Salvage Electronics to Resell on ebay - Can I Make Money on This Stuff

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • I can fix your game console:
    My Favorite Tools & Parts:
    I bought a lot of salvage electronics to resell on ebay. I own an electronics repair business but I also like to buy broken stuff to fix and resell. I normally buy a few at a time but recently I've started buying boxes of salvage, broken electronics to try and fix and resell.
    This box of items is mostly video cameras and I don't have a lot of experience fixing those so we'll see how I do. Let me know if you'd like to see an update video to see if I made the profit I thought I could.
    Facebook: TronicsFix
    Instagram: tronicsfix
    Twitter: TronicsFix
    Tools I use:
    -Protech Toolkit:
    -Torx Security T8:
    -PH00 Phillips:
    -Tweezer Set:
    -Electric Screwdriver:
    -Thermal Paste:
    -Canned Air:
    Equipment Used:
    -Hakko Hot Air Station:
    -Nozzle for hot air station:
    -Hakko Soldering Station:
    -Hakko Air Filter:
    -Kester Solder:
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  • J.H.K Gaming
    J.H.K Gaming Month ago

    TronicsFix my mom took my ps4 again and i need to get a new phone . Whats the best phone for gaming and that?

  • mons0427
    mons0427 Month ago

    I am a expert taking electronics apart in a million pieces tho... as example i had a working mp3 player i were curious what was inside ilost one cable in it so i just threw it in the floor and problem fixed since now it cant be fixed and i can just throw it in the trash !!

  • Benjamin Sunderland
    Benjamin Sunderland Month ago +1

    How do I begin to learn this skill?

  • James Noecker
    James Noecker 2 months ago

    I only buy salvage model Trains to try and fix them.

    KING NOSS 2 months ago

    you gota start somewhere fixing broken electronics .

  • Alberto López
    Alberto López 2 months ago

    Hey TronixFix what's your background on electronics? And also, how long did you spend fixing those? Great vid!

  • Razvan Cornea
    Razvan Cornea 3 months ago

    hop u mack your mony beack i em injoing your vids u are good at explaining thengs

  • ThriftyAV
    ThriftyAV 3 months ago

    This vid reminds me that I need to go through my pile of problematic gear and decided what can be fixed... This includes more than a few camcorders (not as many as you). Nice vid.

  • brandon woodford
    brandon woodford 4 months ago

    What a waist of time, not to mention money.

  • druttarunt
    druttarunt 4 months ago

    How much do you charge for fixing a laptop with a screen problem?

  • IvanGotYokes
    IvanGotYokes 4 months ago +1

    How long does this stuff take to fix though? You're not factoring that into the cost in your video.

    • XBexGone
      XBexGone 4 months ago

      Hopsfy FACTS

    • Hopsfy
      Hopsfy 4 months ago

      its not work if you love what you do

  • Soferi de Weekend
    Soferi de Weekend 5 months ago

    Where is next video with fix?

  • Wayne Wippert
    Wayne Wippert 5 months ago

    Assume viedo

  • Superchuyito 1195
    Superchuyito 1195 5 months ago

    So he is saying don't fix it yourself send it to me I'll charge an outrageous amount of money and send it back

  • Carl Swann
    Carl Swann 5 months ago

    Get it gone through. 🙂

  • Peter Diggelmann
    Peter Diggelmann 5 months ago +1

    Where is part 2 to 3

  • IamZooM
    IamZooM 5 months ago

    Says you need "alot of experience", but suggests the average person doesn't buy it because they don't have experience!? Well where am I going to get the experience in the first place?

    • Micksack Sack
      Micksack Sack 5 months ago +2

      Buy one faulty item at a time so 50 bucks and not 500 outlay.

  • Jason Estrada
    Jason Estrada 5 months ago +1

    Where i ll buy your repaired products i want a ps4 pro add a link

  • Lost Souls
    Lost Souls 5 months ago +2

    Or nothing can be wrong and everything works

  • cat 11
    cat 11 5 months ago

    there's a place not far me me that sells electronics. I can buy pallets of electronics and could pick them up so save on shipping. I was thinking of buying tv's.

  • cat 11
    cat 11 5 months ago

    cameras we used to send them to another shop that specializes in camera repair. We also had someone help with printers but we did most everything else including laptops.

  • Jody Mitoma's Videos
    Jody Mitoma's Videos 5 months ago

    Any update?

  • I Have Content
    I Have Content 5 months ago

    How would I an wifi SD card

  • Darryl John Bosch
    Darryl John Bosch 5 months ago +1

    Have you made the follow up video?

  • Hary Herrera
    Hary Herrera 5 months ago

    Keep going... I love your videos

  • Nick Martens
    Nick Martens 5 months ago

    Where do you find broken console lots?

  • Clodel
    Clodel 5 months ago +2

    And where is the fckin fix? Lol

  • Rafael ZL
    Rafael ZL 5 months ago

    Part two

  • Chris Newell
    Chris Newell 5 months ago +1

    7 minutes wasted

  • darren sawatzky
    darren sawatzky 5 months ago

    Nothing apple is cool to have

  • CableWrestler
    CableWrestler 5 months ago +3


  • imzi_mans_videos
    imzi_mans_videos 5 months ago +11

    definitely one of the much better if not one of the best 'salvage electronic' ebay joblots i have seen, most look brand new in box. Hard wrk ahead if they all need testinv and fixing Good Luck will look forward in seeing the next vid

  • Frank Jackson
    Frank Jackson 5 months ago


  • TheTechMan 5270
    TheTechMan 5270 5 months ago

    Song name at 4:37 please

  • o
    o 5 months ago +1

    hmmm if you fix half of this items, the second half you can sell as salvage for half the price ($250 extra :)

  • Daniel Henderson
    Daniel Henderson 5 months ago +69

    Where is the next video??

    • Joseph Grady
      Joseph Grady 5 months ago +14

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 5 months ago

    How many hours would it take for you to fix all that? Even if you could double your money by re selling them I don’t think that’s a smart thing to do simply because optimistically speaking it would take you at least 60 hours of work to fix all those, so if your profit was to be 485 bucks that would make it 8 dollars an hour, barely the minimum salary , so little for a professional like you.

  • Teknik Bilgiler
    Teknik Bilgiler 5 months ago +1

    1:41 Nothing is unfixable

  • JD Horton
    JD Horton 5 months ago +9

    What's your ebay seller name? I'd like to buy some of your stuff! At least, I'd know it was actually fixed! Thanks!

    • SwiftSilver
      SwiftSilver 5 months ago

      he doesn't sell them on ebay. he sells them at

  • Emerald Blaze
    Emerald Blaze 5 months ago +5

    I have a broken Samsung s7 I can give you the s7 motherboard :)

  • Hunter Hendley-BaRiToNeBaBy

    How to find broken pc's to refurbish?

    • Kalle P
      Kalle P 5 months ago

      people dumps computers to junkyard

  • Dog Talk
    Dog Talk 6 months ago +1

    Just wanted to be the 69th comment

  • Siper
    Siper 6 months ago

    I want to learn and get better in repairing stuff so i can repair on my work i cant get thw job right now because i need to have some experience so what is my question
    What is a easy but good electronic to begin repairing?

  • Jacob Larkee
    Jacob Larkee 8 months ago

    These are my favorite videos you make

  • supercheekykiwi
    supercheekykiwi 8 months ago

    Was there a follow up video?

  • Almedin Bostan
    Almedin Bostan 8 months ago

    U can start fix some electronic but u need practice,and also how i m gonna learn to fix something if i dont examine it lol😉😉

  • Natasha Jones
    Natasha Jones 8 months ago +4

    Were you able to fix most of the items your purchased?

  • Msuni
    Msuni 11 months ago +1

    What do you mean when you say that you bought a "lot"
    I'm British and haven't really heard that word in that context before.

    • Gregory May
      Gregory May 5 months ago

      I live in UK and people don't say stuff. That is american! Are you a troll?

    • Hubert Ziegler
      Hubert Ziegler 5 months ago

      I would say a Lot has different meanings. A lot of cars in this Lot. (Parking lot) if you send a Lot of money for groceries. Or you buy a bigger amount of items in a Lot. Lot=Group. At an auction house sometimes they put a bunch of smaller items together in a Lot. 😉

    • Penurious Sierra
      Penurious Sierra 6 months ago

      Lot just means a unit (box, canister, crate, shipping container, etc) of things, it's used often in trading and whatnot. Usually businesses and factories track things by lot number.

    • UnsaltedSkies
      UnsaltedSkies 6 months ago +1

      FWIW I'm British and would have understood either 'lot' or 'job lot' though I'm possibly the exception to the rule.

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  11 months ago +1

      I've seen some UK RU-cliprs call them that but don't know why. When I'm looking for "a bunch of broken stuff" to buy I search for "broken lot" or "lot of broken electronics", "wholesale lot", etc. Interesting differences.

  • Logan
    Logan 11 months ago +2

    I enjoy watching these videos

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  11 months ago

      I like making them! I need to make more.

  • brummie pc gamer
    brummie pc gamer Year ago

    i have no idea can you fix it as i never seen you fix anything

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  Year ago +1

      Feel free to have a look at my channel. I've got lots of repair videos.

  • KingGamer_Ar
    KingGamer_Ar Year ago +3

    you are super. Good luck :)

  • HDmens
    HDmens Year ago +1

    Hi, please can you help me...
    My ps4 is stuck in safe mode because it cannot start so i need to reinstall the system os and when i do i need to initialise and when i do it gets stuck at 99% and gives me an error code cannot initialise (ce-35566-3) and shuts off, please help me

  • ice ninja gamer
    ice ninja gamer Year ago +2

    Oh yeah and why didn't you do a overheating your ps2 and PS3 video ☹️😟😑😕🙁

  • ice ninja gamer
    ice ninja gamer Year ago +1

    Please can I have one of those cameras please can you post only one good one to my address that will be great and when you do I will give you $40

  • ice ninja gamer
    ice ninja gamer Year ago +1

    Did you mean by salvage spears or repairs 🔨🔧🛠

  • KnoghtRiderMSM
    KnoghtRiderMSM Year ago +2

    Hey Steve I have an issue with my ps4 pro, the problem is that it doesn’t boot up...... the lights work for a sec and then disappear if you have a solution just do a video. Thanks

    • Andre217
      Andre217 Year ago

      TronicsFix LLC my ps4 pro is making a clicking a noise. . I think the stock hdd is dying do u think that could be it?

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  Year ago

      So it turns on then right back off? Make sure it's plugged in to a wall outlet and the power cord is tight.

  • Aiden frost
    Aiden frost Year ago

    Hello please make video about how to repair ps4 controller with any kinda problem with controller 😁 thanks

  • thomas88309
    thomas88309 Year ago

    I need some tips my ps4 slim was overheated i sendt it to sony i did not yet get it back but in my room where the ps4 stand its very hot and how do i cool it of the AC dindt work so any tips

    • Andre217
      Andre217 Year ago

      I can give u some tips make sure it's elevated and not on carpet. . Make sure it has enough room to breathe on back and sides make sure nothing is blocking it where the vents are ..

  • Sinan I
    Sinan I Year ago

    My ps4 pro power cable in ps4 makeing sound like (sssssssssssss) what's problem pleas replay me brother☹☹

  • Nicholas Abbott
    Nicholas Abbott Year ago

    Hope you can make some profit off of it bro