Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T review

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and 8T are two awesome midrangers. They offer identical features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality but the Note 8 is sold in Asia, while the 8T is for the EU market. We've decided to review the two together.
    ▶ Redmi Note 8 full specifications
    ▶ Redmi Note 8T full specifications
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  • Kunal Mazumdar
    Kunal Mazumdar 18 hours ago

    This device can be a great alternative for budget digital camera. I was thinking to buy a Digital camera, last year dump cannon 7.1 MP camera because of the time consuming process of recharging batteries. My budget was under 10k which is enough to take normal pictures in normal conditions. Almost decided another Cannon new model for 7k. Then suddenly i remember this phone which cost about 10k. And as a happy customer of poco F1 I think it is a perfect device. Reasons -
    1. 4 rear lenses with dedicated one and a powerful flash.
    3. Type C connector which is a great way to charge the battery and transfer the images to laptop for editing.
    4. Snapdragon processor which will definitely useful to edit photos on the device using apps like Snapseed it Adobe apps.
    5. Direct sharing of images in popular apps like Instagram, snapchat and othe similar platforms.
    So, overall i think it is far better then a basic digital camera at the same price ranges.
    Or can be a good primary phone for new users.

  • Kilgorio
    Kilgorio Day ago


  • Ken H
    Ken H 3 days ago

    Watching with note 7, looking forward to note 9

  • Incompertus Parti em

    Better off to get the Xiaomi Redmi note 8T or the Motorola G7 Power? (similar price range + i dont game on my phones)

  • Calebano 101
    Calebano 101 4 days ago

    Built in ads? Root time.

    • KBOC
      KBOC 3 days ago

      what?? the phone has built in ads??? what do you mean?

  • HALULU !
    HALULU ! 4 days ago


  • The Sniper Shot
    The Sniper Shot 4 days ago

    Wait, soo how can i have right now the 8 and i'm in Europe? How is this possibile?😂😂

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person 5 days ago

    So basically you should go for the the Note 8 if you have the choice. You get a notification LED and it doesn't matter what the charger is because fast charging is bad for the battery and you should never use it anyway. And NFC is also useless.

  • mevgal00
    mevgal00 6 days ago

    Does the 8t/8 can record in slow motion?

  • huicho huichev
    huicho huichev 8 days ago

    I have this phone and the camera gets utilised way better with gcam

  • Irfan Zehn
    Irfan Zehn 10 days ago

    who hears jose mourinha in the intro?

  • Robert Reyes
    Robert Reyes 10 days ago

    Some features like themes not available in our region Saudi arabia

  • nick de coster
    nick de coster 11 days ago

    what should i choose the A3 or the note 8T ?

    • nick de coster
      nick de coster 9 days ago

      @Sejfulah thanks for the information i also think of getting the 8T wasn"t sure of the miui but heard they updated it

    • Sejfulah
      Sejfulah 10 days ago +1

      well if u want 8T it has worse battery (4000) and if u want A3 u don't have bad battery (4030)
      but if you are a big gamer A3 is good for gaming but 8T is too but it just lags just a bit not much.
      A3 heats faster while 8T doesn't A3 has worse rear camera (48 mpix + 8 mpix + 2 mpix) But! The selfie camera is Better (32 mpix) than 8T selfie camera But! 8T has better rear camera (48 mpix + 8 mpix + 2 mpix + 2) but selfie camera (13mpix) isn't better than A3's selfie camera ,and also you get 3 modes on 8T 1,5 closure 2,5 and 4,0 i think And 8T has better splash proof {IP52} i think 8T Operating sistem is MIUI 10,and A3's is Android one,so 8T's operating system is better .A3 in Height has 6,1 since the 8T has 6,3 so it is bigger,The 8T is cheaper 220$ And A3 is Expensive 240$. And also a little thing T on 8T means Third (3).
      I prefer 8T tho

  • Samuel Avery-Quinn
    Samuel Avery-Quinn 11 days ago +2

    "You can get nice details [from the phone's camera]" ::zooms in to show dude's pixelated hair::

  • Marvin Dos Santos
    Marvin Dos Santos 12 days ago

    Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 8
    (Note: I am not a gaming enthusiast, at least not on phones, and neither do I take a lot of pictures other than notes at school, so, apart from the multitasking ability what are the pros & cons of the RmN8Pro compared to the RmN8 if I am looking for a budget phone price vs overall performance?

    • Marvin Dos Santos
      Marvin Dos Santos 10 days ago +1

      @Celeb Things thanks for the reply, I'mma go for the Pro version

    • Celeb Things
      Celeb Things 10 days ago +1

      if u can get the pro version than go for it but if u can afford just the note 8 than it's also good

  • Alx AllTimeLow
    Alx AllTimeLow 12 days ago

    so both phones have a triple card slot?

    TONY MONTANA 13 days ago

    Are you from Bulgaria ,cuz ya have bg Carnummbers

  • Yustinus Hendrawan
    Yustinus Hendrawan 14 days ago +1

    Watching this on my redmi note 8

  • SimonTheWatchGuy
    SimonTheWatchGuy 15 days ago +1

    Will a Redmi Note 8 case fit the 8T ?

  • Fidelator
    Fidelator 15 days ago +1

    Damn son, you were shredding those scrubs in COD

  • Ak47
    Ak47 15 days ago

    way too positive seems always fishy

    • Dean gilholme
      Dean gilholme 5 days ago

      got the phone i fnd its better then my galaxy s8 note

  • don arun don arun
    don arun don arun 15 days ago +1


  • Indian Gaming Nation
    Indian Gaming Nation 16 days ago

    Note 8 comes with a 18W fast charger in India.

  • Ashraful Haque
    Ashraful Haque 16 days ago

    I didn't find any good of battery life I found like normal phone i got Samsung j5 better than redmi note8 I think

  • sylos
    sylos 18 days ago +2

    I have Redmi Note 8T and it's a really great phone. I really like the camera

  • Taner
    Taner 20 days ago

    Thanks Cisco Ramon

  • Amtz Tech
    Amtz Tech 20 days ago

    Good review

  • ACogloc
    ACogloc 21 day ago +22

    8 has no NFC, 8T has no notification LED. What are they thinking?!

    • Cozyhome
      Cozyhome 5 days ago +2

      They're thinking of making it imperfect---purposely. Marketing strategy.

    • zyan
      zyan 10 days ago

      ACogloc 8T has fast charger included 😂

  • Ben rockz
    Ben rockz 22 days ago


  • Matteo Del Seta
    Matteo Del Seta 23 days ago

    I have Note 8T, but I can't listen to music when connecting headphones. Do I have to do something special in order to do so?! Thank you so much

    • Matteo Del Seta
      Matteo Del Seta 15 days ago

      @Ak47 I think it's AA as in "Absolutely Awesome"

    • Ak47
      Ak47 15 days ago

      is it good

    • Matteo Del Seta
      Matteo Del Seta 21 day ago

      @Falionツ Yeah it was my headphone

    • Falionツ
      Falionツ 21 day ago

      weird I have the note 8 and headphones work fine maybe its your headphones or faulty device?

  • Ivan Terminatora
    Ivan Terminatora 23 days ago

    bruh is that Sofia??

    • Joker
      Joker 13 days ago

      @Ivan Terminatora Живял съм някоя друга година там.

    • Ivan Terminatora
      Ivan Terminatora 13 days ago

      @Joker мн ги знаеш е

    • Joker
      Joker 14 days ago

      it is, studentski grad

  • uWu
    uWu 23 days ago +5

    All I want for Christmas is a phone that still has an earphone jack XD

  • Markus Wörmann
    Markus Wörmann 24 days ago

    Hi Folks,i like your Channel.I got one Question,what Country the foto´s are taken? Greetings

    • Anna Ivanova
      Anna Ivanova 16 days ago

      I recognized half of them. They are in Bulgaria.

  • Seth Bishop
    Seth Bishop 24 days ago +5

    Is he trying to talk like Jerryrig?

    • Ninad Nautiyal
      Ninad Nautiyal 20 days ago

      @ACogloc Saphire scratches on level 8 with deeper grooves on level 9 and only diamond scratches at level 10

    • ACogloc
      ACogloc 21 day ago

      ... the Redmi Note 8 scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves, at a level 7.

  • Iamme Perts
    Iamme Perts 25 days ago

    My note 8 already has miui 11 update already

  • Рафет Юсеин
    Рафет Юсеин 26 days ago +6

    Българи сме май :Д Видях софийски номер

    • Ivailo Ivanov
      Ivailo Ivanov 25 days ago +1

      Парк хотел Витоша, български патрулки 🤣, може снимките да са от нета.

  • Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs

    Is it good or is it bad phone?

  • JimbyTheBlueFox
    JimbyTheBlueFox 27 days ago +1

    And ladies and gentlemen the plastic frame made me move to Samsung and the terrible miui ..
    I have a redmi note 5 pro and I'm replacing it and gonna have a galaxy s9

  • JPT
    JPT 27 days ago +1

    the X redmi note8 or Lg V30?

  • Gabriel Trops
    Gabriel Trops 28 days ago

    Plssss make a review on the REDMI K30 4G plssss

  • yay lel
    yay lel 28 days ago +1

    Why is it LCD ? 😭

  • steven gonzalez
    steven gonzalez 28 days ago +4

    Can they be used in the USA with t mobile?

  • Kyan Wright
    Kyan Wright 28 days ago +3

    I'm getting mine tommorow

    • Kyan Wright
      Kyan Wright 14 days ago

      It's been really nice it's snappy and I like miui as I started up the phone it had an update for miui 11.Its really nice for the price I would still buy it if it was 200+

    • Mei Hooman
      Mei Hooman 25 days ago

      Update, please. : (

    • Hamza Baitich
      Hamza Baitich 26 days ago

      How is your experience with the phone so far?

  • Sashi
    Sashi 28 days ago

    Bluetooth 4.2 ... What?

  • Sha Sha
    Sha Sha 29 days ago +4

    Watching with my redmi note 8

  • Lenton
    Lenton Month ago

    Please help me what's better and camera...redmi note 7 or redmi note 8T

    • yung flippie7
      yung flippie7 28 days ago

      @Lenton I can also give you some camera samples if you wish, on Instagram

    • yung flippie7
      yung flippie7 28 days ago

      @Lenton Thick, no. But it may feel a little too big, I mean it's 6.3 inches but im getting used to it. Also the Note 8t has Snapdragon 665 CPU and the note 7 has 660. Note 8t also has better gpu and it has fast charging, you also get fast charger brick in the box. Aand 8t is more recent(with couple of months). Hope I helped you man, have a good one!

    • Lenton
      Lenton 29 days ago

      @yung flippie7 thanks because wasnt sure if its any better. Is it not too thick?

    • yung flippie7
      yung flippie7 29 days ago

      Note 8t for sure, I'm using it for 2 days now and I still can't get enough.. The camera is unbelievable good, you won't feel sorry for buying it.

  • DJ Spillman
    DJ Spillman Month ago

    Which is better Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 or Mi Mix 3

    • Kishibe Noa
      Kishibe Noa Month ago +1

      they are not same price range phones..

  • Meric Ekinci
    Meric Ekinci Month ago

    I hate it If reviewers are spending the Most time on the camera. For what? I am Not a creep. I Need RU-clip, gmaill, a Browser and Battery Life. Thats all.

    • RainbowisticFarts
      RainbowisticFarts 29 days ago

      some people take alot of photos and can't carry a huge camera, why do you think the P30 Pro, the Mate series, and the Mi Note 10, the Pixel Series so popular?

  • zhyaR. abubakR
    zhyaR. abubakR Month ago +1

    its not good for me. but thanx for the great video. 💙

  • robac000
    robac000 Month ago +1

    Is there MIUI 11 for note 8T? Because I heard they fixed the notification problem that was present on MIUI 10.

  • hasnat407
    hasnat407 Month ago

    Does the Note 8 work with T-mobile in the U.S ? whats the best deal available online right now for the note 8?

    • jim s
      jim s 25 days ago

      I'm using a Redmi note 8 in us (bought from Amazon US) having no problems at all on TMobile US. Lte, 3g and 2g all work great. Excellent phone for sub $200.

    • hasnat407
      hasnat407 29 days ago

      @RainbowisticFarts would that be an upgrade over a galaxy S7?

    • RainbowisticFarts
      RainbowisticFarts 29 days ago

      If you're getting in the US, I'd say get a older flagship like a LG G7 instead.

  • Won Bin Choi
    Won Bin Choi Month ago +2

    Is it just me or I can't play Asphalt 9 on the redmi note 8T? When I try to install it it says "This device is not compatible with this version"...

    • Kisela Kobasica
      Kisela Kobasica Month ago +1

      Im using redmi note 7 and i can play asphalt 9.Its laggy.

  • Yusifovv Yusifovv
    Yusifovv Yusifovv Month ago

    Redmi K30 unboxing and review +1 👍

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak Month ago +1

    Holy! Welcome to bezel city.

  • Jackal Prince
    Jackal Prince Month ago

    Why isn't the Blackview Max 1 listed on your website phone list. I've emailed your company many times with zero reply. Your company customer service is shit. Shame on you all. You don't deserve your customers

  • Alek Monster
    Alek Monster Month ago +1


  • Pritam Talukder
    Pritam Talukder Month ago +2

    NOTE 8 in India has supported 18w fast charging and do come with 18w fast charger with the box...

  • Ryance D'souza
    Ryance D'souza Month ago

    8t seriously? xioami have even run out of names now they are copying other brand's name?

  • Rahul Chettri
    Rahul Chettri Month ago

    Hey man can you plz compare Realme XT and Samsung A30s

  • Justine Buhay
    Justine Buhay Month ago +1

    Watching on my xiaomi note 8