My Dead Friend Left Me A Voicemail... *CHILLING*

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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  • Bailey and lily Kemp

    Not even kidding you but my mom is a dentist and she had a dream that one of her patients died keep in mind it was a dream then we all had to go to his hospital. The NEXT morning he died and we had to go to his funeral it was the creepiest thing ever I was freaked out.

  • Bailey and lily Kemp

    Not even kidding you but my mom is a dentist and she had a dream that one of her patients died keep in mind it was a dream then we all had to go to his hospital. The NEXT morning he died and we had to go to his funeral it was the creepiest thing ever I was freaked out.

  • worthless_me
    worthless_me Day ago

    I was with my friend alone at her house and we were messing around and just having fun when my phone rings. And I’m a young kid, so I don’t have a ton of numbers but a unknown person called me. I didn’t answer and it called me 8 more times, I finally picked up and these kids started yelling and swearing at me, telling me I’ve ruined their best friends life. And they threatened to kill me

  • Nicola Brookes
    Nicola Brookes Day ago

    The I will treat you like a squirrel part was probably so he could feed them his nuts

  • Rowan Briody
    Rowan Briody Day ago

    "trying to be natural, but wearing false lashes... soooo, not that natural " meeee 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma Fisher
    Emma Fisher 3 days ago

    Not to long ago my cousin got a call from a girl in another state while she was walking home from school with her friend. The girl on the phone claimed that she was being kiddnapped and that she was using her dad's phone to call and she needed help immediately. As soon as the girl said this my cousins friend called the cops. The cops told her they'd update her when they have news. She's still waiting and has had nightmares almost every night since, that is if she can even fall asleep, which she can't most nights now.

  • Just the Egg Man
    Just the Egg Man 3 days ago

    Girl u always look gorgeous

  • Natalia Lee
    Natalia Lee 4 days ago

    I really hope loey sees this but if she does I think your really pretty gurl 😘😛😊

  • Rebecca Montalvo Smith

    You look beautiful girl .work it and work it and work it Okaaayyy I'll stop. but yes you are very pretty.

  • johannapurplewolf
    johannapurplewolf 9 days ago

    I just realized so I was watching this at night so I was very tired and I fell asleep watching

  • jessica suchy
    jessica suchy 10 days ago

    "I'll lock you in a cage and treat you like a squirrel" ... "Weird flex but okay," I SAID THE SAME THING! this killed me XD

  • Alyssa Shildt
    Alyssa Shildt 13 days ago

    Honestly, saying "You will lose you 1st 2 seeds to the Earth" is the most compassionate way to say it.. I mean... what else could be simply said like that..

  • Ellie The cheerleader
    Ellie The cheerleader 14 days ago

    My grandpa died when I was 9. I had him on Facebook messenger and that was the only social media I had. I messaged him. I said I love you 💕. He responded. He said I love you and I miss you. I knew it was my grandma being nice but it was warming and scary

  • angie carrillo
    angie carrillo 19 days ago

    Ur not lonely I'm nosey too a couple years ago this girl from my class was talking about something and I still bother her to this day

  • Brittany Hardy
    Brittany Hardy 22 days ago

    Omg a few years ago my mom passed away a very said time me my twin sister my cousin and my aunt (mom sister) were all in the kitchen talking about my mom and putting plans together for her memorial when all of sudden ours phone starting ringing they were all sitting on counter in front of us it said each one of us was calling each which clearly we weren’t they were all sitting on counter we answered it was static and white noise so scary but at the same time we thought maybe it was my mom trying to reach out before she crossed over idk

  • kylie dillon
    kylie dillon 24 days ago

    My grandpa died a couple years ago. He died in his room. A day later All of his stuff was still in there nothing touched and my grandma got a random text on messenger from him of a 👍🏻. We think it was a sign that he’s telling her he’s ok now. He struggled a lot and smoke weed every day to deal with pain and he was in a lot of pain everyday.

  • Chloe Dizon
    Chloe Dizon 25 days ago

    The other day brother added me on snap.... he died the thanksgiving of 2017

  • Silmequeen Queen
    Silmequeen Queen 25 days ago

    Ur the best loey!!


  • Lily. Tea
    Lily. Tea 28 days ago +1

    Um ok so when I was watching this my front door was open because I opened it but then I went to the bathroom and came back and the door was shut, and I’m home alone ummmmm I’m scared 😟

  • Dulce Del Real
    Dulce Del Real Month ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love you to much I think about you

  • Leticia De La Cruz
    Leticia De La Cruz Month ago

    Totally off topic but I love the lip colors you choose 😻 I mean I could never but GIRRRLLLL they compliment your make up so well 🥰

  • elle.evergreen
    elle.evergreen Month ago

    I have a voicemail from a lady sort of yelling at me in what I think is mandarin or some language from asia. I have no idea if it’s scary or not but it seems serious but to this day I have no idea what any of it says since I can’t speak it. I wish I knew someone who could translate it.

  • JustCallMehPatrick
    JustCallMehPatrick Month ago

    I’m actually playing the sims 4 while she was telling this story!
    Edit: I can’t be the only one!

  • _Crystal Cat Productions_

    What were those screams in the background?

  • Jessie Toad
    Jessie Toad Month ago

    Me:”my phone is at %10 *in Mr. Incredible voice* I got time.”

  • Kryss Delgado
    Kryss Delgado Month ago

    I thought someone should read my weird experience as well...
    So I was charging my phone (keep in mind my living room and kitchen are a distance from each other) while I wanted to make a Mac n cheese real quick, while I was making my food. My grandmas phone rang and I wanted to answer it for her but the moment I picked up the phone it had said that I was calling her (I got the chills just writing that part) while I was shock, my grandmas phone died instantly, I looked over at my phone... no one was near it , it was off! I checked recent calls on both phones (my phone and my grandmas phone) their was nothing on the recent calls as if I didn’t make a call at all!

  • Rylin Campbell
    Rylin Campbell Month ago

    sad but scary

  • Ilove Dogs
    Ilove Dogs Month ago

    Where does she get all of these stories

  • Annie Secor
    Annie Secor Month ago +1

    You are so beautiful, loey! I love you so much and you make me smile everyday. You are the best!!! 😘😘

  • Nani_ Van Gogh
    Nani_ Van Gogh Month ago

    I don't t evwr have my location on or maps on at all

  • Blair Clough
    Blair Clough Month ago

    love your hair in this. sorry this is late lol

  • K DAWG
    K DAWG Month ago


  • jade custer
    jade custer Month ago

    okay but I used to get the same exact voicemails from a jail saying an inmate wants to contact me, creepy...

  • Flores 8510
    Flores 8510 Month ago

    Love your Minnie Mouse ears!

  • veronikugh
    veronikugh Month ago +1

    u look great hunty dont overthink ur makeup

  • Beauty Forever
    Beauty Forever Month ago

    After my Dad passed away, I would feel his presence in my apartment. I was laying in bed one night and I felt something tickle my feet. It wasn't my dog because he was near my back. A couple seconds later I heard my name being whispered. And it sounded exactly like my Dad. I feel his presence a lot. Especially if I'm going through a rough time. I was sick the past two months with pneumonia and I have had so many dreams of my Dad. They were soooooo real and he would say to me "You're going to be okay. I'm here to look over you and protect you. I love you so much" What's even stranger is that I'll be doing stuff around my apartment and I will hear a silent yell. It would happen several times in a span of minutes. I would listen closely and it would be, what sounded like my Dad, yelling my name. This was before I found out I was sick. I'm better now and i haven't heard the yells.

    HOME SKILLY Month ago

    how do you always look so pretty

  • Quinn Corbin
    Quinn Corbin Month ago

    1. I was in Florida laying on the pull out couch of our hotel. I was watching the office and I rolled onto my side, about 5 minutes later I felt someone run their fingers down my back I flipped over... of course no one was there
    2. My dad and I where home alone. My mom and brother out with my grandma and my sister was at her friends house. My dad and I went a seafood truck earlier that day and got some octopus to make salad. While we were cutting up the food we heard a Giant crash from my bedroom. The do cane running it of my parents room and my dad went to see what happened. No thing was on the floor and no one was up there.
    3. My schools power went out and a-bunch if kids parents picked them up. During every hour I went to before I went home we heard 3 knocks through out the hour. Once of the door , one on the window, and one coming from the teachers filing cabinet. You all know the drill... NO ONE WAS THERE

  • Fashionista SG
    Fashionista SG Month ago

    I checked on tinder to hide my distance and you need to pay for it to not show :(

  • Silencer za
    Silencer za Month ago

    I thought it was YOUR true story.. bleh

  • Berry Violet
    Berry Violet Month ago +3

    My grandad died and on the way home from his funeral my nan said he had called her but the weird thing was the phone was locked in a draw and had no battery left.🤔🤔

  • Jayda Sturzaker
    Jayda Sturzaker Month ago

    This happened to me today i got a voice mail and usually i get a message saying i got a voice mail and also a message from the person who gave me a voice mail saying missed call and so on but today was different i got a message saying that i got a voice mail but not who from so i listened to it and nothing, there was no talking, no sounds just silence. i was so scared, i jumped out of my bed, ran to the front of my house and called my best friend!
    ( Edit: stuff like this doesn't usually happen to me so this was pretty scary to me )

  • Bex Proctor
    Bex Proctor Month ago

    You look as beautiful as ever xxx

  • Didar Zebari
    Didar Zebari Month ago

    My ford sent my a notification saying “my owners sucks” thats when i sold it

  • Lizzie The Lizerd
    Lizzie The Lizerd Month ago

    When I was little my dad passed away and when my mom went to hospital after the crash she took me home and right as we walked in the house all of the smoke alarms went ( my mom hates house fires) it was 4 o’clock sharp and the one in her bathroom never would stop I was three when that happend my mom still thinks it was my dad giving her a sight that he was there

  • Fiona Thompson
    Fiona Thompson Month ago +1

    I was once on Chitter and a stranger sent me, “I’m not with her now I killed her” and I really hope it was a joke.

  • Mason Jacobs
    Mason Jacobs Month ago

    A couple years after my uncle died I went to the hospital cause I was sick and thy put me in a room I looked right at my mom freaking out and asked did my uncle died in this room she said yes I didn't know what hospital room he died in idk how but I just felt it

  • ᴅʀɪᴘᴘɪɴɢ ɪɴ ғɪɴᴇsᴇ

    Yay I have 1 like. . . Wait why is it blue???

  • Emma Guajardo
    Emma Guajardo Month ago

    Around 3-4 years ago on the anniversary of my great grandmothers passing who my mom was very close with me and my mom were sitting in her bed while she was talking to my great grandma out of no where the old music box she had gave my mom before her passing suddenly started playing. I was very scared but my mom said that she gave it to her when she was little. Till this day it still scares me knowing that there is a spirit that’s been following my mom and now me but we don’t know who it is that played the music

  • Pejulls XD
    Pejulls XD Month ago

    0:39: Makeup queeeeennnnn😂

  • maya graham
    maya graham Month ago +1

    To the voicemail thing my friend was once my messing around with her cousin and said did you get that voicemail I didn’t get the voicemail for five months so it wouldn’t be huge

  • Karla Lozano
    Karla Lozano Month ago

    my aunt told me a story about a while how her friends died he was dead when they walked in on him my aunt had a dream a couple days later she dreamt of him sitting on a white fountain and he was shaking his head no. My aunt said did you do this to yourself he said yes his autopsy came months later and the cause of death said suicide

  • Makeup by Taylor Koala

    whatever happened to the snap chat story

  • Makeup by Taylor Koala

    reddit is for fictional scary stories that people write? right?

  • Hailey J
    Hailey J Month ago

    As soon as you said the word “call” in the beginning someone called my house phone wtf 😱

  • Savannah Aleba
    Savannah Aleba Month ago

    I love your videos put please, those circle things on your headboard is really messing me up how they dont all line up. Help.

  • ana
    ana Month ago

    my cousin died last year. we used to talk a lot on facebook. a week after his death I received a random message from him. we called his mom to ask if anybody was using his facebook. nobody was. honestly it still scares me to this day.

    JIMIN’S JACKET Month ago +1


  • Sunni Lovez
    Sunni Lovez Month ago

    I don't think it helps that Im watching at 1 : 28 am

  • Melissa Aguilar
    Melissa Aguilar Month ago

    i loved the first minute of this 😂💓

  • Ookami Megami
    Ookami Megami Month ago


  • eren jeager
    eren jeager Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violet's are blue
    I like cheese

  • The guinea pig girl

    Still waiting for hi helloey my name is Loey!

  • Hayden_ I’m the ugly one

    No joke I was laying on my bed watching your vids with my door closed and I termed away for a min and when I just turned back around and it was wide open!!!

  • Mason George
    Mason George 2 months ago

    my best friend took his life 5 months ago and if i were to get a voicemail from him i would not be ok

  • Sloan Athletics
    Sloan Athletics 2 months ago

    Something similar happened to me she died in a car crash and I've been getting calls from her

  • Shey Herz Tarots
    Shey Herz Tarots 2 months ago

    Aw loey terrifying stories, but good ones !! 👀

  • Space Queen
    Space Queen 2 months ago

    “ we’re thicky queens “ honestly I love that for her she honestly is such a queen love her ❤️

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha 2 months ago +1

    This is Quite Random But, I'd like to share a story that has happened to me.
    So one night i Heard a voice coming from my Mirror, i think i said 'Come here, i want to play.' This was spoken when i was laying in bed. I WAS terrified, but i rolled over and went to sleep. The next day i felt, a sudden drop of temperature from hot, to freezing. Suddenly i remembered the last night i was Horrified. I heard voices again, but i was to scared too look in the mirror. My life went to for a couple days untill weird things started happening my closet door would creek open, light flick on, and off. And my things moving randomly i know somethings in my house, yet i don't know what. I still hear voices calling my name, and shivers off cold what shall i do?

  • kinka pink
    kinka pink 2 months ago

    We need more story times 😊❤️

  • Jamie Jai THE FAM
    Jamie Jai THE FAM 2 months ago

    Don't understand that 1st one at all!!

  • Jamie Jai THE FAM
    Jamie Jai THE FAM 2 months ago

    Ive actually gotten a FEW weird calls in my life..... these REALLY fuck me all up!!

  • NightHawk Roblox Lover
    NightHawk Roblox Lover 2 months ago

    My grandmother passed away, and in her and my grandpa’s house, there are these two lights, that never had a switch to turn on. No one saw a lightswitch since they moved in in 1970. Right after my grandmothers funeral, my aunt went to change the lightbulb in those lights, to see if they would work again. She climbed the ladder, and the lights turned on three times on and off. She hadn’t changed the bulb. Hope it was her telling her “I love you” with those three taps of the light.

  • yourgirl CharCharr
    yourgirl CharCharr 2 months ago

    something so weird has just happened, my laptop wouldnt play this video for ages, i kept clicking on this video but another one kept playing i had to restart my laptop before it eventually played this video that i wanted to watch... CREEPY!!!

  • Lizzie Blake
    Lizzie Blake 2 months ago

    You are soooo pretty and I love your videos 💕 i know this is unrelated but yeah just some love for a sister

  • K DAWG
    K DAWG 2 months ago

    Sometimes, your make up kind of makes you look like Khloe Kardashian. Courtney & Khloe are my faves.

  • Gabi Victor
    Gabi Victor 2 months ago

    Hey I made this up so it's probably weird

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My dolly is dead
    Soon you will be too


  • Reign
    Reign 2 months ago

    Thiccy Queens🤩🤩

  • TheAmazingKatelyn
    TheAmazingKatelyn 2 months ago +1

    One time on my old phone, I got a voicemail from a lady and she had asked me about selling (I think) her some KFC and to call her. The creepy thing is: I had KFC that night It was sent. And this was also a California number and I don't even live there.

  • selma
    selma 2 months ago

    a little shook ,,, i have a mini leather skirt on 🙃

  • Dana De Stigter
    Dana De Stigter 2 months ago

    Love the shirt!!

  • randomstuff !!!
    randomstuff !!! 2 months ago

    this isnt creepy its just strange

    on friday february 22 i get a text from a random number (i have a lot and some kid added me into all of these group chats with people from my school) so i just ignore it for a bit the next day(sat 23) i get another text but i didnt look through my texts that day so on sunday (the next day) i look at my texts and see that the person texted me again so i decide to text them back and i said "who are you" the person read it four days later it is a month later and i still have no reply(i am typing this as i read the texts) so if you wanted to know the texts are some dumb thing that is going around all the texts i have so idk this creeps me out but i dont know why

  • Its_MadisonSigel 22
    Its_MadisonSigel 22 2 months ago

    These are creepy as hell yet so interesting lmao 😂 I know it’s rude for me to laugh though because they are super scary and I feel really bad for the people who went through this crap.

  • Sydney Gail
    Sydney Gail 2 months ago

    3:45 Yeaahhhh I’d prob text them back too 😂

  • KM Davis
    KM Davis 2 months ago

    I love your Mickey headbands

  • Gracie Ohanneson
    Gracie Ohanneson 2 months ago

    0:53 that natural lol

  • Brooke Vining
    Brooke Vining 2 months ago

    my grandpa passed a long time ago but a few weeks after he did, my dad (his son) got an email from my grandpa and i’m super curious what it said but my dad never opened it because he thought it was a scam

  • Ashari Hale
    Ashari Hale 2 months ago

    This sound super creepy

  • Oofer_ Gang_09
    Oofer_ Gang_09 2 months ago

    UwU and OwO :p

  • Brandi R.
    Brandi R. 2 months ago

    I'm always revisiting you. No matter what is going on in my life. I appreciate your new and older videos. 😉☺❤ That's what makes you so special. 💟

  • Quake: The destroyer of worlds

    I just got to say. MARVEL!!!

  • DORAA Slimes
    DORAA Slimes 2 months ago

    Something creepy happened to my family like 2 years ago. Loey was talking about a Chinese person calling a person. And repeating it. Someone called our home phone and it sounded like a Chinese voice, and we answered it and the person on the phone was saying that, “WHY YOU KILL MY DOG!” It was really creepy but it just kept repeating over, and over, and over!... We were all creeped out. We hung up, but they just kept calling!... We thought it was a prank call but it wasn’t. We thought it was my brothers friend from soccer. Soon we got a knock on our door... It was a man all in black and asked us if we were ok!?... we said yes and he left! 1 week later the same man came to our door and asked us if we wanted bread?!... we said yes. I ate it all cause I was hungry... I got sick and till this day I’m still sick!...

  • Spirit and Mylie
    Spirit and Mylie 2 months ago +1

    Gurl, you look bomb af in every situation and look 👌🏼

  • Jaylene Padilla
    Jaylene Padilla 2 months ago

    Lovey:I’ve got a knife... and something else!
    Me: a gun?
    Loey: and one of them is going inside you
    Me: oh dawn it’s a d** ewww

  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson 2 months ago +1

    I was crying the car because my Grandpa died and he always said how he hates black birds and a black bird went right past the windshield of a car

  • Soldier Productions 2
    Soldier Productions 2 2 months ago

    This probably isn't the best video to watch when I'm home alone........... BUT I'MA WATCH IT ANYWAY!!

  • Jestine Garneau
    Jestine Garneau 2 months ago +1

    I absolutely love your make-up like that. You look beautiful 🥰 you always look beautiful but I love the more natural looking make-up for sure!
    Sending lots of love from *Canada* 🇨🇦 ❤️

  • ᗰIᗪᑎIGᕼT Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ

    I’m just waiting for this to happen to me. Don’t mind me.

  • Gamer girl 120 ?
    Gamer girl 120 ? 2 months ago


  • T r a s h y
    T r a s h y 2 months ago

    Does anyone know her Reddit?