinck
      E. Humperdinck 29 days ago +1

      I'm really liking mine man. Has tons of nice features. The headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is nice for quick in and out of the pockets stuff. My PSP emulators and everything run like a dream too. I hope you emjoy yours man.

  • OfficialSk8er_ _brubsyx

    hey jerry pls do lg k7

  • Indravadan Surti
    Indravadan Surti Month ago

    Is it wise to buy lg g7 in 2019 or lg v30plus?

    • jordan watts
      jordan watts Month ago

      It's cheaper now, on Amazon you can get it for 388 USD and for the value, it's a steal. I'm gonna buy one in the coming weeks (the g7 that is)

  • jonathan nordensson
    jonathan nordensson 2 months ago +2

    Just bought a g7 replacing my s9plus. As the s9 was run over by a semi truck.. But believe it or not it still worked to some degree , at least enough to transfer data..

    • Enirci
      Enirci 28 days ago

      now THATS a durability test


    telefonun ağzına böyle verilir . fuckalleveryphone

  • Thomas Humphreys
    Thomas Humphreys 2 months ago

    That's funny watching this device getting destroyed while watching it

  • 별빛소녀
    별빛소녀 2 months ago

    왁스 이거 실험인가요?조금 돌아.... 기분나쁘셨다면 죄송..해요

  • fallout3_fan49 swag
    fallout3_fan49 swag 2 months ago

    The back looks like the samsung galaxy j7

  • LonelyCoffee
    LonelyCoffee 2 months ago

    This made me cringe

  • The Waldo G
    The Waldo G 2 months ago +1

    Watching this G7 being tortured while watching it on my G7. My heart...
    Don't worry little one, you're fine in my hands.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 2 months ago

    Coming from an s8+ I wanna go back! Good average phone but I'm spoiled

  • Rajdeep Jha
    Rajdeep Jha 3 months ago

    & please also do touch response of phone under water & touch response of phone under swiming pool or 3 to 4 foot (1 meter ) deep & 9 to 10 foot ( or 3 / 4 meter ) under water

  • Rajdeep Jha
    Rajdeep Jha 3 months ago

    Dear jerry rig
    Please do
    Drop test of lg g7 thinq

  • el jefe
    el jefe 3 months ago

    My g7 ceases to amaze me

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy 3 months ago

    Top hardy phone

  • J Beanz
    J Beanz 3 months ago

    I just got my G7 and im cringing watching this video

  • Алмаз Карасартов

    Эй че делать нехуй чтоли

  • hey
    hey 3 months ago

    thing to bad

  • Epic And Stupid
    Epic And Stupid 4 months ago +3

    Watching on the g7. After the test i told my phone dont worry ill protect you from this monster

  • Andrew Burnhard
    Andrew Burnhard 4 months ago

    What the fuck are you doing anyway? I watched until you started scratching the phone and said to myself "who is this fucking idiot"!

  • Twisted86
    Twisted86 4 months ago

    What does dust from dirt do to Gorilla 5 glass? I'm imagining having it in your pocket and having grit rubbing on the screen.

  • Willy Kruze
    Willy Kruze 4 months ago

    Those scratches makes me have goose pimples

  • 36421 quan
    36421 quan 4 months ago

    Echoes in phone calls 🙈

  • Minato boy
    Minato boy 4 months ago

    Seeing u destroy it hurts my soul

  • Florian Popescu
    Florian Popescu 4 months ago

    Amazing durability

  • Tio GuT0ZIM TM
    Tio GuT0ZIM TM 5 months ago

    Da odio do cara fazendo isso em, vez dele me dar

  • Avany Marques
    Avany Marques 5 months ago


  • Mine Mc
    Mine Mc 5 months ago

    I thinQ that phone is poor

  • Venkatesh Jaiswal
    Venkatesh Jaiswal 5 months ago


  • Raunak Dasgupta
    Raunak Dasgupta 5 months ago

    Please do a LG V40 Thinq durability test! Please

    WOW. NICE 5 months ago

    Best Phone 👍

  • Whyzner Campbell
    Whyzner Campbell 5 months ago +1

    LG V50 ThinQ vs SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold Durability Battle Please!!!

  • Gamer Studio
    Gamer Studio 5 months ago

    0:44 yes the phone knows who's holding it😂😂😂

  • Daniel Mathis
    Daniel Mathis 6 months ago

    do the lg g8 thinq please

  • Juse Lito Manigos
    Juse Lito Manigos 6 months ago

    Hi jerry
    Hope you can give me that phone

  • Josh Browning
    Josh Browning 6 months ago

    I'm watching this video using a G7thinQ. They're pretty nice.

  • kkquick500
    kkquick500 6 months ago

    Great phone. Would recommend it to anyone.

  • Joshua Balázs
    Joshua Balázs 6 months ago

    Who is looking for Jerry's mom's comment?

  • pietro raggio
    pietro raggio 6 months ago

    This phone still suffer with bootloop problem ! Same like LG V10-20-30 It's a shame ! LG still sell phones with the same problem ! Check info by yourself before buy this model !

  • Francis Gabriel Abordo
    Francis Gabriel Abordo 6 months ago

    "In your face" says One plus
    I ThinQ are cute.

  • Francis Gabriel Abordo
    Francis Gabriel Abordo 6 months ago

    Your "Thin Q" is so cute.

  • Francis Gabriel Abordo
    Francis Gabriel Abordo 6 months ago

    Think Q. Thank you

  • MGR
    MGR 6 months ago

    please...wear gloves..

  • Jabez Paulha
    Jabez Paulha 6 months ago

    Lg g8

  • Julius Percical
    Julius Percical 6 months ago

    The sound

  • DFTRacingTeam
    DFTRacingTeam 6 months ago +1

    Elma soyuyor sanki orospu cocugu