iPad Pro 11 Inch - 1 Year Later - Is It Worth It?

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The iPad Pro 11 Inch is a year old. How has it held up and is it worth it? In this video, I share how I use the iPad Pro and justify having purchased it.
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Comments • 211

  • Jerry Stanhope
    Jerry Stanhope 2 days ago

    Are you from Montana

    • StateofTech
      StateofTech  Day ago

      Spent all of last summer there. Moving there soon.

  • Grace Edit
    Grace Edit 5 days ago

    i have the ipad pro 12.9 but considering changing to the 11" but at the same time dont want tooo, but i know i would use it more as it would be more portable >

  • Al Ba
    Al Ba 8 days ago

    Hi, your review was very helpful.

  • Cedric Harris
    Cedric Harris 9 days ago

    @StateofTech with what app are you editing your podcast?

  • Syed Adnan
    Syed Adnan 12 days ago

    can we attach harddrive to ipdad pro now???

  • KapNKruncheez
    KapNKruncheez 14 days ago

    Just ordered my iPad Air 3!

  • Mr Panda
    Mr Panda 17 days ago

    Sound and mouth out of sync

  • GhOstKillEr
    GhOstKillEr 18 days ago

    I wanna get a tablet or iPad for my digital art work so what do you recommend for me?

    • GhOstKillEr
      GhOstKillEr 15 days ago

      U don't say. I clearly meant Android or ios

    • Dougie
      Dougie 15 days ago

      GhOstKillEr ipad is a tablet

  • B B
    B B 18 days ago +1

    I need 6/7 hours battery life writing notes with ipad pro. Is it okey for that?

  • Greg Robinson
    Greg Robinson 23 days ago

    Great Montana shirt!

  • Hideika
    Hideika 25 days ago

    Thought about buying one for video creation for my RU-clip channel.. good video 👍

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 28 days ago

    Is not good for gaming and is not good for editing

  • Cris Sutil
    Cris Sutil Month ago

    If you don't know what to do with your old one , I would be happy to use it, just if you want to give it away..😅

  • hack sick
    hack sick Month ago

    u r secretly sponsored by apple

  • Emi Starnick
    Emi Starnick Month ago

    That white home indicator bar is really annoying.

    • StateofTech
      StateofTech  Month ago

      I agree. It should go away after you get the hang of knowing how to use iPad gestures.

  • Ahmed Elnosany
    Ahmed Elnosany Month ago +3

    your suggestion of having a multi-users is really a great suggestion.

  • Tonioh
    Tonioh Month ago

    I just had one today

  • Julian Dearing
    Julian Dearing Month ago +39

    Honestly the best option out their for a all around tablet that can basically replace your laptop and be completely portable. I bought it when it first launched and have been in love with it ever since. Great product.

    • Karam Yagan
      Karam Yagan 25 days ago

      @•Super_Trio. yep yep, smartest way to go about it hehe 😄

    • •Super_Trio.
      •Super_Trio. 25 days ago

      @Karam Yagan Especially because the new iPad Pro is rumoured to release Q2 next year --- I would wait until that drops and then either profit from the discounts on the 2018 model or buy the new if it shows useful improvements

    • Karam Yagan
      Karam Yagan Month ago +1

      @Kerem Akin Yeah, I already saved up for it and was thinking of getting one with those specs. However, Im hesitant to buy it now that it has been released in 2018 :

    • Kerem Akin
      Kerem Akin Month ago

      @AZ BoardYes you can 😄, I just bought the 12.9", 256GB Ipad Pro for College. I'm really excited to use it.

    • AZ Board
      AZ Board Month ago

      Im about to buy 11th inch version 2018 ipad pro
      Can i use my flash drive as external drive on ipad ? And mous ?

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B Month ago

    How has yours held up? Plan on buying the 11 in today but am nervous about the bending over thing. Want to be able to put it in a bag, will a screen protector and apples folio case be enough protection? Thanks

    • Tyler B
      Tyler B 28 days ago

      THex548 thanks, i ended up buying it that day and i freakin love this thing. Truly replaces a laptop for me but not only is it powerful, its fun to use. Its part of my EDC now

    • THex548
      THex548 28 days ago

      Tyler B Yes it should be fine and not bend. Go for it!

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis Month ago +3

    I’ve been using the iPad Pro for the past six months. I feel that it’s an adequate laptop stand in. It’s great for on the go but for the heavy stuff I agree I’m always going back to my MacBook

  • MrGheller
    MrGheller Month ago

    Can you send all your photos inside your iPad Pro to Google Photos? Or Apple won't let you?
    Can you send all of the other files to Google Drive? Or Apple won't let you?

    • Luis5132
      Luis5132 Month ago

      MrGheller yes it does let me upload my photos from my iPad to google photos.

    • MrGheller
      MrGheller Month ago

      @Luis5132 Thank you. Let me know. I would like to.

    • Luis5132
      Luis5132 Month ago +1

      MrGheller well, I’m not completely sure. It works fine on my iPhone and MacBook. I will download Google Photos on my iPad Mini 4 and let you know.

    • MrGheller
      MrGheller Month ago

      @Luis5132 Thank you. That's exactly the situation: I want to get an iPadPro but I read so many comments that say that Apple on the iPad is extremely limited and you can't use well the Google Services. I don't want Apple Cloud when I already have Google Drive. I don't want Apple Photos when I already have Google Photos. Are you sure that one can seamlessly use all those Google Services without any problems on iPad Pro? Thank you for sharing.

    • Luis5132
      Luis5132 Month ago +1

      MrGheller yes you can. Just download the Google Photos app and you can upload your photos there. Great alternative if you do not want to pay for iCloud Storage.

  • Nihon Rebooted
    Nihon Rebooted Month ago

    As long as the 2020 models are stronger I will be getting it. I have an air 3 and these things are really getting there in terms of functionality.

  • J Powell
    J Powell Month ago +2

    Put 12 Gb ram in iPad Pro and Put the entire Adobe suite and you’re good to go

    • Chelle
      Chelle Month ago +1

      J Powell it needs a better gpu for Adobe not ram

  • Ivan Qiu
    Ivan Qiu Month ago +3

    I got the 11 inch 256 gigs for just $799 on Best Buy 😉

    • Dyskilz
      Dyskilz 13 days ago

      July. Com7 its brand new

    • July. Com7
      July. Com7 14 days ago

      Dyskilz how? Is it brand new or used?

    • Dyskilz
      Dyskilz 14 days ago

      Got mine for $800, same thing as you

    • Yoongi’s love for Jiminie
      Yoongi’s love for Jiminie Month ago

      I knoww.. I wanted to buy this but I still have the ipad pro 2016 and it still works well. Also idk if i should get this or a laptop haha

    • Ivan Qiu
      Ivan Qiu Month ago

      Yoongi’s love for Jiminie the regular retail price was $949

  • Vvmopz
    Vvmopz Month ago +2

    Waiting to exchange my 11 for a 12.9 once the new ones come out.

    • Vvmopz
      Vvmopz Month ago

      Well I’d want to upgrade to the 12.9 inch ipad for more keyboard room, & a larger screen for multitasking/immersing in that beautiful display. I you find you travel often or move frequently with your ipad I’d say the 11 inch would have more advantages there.

    • Roman Steinbrenner
      Roman Steinbrenner Month ago

      Vvmopz I habe the 12.9 and i think about a smaller one. Why do you want the bigger one ?

  • Lil Koala
    Lil Koala Month ago

    Haha black Friday had me SIKED for this! Thank you for the review

  • 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    The price literally didn’t drop

    • Adore You
      Adore You 8 days ago

      I’m personally going to get a refurbished one, I can get the 12.9 inch refurbished for the same price as the 11 inch brand new. It comes with everything the brand new ones do (including the 1 year warranty), except a slight difference with the packaging just saying ‘iPad pro’ instead of showing the actual iPad.

    • Luke Staten
      Luke Staten Month ago +4

      In 10 years maybe it’ll drop. So no worries.

    • Tyller Calvert
      Tyller Calvert Month ago +3

      On sale at best buy rn at $650

    • Vvmopz
      Vvmopz Month ago

      Yeah, Black Friday for anything actually worth it is few and far between lol

  • 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    The price literally didn’t drop

    • Raymond Craig
      Raymond Craig Month ago +1

      $150-$200 price drop on Best Buy. Soooo....yeah, the price literally DID drop.

  • DJ Supe
    DJ Supe Month ago +6

    I have been able to comfortably switch from deejaying with my laptop to deejaying with my iPad Pro 11. Fortunately the software had existed in previous iterations of iOS and now with iPadOS and the improved Files functionality, the iPad is what has actually caught up. Some of my peers are skeptical, however I am able to quickly dispel the limitation myths at my events.

  • Nathan Miller Video
    Nathan Miller Video Month ago +1

    Love the iPad's because they are better than any computer at doing a lot of things. I used an iPad 2 all of college even though I had a 15" MacBook Pro. I stayed on iPad Air 1 with LTE and have been waiting for the newest iPad Pro to come down in price for like a year. I like that design and screen brightness. It's not supposed to replace your computer. It's a different genre of computer. I had the Surface Pro for a year, hated it and got an iPad Air. Web browsing, Reddit, emails, video watching, is all better on this than any computer and now that the real version of Photoshop is on there I'm sold to spend the most I've ever spent on an iPad.

  • my name
    my name Month ago +3

    Any body want to get me one

  • RDS Photography
    RDS Photography Month ago

    I have gotten rid of my laptop and now prefer, in all cases, the iPad Pro (2018). In fact, the A13 Bionic chip makes the iPad Pro much faster than today’s fastest iMac. For most apps, portability is key. With cloud storage, mobility has an even greater meaning where the desktop and documents files can be used with any device that is convenient at the time. The added speed is really handy for video editing. I can get more done and faster with Adobe RUSH as a cutting/splicing tool. Then I can complete the video on my iMac with is slower, but which has more function. I started this approach when taking long trips and wanting to get work done on the video before returning to my desktop. In a similar way, you can get much work done with still images while traveling and then do the added function upon returning home on the iMac. The split screening and multi-tasking along with the ability to use external storage also come a long way to making the iPad a full function tool. Today, I would recommend a laptop for those who have only one computer and have little desk space. I’d recommend the combination of an iMac and an iPad for those with more desk space. The main advantage of the iMac is primarily more screen real estate.

  • Swazy
    Swazy Month ago +129

    Who’s watching this for Black Friday??? Lol

    • Noah Boock
      Noah Boock 22 days ago

      Dougie whoops. Read the comment wrong. I thought you meant the iPhone 11. But yeah. I have the 11” pro too and haven’t had any bending in a month, I just use the Apple keyboard case or an ESR case on Amazon.

    • Dougie
      Dougie 22 days ago

      Noah Boock I just order 11” iPad could you give me a link to the case you bought

    • Noah Boock
      Noah Boock 22 days ago

      Dougie I’ve had the 11 pro max for 2 months now and no bending, I’ve been using the Apple silicon case btw.

    • Dougie
      Dougie 22 days ago

      I want to buy the 11” the only thing that is stopping me if bending problem I’ve heard from many people, is it really that bad??

    • Noah Boock
      Noah Boock Month ago

      Wilfredo Rodriguez $580 refurbished fro BB. Also $270 trade in value for my 10.5”

  • Hulthen Films
    Hulthen Films Month ago +9

    Day one of trying to get subscribers in a comment section: it hasn’t been going well

  • Tobias Huber
    Tobias Huber Month ago +2

    Would you take the 11“ of 12,9“ iPad Pro?

    • Belichick yourself before you Rex yourself
      Belichick yourself before you Rex yourself Month ago

      I have the 11” but I’d recommend the 12’9. There is a big difference between the two sizes especially for multi tasking or taking notes. The 11” is still very good but is a more of a compliment to your laptop vs the 12.9” potentially being a substitute to your laptop.

    • rémY
      rémY Month ago

      Don't have the iPad Pro (yet), but I've seen people recommend the 11" more as it is just much more portable, you end up bring it more and using it more.

  • David Gardell
    David Gardell Month ago +6

    12:35 Really? You’d let a 6 yr old kid use a $1000 device?! 😄 Hell no I’m letting a kid anywhere near my iPad. Hell, I wouldn’t even let my gf use it without my supervision. She messed up my VitaMix a while back. 🤯

  • pat
    pat Month ago +1

    Not sure why people on YT keep pushing the iPad Pro. It's great if you have deep pockets, but a lot of people sometimes question if they need one when they don't. Getting the base $249 (on sale) iPad is fine for most people.

    • pat
      pat Month ago +1

      @Eff Ahston The eternal struggle and we give in to our wants, which is perfectly fine.

    • Eff Ahston
      Eff Ahston Month ago +1

      Who needs? People in general, want. Sadly, I'm that person 😁

  • Omir Lee
    Omir Lee Month ago +1

    11inch iPad Pro has been amazing

  • Ashyy
    Ashyy Month ago +1

    Is there any point of buying the 64 gb after the support of external storage ? Can we transfer files from iPad to hard drive ?

    • Ashyy
      Ashyy Month ago

      StateofTech can we transfer iOS files too ?? Or only normal files

    • StateofTech
      StateofTech  Month ago

      I still like having more storage than that but with an external SSD you can get by easier.

  • n5iln
    n5iln Month ago

    Video editing? LumaFusion. It isn't Final Cut Pro, but it's more than adequate for many applications, including vlogging. And you aren't paying Final Cut Pro prices, either.
    Need external storage? Western Digital MyPassport Wireless. No dongle needed. And it works cross-platform. Not good for video because of the latency, but more than adequate for most other use cases.
    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either LumaTouch or Western Digital, except as a satisfied customer.

  • bfitnessjoe
    bfitnessjoe Month ago +7

    I just did this yesterday. No regrets. This thing is amazzzzzing ! Awesome !

  • MARTHtube
    MARTHtube Month ago +2

    What kind if apps do you use for podcast editing?

  • Liv P
    Liv P Month ago

    Can you download JGrasp? - It’s a programming program. I get sick of being my laptop with me back and forth

  • Mi Ba
    Mi Ba Month ago

    Another crank who is like to be on utube with his ugly stero face

  • Robert Sacha
    Robert Sacha Month ago +2

    Excellent video that hits all the major points and in my opinion, objectively. I am an iPad Pro only user after years of using either a Mac or MacBook Pro and I have found the changes worthwhile and engaging. iPadOS definitely made the change possible for many to lose their laptops or desktops but it can’t be jumped into-it takes a lot of planning, thinking and evaluating. I think you really got it when you discuss how it’s great for creatives, it opens doors with its portability, camera and UI. Thanks! Great video!

  • Jiajun Yan
    Jiajun Yan Month ago


    • Eff Ahston
      Eff Ahston Month ago

      What isn't? Let that sick in.

  • Giuseppe La Gala
    Giuseppe La Gala Month ago +1

    I agree that the iPad Pro is really excellent although it has some limitations. In my case I use it for video editing too. Lumafusion has many improvements and is quite easy and fast to use but you can use it along with other video apps and reach very good results. I use some apps for my intros, work in apps like Videoleap , video freeze etc etc and then make the final adjustment in a video editing app. Of course you won’t have the power of After Effects but some apps for titling or creating clips or video animation are easy to use and can stimulate your creativity.

  • Kera Kay
    Kera Kay 2 months ago +2

    I can't wait till apple get the bezzles right, I think the 10.5 bezels looked more polished than the 11 pros but can't wait for the next look

  • Pablo rosales
    Pablo rosales 2 months ago

    Which app do you use to record your podcast ?

    • Douglas Hall
      Douglas Hall Month ago

      According to the video, he is using ferrite, a great app for audio recording and editing.

  • Jade Viera
    Jade Viera 2 months ago +1

    I have the iPad Pro 10.5 and I love it, but I’m considering buying the other gen. Just don’t no if i should wait for the next one. Either way, this was a great video. Thanks.

    • Endrik Sy
      Endrik Sy Month ago +1

      Rumors say they will release 2020 the next ipad pro

    • Christopher Sullivan
      Christopher Sullivan Month ago

      Jade Viera in my opinion if you wait for the next generation, you will always be waiting. I have the iPad Pro 12.9 I love this thing. It’s great for photo editing, minor video editing and school work if you are in college.

  • tiago costa
    tiago costa 2 months ago

    What programe use to record audio?

  • Zae Veda
    Zae Veda 2 months ago +16

    by the way, you can get $150-200 off most ipad pro 11” and 12.9” models at best buy by signing up for their free my best buy rewards account.

    • Zae Veda
      Zae Veda Month ago

      night slayer i work there, been on for like two-three weeks already, it should probably be up until atleast black friday but the sales change randomly

    • night slayer
      night slayer Month ago

      Zae Veda is it only for a limited time?

    • Zae Veda
      Zae Veda 2 months ago

      making the base model 11” 64gb version about $649 vs the normal $799

  • Maicho Laa
    Maicho Laa 2 months ago +3

    How's the battery after one year?! Last you more than 6/7 hours constant use?

    • StateofTech
      StateofTech  2 months ago +6

      Depends on what I’m doing but most of the time, yes.

  • aldemar
    aldemar 2 months ago +4

    Plz tell me what app you were using at 8:13?? Thanks

  • josh wruck
    josh wruck 2 months ago +1

    MT! ✌️

  • Mark McLaren
    Mark McLaren 2 months ago

    LOL thanks for the review but let's be clear, you are clearly an Apple Fanboy 😂😂

    • Clay More
      Clay More Month ago

      I don't get it. It's okay for him to be an Apple Fanboy.
      Got Windows Surface, PC desktop, iPad and OnePlus and iPhone. Everything work together. Why limit to just Android or Apple or even labeling.

    • Team sWaYed
      Team sWaYed Month ago +1

      Lmao shut up isheep

    • William Cooper
      William Cooper 2 months ago +4

      Mark McLaren Android faggets be like...

  • lucas rem
    lucas rem 2 months ago

    way to many bla bla bla! STOP DOING THAT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just do use case scenario's, typing a letter in Word, WACOM drawings making a banner! On what system you work the best!
    Humor, just show what you draw, and were u used the drawings! Handwriting, why you cry that? ORC the text you need???
    Stop the Humor, u are not on any humor levels! Not any funny!
    Nobody can stand this many bullshit, you need to make sense!

  • Rudy Rodriguez
    Rudy Rodriguez 2 months ago +21

    I had mine for about more than half a year and its the best ipad I've owned. I've owned the ipad 2 , ipad mini 3, ipad 5th gen and ipad pro 10.5

    • Ivan Sandev
      Ivan Sandev Month ago

      Rudy Rodriguez Did you have any problems with the 10.5 ?

  • 은하남친
    은하남친 2 months ago +43

    Is it durable? Do college student can use this in daily life? Im kinda scared that it might bend :(

    • IAmCjcj11
      IAmCjcj11 6 hours ago

      When you do decide to buy, take a look at AppleCare + for it, it ends up being like 6 USD a month and a 50 dollar deductible for any fixes/replacements, if not for 2 years at least that first year, considering after a year it’ll be worth considerably less, and it’s not like you’re spending 1k on it and then the next week it gets destroyed lol

    • fried Sushi
      fried Sushi 7 days ago

      Daniel Rafaelo no it’s the same design just with a new chipset and the 3 camera system. Not worth buying right away. It will still be a better deal to get the 2018 iPad Pro. You can wait til the new one comes out but it most likely will only drop 50-100$ by spring. My guess is the new iPad Pro will release fall 2020. No need for a new iPad every year.

    • Daniel Rafaelo
      Daniel Rafaelo 9 days ago

      You can hope that the new one will have a updated design so it’s more durable and it won’t bend as easily

    • Daniel Rafaelo
      Daniel Rafaelo 9 days ago

      If your willing to buy a iPad Pro then just wait 2 more months until March as there’s a lot of rumours that the new iPad Pro is going to be released then with a similar price to this, the current iPad Pro will also be cheaper when the new one is released

    • fried Sushi
      fried Sushi 24 days ago

      Ellie B. You can have it. Just pay for shipping. You can reach me @friedsushi on Snapchat.

  • Loveumielle
    Loveumielle 2 months ago +7

    first time watching your video, one thing i notice was GAWDAMN, your neck is huge. hehe